Nose/Tailslide Update

by BLandz
Feb 5th - 624 views

Said I wanted to learn these in a thread a while back and that I would post an update. Here it is. 80% sure they are possible thru kinks, probs able to tailslide front 2 out on some features, the back 2 seems fucked tho. Can def 270 into them on short rails but the hard part is hanging on. Gonna try to grease a noseslide on the big rail soon, the tail is way harder to hold imo.

Kinda landed a lil bit binding on this nose but idgaf it was like last run let me live.

Get off ns and go try new tricksthread

by Misfitmonkey
Feb 6th 2023 - Ski Gabber

I suck at skiing, i have never done doubles, and cant do 8s off of rails, or 6 ons like the good skiers do, but i see so many people who spend all day on this website that can't do much besides basic rails/jumps, and are super scared to even try to attempt tricks, GO send some tricks, just try some, why are you scared …

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@snow.share is backthread

by deelonmusk
Feb 6th 2023 - Ski Gabber

Just thought everyone should know. Thanks so much, @-Dan **This thread was edited on Feb 6th 2023 at 3:30:47pm

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Stop Enjoying my Public Attractionsthread

by rapptar
Feb 6th 2023 - Ski Gabber

Palisades has exploded with gapers. Who the fuck are all these people heading to the mountain? Wanna cruise up for an afternoon after a night out? eat a dick parking is full. Rolling up early to slash some fresh laps? Fuck you KT has an 2 hour line. Even if they had enough parking it wouldn't matter, the whole lot is f…

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Timberline Springthread

Feb 5th 2023 - Ski Gabber

Who is going to be at Hood April/May? Im coming down from BC and it'll be my first time there. Planning to car/tent camp in the woods somewhere and ski most days (any tips on living for cheap down there would be appreciated). I'm trying to establish myself a filmer more these days so anyone who shreds and wants to g…

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Joystick mittsthread

by tybalt
Feb 6th 2023 - Gear Talk

recently ripped my mitts (created a hole letting cold air in), and with joystick flooding my insta page, I was wondering if any one rides the Hackel mitts (or any joystick mitts) and if they are worth spending the bucks on..? I’m dealing with temperatures of about 5 to -15 degrees F

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