BMack Showcases Riksgransen Campsite.

published Oct 2016 - 2,308 views

MTV Cribs style tour of our spring campsite early may 2015

This is from the year Finito was filmed. We were camping up in Riksgransen using a Swedish Military tent that bmack had acquired somehow, shopping at the ICA down the hill from our site, and poaching wifi/electricity/showers from the base lodge. Most of the guys camped here for a month or so, but I was only up for a week at the end of my sweden trip (Not Skiing movie from the rest of trip coming soon). This was filmed for a Trudays that I never ended up making for a myriad of reasons but I have managed to save it for this long. I find it pretty funny. Knowing bmack is real pleasure. He's so quick at coming up with random lavish shit like Icelandic gold. Toyben is also pretty funny in this as he is a bit shy but didnt have the heart to tell me to fuck off with the camera and played along for me. thanks toyben. Perhaps my favorite part tho comes from Douglas Kallsbo at 4:09

Credit: thumbnail: Alric Ljunghager

Skier: Bmack, Toyben, Saigon, Doijben

Location: Riksgransen Sweden

Playtime: 00:08:23

Artist: Maxi



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