Cassie Sharpe: Lockdown, concussions and finding the fun in skiing again

by Newschoolers
Dec 22nd 2020 - 9 comments

Cassie Sharpe: Hilariously competitive, a meticulous planner, and thrives when surrounded by people. Good news: these are qualities that have proved to be beneficial as an athlete of her caliber. Bad news: these qualities could also almost guarantee a bad time navigating a world where access to her sport, travel schedule, and people is denied. Enter 2020.

What Your Skis Say About You

by Lonely
Nov 20th 2020 - 35 comments

The skis you choose to attach to your feet say a lot about you as a person. I decided to generalize and stereotype some groups of skiers based on what they ski. What group are you in?

Changing Course: Misadventures to Greenland

by 4FRNT
Nov 9th 2020 - 7 comments

Like all great explorations, this one began on a whim. "Siggi has given us Aurora in March to help bring the 60ft sailboat to Greenland and scout for future ski trips!" We assembled our crew, tuned up the skis, and set out to sail from Iceland to Greenland in search of boat access backcountry line.