Ski Gear 2024

Welcome to the home of 2023 - 2024 skis and gear on Newschoolers. We've gathered what we think is the most comprehensive guide to skis and gear for freeskiers you can find anywhere. You can find our Roofbox Reviews with in-depth analysis of some of the best skis out there within, as well as reviews from our very own ski test at Sunshine Village.

Our reviews are completely independent of our advertisers and contain the honest opinions of our team and our members. If you guys want to add your own comments on the products featured, please comment your own reviews on the ski and product pages in here and if they're good, we'll add your words to the review pages. Oh, and if you show promise as a reviewer, you could even find yourself on our review team for the coming season. We've recently added several NS members to our squad receiving the latest gear.


The 2022 - 2023 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Armada.

Armada continues to update and innovate their ARV line-up this year, changing up the mid-width offering, the 96, into two ARVs; a 94mm & 100mm freestyle ski. In the Zero side o the family the Whitewalker gets a bigger brother, the 121, with edges that un an even shorter length of the ski and coming in at 1850g/ski …

Black Crows

The 2023 - 2024 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Black Crows.

Black Crows is an independent French Freeski brand from Chamonix. Founded in 2006 by pro freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, Black Crows was born out of a desire to combine beauty and efficiency in their skis. They create obsessively design-driven objects that are uncompromising in performance and identi…


The 2023 - 2024 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Dynastar.

When the desire for freedom hiding deep within each of us resurfaces, it drives us instinctively to explore the mountains. It’s almost animalistic and there’s nothing we can do to resist. Naturally passionate, profoundly imprinted with creativity and commitment, everyone is looking for their own line. The p…

K2 Skis

The 2023 - 2024 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for K2 Skis.

K2 runs it back for another year of quality and innovation. We've got plenty of solid holdovers this year, with a couple of new additions thrown in the mix. The Reckoner series is back of course, along with the Mindbender and Dispatchs models. The Pontoon has departed the lineup, and although we're not getting the Hell…

Line Skis

The 2023 - 2024 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Line Skis.

Pushing for change, innovating, and striving to be different are just a few of the principles LINE Skis live by. The brand focuses on how to have more fun sliding down mountains and they create new and innovative gear that allows their squad to push skiing through creativity in all kinds of directions. Since &lsquo…


The 2023 - 2024 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Rossignol Skis.

The 2024 Rossignol line up brings back it's classic hard-charging Black Ops line-up into this season with some stunning graphics and the Monod Pro model - the Black Ops 118 with the fish topsheet, a nod to her penchant for fly fishing.


The 2023 - 2024 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Volkl Skis.

Volkl continues to innovate adding to it's Built Together program using its stacked team of athletes to design new skis, continuing on their trend of the Revolt series they've added the Revolt 114 with a freeride-oriented beefiness, a new take on their mid width park ski redesigning the Revolt 95 and adding 1mm to its …