Black Ice 2

by rowemery
Jan 23rd - 390 views

The typically low levels of noticeable ice pellets, snow, or sleet surrounding black ice means that areas of the ice are often practically invisible to drivers or people stepping on it. There is, thus, a risk of skidding and subsequent accident due to the unexpected loss of traction. A few shots I thought were okay from the Summer/Autumn of 2017. We didn't get as many filming opportunities as originally planned unfortunately. I've also had an issue with my knee, so I've been unable to ski recently. Hopefully I'll be back to full strength ASAP and ready for new film projects in the coming months, big things to come for 2018. Thanks everyone. Big ups to all my sponsors: Line Skis UK, Full Tilt UK, Marker Bindings, Planks Clothing and Ski The Kingdom. All filmed in the UK at: The Snow Centre, Stoke Ski Centre, The London Ski Show, Snowtrax, MK, Tamworth Snowdome,Warmwell, Max's Garden and Bearsden. Music: Dank - K-Lone Filmed by: Jack Tompkins (Ski The Kingdom), Olli Kane (Fridge Bangers / Enjoy The View) & Friends Skiing & Editing by: Row Emery


by Holdenbaldasski
Jan 22nd - 128 views

Cole Huyssen and Holden Baldazzi ski the terrain parks at Blue Mountain and MSLM in Ontario Canada as well as Momentum ski camps on the Horstman Glacier in Whistler…

Ian Hamilton - Soft Landings

by Budh.ies
Jan 22nd - 1.5K views

Last year, after 10+ years of competing in Slopestyle, I switched my focus to backcountry jumping. It turned out to be a good choice. By the end of January it had snowed 300 inches in Utah and all the classic hits in Little Cottonwood Canyon were good to go. It was an unbelievable season, from sessions on Pyramid and Flagstaff gap, Catskiing at Fernie Wilderness Adventures to pondskimming and partying at Lost Trail Powder Mountain in the spring. I had more great times in the mountains with amazing humans than any other season and they're memories I'll never forget. Hope ya'll dig it and get stoked to shred!! Filmers: Alex Mager Bobby Jahrig Austin Ramaley Freedle Coty AJ Dakoulas Kyle Decker Chris Bolduc Zach Falen Jay Jensen Budhies in order of appearance: Sander Hadley Danny Arnold Jazz Vitale Joe Dillon River Lucas Music: Revolutionary Rhythm: Jazzinuf:


by MNSkiers
Jan 22nd - 2K views

We're back with the heat and man is it hot. The crew hits up Hyland Hills, Elm Creek and Trollhaugen for what could possibly be one of our last edits Song Joey Badass - Paper Trails Brothel. - FRACTUREDw/DIVINE

Candide Thovex - quattro 2

by Newschoolers
Jan 22nd - 15.7K views

Candide and Audi partner up to Ski the World Filmed on Planet Earth Learn more about this project: Learn more about Audi & quattro Follow Candide Instagram & Twitter: @candidethovex MEDIA REQUESTS ©Copyright Candide Thovex *IMPORTANT Please only use and share this embed code of the official video. Third party downloads and distribution are not permitted.

MLK Weekend Gang

by ryanbaileyy
Jan 22nd - 124 views

Crazy weekend with the crew Riders: Willy Monje, Paul Wall, Zac S, Charlie Dehner, Zach Amero, Quintin Kwart Filming and editing: Ryan Bailey