Season Cut 19/20

by clincii
May 28th - 30 views

Thanks everyone for the short season.

special thanks to Mum & Dad, Virtika Europe & the Legend himself Marcel Brünisholz

Cops Outside

by tcm.worldwide
May 27th - 1.2K views

Thank you to everyone who filmed
Thank you to everyone who watched this edit
Skier: Eli Penna
Instagram: @pe.nna
tcm.worldwide crew covid tapes full video dropping in June
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First Annual Chowder Bowl Throwdown

by CamJepp
May 26th - 55 views

Edit for @chowdahboyz on Instagram

Crazy fun spring skiing going down at Solitude, Utah. Sorry for the aspect ratio but this one is really just for mobile viewers.

Skiers (in order of appearance):
Pat O’Neill
Sam Goodhue
Giray Dadali
Henry Zakowski
Luc DeLacluyse
Luke Langdon
Tams Marvell
Jonny Aldred
Rush Peterson

Dougie T's ReBorN (HIT IT UP)

by DjDougieT
May 24th - 348 views

I put this "edit" together after being in a treatment center for 12+ months getting myself together. It took some real struggle to feel accepted by myself and at times by others. I would dig some feedback from all of you homies. Just trynna see what I got in this world. Sponsors or Partnerships ahhaha lol??

Instagram: @dougie.tulman

Song: Trust Nobody - Hippie Sabotage

Joona Kauppinen 19/20

by J-jay
May 24th - 256 views

This season was pretty strange in many ways… Still good times on skis as always!
Thanks everyone, especially Patrik Joutsen, Mustavaara & NCSC!

Rap Trap and Ski 😂 Quarantine Project

by schlopy
May 22nd - 4.6K views

🩸During quarantine I started to lose my mind a little bit. I had finally gotten into a good routine of work and play and then in the blink of an eye everything changed... for everyone.🩸

First I had to figure out my own situation, then once I was stable again the news was flooding the feeds with tragic news and world altering information. I started getting very depressed again. So, I did what I learned to do a couple years ago and got on my computer and made some music! Now, I know the lyrics are brash in some areas but it’s the transition from negative to positive self talk that changes my entire outlook on life and shifts my negatives into positives. I have been hesitant to post this cuz I know it’s gonna bring hate but TBH I shouldn’t be alive and I found something outside of skiing that keeps me happy n sheiiit 😁

The whole process of taking a creative idea and turning it into reality is something that I’m very passionate about. I learned how the real music process works and reconnected with some amazing friends! Quincy Weigert and Mike Weiner who made this whole project come to life 😁

Also a couple of people ask me if I’m serious about rapping... my rap name is HUMOR for a reason. It’s all in good fun and I AM serious about giving things my all, and it’s something new that brings me joy. So, without further ado here is our CoVid 19 rap, trap, and ski project... Enjoy!!

Henry Sildaru chasing Antti Ollila

by Faction
May 19th - 1.8K views

In this edit, the young prodigy Henry Sildaru chases the Finnish style-master Antti Ollila through his home park of Ruka, Finland.

Starring: Antti Ollila, Henry Sildaru

Shot on location: Ruka, Finland

Filmed & Edited by: Etienne Mérel

© 2020 The Faction Collective SA
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by MatthewVankka
May 19th - 508 views

Here’s my season edit!

Unfortunately most of my video files corrupted, so enjoy what I was able to salvage!

Thank you to all of my friends, family, and sponsors for supporting me and making the 2020 season one to remember