Street Animations

by owendahlberg
Apr 19th - 2.4K views

Christian Shackelford having a rough season- fractured tailbone, torn rotator cuff, torn Acl/Mcl, and fractured tibia but still stacking enough for a street part. Enjoy!

Three Days

by ascent_studios
Apr 18th - 1K views

Three days of filming and skiing at Carinthia, Mount Snow in 2018 with Collin Titus and John Lohnes. Filmed by: Benjamin Collins Produced by Ascent Studios Music: Reasons Why by Levitation Room Special thanks to Shawn and Jen McCann

Backy to the Future - Intersection 2018 - Gapers Gone Wild

by GapersGoneWild
Apr 17th - 2.4K views

A lot has changed in Whistler over the years, and especially in the past year or so since Vail took over---- is Whistler still SICK?!? Yes. Yes it is. Huge thanks to everyone involved in producing this video. Athletes: Essex Prescott, Jeremy Acland, Isaak Goldenberg, Garrett Knochenmus, Connor Browne, Tobin Seagel, Stirling Bell, Luke Smart, Kai Smart, Chase Ujejski, Anders Ujejski, Dean Bercovitch, Axel Runner, Dylan Runner, Cobo Alvarez del Toledo, Jesse Desjardins, Philippe Clairoux Produced and Filmed by: Peter Wojnar, Essex Prescott, Jeremy Acland Edited by: Peter Wojnar, Jesse Desjardins Huge special thanks to Stan Rey for appearing in our video as "The Spirit of Whistler" and allowing us to poorly imitate his likeness for our main character, and also to all our friends and Whistler family who helped out and came to the show for a good time.

WOLFGANG Season of Dogs

by WolfGang518
Apr 17th - 147 views

Had the best season of my life skiing Mt. Snow, and Big Boulder. Some of the best few months of my entire life skiing the deepest snow of my life and finally getting a pass at the greatest park on the east coast. Shout out to all the DOGS and Carinthia parks.

VISHNU WIDE Product Video 18/19

Apr 16th - 1.9K views

New ski, new product video. Everything you can do on the Wet with added stability at high speeds. Plus the width if you need it. Pre-order launches April 20th.

Slump season love 2k18

by x.murphy
Apr 11th - 194 views

After a entire slump season last year and having to focus on school a lot more and ski racing for school I kind of lost my footing in the park so we filmed the few days I could get in the park trying to grow a pair and get my feet back. Here's the few days we filmed while having fun doing it.. which imo is the most important part of skiing no matter what anyone says

Starry Days

by Gucci_Logan
Apr 11th - 1K views

Starry days, the second video over the 2018 season. Filmed from a few days at Northstar with Cole Lyon and Sam McChesney. Had fun putting this one together, enjoy! Music: Hello It's Me by Todd Rundgren

Mount Backyard

by Tucker_Lawrence
Apr 9th - 267 views

Mount Backyard boasts approximately 15 acres of skiing, complete with junky terrain park, jibs, glades, cliff drops, and memories. Thank you to Zach Safford, Chris Cook, Edd Barr, and my trusty tri-pod for filming me.