TOTGA | Sean Mcelligott

Oct 2016 - 2.8K views

"The One That Got Away" is a short series of rough videos that got lost in the crossfire. Autosave just wasn't that sweet this time around.

Don't wear headphones, but watch with nachos


by louis.charnaud
Oct 2016 - 3.1K views

highlights from the 2016 season in NZ. Enjoy! This has easily been the best season I have had yet in NZ and have met some pretty awesome folks!


Louis charnaud
Sam Allen
Konsti Ottner
Hank Bilous
Charles Murray
Xavi Thiebaud


by RudyL
Oct 2016 - 7.5K views

TIME&SPACE is out. "In cosmology, the concept of spacetime combines space and time to a single abstract universe. Events and moments that are linked by some type of coordinate system." We tried to create many moments from all year long. Hope you can feel the vibe. Thanks to all the peoples involved.

Skiers: Rudy Lepine, Alec Bernier, Jake Innes, Dean Gauthier, Cameron Porter, Alec Craig, Chris Cote, Steven Pippy,Emma, Vincent Martin, Guillaume Boulay.
Filming: Dean, Alec, Rudy, Buisson, Vincent
Editing: Rudy

Link to mikeshabb's Music:

Special Thanks to: 3149 family, mathdeschh for the vocals & all the homies for the good vibes.


by Miclovin
Oct 2016 - 4K views

A bunch of old footage mixed with even older footage. We can call it a mix. Check it
Boston Sawyer
Tyler Curle
Colton Shaff
Frank Ferguson
Miles Ronkos
Austin Wood

2016 Fall in Boulder

by ScooterLapooter
Oct 2016 - 3.3K views

The colors around Boulder Colorado have been extraordinary this year and I took full advantage of the beautiful colors and filmed as many time-lapses as possible around the Boulder area until I was more then content with what I captured.

Season 2016 - Quirin Fuerbeck

by .DerKuiirin.
Oct 2016 - 2.2K views

Some skiing straight from the Alps.
Thanks to Melt Skis, Königslinie, Mountain Action, Ziener and all the nice people who were involved in this project.
It took all of the off-season to edit, paint, design the letters, drum for the soundtrack and do everything else to complete this edit. Hope you like it.


by troupe
Oct 2016 - 9.3K views

Our summer offering.
Every summer a congregation of likeminded individuals flock to Mt.Hood. A long time staple of summer riding within our scene, now its on us to keep that alive.
Featuring: Tim Ryan, Quinn Wolferman, Aiden Ulrich, Tyler Curle, Matt P'ng, Tyler Mega, Sam Winship, Corey Jackson, Kolton Smith, Hunter Hess
Edit: Aiden Ulrich
Film: Gavin Rudy, Cam Willis, Nick Broms, Noah Curry, Andrew Mildenberger, Aiden Ulrich.

Liberty Skis // Spring Vacation 2.0

by libertyskis
Oct 2016 - 24.2K views

As the season winds down and the spring days get warmer, skiers from across North America migrate to Whistler, BC. Liberty athlete Max Moffatt flew into Vancouver in hopes of riding a couple weeks of spring park with Teal Harle. The early days of the trip was a constant struggle battling the wet coastal weather. Luckily, the boys scored a couple sunny days before the spring storms rolled in. Huge thanks to Whistler Blackcomb for having us. We hope you enjoy our video.

BADLANDS - Official Trailer

by NotSoLocal
Oct 2016 - 7K views

It all comes down to this. Not so Local returns with it's last film: "BADLANDS". Hang on as we take you on an inspiring visual journey through the streets and the urban scene. We look back at the crew's best moments, from our win at the 2015 IF3 awards to the unforgettable friendships across the world, without forgetting amazing urban ONLY segments by the boyz. BADLANDS is a last attempt at trying to make skiing exciting again and will definitely have you PUMPED for this winter.


BMack Showcases Riksgransen Campsite.

by -Dan
Oct 2016 - 2.3K views

MTV Cribs style tour of our spring campsite early may 2015

This is from the year Finito was filmed. We were camping up in Riksgransen using a Swedish Military tent that bmack had acquired somehow, shopping at the ICA down the hill from our site, and poaching wifi/electricity/showers from the base lodge. Most of the guys camped here for a month or so, but I was only up for a week at the end of my sweden trip (Not Skiing movie from the rest of trip coming soon). This was filmed for a Trudays that I never ended up making for a myriad of reasons but I have managed to save it for this long. I find it pretty funny. Knowing bmack is real pleasure. He's so quick at coming up with random lavish shit like Icelandic gold. Toyben is also pretty funny in this as he is a bit shy but didnt have the heart to tell me to fuck off with the camera and played along for me. thanks toyben. Perhaps my favorite part tho comes from Douglas Kallsbo at 4:09


by viktorwallmark
Oct 2016 - 48 views

ACT 2 of skidbröders is here. This time with a little less talk and a little more action. We hope you like it.

Previously Makerof Entertainment, check out for current works.

Film, edit and skiing: Viktor Wallmark and Kim Gustavsson
Additional filming: Elin Treutiger and Irma Krantz Golinski
The song is Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob


by viktorwallmark
Oct 2016 - 48 views

ACT 3 of skidbroder is here after the summer to hype you for the winter. It's the final act of the three made from our RV journey from Colorado to California this past winter. If you haven't seen the previous ones I would recommend you to look at them.

Previously Makerof Entertainment, check out for current work.

Skiing by: Kim Gustavsson and Viktor Wallmark
Film and edit: Viktor Wallmark
Additional film: Special thanks to Elin Treutiger for a lot of footage to this, and Irma Krantz Golinski

The songs are from the alt-J album An Awesome Wave and the songs are, (The Ripe & Ruin) and Tessellate.

Thanks to Blizzard and Tecnica for the support.

VB Films - Three Best Friends

by vbrandt
Oct 2016 - 7.7K views

This past winter I spent three months in Whistler, Canada, with two of my good friends and had a blast. I occasionally brought out the camera and this is what I ended up with. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Cinematography and Editing: Viktor Brandt

Additional Cinematography: Emil Jonsson & Lars Lundemo.

Featured Skiers: Lars Lundemo, Emil Jonsson, Viktor Brandt, Lukas Boell, Olivier Johnston & Charles Perrier

Skiing 0

by -Dan
Oct 2016 - 1.1K views

Select skiing from my first trip to Sweden. Spring 2015. Footage from TheBunch's Creation Nation event, a week in funasdalen lapping their park, and a random dude in Kiruna. Gonna be dropping an extended raw cut from the whole trip october 25th. This is the anti trailer for that since that cut will be less than 1% skiing. Just the way I like it.

-Dan in Real Life ep.0

by -Dan
Oct 2016 - 3.4K views

I went to Sweden in Spring of 2015 to hangout and travel around with TheBunch. We started in Stockholm for a few nights before heading to Bjornrike for Creation Nation. The event was all time amazing and the crew was unreal. The final night of the event was a grand celebration. Who thought a crew of skibums could pull off something like this? I learned how to drive stick so i could DD but in the excitement of the moment Peyben said to forget about the van and we all packed on to the party bus.

From there we traveled to Funasdalen for a week for riding their park while staying in a hostel that we pretty much took over. The crew went from over 40 to about 15 but still remained rowdy yet respectful as ever.

After Funas we headed all the way north to Riksgransen, stopping in Ostersund for supplies, and Kiruna for street skiing on the way. Once in Riks we set up the campsite and continued to live it up as a squad.

I was in Sweden for just under a month and it was one of the coolest experiences ever. I'm super grateful to have met and befriended TheBunch. Truly the best people I've come to know. Thank you.


Oct 2016 - 13.3K views

Here it is. Brought to you by a lot of fun times, shoveling and standing in the cold. Re-stock on skis in a few weeks, clothes available now. ENJOY!