by DiamondAnnies
Nov 2015 - 7.3K views


part 3/3, we got the whole squad goin in. this is the last park movie we are ever going to make.

time to take it to the streets xoxoxo

Riders: Katrina Nicole, Jackie Kling, Taylor Lundquist, Erica Durtschi, Danylle Hammett, Brooke Potter, Brooklyn Poirot, Steffi Relssom


by AkGus
Dec 2016 - 3.8K views

Made this edit for Brooke summer before last and she never posted it... like a punk. Check out her IG @brooklynn_xz... with two n's.. I guess there was already a brooklyn_xz..?


by NSwidow
Sep 2016 - 22.4K views

Maddie Jones, Barbora Novakova, Birgitte Okland, Isabelle Tvede-Jensen and Kat Alexander, at Perisher, NSW, 2016.

B-Roll on Hood

by LostGirlsTribe
Feb 2016 - 303 views

It was a wet, hot summer on Hood 2015...we drove out from Summit to gypsy camp on the Air Strip. It was Sierra's first time to Hood, and sadly she sprained her ankle and couldn't ski, but we sacrificed some old skis and roasted weenies. All around, great success, and great times with the homies.

nsfairy x potato cam pow laps

by erica
Aug 2016 - 2.6K views

The closest I'll get to a season edit is strapping my GoPro Hero2 to my chest and getting mediocre shots of above average pow laps at Jackson Hole. Pro tip: use a helmet mount. Pro tip 2: Don't use a potato as your GoPro. Pro tip 3: put the camera down and just ski.

trina's #sw vol 10

by katrina
Nov 2015 - 6.8K views

this is what happens at the line team shoot if you aren't tom wallisch.



the dream - that's my shit
the weeknd - can't feel my face
yelle - je veux te voir

girls skiing season edit

by katrina
Jul 2015 - 1.5K views

im always seeking to raise the bar of women's skiing.

thanks to Bloom Outerwear, Outdoor Tech, Line Skis, and Full Tilt Boots for all of the support this season; twas a short but sweet year. Check out what I was up to with a new project in between eating shit on ig: Diamond Annies and fb: Diamond Annies

Mom Twerks and Hits a Box

by katrina
Sep 2013 - 12.3K views

I am neither a mother or pregnant... a few laps filmed on a few different days, sorry no jumps, just didnt film any I guess. Filmed by Trevor Jansen, Jeff Toland-Smith, Blake Frautschi, Danylle Hammett. Thanks to hotpossie, totally trevor, and all my friends who made this season the most fun yet :)

trina's #sw vol. 9

by katrina
Apr 2015 - 18.2K views

took advantage of the swells at brighton with my bae noah. there were waves for days, tropical utah did not disappoint. also took control of the NS snapchat for a bit and did some other stuff. utah loves nudity. #FREENOAHSHEART #sexualwednesday @goodenoughbgk @FREE_NOAH @trina_sig

sw finale drops in 1 week

trina's #sw vol. 8

by katrina
Mar 2015 - 45.9K views

this was a big week for me, got my newest diploma in the mail, skied with steve stepp, re-learned a scary jump trick, then made videos for nine queens and the north face open, then got to live out my ski girl dreams and ski with erik olson, jon hartman, and johnny rossman at copper and have one hell of a time.

trina's #sw vol 7

by katrina
Feb 2015 - 27.6K views

it's been like spring in denver, that means sundresses, spring rain showers, fresh broccoli, white wine, and also sunny ass park days. shout out to my valentine @free_noah, and happy valentines day!

trina's #sw vol. 4

by katrina
Jan 2015 - 31.5K views

day 5 back on skis and i couldn't be happier to be back on snow. caught a couple laps with the homie brooke potter, if you haven't yet check out Team Tuesdays. instaham: trina_sig ...see you next wednesday

The Future is Female

by CoalitionSnow
Mar 2017 - 3.3K views

Supporting the next generation of female skiers and riders. Coalition Snow sets out to change the ski and snowboard industry again with the introduction of Coalition YOUth.

From our first turns we were passionate about skiing and riding. Whether it was earning a hot chocolate after our first blue square or chasing our friends till the lifts stopped turning we knew the mountains would always have a special place in our minds and our hearts -- but somewhere along the line the sport starts to feel like it's about keeping up with the boys. It stops being about challenging oneself and starts to be a competition.

According to the Women's Sport Foundation, girls begin dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys starting at the age of fourteen. What if instead of comparing themselves to the boys, girls were encouraged to chase their own goals and values? Coalition Snow is shifting the narrative and building a community that pushes girls to achieve their own dreams and goals both on the mountain and in their lives.

Coalition Snow is building more than equipment, we're building the next generation of women who share a passion for adventure and a love of the mountains. We're building a community of women who inspire each other to refuse to accept the status quo, push their limits, and create positive change in the world.

Like our adult line of skis and boards, Coalition YOUth gear is designed specifically for young rippers and built with the same high quality materials. This isn't just about planks of wood. It's about showing our girls that they can be anything they want to be. We're sending a message to young women that it's not about keeping up or going bigger, it's about finding joy in every turn, creating your own rules, and claiming skiing and snowboarding as your own sport.

You can help support the next generation of mountain women through the Coalition Snow Kickstarter Campaign, which will help fund production of Coalition YOUth and build the foundation for a community that promotes inclusivity and spreads confidence to future generations of skiers. You also can get in on some awesome perks like naming their YOUth ski or snowboard line after your favorite young ripper and our limited edition The Future Is Female tee and tote.

Coalition Snow building a movement and we're inviting you to join them. More details on the campaign and the YOUth line of skis and snowboards can be found at Check it out and contribute today!

Sierra Epp Crash Seg

by syrup_sierraepp
May 2017 - 111 views

Putting in work at Keystone. Ended the day with a knee-banger on the DFD. To see the rest of what happened, watch my next video.

Mad love to:
N Then Skis
Lost Girls Tribe
Cascadia Productions

Produced by Shredicated Media

The Second Annual Boyz Club Open

by Boyz_Club
May 2017 - 4.4K views

Last year was crazy. This YEAR WAS INSANE! We built a ton of jumps, drank a shit ton of Bud Light Lime and got profoundly naked.
Thank you to all who came out!
Totally Trevor told us to drop this on Sunday morning but fuck it.
Boardslide Dude
Sean Burrow
Beejington Spliffwell
Ray Ferrone
Edit: Naked Doug

Superunknown XIV recap Sampo Vallotton

by Samwallot
May 2017 - 12.6K views

Dear internet people, I present you here my Level 1 Superunknown Edit. Even tho I was sick for the last part of the week I still managed to get a couple shots from the first three days. I hope you will enjoy what you see and sorry for the color grading I still need to work on my skills for that.


Jun 2017 - 22.8K views

Turn them headphones up.

Skiing | @duncamilne @tealharle @onlineginger

Filming | @itstheunc

Big thanks to Tomahawk International, Riot Skis, Liberty Skis and Dragon Alliance.

Eastcoast Staycation

by TMC
Jun 2017 - 1.4K views

From building and designing Sunday River's terrain parks. To coaching weekends I did not have much time to film. Heres 3 days worth of filming from this year.