The Best Ski Pants Ever?

by PlanksClothing
Jan 20th 2022 - 51 comments

Planks is giving away four pairs of Woodsy's “Yeah Baby" Pants to the Newschoolers community. In a month or two, once you’ve put the pant through hell, we want the recipients to post a review, complete with photos and a load of opinion, right here on Newschoolers.

No Skiing on Mars

by PlanksClothing
Nov 9th 2021 - 11 comments

Mars may be the next frontier for human settlement, but it sucks as a ski destination. Our planet is amazing, and we must help protect it!

The “No Skiing on Mars” capsule collection is a collaboration between Protect Our Winters UK (POW) and Planks Clothing. Through sales of this limited collection, made from recycled fabrics, we aim to raise £5000*. This donation will fund POW’s Carbon Literacy program, which is already changing individual’s and business’ carbon consumption for the better.