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TIME&SPACE is out. "In cosmology, the concept of spacetime combines space and time to a single abstract universe. Events and moments that are linked by some type of coordinate system." We tried to create many moments from all year long. Hope you can feel the vibe. Thanks to all the peoples involved.

Skiers: Rudy Lepine, Alec Bernier, Jake Innes, Dean Gauthier, Cameron Porter, Alec Craig, Chris Cote, Steven Pippy,Emma, Vincent Martin, Guillaume Boulay.
Filming: Dean, Alec, Rudy, Buisson, Vincent
Editing: Rudy

Link to mikeshabb's Music: https://soundcloud.com/mikeshabb

Special Thanks to: 3149 family, mathdeschh for the vocals & all the homies for the good vibes.

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