4FRNT Turnagain Pass

by 4FRNT
Dec 15th - 392 views

This is the culmination of a multi-day filming session on The Turnagain Pass with skiers Joshua Randich and Wiley Miller. For a week in early February, we bet against all odds to score south facing spines, an aspect most consider off limits come spring. Few crews have ventured to AK to see what the locals are all about until now, and with a bit of luck and determination, our crew bagged what are some of the longest, most exposed, yet easy to access lines one can find just a few steps off the road. "There are two types of Alaska ski trips you read about in ski magazines. There is the heli trip, where skiers hunker in a fishing village or backcountry lodge for weeks on end, “drinking it blue” — waiting for weather windows in which they can safely fly to nearby summits and flash down formidable skiing lines in 15 seconds. And there is the hardcore backcountry camping trip, where adventurers rough it on a remote glacier, digging out tents when it snows and bagging peaks and checking off descents when it’s clear. Both sorts of outings, almost always, come to fruition in the springtime. This is a different Alaska skiing story, one that takes place in the shadows cast by the North’s long nights, where locals drive old pick-ups to the trailhead, skin and climb for hours to ski film-worthy lines, and return in the dark, speaking hardly a word of what they just accomplished." - Derek Taylor, Freeskier Magazine Principal Cinematography : Austin Ramaley Additional Footage : Josh Randich, Wiley Miller, Matt Sterbenz, David Knutson Editing : Jake Strassman

Drinkbutter presents: Chargin' & Margarine

by drinkbutter
Dec 14th - 4.3K views

This will be Drinkbutter's fourth feature length film. New locations, new friends, but same end result. This is a film about friendship, and ultimately what can come out of skiing with your homies. Special Thanks to ON3P skis / Bloom Outerwear / Giro Snow Shot on location at: Alta Ski Area, Timberline Lodge, and Snowbird Thanks to the Filmers: Alex Mager, Wyatt Kadwit, Jazz Vitale, Hunter Cornelison, James Jensen Skiers in order of appearance: Homies, Jack Graham, Quan Cameo, Smeegs, Adam Scheer, Mike Mastromarino, Davis Lentz, Brian Allen, Jaxxon & Noah Heaton, Ryan Vitale, & Jazz Vitale.

Dissent Labs // Hoji - Relentless

by Newschoolers
Dec 13th - 1.1K views

Eric Hjorleifson (Hoji) needs little introduction. He is simultaneously an acclaimed professional backcountry athlete, and notorious gear tinkerer, designer, and fabricator. There is no equivalent, no one at his level of skiing proficiency with such a meticulous, hands-on approach to their own personal equipment. Hoji's brilliance in both skiing and design was recently highlighted by the launch of a new backcountry ski boot he developed in collaboration with Dynafit over the course of several years. This is certainly a milestone in Hoji’s career as an athlete-designer, but it definitely won’t be the last. Quietly, thoughtfully, and with little fanfare or celebration, Hoji will undoubtedly continue to work in the shadows, finding solutions and improvements that will benefit skiers across the globe. Hoji's unique abilities, and deep level of care for a better experience in the mountains is why we reached out to him in 2012 with our first Dissent prototypes. We have always appreciated his input, ideas, and the ability to test gear to its limit. Today, we feel the same way we did then: the most important gear improvements are the result of a relentless focus on the details, executed by people who truly understand and care about their time in the mountains. Dissent Labs / / @dissentlabs Eric Hjorleifson / @eric_hjorleifson (Film/Edit: Matt Butterworth, Virtu Media @m_butterworth )

ChaChaJunks - Trailer

by El.Makrell
Dec 6th - 274 views

Hanging with stray dogs, jibbing police departments and UNESCO world heritage, climbing caucasian peaks and having the wildest busrides of our lives. Here's what expects you in our first mini-movie from our gypsie-trip to georgia last february with the el.makrell gang! skiing & filming. Magnus Kramer, Rosina Friedel, Luis Meier, Torge Nagel, Jakob Siedersleben & Ludwig Hagelstein edit. Ludwig Hagelstein sound. Emily Wells - Fair the Well the Requiem. Jgufi bani - Kavkasiuri Balada premiere. 16.12.17 - Leokino Innsbruck didi madloba. the makrell

THIS IS HOME - A Film by The Faction Collective - FULL MOVIE

by Faction
Dec 5th - 11.9K views

THIS IS HOME A Film by The Faction Collective Follow The Faction Collective as they return to their homes around the world to show us how they get it done on home turf. From Europe to the US and back again via old playgrounds, new challenges, secret spots and favourite lines. THIS IS HOME chronicles what it means to be a freeskier today: where the conditions are what you make of them, and the search for that perfect ride starts in your own backyard. Directed by Etienne Merel Produced by Mathieu Soumet Executive Producers: Alex Hoye, Tony McWilliam Principal Cinematography: Etienne Merel, Martin Bernard, Bluemaxmedia Aerial Cinematography: Bluemaxmedia, Guido Perrini Edited by Etienne Merel Starring: Duncan Adams, Sam Anthamatten, Johnny Collinson, Adam Delorme, Mathilde Gremaud, Alex Hall, Daniel Hanka, Tim McChesney, Antti Ollila, Arnaud Rougier, Eirik Sateroy, Pablo Schweizer, Henry Sildaru, Kelly Sildaru, Giulia Tanno, and Candide Thovex Shot on location: Flathead Valley, Montana, USA; Jyvaskyla, Finland; Kuopio, Finland; Alta, Utah, USA; Wasatch Mountains, Utah, USA; Destne v Orlickych Horach, Czech Republic; Zermatt, Switzerland; La Clusaz, France; Verbier, Switzerland Discover athlete edits, behind the scenes & more: Copyright (c) The Faction Collective SA Please only use and share this embed code of the official video. Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIN A TRIP TO VERBIER Win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to shred and party at The Faction Collective's HOME in Verbier. ENTER AT


by camyo
Dec 4th - 340 views

This season, the team was spread between Utah and the French Pyrenees. Still, P.A.D and Florian were determined to show how fun it can be to ski in the south of France. The Nosafe collective proudly present FIREWATER, a short backcountry movie. Filmed in the french Pyrenees. DIRECTED BY : Florian Cuzacq and Pierre Alex Dedeban FILMED BY : Florian Cuzacq, Cesar Abadie and Leo Maigret MUSIC BY : Django Django - Hail Bop SUPPORTED BY : Faction Skis, Montaz Sports, Saga Outerwear

BURRRLAPZ: Vibes and Stuff Ep 3 | Woods

by Burrrlapz
Dec 3rd - 1.6K views

Into the river and over the woods to drink in a cabin we go. Civilization had us spent so we ditched our cell reception and rolled around in the snow. Shot by Nick Nault over 3 days, this is the final installation of the mighty Vibes and Stuff Series. We hope you had fun, cause we had none. None at all. Supported by Line Skis Commit Snow and Skate Fernie Alpine Resort

Promised Land: Jay Peak - Too Deep

by SkiTheEast...
Dec 1st - 1.2K views

Is there such a thing as too deep? The record-breaking storm Stella of 2017 brought incredible amounts of snow to the forests of Jay Peak, VT. The Ski The East crew ventured out into chest deep snow during a truly memorable and exhausting day of blind turns, choking snow and sometimes simply being stuck. Basically, it was the best day ever. ___________________________ Promised Land is the 14th annual production by Ski The East. Featuring the Ski The East Team shredding everything from record-breaking storms in Vermont to rowdy custom jumps in Maine. ___________________________ Subaru of New England presents: Promised Land A Ski The East Web Series Proudly Support by: Subaru of New England K2 Skis THIS EPISODE FEATURING Tim McClellan | Dylan Dipentima | Brooks Curran SHOT ON LOCATION AT Jay Peak, VT PRODUCED & DIRECTED BY Cam Willis, Geoff McDonald & Chris James EDITED BY Cam Willis | Geoff McDonald CINEMATOGRAPHY Geoff McDonald TRAILER MUSIC Mackintosh Braun - "Nothing Else is Real"

All Tied Up

by snomaster
Nov 30th - 337 views

Kelly and Eric Lovely got married, bought a home in the suburbs, got a puppy, and still found time to crush it in the mountains. Being tied up isn't so bad!

Patrick Brown | 2017

by patrickbrown
Nov 28th - 656 views

FILMING Andrew Laver Braden Bury Mark Grain Ryan Statham EDITING Patrick Brown MUSIC Over the Hills and Far Away Led Zeppelin SUPPORTED BY Monod Sports Ltd Guayaki Yerba Mate K2 Skis


Nov 28th - 13.7K views

The countryside of Sweden isn't exactly the place that comes to your mind when you think of skiing, but what could you come up with if you had to put a limit to the area you had to work with? Kim Boberg and Oliver Karlberg set out to film a movie in a place called Alvdalen, to use what you got instead of seeing whats not there. This movie was filmed within the area of a maximum range of 1-hour drive away from Alvdalen. Shot on location: Alvdalen Klappen Ski resort Skiing by: Kim Boberg Oliver Karlberg Hugo Burwall Freddie Grann Phil Casabon Yohei Maruyama Filmed and edited by: Fredrik Larsson Additional editing: Bjorn Eklund Additional filming by: Bjorn Eklund Emil Grano Tobias Johansson Jacob Wester Cover: Petter Johansson


by makholm
Nov 28th - 456 views

THE CHAIRLIFT TRICK & TESTING THE 17/18 SOUL7 We got our hands on the brand new Rossignol Soul 7 hd. Thet have completely redesigned it for this season. The honeycomb goes longer down, reducing the weight of the ski, and then it has been reenforced, make it more stiff. It should perform better on piste, than the previous, but I like the playfulness of the old one more. No dought, it is a fantastic ski, but for my kind of skiing I like the old one more. I would still like to try it out with a freestyle binding, because til will make et more flexible. The chairlift trick, is when you need to use your hands, and want to get you poles out of the way, without dropping them. Stick them under you leg, so you will be sitting on them, and wolla, you are free to use your hands. Very important is, that you will have to remove them before lifting up the bar, or the will be in the way of the footrest. That is it for or 4 day season start in Sölden, Austria. Remember to subscribe. Respect the mountains & ride safe.

BURRRLAPZ: Vibes and Stuff Ep 2 | Road

by Burrrlapz
Nov 26th - 2.2K views

Loaded up the sled-mobiles and hit the road to the promise land. We laughed, we cried, it was an experience of a lifetime. With great road trip come great responsibility, but we don't know anything about that so here's what you get. Hope you like it. #livelaughlove Ep3 out in a week, or something Supported by Line Skis Commit Snow and Skate Fernie Alpine Resort


by makholm
Nov 26th - 630 views

Full speed & broken bones // The Accident // My friend uffe, crashes on ski and brakes his ankle in to pices. Se the story When skiing accidents happens, and it did. My friend Uffe came down the groomed run, with a lot of speed, and hit a big natural curv on the piste. He flew about 10 meters, and crashed. His bindings did not release in properly, so he twisted his knee, and broke his ankle, with 2 fractures. After getting picked up by a snow scooter and taken down to the hospital. It was clear that he need surgery on this one. The next day he was taken to a private clinic, where he got surgery. At the clinic MedAlp the staff was very professional, and they see these injuries all the time, så the knew right away what to do. He will be out for about 6 weeks, and then there will be som rehab and training after that. He probably won’t be back on ski this season, but should fully recover for next year. The DIN setting on your bindings is very important. Make sure that it is set correctly for the kind of skiing you are doing. Also maintain your binding, it needs to be in mint condition every time. Do you have a ski that is a couple of years old, then check every ting, and adjust it properly. If you do not know how to do it, go to your local ski shop, and let them help you. Before the accident, we hiked a closed piste, and got a good powder run on that. The first part of the hike was very hard, because, the snow was very deep. My friend Nico, sank in at some point, and could not feel ground under him, a bit scary, but we could easy help him out. Again, safety is very important, and do not go out of bounds alone. If we had not been there, Nico had might not been able to get out him self. But we got up there, and had a great run down. Respect the mountains and enjoy.