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"my b*tch

by maddecipher
May 17th 2022 - 6 comments

she rollin' my joint
two inna' sesh'
free fallin'
hittin' tha' mesh
fuck xbox
only dealin' wit' triple-x thots

y'all in my thots
anyone can drop gold bars
'dey throwin' tha' baby
throwin' dababy ova'board
good lor'd
wh*t 'da fuqq is wrong wit' y'all
like seriously
racist much

i'ma punch u write in yo' misogynistic face
u lose
ima ace
u a disgrace

veterain o' trump's war
five star gener'ahl
levelin' 'dis nuke
annihilatin' yo' whole species
droppin' it on u
coverin' u in feces

luv tha' game
hate tha' playas
especially tha' ones 'dat rape
u a vampire
'dese lines a stake
burn u onna' cross
cuz u da' kkk
'dats irony

y'all ready for Kendrick's new album?

by maddecipher
May 3rd 2022 - 11 comments

Kendrick Lamar presents "Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers"
May 13, 2022

Also, if you could spend a gentleman's/ladies weekend on the slopes with any rapper(s), skill at skiing/boarding aside, who would you choose and why?

I'd wanna ski with Snoop ;)