Active contests

  1. Newschoolers King/Queen of the Park - Woodward Killington

    Battle Royale - Active
    King/Queen Of The Park is the name and stomping your three best tricks is the game.

    Battle Royale - Active
    Enter the Newschoolers Open for a shot at winning $2,000 and joining the Team Auclair in the 2022-2023 season

Finished contests

  1. King & Queen of the Park - Sunshine Village

    Battle Royale - Finished
    After the success of our first contest this year, we teamed up with the folks at Sunshine Village in Banff to do another King of the Park contest, but this time we will be crowning a Queen of the Park as well!
  3. King of the Park 2021 - Woodward Killington

    Battle Royale - Finished
    King Of The Park is the name and stomping your three best tricks is the game.
  5. King of the Park - Killington

    Battle Royale - Finished
    3-trick video contest to win $2000 in King of the Park - Killington
  7. Slopestyle Video Contest

    Head To Head - Finished
    Bring out the big guns for this one because with a $1000 cash prize purse (or $2000 store credit) on the line, this contest is no joke. A seeding round will determine the top 8 competitors, followed by 3 rounds of head to head bracketed knockout until the
  9. The Dakine Sweepstake

    Remote - Finished
    Win the ultimate travel kit from Dakine!
  11. The Orage Sweepstake

    Remote - Finished
    Win a Free Orage coat!
  13. Dalbello Rail Jam

    Head To Head - Finished
    Fancy yourself a one-trick rail god? Enter the Dalbello Rail Jam contest and showcase your single best rail trick for a chance to win big!
  15. The Newschoolers Slopestyle Presented by Slopestyle Breckenridge

    Head To Head - Finished
    Newschoolers and Slopestyle Breckenridge have teamed up to bring you an online slopestyle contest for the ages. With a $1000 prize purse on the line you're going to want to bring your A game.
  17. Faction Mega Comp

    Remote - Finished
    Enter to win a trip to Whistler for you and 3 friends & a full Faction setup!
  19. The Newschoolers Pilot Project - presented by 7 Mile Skis

    Elimination Battle Royale - Finished
    Enter your pilot episode for a chance to win a $2,400, 6-episode Newschoolers Originals web series contract