Swagger Juice Rebooted

Nov 11th - 0 views

Keefbox reintroduces Swagger Juice and pays homage to his roots. Lol. Now a little older, wiser, and more powder prone! This edit has shots that span 2017-2019 and were acquired during junior and senior year physics major course work at U of U. Some have been seen and some haven't. Is it possible to do too many 360's in one video? I think not!

Shout out to all who support the vision i.e. Atomic, Dragon, Saga, Outdoor Tech.

Shout out to all the filmers, couldn't have done it without you!

And big shout out to my cousin Dave Bautista a.k.a. Stranger Danger and the whole Blaq Tongue Society for making the first track and dedicating it to me and my skiing!

Also thanks to Utah ski areas like, Powder Mountain, Alta, and Brighton!

1. Stranger Danger - Cliff Hangerz Feat. Louie Syntax

2. Travis Scott - Green & Purple ft. Playboi Carti

If you haven't, check out "Swagger Juice" @

Thanks and Enjoy!

17/18 Meme

by x.murphy
Nov 11th - 30 views

Get memed. don't have any posts so i thought i'd upload this bad piece of work i made. lmao

(P.S. Watch with music you like to listen too instead of the videos music. lol)


by 4west
Nov 10th - 4.9K views

2018/19 team movie. Talent from B_rud, Ryan Kennedy, Kyle Coxworth, Matt Martin & Etienne Geoffrey. Featuring, Brayden Tritter, Collin Bridger, Spencer Saltys, Dakota Eliuk, Mark valtr, Lucas Reid, Jack Zapisocki, Tony Rocket, Gatley O'Neill, Gangsta Allice, Em Lucas.

Big up's to all the homies that helped & everyone who made this possible.

Skiing, AbsolutPark, Austria

by GutekS
Nov 9th - 81 views

At the end of December I've broken my Collarbone into 5 pieces. It took some screws and plates to get skiing again 1-2 months later in Absolutpark. No poles, no crazy dangerous moves, just joyful skiing at heart of Austrian Alps.

Enjoy more skiing content:
@tobiaszszyndler - camera operator
@katobanda - dudes to ski with
@enthalpy - other dudes to ski with
@cykloterapia - the only place to get your skis goin'

We'll Meet Again

by 860media*
Nov 8th - 2.3K views

With the May migration in full force last spring, the boys packed their bags and headed West.

Created By|
Chris DeJohn
Bryan Jones

Mike DeJohn
Chris DeJohn
Rob Newton
Ian Ackerman
Eric Kren
Garret Colby
Bennie Osnow
Larz Lund

Toby Kieff - Over

Maxo Kream - Meet Again

Supported by|
Line Skis
Full Tilt Boots


by aaronKalat
Nov 7th - 237 views

A 2018/2019 season in review of the YAWN CULT//PHYSICAL EDUCATION crew. Special thanks to Sugarbush Parks and the amazing work they put in every year.

Featured Riders:

Charlie Cerrone

Patrick Morrissey

Patrick McManus

Matt Stackhouse

Galen Simmons

Dane Johnson

Russel Grigorian

Tony Guimarra

Joe Schuster

Filmed By:

Aaron Kalat

Isaac Rumpf

Edited By:

Aaron Kalat

Day 1 sauce

by chucklewis
Nov 5th - 447 views

Day 1 was heat, big thanks to all the homies who made it sick and a big big thanks to Eli and Cliff for the shots.

🎵: WuTang || Can It Be All So Simple

Day 1 sauce

by chvcklewis
Nov 5th - 212 views

Day 1 of park ops was heat. Big thanks to all the homies who made it sick and a big big thanks to Cliff and Eli for chillin behind the lens.
🎵: Can It Be All So Simple || WuTang


by jackbotti
Nov 5th - 43 views

It's here. KTS4. Wow, what a wild journey it has been with these guys.
We started Keep the Stoke Alive with one thing in mind - to look back at our lives as college students. I have no doubt in my mind that this was a gateway to my profession as a videographer, and I give every ounce of thanks to our unofficial brand: Keep the Stoke Alive. It has encouraged me to move forward with filming and pursue my passion. Shooting for the series has been a great motivator for us to get outdoors and separate my client work with personal work. I think it says a lot about a project when it’s all you want to work on even if you have much higher client priorities.
We have made a commitment to use this series as way to look back on our lives, and it gives me an outlet for full creative freedom to do what I want with the videos - music, cuts, dialogue, thumbnails, titles, promotion, not monetizing, no deadlines, etc... With today’s other work I’m restricted by some of these factors... Though the series might be coming to an end as we grow older, we believe KTSA has stoked the fire within us you and we hope it has inspired you all to do the same🌹Though you may have seen some of these shots before, we want to give you a BTS look of how this all happens. Think of it like one big movie into our lives. Behind all the cool stuff. I promise you it’ll be the best one yet.


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If you have any comments or questions about the videos, contact one of us and we would love to respond!***

Thanks for Watching!

Business Inquires:

Hole 7

by skiP.E.I.
Nov 4th - 56 views

APM session with Carter Worth Nat Baker Jared Perry Jordan Condon Morgan Cole Drew Nelson Will Baker

Both Sides // sediS htoB // Pinewskis // Colab Brand // ON3P // Trollhaugen

by Schoess
Nov 1st - 639 views

Both Sidez // sediS htoB referrs to focusing on the struggle of curating, filming and editing videos while trying to progress my own skiing, hold down and marrige while trying to stack clips as well. Enjoy.

Big ups to all the support over the years. Couldnt do it without ON3P, Pinewskis, Colab Brand and good ol' Trollhaugen.

Song: Lower Depths - The KVB

Film: Matt Krohn, Drew Ahlstrom, Alex Havey, Ryan Switzer, Kian Barrett, Sam Lobinsky, and HOMIEZ

Edit: Nick Schoess

PIAB 1: Original Loaf

by piab
Oct 31st - 659 views

by the people, for the people

Shredders: Jordan Bovee, Will Hansen, Tylor Hoople, Justin Ellis, Andy Colton, AJ Kaufmann.

Footage: Alex Havey, AJ Kaufmann, and PIAB Crew

Locations: Tyrol Basin, Kirkwood, Squaw Valley, Northstar California, Granite Peak, Sunburst, Nordic Mountain.

Edited by Will on iMovie

Thank you to everyone who made this possible

HOAGASCHT - el.Makrell Part

by El.Makrell
Oct 29th - 175 views

Here comes another throwback with the street part that the makrell contributed to Bavarian Dudes' last years movie 'Hoagascht'.

Big ups for bringing everyone together, full movie right here:


riders & camera.
G Whizzle "the biird"


18/19 SkiBum Season Edit

by ThatYoungSkiBum
Oct 28th - 651 views

Another amazing year on the road skiing all over North America. Had some unexpected challenges to overcome this year, but ineviatbly turned out to be one of the best years to date. Thank you to all the people involved, Enjoy!!

Support From:
Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works
Tallt Productions

Luigi Cox 2018/19

by Yungcodine
Oct 27th - 129 views

My homie Logan (Luigi) Cox style master throwing down this season. These were the clips i was able to capture of him, wish it was more. love ya buddy!!
Mostly fillmed at Okemo, Ludlow, VT. Skating was mostly done at rusty bearings, Lebanon, NH

Editor/Filmer: @codyctheg
Skier/Skater: @llllloooogggaan

Subscribe to my youtube, more coming this season!!

Child Labor presents, "THE STRIKE"

by ChildLabor
Oct 25th - 2.4K views

Our street movie from the 2018/19 season. Filmed w/ HVX200a
Featuring, in order of appearance: Dakota Connole, Garrett Whaley, Andrew Egan, Andy Hoblitzelle, Zach Sturtevant, Patrick Ring, Joe Fusare, Thomas Stone, Sam Gnoza, Ryan Funke, Blake Rolfing, Cal Carson

Filmed and Edited by: Garrett Whaley and Patrick Ring

One of many - a ski film

by Tobbeglidare
Oct 24th - 107 views

A season film from my year in Morzine/Avoriaz the year 2017-2018 First time I have done anything like this give me some love if you enjoyed it :) I'm the one that made all music witch is also the first time ever. Both me and my brother are better riders now but we filmed so much so might as well you know! Peace

Gilson Team Edit 19/20

by GilsonSkis
Oct 22nd - 1.1K views
Handmade in Pennsylvania. Grassroots company investing back into the community we love.

Some quick shots from our team.
In order: Josh Wong, Spencer Barlett, Gunnar gronowski, Justin Ott, Braden Becker, Chuck Babcock, Isaac Shepard

We believe in the value of American artisan manufacturing. Our wood-cores are shaped from locally-grown and sustainably-harvested Pennsylvania Poplar trees. From start-to-finish, our boards and skis are crafted under one roof at The Gilson Snowboard & Ski Farm, located in the Appalachian foothills.

We merge the woodworking heritage of our region with the precision of modern technology, building snowboards & skis that are of the highest quality in construction.

potato salad

by j.benziger
Oct 22nd - 666 views

a couple days of fish one of gliding in Oregon this past May. skiers:@st.keena @dirtymyke_ @tyndallwells @charlie.dehner @masonkennedy @get_juiced_

May West

by Vince_authier
Oct 20th - 11.2K views

Last winter, my brother, two friends and I decided to drive from Montreal to Whistler, then Mt. Hood to shoot a ski film. It was our first time ever out west and we really had the time of our lives. Here is a recap of the sickest road trip ever. Hope you guys will enjoy!

Special thanks to:
Surface Skis
Axis Boutique
Roxa ski boots