Swerving hard at Alta

by danny420
Jan 20th - 30 views

my boy @sumner_bell and i set out on the hunt for some epic gamer girl coochie here at the beautiful alta ski and snow resort area in the wasatch mountain range, however we were disappointed

Warm Up

by 80HD
Jan 18th - 136 views

With the new season starting up we had to warm up a little bit. Nothing big in this, just some silky smooth bluebird shots.


by 80HD
Jan 18th - 45 views

80HD skiing and Hippie Sabotage.... name a better duo. With the 2019 season firing off here is some old footage to get you buy until we start releasing new heat.


by IanAvery-Leaf
Jan 14th - 11.5K views

Alex Hackel & Sawyer Sellingham cruising closing week @ Loon R.I.P. HG Skis & Loon's wallride filmed April 10th & 11th 2018

The Faction Collective Presents: Ruka | 4K

by Faction
Jan 9th - 4.5K views

As winter lightens into summer, the springtime days at Ruka just get longer and longer. Away from the end-of-season crowds at other parks around the world, Antti Ollila welcomes Alex Hall and Markus Fohr to his stomping ground and together, the crew see the season out in style, keeping the session alive and the bangers rolling well into the final rays of Finland’s long spring days. Starring: Alex Hall, Antti Ollila, Markus Fohr Direction & Cinematography: Etienne Mérel Edited by: Etienne Mérel Filmed on location: Ruka, Finland Special Thanks: Ruka Ski Resort Skis: Soundtrack: "Topdown" performed by Channel Tres Copyright (c) The Faction Collective SA Please only use and share this embed code of the official video. Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.


by RobinRomera
Jan 6th - 206 views

Dirty South Media present: The Park Tape 2018 Film/edit: Robin Romera. Featuring: Sacha Moretti, Seb Konijnenberg, Kimani Metsch, Quentin Ladame, Gaetan Carl...

Sawyer Thomas 2018 Ski Season

by sawyerthomas
Jan 4th - 185 views

An ankle injury in October and full time engineering classes made for a rough beginning to my season. Luckily I was able to bounce back in time to find some incredible terrain throughout Wyoming and Montana!

Our new movie :D

by Graf_Stylers
Jan 4th - 86 views

Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Ein Freeski-Film von Gra...

7 YEARS - A Timelapse Film [4K]

Jan 3rd - 157 views

Warning: not a ski film, but a timelapse film. Don't crucify me yet; a lot of this footage was captured while skiing in the backcountry, filming ski movies and traveling to ski destinations. It is a timelapse film capturing landscapes, mostly mountains in British Columbia. Other destinations are New Zealand and Norway. Hopefully you'll like it!

Glow Rider

by MajestySkisUSA
Dec 31st - 278 views

Happy New Year to all! Everything in life starts with an idea - a camera, great friends and two sleepless nights at the Silvretta Montafon resort in Austria, above 7500 feet. Enjoy the movie and celebrate the New Year like the Glow Rider. Movie: LM.Media & Sport Harry - Montafon Riders ⛷️: Robin Rudigier Simon Schorpp

Mediocre Ski Club Vol. 2 'The Dregs'

by DaneKirk
Dec 30th - 145 views

The Mediocre Ski Club find themselves in a sticky situation in this episode, stranded in Mammoth in May during the infamous foetus dub 10 training camp. With Main Park in near ruin and its 2 park attendants in complete disarray the boys are left to their own devices. This is THE DREGS! Editing - Alexander Glavatsky-Yeadon


by bigfaceboys
Dec 30th - 250 views

Homie Willy D who doesn't have a NS made this of our 2017/18 school year. Thought I'd re-post on NS since just been low-key on youtube, 2018 is almost over and thought some people might enjoy :) Now I present some privileged white kids getting rowdy lol


by rocco.caruso
Dec 28th - 147 views

This is our first movie "AFTERFALL" A special thanks goes out to everyone apart of this project; it wouldn't have been possible without you! Riding by Jack Baumann, Rocco Caruso, Laurens Perseus, Oliver Perseus, Luca Bodenwinkler, Menno Bleeker, Sebi Kuhn, Laurin Grether, Jasper Bleeker & Nico Bossi Produced by Oliver Perseus Directed and Edited by Jasper Bleeker & Rocco Caruso Shot on location in Davos, Switzerland

SkierDan™ X Colin Brown

by BigPapa50CAL
Dec 28th - 211 views

Colin Brown and I spotted SkierDan™, owner of @skicreative, at Stevens Pass yesterday and made a little edit with him! Enjoy! Camera // Sony A7III Microphone // Rode Video Mic Pro + Lens // Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Stabilization // SmallRig Camera Cage w/wooden handle Video Specs // Shot in 1080p @ 120fps Locations // Stevens Pass & Summit Central Date Filmed // December 27, 2018


by Spitfyre94
Dec 26th - 142 views

Don't get caught with your head down out there kids! The boys and I will make sure you go home missing a few chiclets! LETS GO OILERS!!!!!!!!


by ZAM
Dec 26th - 611 views

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. Let it Snow - Cookin Soul x MF DOOM


by staRRide
Dec 25th - 320 views

Hopefully it will be interesting to watch despite of its longness ;) Interviewer - Anton [Devil] Lalabekov - @devileye1 Camera, Editing - Alexander Kazakov - @saskz Me - Grigory Fuzeev - @gfuzeev And here's the video-contest we've announced in it! Rules: You make a video that contains only two executions of your SAME trick. First: Your very best and steezy one; Second: Your UGLYEST one. It can be ANY trick, you whant! Ollie or tripple-cork doesn't matter. The ugly execution can be taken from your very old edit, when you just started skiing or it can be a crash, or you can make it ugly in purpose - whatever. The winner will be a person with the biggest CONTRAST between executions. To take part in a contest just post your vid in your Instagramm with a hashtag #uglysteezycontest You can make as more vids, as you whant. We stop collecting your vids and start judjing 31 January By 15 February We make a 1 minute Edit from the best vids we got. In this vid we announce a winner. This vid will be posted on newschoolers instagramm. The winner aslo gets our T-Shirt :) GOOD LUCK!

-T3- // Park City & Brighton Resort

by theportal
Dec 24th - 537 views

Footage captured throughout last season, hope you enjoy. Riders: Tucker Addison, Taylor Bond, and Tucker Fitzsimons Music: ATLAS - Fast Love Filmed by Cal Aamodt - @cal.skate Follow us on instagram @entertheportal

First Woe // A Stevens Pass & Summit Central Edit

by BigPapa50CAL
Dec 22nd - 153 views

Music // Øfdream - First Woe Camera // Sony A7III Microphone // Rode Video Mic Pro + Lens // Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Stabilization // SmallRig Camera Cage w/wooden handle Video Specs // Shot in 1080p @ 120fps Locations // Stevens Pass & Summit Central Date Filmed // December 21, 2018