K dough 18

by kyledougherty11
Aug 19th - 433 views

Couple clips of me skiing this past ski season in Ontario, BC and Australia. I hope you enjoy! thanks to Gates and boards, Line Skis Team LTD and Full Tilt boots for the support!

A Day in The Life of the Timberline Park Crew

by DorianF
Aug 16th - 501 views

I had the privilege of shadowing the Timberline Park Crew for a day. A salute to the guys working their asses off to allow the rest of us to shred in the summer!!! @jessehebert1 @mo_linejesse @coltoncarroll_ @conorcarroll_ @hunterbissler @livin_daynegerously @swaggyburke @ahoodsummer @hoodstarsd @isantic15 @weridepark @griffinjcummings


by weridepark
Aug 16th - 1.7K views

Our day with Deviation Works and friends on Hood August 2018. Find everyone on the gram: >> @deviationworks // @thatyoungskibum @xamtest @h_moneyy_ >> W/friends ... @act1on_johnson @gofeickyourself @conorcarroll_ @swaggyburke @st.keena @rkromani


by LARd.
Aug 16th - 424 views

Closing Day on Snowmass Eric drove down to shred because steamboat was closed and I missed a mute grab Eric Samuelson (.WALDO)- Green Hoodie/ Line skis Dominic Rinaldi (LARd.)- Black Hoodie/K2 Skis Shaffer Nickel- Producer/ Director/ Filmer/ Editor Being present - it simply melts away absence. And this now, as you can see for yourselves, has no end does it? Directed…

Best of Bernd Hager 2017/2018

by SamuelAlander
Aug 16th - 176 views

One of my steeziest friends had a great season. So I just had to make a best of Bernd Hager edit. So watch and enjoy! Music: French Montana - Fuck What Happens Tonight (Ft. Mavado, Ace Hood, Snoop Dogg & Scarface) Supported by Naked Optics. Reppin IBKrew!

Topher & Derek / Yin & Yang

by hoodcrew
Aug 15th - 9.1K views

Two different styles, one unique balance, the Yin and the Yang. Briefly put, the meaning of Yin and Yang is that the universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature. Good old summer Volcano skiing. Many thanks to Majesty Skis for putting shoes on our feet. Shouts to Alex Havey and Owen Dahlberg and anyone else that filmed! 

"summer 2018"

by codyray
Aug 14th - 1.2K views

Short recap of my summer. Didn't get to film as much as I would've liked, but was able to get a few clips. Thanks to Pete Obrien, Jack Benziger, Kiernan and Deven Fagan, and Dan Villaire for pointing the camera at me sometimes. Also thank you to Woodward Copper and Momentum Ski Camps for letting me ski! Biggest thanks to Dan Villaire and Armada Skis for the opportunity to go to Whistler. Even though the weather didn't hold up and I only got ONE clip, so much fun was still had. Only 2 more months of waiting.....

2017 Self Edit

by duncanadams
Aug 14th - 7.3K views

Recycled shots from the 2017 winter. Filmed for Faction Skis' "This Is Home" and The Big Picture's "Lite Years." Filmed in BC,…

Chase Robinson Summer Edit 2018

by YC.Ski
Aug 13th - 105 views

Spent the summer working at Woodward Copper. Stoked to have met so many amazing people and had the opportunity to ski all summer long. I put together a bunch of clips I was able to get, and this is the result.

HOJI - Official Trailer 4K - Matchstick Productions

by Newschoolers
Aug 13th - 814 views

Eric Hjorleifson lets his skiing speak for itself. He doesn’t stand on the bar and shout out his accolades. He skis for brands that give him 100% creative control over the equipment that he designs and uses. He chases storms. He ditches his cell phone for weeks at a time. His exploits are rarely flaunted on social media. In spite of all of this – or maybe because of it – he is a hero to legions of skiers across the globe. This is who Eric is – this is “HOJI.” Directed by Scott Gaffney and featuring Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, James Heim, Markus Eder, Mark Abma and more. Produced by Matchstick Productions Presented by: Dynafit, Arcteryx, Sierra Nevada and Freeskier Magazine.


by graner
Aug 13th - 3K views

SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 💦💦 Behind the scene shots while shooting for The Bunch Color in Kirovsk Russia. Color dropping this fall. Something about being outside of you confort zone in dirty Kirovsk Russia put us right in our Zone. Trip was OD dodo diggety dumdummy lit. featuring: Forster Meeks, Pär Hägglund, Alex Hackel, Lauri Kivari, Russian Queens and myself. Most Thanks! ❤️😘

Real Street Poland // Wojtek Rajzer

by Enthalpy
Aug 13th - 191 views

This season we borrowed a winch from another snowboard crew and slayed the local rails! Wojtek was looking at few of those spots for a couple of seasons and finally got the chance to ski them! Enjoy! Edit/ Animation/ Timelapse : Piotr Graff Big thanks to Majesty Skis // Roxa Italian Ski Boots & HiverMAG !!!

17-18 Season Pat Spence

by powsatch
Aug 12th - 1.1K views

Low snow year in Utah, didn't get to build much this year but still had some great skiing. Thank you to the homies that helped me film and my sponsors, Zeal Optics, SNOCRU, Black Strap, Fat-ypus. Filmed at Brighton Resort, Utah and the surrounding backcountry, and Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana.