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ACT 3 of skidbroder is here after the summer to hype you for the winter. It's the final act of the three made from our RV journey from Colorado to California this past winter. If you haven't seen the previous ones I would recommend you to look at them.

Previously Makerof Entertainment, check out for current work.

Skiing by: Kim Gustavsson and Viktor Wallmark
Film and edit: Viktor Wallmark
Additional film: Special thanks to Elin Treutiger for a lot of footage to this, and Irma Krantz Golinski

The songs are from the alt-J album An Awesome Wave and the songs are, (The Ripe & Ruin) and Tessellate.

Thanks to Blizzard and Tecnica for the support.

Playtime: 00:04:54

Big Mountain Art North America Powder


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