innate: 17/18 Season Edit

by natekingvt
Jul 12th - 384 views

First NS post here we go baby Here's a look back at my first season skiing on the west coast. Bridger bowl sucks. Edit: Nate King Filmers: Gage Meridith, Joey Aist, Christian Davidson, Conner Wygaerts @chair1films #themozzeban

A Season of Spinning and Grinning 2018

by spin+grin
Jul 11th - 242 views

Another classic story for you all. I did some skiing. I filmed it with a few other people. some clips old, some clips new, some clips borrowed, some clips blue a collection of the best i could offer from my past year skiing. thankyou all that contributed to the fun.

Kinda skiing

by methscratchface
Jul 9th - 307 views

survival skiing on Suncupped garbage riddled with fallen rock debris. Neat times exploring a new zone tho. A little earlier perhaps for next year.


by NGM
Jul 5th - 3.2K views

NEXT GENERATION MEDIA PRESENTS "AFTER HOURS" TEASER. No budget, funded by our own pockets. This is what we do after hours! Director & Editor: Ola Sollie Cinematographs: Ola Sollie, Edward Knai, Fredrik Torsvik, Jon Hunnålvatn Tøn, Olle Martin Holmen. Atlethes: Emil Larsen, Steffen Olsen, Herman Fjøss, Eirik Sæterøy, Marius Annmark, Jonas Steen, Elias Kvarekvål, Sindre Holtet, Dennis Myrland + friends.

Doused - Lucien Rouse

by karlmarx
Jul 1st - 384 views

flippydoos, spinny twirlies and grindy slidies on skis in utah and oregon. Thanks to powder house ski shops and all the friends and family, you know who you are

Jake Little 17/18 Season Edit

by J_skis
Jun 28th - 3K views

"My winter segment from this year is live online. Lots of ups and downs went into making this happen. From learning how to snowmobile, going broke over and over again and having one of my best childhood friends living on the floor in my room it was nothing short of insane. To everyone that helped shovel, helped film, helped provide stoke, helped teach me how to sled (and get it unstuck) I can’t thank you enough. Wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. Also, I want to personally thank Jason Levinthal and J skis for believing in me. Nothing short of a dream come true. And lastly the biggest thank you to my brotha Bobby Stevenson for filming this year, editing this and posting it online for me while I’m up fishing in AK. See ya next winter! Cheers, Jake" Supported by: J skis Daymaker Touring Giro Film: Bobby Stevenson Mattias Evangelista Colby Mesick Kyle Petershagen Edit: Bobby Stevenson Music: "Waves With No Shores" by Ash Code "Vacation" by Flatbush Zombies Feat. Joey Bada$$ Jake's skis: The Friend = The Metal =

Move on Up

by 860media*
Jun 22nd - 1.2K views

Fresh off our trip from Mount Hood, the boiz headed back to home turf for Carinthia's annual Peace Pipe jam. With more than average snowfall this season they had a ton of snow leftover and plenty of rails to jump around on. Check out the action and keep those eyes peeled for more content coming your way!

Sam Allen Skiing in Obergurgl

by SammyAllen
Jun 22nd - 243 views

A trip well spent skiing with STK (Ski the Kingdom) in Obergurgl with my mates Will Tucker and Ed Salisbury (whitedot skis riders). I want to say a big thank to Whitedot ski's for these past few years hooking me up. Time to start a new chapter in my skiing.

Italy Trip 2018

by pholtan
Jun 19th - 518 views

This year we took an amazing family ski trip to Italy to tour around the alps, and it could not have been better. Peter Holtan, Todd Holtan, Brian Holtan, Annika Holtan, Armin Fisher, Leigh Michl Turnin' - GRiZ

Season Mixtape 18

by Gillest
Jun 18th - 575 views

Enjoy some swiss skiing with raclette and white wine... -- MUSIC : Whatcha See is Whatcha Get - The Dramatics DOM - LEAVE YA FIENIN -- Clips are roughly in the season order

Finbar Doig 2018

by Finbawwr
Jun 9th - 255 views

Prevaliged white kid films entire season edit on a GoPro his parents got him for Christmas alert. So much fun this season, thanks to everyone for making it

El Regreso - Back to the Andes

by JANKYfilms
Jun 8th - 313 views

July and August of 2017 I had the good fortune of tagging along with the SASS Global Travel crew in Argentina as their staff filmer. I am returning this summer and decided to put together all of my favorite shots from last season and couldn't be more hyped to get back down south! You can find all the information you'll need here to have the trip of a lifetime: Song: Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive)

The Grateful Shred

by amccahill93
Jun 8th - 5.7K views

First year at BBU was rad, met a lotta cool people and did a lotta cool things. This video is 6 minutes of me having fun with my friends and jamming out to killer tunes. Skier: Aiden McCahill I'd also like to thank Ullr for a season of endless pow.

Noses x Blunts

Jun 6th - 453 views

KevinsBrother and Ahmetsbrother sessioning a jump in so called "Wasangelos" . No safety for these boys, just blunts and noses Filmed By Eric Sales @esalesski

Bake'r? Hardly Even Knew'r

by Ahmets_Brother
Jun 4th - 1.4K views

PNW mini movie ft. Giray and Ahmet Dadali Desert.. Desert.. Desert.. why do we expect the desert to have snow? Fed up with a dry March after purchasing a sled for the first time, Giray tags along with brother Ahmet Dadali for an RV adventure to the rainy Northwest. In the shadows of the massive Mount Baker, the boys are launched into a land of pillows, high alpine terrain, and fog as dense as ever. Watch this 7 minute movie exclusively filmed by the Bros.

. . A C C E S S . .

by JANKYfilms
May 30th - 608 views

March 2018 in Tahoe truly was a miracle - it came in like a lion, saving our lackluster season with big storms and massive snow totals. Filmed in one day, this film shows different groups of winter athletes accessing the same terrain without conflict. Featuring Jed Kravitz, Alex 'Shugz' Dorszynski, John Lauer and Chris Cloyd. Music - Spooky Mansion 'Torture'