by JArens
Sep 17th - 116 views

Off day laps in Aspen with the 2021 World Championship's judges.
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Featuring: Anton Bjorklund, Vinzenz Worle, Charley Royer, Ian Meader, Adam Frisell, Jason Arens, Tobi Gratz, Vegard Oye, & David Ortlieb

Women on NSthread

by animator
Sep 16th 2021 - Ski Gabber

I just came across the article that @safarisam wrote last year and it had me thinking. Women on NS, where’s our content??? Idk ab everyone else but I think seeing women progress and huck themselves is fucking sick. Giulia Tanno, Mathilde Gremaud, actually all the women on Factions team, Taylor Brooke, they’…

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Matej svancerthread

by twin224
Sep 16th 2021 - Ski Gabber

matej's stories and sometimes he posts stuff like doing 1080s on his story a whole season ago like he forgot about it

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A thing I like about the bunchthread

by BradFiAusNzCoCa
Sep 18th 2021 - Ski Gabber

They wear helmets. Seriously, why is this a thing? You wanna brain yourself - go ahead. But I really like how they try to be a good influence to kids. Let kids decide themselves if they’re okay with KO’ing themselves. Say all you want but the Bunch is inherently a net positive to skiing.

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