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Park Patrol

by cwise
Mar 28th - 59 views

Who said "Ski patrol is all work and no play"?...Just because you may have the red coat and cross on your back, doesn't mean you can't get out to have a little fun in the park while patrolling.

Music and thank you's at end of video. Enjoy!

Mt. La Crosse 2020

by ManSavage
Mar 28th - 59 views

Homies from Mt. La Crosse located in La Crosse, Wisconsin go nuts in the park in Spring season of 2020! Does the young blood at Mt. La Crosse compare to the human beings at Trollhaugen?

A film by Colton Mansavage

Skiers (& Snowboarder): Paul Flot, Neil Kleinertz, Ethan Melde, Colton Mansavage, Emmy Engle, Sarah Fenn, Kerik Stubbie, Austin Becker, Josh Holicky and a few other homies

Filmed by Kerik Stubbie and Colton Mansavage

Edited by Colton Mansavage

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I do not own the rights to any of the music used in this video:
Herside Story - Goldlink, Hare Squead

Mike Rowlands | Carefree

by PlanksClothing
Mar 28th - 36 views

Mike Rowlands managed to squeeze in some final hot laps at Snowpark LAAX in Switzerland before the early end to the ski season.

Filmed & edited by: Tom Coe

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Vorem Früehlig - Season Edit

by MartinSattler
Mar 28th - 18 views

This is our ski edit from the season 19/20. We had much more planned but unfortunately the season ended way too soon due to the covid-19

We had very few days of footage - We made the best possible with what we had.

Skierz: Mike Rageth, Luca Baumann, Martin Sattler
Cut: Martin Sattler