4FRNT Turnagain Pass

by 4FRNT
Dec 15th - 127 views

This is the culmination of a multi-day filming session on The Turnagain Pass with skiers Joshua Randich and Wiley Miller. For a week in early February, we bet against all odds to score south facing spines, an aspect most consider off limits come spring. Few crews have ventured to AK to see what the locals are all about until now, and with a bit of luck and determination, our crew bagged what are some of the longest, most exposed, yet easy to access lines one can find just a few steps off the road. "There are two types of Alaska ski trips you read about in ski magazines. There is the heli trip, where skiers hunker in a fishing village or backcountry lodge for weeks on end, “drinking it blue” — waiting for weather windows in which they can safely fly to nearby summits and flash down formidable skiing lines in 15 seconds. And there is the hardcore backcountry camping trip, where adventurers rough it on a remote glacier, digging out tents when it snows and bagging peaks and checking off descents when it’s clear. Both sorts of outings, almost always, come to fruition in the springtime. This is a different Alaska skiing story, one that takes place in the shadows cast by the North’s long nights, where locals drive old pick-ups to the trailhead, skin and climb for hours to ski film-worthy lines, and return in the dark, speaking hardly a word of what they just accomplished." - Derek Taylor, Freeskier Magazine Principal Cinematography : Austin Ramaley Additional Footage : Josh Randich, Wiley Miller, Matt Sterbenz, David Knutson Editing : Jake Strassman

Handcrafting skis since 2007

by MajestySkisUSA
Dec 14th - 43 views

A little production #TBT. Although Mr. Dirty Bear has matured slightly since this video was shot, our process for handcrafting Majesty Skis remains unchanged since we started our journey in 2007. Our recipe is simple: every year we design and extensively test new skis that we add to our lineup. We start with our passion for skiing, we add advanced materials, we throw in the latest tech and finish up with a generous amount of original art that adds texture, and unmistakably original flavor. Bon Appétit!

Drinkbutter presents: Chargin' & Margarine

by drinkbutter
Dec 14th - 2.3K views

This will be Drinkbutter's fourth feature length film. New locations, new friends, but same end result. This is a film about friendship, and ultimately what can come out of skiing with your homies. Special Thanks to ON3P skis / Bloom Outerwear / Giro Snow Shot on location at: Alta Ski Area, Timberline Lodge, and Snowbird Thanks to the Filmers: Alex Mager, Wyatt Kadwit, Jazz Vitale, Hunter Cornelison, James Jensen Skiers in order of appearance: Homies, Jack Graham, Quan Cameo, Smeegs, Adam Scheer, Mike Mastromarino, Davis Lentz, Brian Allen, Jaxxon & Noah Heaton, Ryan Vitale, & Jazz Vitale.

Prospector is O-P-E-N!

by CarinthiaParks
Dec 14th - 270 views

It's December 14th and we have a full build open on Prospector, with The Farm and Junkyard on the way before the weekend. These guys have been absolutely killing it this year.

Gus Kenworthy hopes to become the first openly gay man to compete in the Winter Olympics

by Newschoolers
Dec 14th - 572 views

In 2015, Sochi Olympic slopestyle silver medalist Gus Kenworthy came out as the first male gay action sports star. Now he hopes to become the first openly gay man to compete in the winter Olympics. (At the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics there were at least 41 gay, lesbian, or bisexual athletes.) Kenworthy is considered by many to be the best all-around freeskier in the world, excelling in halfpipe, slopestyle, and big air and has been crowned the AFP’s overall champion for the last seven years in a row. This is the story of Kenworthy’s struggle to come out and the bravery that it took.

fresh loaf

by north_coast
Dec 14th - 858 views

guaranteed mold free -------------------------------------------- skiers/riders in order of appearence (starting at 0:10): -Isaac Wright -Rowan Stamp -Sam Scheff -Casey Taylor -Ben Amburgey -Kyle Joseph -Taylor Davis -Ben Nelson

Bad Boys of Belmont

by JANKYfilms
Dec 13th - 155 views

With just enough snow to get a little park up and firing, the big air was getting lit up by the Bad Boys of Belmont. Featuring Andy McDowell, Tim Sargent, Connery Lundin, Henry Holdsworth, Dave Zook, Griffin Lancaster, Sam Wallace, and Gwanny Moseley.

Dissent Labs // Hoji - Relentless

by Newschoolers
Dec 13th - 1K views

Eric Hjorleifson (Hoji) needs little introduction. He is simultaneously an acclaimed professional backcountry athlete, and notorious gear tinkerer, designer, and fabricator. There is no equivalent, no one at his level of skiing proficiency with such a meticulous, hands-on approach to their own personal equipment. Hoji's brilliance in both skiing and design was recently highlighted by the launch of a new backcountry ski boot he developed in collaboration with Dynafit over the course of several years. This is certainly a milestone in Hoji’s career as an athlete-designer, but it definitely won’t be the last. Quietly, thoughtfully, and with little fanfare or celebration, Hoji will undoubtedly continue to work in the shadows, finding solutions and improvements that will benefit skiers across the globe. Hoji's unique abilities, and deep level of care for a better experience in the mountains is why we reached out to him in 2012 with our first Dissent prototypes. We have always appreciated his input, ideas, and the ability to test gear to its limit. Today, we feel the same way we did then: the most important gear improvements are the result of a relentless focus on the details, executed by people who truly understand and care about their time in the mountains. Dissent Labs / / @dissentlabs Eric Hjorleifson / @eric_hjorleifson (Film/Edit: Matt Butterworth, Virtu Media @m_butterworth )

Mid To West

by PeteMahn
Dec 13th - 649 views

The homie Cayden Snyder flew out from Michigan to enjoy some early pre season setups. Shot/Cut: Peter Saviano

2017 Dew Tour Slopestyle Practice

by eheath
Dec 12th - 3.8K views

The 2017 Dew Tour Slopestyle is here, qualifiers on Thursday, December 14th and finals on Saturday day, December 16th. Finals will be streaming live on and on the Newschoolers App