-Dan in Real Life ep.0

published Oct 2016 - 3,295 views

I went to Sweden in Spring of 2015 to hangout and travel around with TheBunch. We started in Stockholm for a few nights before heading to Bjornrike for Creation Nation. The event was all time amazing and the crew was unreal. The final night of the event was a grand celebration. Who thought a crew of skibums could pull off something like this? I learned how to drive stick so i could DD but in the excitement of the moment Peyben said to forget about the van and we all packed on to the party bus.

From there we traveled to Funasdalen for a week for riding their park while staying in a hostel that we pretty much took over. The crew went from over 40 to about 15 but still remained rowdy yet respectful as ever.

After Funas we headed all the way north to Riksgransen, stopping in Ostersund for supplies, and Kiruna for street skiing on the way. Once in Riks we set up the campsite and continued to live it up as a squad.

I was in Sweden for just under a month and it was one of the coolest experiences ever. I'm super grateful to have met and befriended TheBunch. Truly the best people I've come to know. Thank you.



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