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Session 4 Momentum Camps, 2018

by Momentum
Jul 15th - 1.2K views

Session 4; Sunset shoot, SLVSH games, campers, coaches and the best dig crew out there. Filming: Brody Jones + Carlo Mion. Editing: Brody Jones Skiers: Evan McEachran, Woodsy, Magnus Graner, Noah Morrison, Ness Dziemian, Brenden Kelly, Dylan Reed, Fabian Bosch Snowboarders: Mikey Ciccarelli, Jadyn Chomlack

Should have known Better

by skiP.E.I.
Jul 15th - 11 views

Aging park rat/ski bum tries to hang on to tricks at tiny home hill. Thanks to the homies for filming. Music from 'Laundromat Boogie'-Buck 65 Watch to the end for fire clip.