Biggest Boost by Someone You’ve Never Heard Ofthread

by dwt802
Mar 30th 2023 - Ski Gabber

edit bc embedding is still broken as fuck, here’s the link: screen recording too: I’m guessing some of you have seen or will start to see this video. This dude I had never heard of, Jordane Legal, sents the biggest most fucked thing…

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Homies first flipthread

Mar 30th 2023 - Ski Gabber

much love on the last post, here’s my friend landing his first flip after clipping me up + our first attempts for your enjoyment

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Made a Monoski movie

by dmas
Mar 30th - 90 views

Made a monoski movie for a short film festival here in Niseko, didn’t win but hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it :)

Ski Durability PSAthread

by hi_vis360
Mar 28th 2023 - Ski Gabber

All of this has been said before but I’ve been seeing a lot of kooky posts about durability on here recently so I guess people need to be reminded IF YOU SKI PARK EVERY DAY YOUR SKIS ARE GOING TO BREAK. Doesn’t matter what brand they are it will happen eventually. There are I think 2 factories that ma…

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On the Clock

by McDanielsprite
Mar 29th - 123 views

Made for video contest at local hill Sundown Mountain in Iowa. All clips from there thats why its lacking. Pretty mid stuff but getting better.....


Mar 29th - 103 views

some copper park laps with brian gardiner @bgfreeski
film by: jack benziger & lucas herbert
edit by: brian gardiner & jack benziger

COP Gambinos

by xandercayer
Mar 28th - 1.9K views

Skiing from
Ethan Arcand
Milan Gutiw
Jaden Sandgathe
Reid Ferguson
Xander Cayer
Amir Eldood
Ollie Neil
Hayden Gutiw
Savana Glod
Noa Arcand

20 Years of Third Dimensionthread

by 3rDimensionRx
Mar 29th 2023 - Ski Gabber

Hard to believe it has been 20 years of Media Production! Join IIIDM for a waltz thru time starting with Pre-NS, apologize for filming with a potato, but at least it was a Russet. Thru the year IIIDM evolved its name, and stayed tru core fr, if this your first time hearing of Third Dimension Media, buckle your seat…

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