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Sep 30th - 1.3K views

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Lights,Camera,Action! Official Trailer/Teaser

by Sideshow.jpn
Oct 1st - 77 views

Sideshow is a skimovie project that represents "Japanese freeskiing". We are active since 2019.Instagram:@sideshow.ski
“Lights, Camera, Action!" is the second film in Sideshow's new trilogy. Takuya Ishida and Daisuke Ito ski on the streets and in powder, in a variety of fields.
The film focuses on the "i" of the two, who were connected in the previous trilogy. They followed each other while filming, and skied from the beginning of the season to the late spring snow season. The film captures the two skiers and their companions who pursued to "perform" at their best in front of the lens.

The main story will be released after the premiere tour in October or on Vimeo On Demand and DVD.


by Slowbro
Sep 29th 2023 - Ski Gabber

Hi NS, I just launched https://trickipedia.xyz/ , an encyclopedia of skiing tricks. Currently you'll notice that there are only two tricks on the site, and that's because I want to use video examples provided by the skiing community. Other websites with the same idea for other sports, like http://www.club540.com/tri…

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Free skiers turning to free ridethread

by Willy_The_Kid
Oct 1st 2023 - Ski Gabber

What makes prominent free skiers turn towards free ride? Just saw the trailer fro Jacob Wester's Walk the Walk. It got me thinking about how it seems like a lot of big free style skiers trade their jesters for shift bindings. It's not only Wester though. Quinn Wolferman was one of the sickest out there but spends most …

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RMU Rippahthread

by Eli.braun98
Oct 2nd 2023 - Gear Talk

does anyone have the RMU Rippahs? there's very little info on them but they're on sale rn and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger. Can someone tell me what the flex profile is like?

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