by Killamuffin_
May 27th - 90 views

A fairwell ski with my brother Lewis Doherty before he moved out to Whistler.

The Swamp would close for good a few days later, what a way to end her.

Music : Scatabrainz - Life Is A Dance ft. Marrik Leyden Deft

Fimed and Edited by Das Swamp

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First known descent - Currant Mountain Nevada "Bristlecone Couloir"

by crisscross
May 26th - 446 views

(park skier don't worry)

Exploring and skiing a first (known) couloir descent in this stunningly under-appreciated region, with my life on the line on occasions, was a particularly impactful adventure.

The Currant Mountain wilderness rests deeply hidden in the Great Basin of Nevada, one of the most remote and “desolate” spans in the contiguous US. The oldest trees on Earth blanket the high elevations, delivering sanctifying life to the colossal 11,500ft limestone spines. The area is accessible by hours of driving on a (poorly conditioned) forest service road, and hosts no hiking trails, making it mainly uninterrupted by human. I had been eager to one day climb the intimidating ridge ever since I stumbled across it a year back while searching Google earth for backpacking locations. As this year’s snowpack continued to deliver, the thought of potentially hiking and skiing Currant’s face became a real possibility, and so the time came.

I chose this particular couloir on the spot during the ascent climb up the neighboring ridge, as it looked much steeper and more exciting than what I had planned. It appeared skiable - barely. At the summit, I climbed up a steep cornice (my crampons being my lifeline), and could no longer turn back. I then skied my first turns and triggered what ended up being a good sized fast avalanche, followed by multiple others I triggered on my descent. Skiing away safely after 91 turns on some of the gnarliest terrain felt surreal. Damn, life is so cool.

Massive kudos to @cnphelan who helped build my confidence in regards to the conditions. His crew made the first known descent of Currant Mountain’s east fast just a few weeks back and shared helpful details on snow cover for other line options.

And yes… I forgot my helmet at the car.

Director's Cut - Ep. 02

by Jiberish
May 24th - 2.4K views

Featured Director: Ethan Cook

Director’s Cut is a new web series featuring the Jiberish Fam as they travel to different resorts around the country. We’ve teamed up with some of the most talented filmers in the industry to give them the creative freedom to put together their own Jiberish webisode. Filmer/editor Ethan Cook takes the reins on Ep. 02, capturing three days of riding at Woodward Copper.

Skiers: Calvin Barrett, Sam Zahner, Pete Koukov, Tucker FitzSimons, Jed Waters, Emerson Lawton, Liam Baxter, Henry Robarge, Benni Harrington, and Walker Woodring.

Much love to Woodward Copper.

Ethan Arrington Szn Cut P4.5 TUCKERMAN RAVINE

by EthanArrington10
May 24th - 277 views

Took to the whites with my buddy Max and Christyan after the lifts closed. Honestly, super bummed I didn't go sooner. The few ascents we made up Tuck's were the coolest experiences I've ever had - in and outside of my ski life. I think I will get more into the backcountry stuff in the coming season now that I know what it's really about.

All the skiing was filmed by Max and Christyan - a huge help because its literally impossible to do myself. Ethan Arrington (myself) filmed all the b-roll and scenery shots.

clip dump

by b0ss
May 22nd - 81 views

this freestyle edit is brought to you by employees and friends of kirkwood, heavenly, mt hood and trees, cold hard solid unforgiving trees.....and lots of go...

What a TGR shoot is really like…!

May 22nd - 1.8K views

Hunter and Owen find out just how "dialed" the real world of ski filming is. After a fun week of filming in the Palisades at Tahoe, the boys went back to Utah to find A-Hall.

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Featuring: Hunter Hess, Finn Bilous, Sean Fitzsimons, Dusty Henricksen, Jack Henry.

Thank you ​⁠​⁠TGR ❤️


by chef_boyardee
May 21st - 2.1K views

Alec Henderson
Kai Martin
Leif Wilson
Ben Lynch
Stephen Lindsay-Ross
Bryce Menning
Caoimhe Heavey
Tate Garrod
Aidan Mulvihill

Stephen Lindsay-Ross
Alec Henderson
Kai Martin
Leif Wilson

Cut: Stephen Lindsay-Ross

SU XX Clips

by Quav0
May 20th - 1.1K views

Quick little recap of Super Unknown 20, the craziest week of my life. Big thanks to everyone who made it possible!

Filmed by Level 1

Edited by Caoimhe Heavey and Stephen Lindsay-Ross

Kuura Koivisto - SuperUnknown 20

by FundCaudal
May 18th - 4.7K views

Recap of the week with Level 1 shooting for Superunknown 20. Best clips saved for a project dropping this fall ;)

Filmed by:
Arttu Heikkinen
Josh Berman
Brady Perron
Ian Avery-Leaf
Owen Dahlberg
Gavin Rudy
Andrew Gayda
Andrew Mildenberger
Freedle Coty

Thank u all for the best week :) love u


by Knutaaa
May 16th - 121 views

One weekend with shred at WKSESSIONS in Trysil.

Skiing by
Stinius Skjøtskift
Erik Naess
Birk Ruud
Siver Voll
William Kalfoss

Film and edit by
Knut August Svisdal

WTRP: Mt Bachelor

by NoahsArk
May 15th - 1.9K views

As the season draws to a close we look back on fond memories of sunny days skiing with friends in the spring slush. The goal of this video is to convey that special feeling that draws all of us to the mountain

Shot at Mt Bachelor in April and May

Riders in order of appearance (after crash reel):
Kellen Rather
Hamish Reinhart
Ari Silver
Braydon Freeman
Keegan Lockwood
Finn Urey
Peter Vrbata
John Hooft
Henry McNairy
Brody Clark
Eli Vossler
Tolan Freisen
Nolan Blackmore

Filmed and edited by Noah Woodford
Additional filming: Peter Vrbata and Windham Trowbridge