Get to know Cy Whitling, NewSchooler's Illustrator - LPP #178

by LowPressureSki
Feb 24th 2021 - 1 comments

Cy Whitling has emerged as skiing’s unofficial illustrator and has found a home here at NewSchoolers!
The demand for unique skiing content has never been higher. We’re all fatigued from the constant access to everyone’s sick lines, from the insta-fluencers posing pretty and from scrolling through post after post of branded content.  Cy’s distinctive and whimsical, ski-themed comics are just what we need.

Interview with Owen Dahlberg - Where Do I Even Start? Ep. 8

by Walter.White
Feb 20th 2021 - 3 comments

In this episode we focus on Owen's journey into the world of independent freeski filmmaking. Owen talks about getting started in filmmaking, working at Windells, some behind the scenes of the MAGMA videos, linking up with Lupe Hagearty, getting his gear stolen, and more. Tons of listener questions at the end so be sure to check out @wheredoievenstartpod on instagram to get in on that next time.

Interview with Luc Skypowder (Owner of iF3) - Where Do I Even Start? Ep. 7

by Walter.White
Feb 5th 2021 - 0 comments

In this episode we talk about Luc's journey to becoming the Owner of iF3 and get a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the festival.

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Interview with Lupe Hagearty - Where Do I Even Start? Ep. 6

by Walter.White
Jan 28th 2021 - 1 comments

New episode with Lupe Hagearty available now

In this one we talk about Lupe's journey going from a CT kid riding at Ski Sundown to being invited to compete in X Games Real Ski

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