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The Sensorial Quartet - Episode 2 - Téléjournal

by sensorialquartet
Feb 27th - 122 views

As our collective keeps moving through the province, we headed to Quebec city in search of some snow. With more covid restrictions every week, a curfew at 8pm, we spent most of our time in an urban setting but managed to squeeze in a few days of resort skiing.

Rudy Lepine, William Pichette, Loïc Thivierge, Alec Bernier & Francois Berubé skied for 3 days to create this vibe and push you to go out and get it. Powered by Yerba Mate, we made the most of our 3 days on hill in one month, shared some good moments and laughed a lot. This second instalment is the continuation of the season on the east coast (QC)

We hope to bring up your energy level with this fresh cut of skiing with friends. Like skateboarding does so well, we need to create more content for generations to come. Guayaki Yerba Mate understands culture is important are helping in every way they can.

-le quartet

Lari Extraordinary Love Tour Part 1 - Love at First Sight

by larilinesign
Feb 26th - 44 views

The Lari Extraordinary Love Tour began as a protest against The Man.

The paranoia of Revelations we’d spent lifetimes coping with was suddenly confirmed, and our societies reacted chaotically.

We all had to ask ourselves difficult questions about politics, money, and war.

Communication was restructured, and we’re all just having to warm back up to each other.

Well I say, we aught to warm up to each other, hearts open and overflowing, with JUBILENT LOVE!

The same SUPER CUTE JUBILANT LOVE we have when we snowskate our fucking titties off!

Dropping cliffs and taking photos at Revelstoke with Cam Keith

by Diamonds
Feb 26th - 33 views

I always get excited when I get to ski fresh powder and take photos in the same day! In this video, I link up with my good childhood friend Cam Keith (@camk3ith on IG) for some laps around Revelstoke Mountain Resort and then take you through some of the images I captured from that day.

Cam's NS: @thea6ency

I'm new to being in front of the camera, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Be sure to let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these videos.

- Max

📷 Follow my photography journey on IG @sixbao​

The rabbit hole

by Hometownerz
Feb 26th - 42 views

A hometownerz mini edit from the the rabbit hole. Follow @therabbithole307 for more content from this lovely diy venue; and as always, enjoy.

p.s. come shred if you’re close by. the spot is up at old happy jack ski area, a few miles from Laramie.