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by tfitz
Nov 28th - 651 views

"Cohesion is a film that Tucker and I put together simply because we wanted to. We wanted to prove to ourselves that we could make a solid street video that we are proud of. Something that speaks to our style of video in all aspects, and I think we did exactly that."
- Cal Aamodt

Film and Edit - Cal Aamodt
Additional Filming - Owen Dahlberg and Ethan Cook

Cover Photo - Matt Krohn

The Hurdy Gurdy Man - Butthole Surfers
Lake Song - Deeper
Serenity - Jacques Green
Cohesion - Minutemen

first day of rifle

by weatcoast
Nov 28th - 6 views

Drake Hudson
Alex Miller
Ryan Miller
Will Alarcon
Matt Luketich
Ryan Voyten
Tyler Stevens
Reed Scott
Garrett Marcinak
Max Anderson
Patrick Tolan

additional shots by Matt Luketich

film and edit by Voy10