Brody McSkimming | 15-18 | The End

by Burrrlapz
Jan 18th - 486 views

Kept on getting hurt the last few years. So I made a song and edit of all my shots. -Song- BrodysBigEdit by Brody McSkimming -Filming- Dylan Siggers Josh McSkimming Essex Prescott Anatole Tuzlak -Edit- Brody McSkimming -Thanks- THE HOMIES

Xander Guldman 2018 Season Edit

by xanderfire
Jan 15th - 397 views

A handful of gopro and iphone clips from my 2018 season. Had a fun time trying to figure out different ways to fall down rocks. Thanks to K2 skis, Smith Optics, The North Face, Backcountry Access, Sugar Bowl Resort, and Bluezone Sports for your support!

Daniel Tisi Christmas Break 2018/2019

by CadgedSets
Jan 14th - 2.4K views

First solo edit I've done in a while. Pieced this one together with iphone, gopro, and a couple of random RED Epic shots. Super fun break back home with all the homies, but now its back to UVM for school. Thanks to everybody who made the break so sick! Also big thanks to Garrett Weintrob and Sam Roubin (RED Shots), Line, Full Tilt, Stio, Backcountry Zero, Momentous, and Noso.


by Newschoolers
Jan 11th - 1.4K views

This is probably the most complicated project I’ve ever worked on Night skiing with a twist, I hope you enjoy it. :) A making of, showing you how I did it will be coming soon. A big Thank you to the friends that helped me pull it off Edited by Nicolas Vuignier & Jules Guarneri Shot by Jules Guarneri Riders: Jeremie Heitz Nicolas Vuignier Samuel Anthamatten Laurent DeMartin Florian Bruchez Mathieu Schaer Follow me on Instagram:

Arlberg Jam, Maxing out on pow.

by ibex
Jan 9th - 663 views

Hands down, the deepest snow I’ve skied in Europe! Stoked as to get some big drops in and a bunch of spins while in St Anton last week before heading to Japan for FWT Hakuba next week! 🎧They were floaty times, so I backed the video with this floaty tune I made🎧

Burrrlapz | Nowhereville

by Burrrlapz
Jan 7th - 785 views

WE BACK YO! After the kind people of Vimeo decided to delete not only every video we've ever made but also living the legends Nimbus', the homies at LINE skis let us borrow their youtube to share dis next one with you all. The sled head homies let us follow them as far as we could make it and a little farther to find the ultimate middle of nowhere, where the snow is over your head every day so you just let er chuck and see what comes out the other side. Hope you like dis one NS world WE DID IT 4 U

WRECKANIZE: The 2nd Mike Hornbeck Mini Movie

Jan 7th - 5.1K views

Six years later. Armada presents "Wreckanize", the sequel to Mike Hornbeck's first mini movie, "Wreckallections". To find out more about what Mike is up to these days click here:


by garrett.
Jan 5th - 305 views

Last years season edit, thanks to everyone that was a part of it! @Gtbalen @Momentskis @roxa_itlian_skiboots @kirkwoodmtn

Sawyer Thomas 2018 Ski Season

by sawyerthomas
Jan 4th - 185 views

An ankle injury in October and full time engineering classes made for a rough beginning to my season. Luckily I was able to bounce back in time to find some incredible terrain throughout Wyoming and Montana!

7 YEARS - A Timelapse Film [4K]

Jan 3rd - 157 views

Warning: not a ski film, but a timelapse film. Don't crucify me yet; a lot of this footage was captured while skiing in the backcountry, filming ski movies and traveling to ski destinations. It is a timelapse film capturing landscapes, mostly mountains in British Columbia. Other destinations are New Zealand and Norway. Hopefully you'll like it!

How To Slash On Skis

by SkiAddiction
Dec 31st - 156 views Who doesn't like a face-shot? Being able to add in effortless looking style, flow and control through slashing is a sure-fire way to show off your skiing ability. Discover how to get pitted today! FILMED AT: Whistler Blackcomb: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram:


by rocco.caruso
Dec 28th - 147 views

This is our first movie "AFTERFALL" A special thanks goes out to everyone apart of this project; it wouldn't have been possible without you! Riding by Jack Baumann, Rocco Caruso, Laurens Perseus, Oliver Perseus, Luca Bodenwinkler, Menno Bleeker, Sebi Kuhn, Laurin Grether, Jasper Bleeker & Nico Bossi Produced by Oliver Perseus Directed and Edited by Jasper Bleeker & Rocco Caruso Shot on location in Davos, Switzerland

Switch Designs Early Season

by JGP.
Dec 28th - 2.9K views

Skiers: Magnus Granér, Cody Cirillo, Will Berman, Sean Jordan, Sam Winship Video by Jack Manzi Drone Footage by Brent Eliason Produced by James Poss Song: So Electric by Lifelike


by Spitfyre94
Dec 26th - 142 views

Don't get caught with your head down out there kids! The boys and I will make sure you go home missing a few chiclets! LETS GO OILERS!!!!!!!!

Shotgun Willie

by bucksnorts
Dec 23rd - 584 views

I went to Japan just like everyone else, filmed a little and had a good time! #seenbetter Filmed by Aiden Ulrich Edited by Willie Nelson

TRANSMISSION - Full Movie by Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Dec 17th - 273 views

À 45 ans, Seb Michaud a marqué une génération entière de skieurs français. Il faut dire que « Mishtrouf », communément appelé « Mister Backflip », a dompté Verbier plusieurs fois et a une étoile de champion du monde sur sa veste de ski et un titre de vice-champion du monde dans la poche. Aujourd’hui, le local de La Clusaz transmet son savoir et sa passion aux jeunes : « Je partage mon expérience pour les aider à faire les bons choix. » Dans l’espace joueur de sa station, ils sont une quinzaine à suivre ses traces et ses conseils. Dans ce documentaire, vivez deux mois au sein de ce groupe. Riders Jean Tonnelier Lalo Rambaud Tanguy Dechamboux Jules Michaud Edgar Cheylus Astrid Cheylus Justin Blanchet-Nicoud Téo Deloche Hugo Mulatier Simon Ythier Louis Pouvel Alexine Cuoq Joseph Maucout Jack Clarke Noah Mignee Bastien Bernard Maxime Perkins Manon Loschi Caroline Dreier Tom Buschiazo Philémon Lieutaghi Jules Zanardi Marius Lafarge Florian Fresnaud Max Vanhelmon

Taylor Seaton & John Spriggs- "Low Tide"

by Virtika
Dec 14th - 227 views

This past winter Colorado faced its worst snow year in 30 years. Fortunately we had a few decent snow storms giving John Spriggs and Taylor Seaton the opportunity to get into Colorado’s backcountry and take full advantage of the snow on a “Low Tide” year.

Low Tide

by JahSpriggs
Dec 14th - 1.6K views

This past winter Colorado faced its worst snow year in 30 years. Fortunately we had a few decent snow storms giving John Spriggs and Taylor Seaton the opportunity…

2018 Year In Review (Action Figure Edition)

by Roy
Dec 12th - 106 views

Here’s what my 2018 looked like! It was a super fun year. I was able to charge on the skis again (dealing with an injury most of ‘17), started speed flying, got back to jumping out of planes to finally finish my solo, and feeling confident I could take the hard bails, I jumped back on the downhill bike. I also got to spend some time in sick locations in Alberta, BC, California, Washington and Chile. Thanks to all the buds who helped make it an awesome year and to @rossignol for the support (which I’ve been getting in one form or another for 15 years 🤘). Insta: royski_29