THIS IS HOME - Rough Cut: Verbier

by Faction
May 22nd - 1.7K views

At Faction, there’s nothing more special than getting the whole team together at our backyard in Verbier to see the season out in style. With the snow turning slushier and our hand-built jumps in place, the stage was set for the team to throw down together one more time before the sun set on another memorable year. Verbier: Rough Cut is an uncut look at all the work, attempts and good times that went into filming the closing segment to THIS IS HOME. Starring: Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme, Alex Hall, Tim McChesney, Antti Ollila, Eirik Sæterøy, Pablo Schweizer, Henry Sildaru, Kelly Sildaru Shot on Location: Verbier, Switzerland Edited By: Etienne Mérel Filmed By: Etienne Mérel, Martin Bernard, Bluemax media Copyright (c) The Faction Collective SA Please only use and share this embed code of the official video. Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.

Northchain Bound

by YungTrifes
May 22nd - 74 views

the place is called Nordkette a.k.a Northchain , my current homeresort for after and before University sauce best of in 60 seconds skeet @thomastrifonitchev

Joey Aist 2017-2018

by JoeyaistAK
May 19th - 416 views

Did some stuff this winter, had a pretty good time. Here is my season edit of me doing some of those things. Thanks to Nordica Skis, Strafe Outerwear, and Powder Hound Ski Shop. I hope you enjoy. Get Off of my Cloud - Rolling Stones

Palatinalps Avoriaz

by spin+grin
May 19th - 71 views

Entry into a video competition based in avoriaz, France in January this year. Ended up coming second so pretty stoked on it. Boys club. Much love

Through the Park Kimbosessions 2018 TEASER

by SamuelAlander
May 18th - 218 views

This is a teaser for the 17 new episodes of the Kläppen Snowpark webseries Through the Park. Two episodes will be out every week from now on! All the old 120 episodes is avalible to watch at, & Including episodes from Kimbosessions 2017. Stay tuned! #Kimbosessions!

Will Berman - Cold Poison

by Jiberish
May 16th - 8.4K views

Will Berman aka Chilly Willy aka Chilly Werms isn't new to the game. From his various Level1 parts and Faction Team edits to appearances at summer camps as well as the streets and resorts around the country, Berman has been around the block. We were lucky enough to lock him down this season and put together Cold Poison, enjoy.

Skiing Pyrenees - 2018

by snazzyBizzle
May 15th - 94 views

Couple days shredding out at La Molina/Massella with my uncle Peter in the Pyrenees this winter. Music: Rusko - Hold On (Sub focus edit) Fabich & Ferdinand Weber - Peachin

17|18 Ski Glasgow

by snazzyBizzle
May 15th - 260 views

Well, it finally happened... Glasgow city in Scotland finally received a dump of snow big enough to hit all the features I've been dreaming about! Here's the footage :) Music: Bounce It (feat. Trey Songz & Wale) - Juicy J Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem) - Jay Z

wind dem windows

by spin+grin
May 15th - 152 views

this was my season ender this year, worst crash ive ever had. Somehow just managed to get my speed completely wrong on my first straight air of the XL line that day. Kicker to knuckle was about 50ft an i flew about 30ft past the knuckle almost to flat IG @joeldavies135

+100kg skier [proof in vid]

by NiklasRaussi
May 14th - 4.4K views

Basically I am a fatty boy skiing. Body fat % must be around 28. Still getting tricks done, if your parents tell you to eat healthy to be better at slopes, tell them to STFU, it ain't true.

JARET CROSS - SEASON [2017/2018]

by crisscross
May 12th - 505 views

By far one of the best ski seasons of my life. Even though the snow was nothing compared to last year, I progressed more than I imagined I could. I want to thank everyone who helped film, especially my friends from my local mountain.

I Can Not // Mikey Parent 2018

by mikeyparent
May 11th - 353 views

Some of my better tricks that I managed to get on film. Cut the season a little short due to an ACL injury but very satisfied with how my season turned out. Shoutout to the squad for making it a sick time every time we got out on the snow.. #vtmoles


by ottoriekkinen
May 7th - 782 views

skiing, having fun and sending sum new doubles w/ boys in ruka. /skiers/ otto riekkinen, sampo yliheikkilä, kristian gröhn, teemu lauronen and juho saastamoinen

SuperUnknown XV Finals Part 3

by Level1
May 7th - 2.1K views

As the week in Winter Park went on one thing became clear, it was would be exceptionally difficult to determine a winner for SuperUnknown XV- each and every one of the 10 Finalists brought their unique skills and style to the shoot- and each and every rider stood out for a different reason.