Simon Bartik - Slav 2

by SimonBartik
Nov 18th - 414 views

My last seasons adventures with some of my very best friends. Thanks to everyone who will watch this, let me know what you think:)

Skiing by:
Simon Bartik, Markus Eder, Kai Mahler, Mcrae Williams, Voita Bresky, Alex Ferreira, Matej Svancer, Jonah Williams, Daniel Hanka, Ethan Swadburg, Paul Mistyboy, Tom Ritsch, Simone Canal, Tomas Pec, Sebastian Hein, Remco Kayser, Quin Wolferman, Severin Guggemoos, Michal Pec, Pepe Kalensky, Stepan Hudecek

Thanks to BigShock!, Out Of Optics, Snowpanic Shop, Armada Skis, Saga Outerwear, Windells Camp, Snowpark Zermatt

Filmed by:
Tomas Hudini, Sami Ortlieb, Gucci Logan, Mark ColaSimon Bartik, Daniel Hanka, Milan Formanek, Roman Dalecky, Voita Bresky, Tomas Pec, Sebastian Hein, Mcrae Williams, Michal Pec, Pepe Kalensky, Jonas Vieder, Ondra Novak

Edited by:
Simon Bartik

Graphic design:
Denisa Kalinova

Petr Bartik

Special thanks to:
My family & friends, Tomas Hudini, Jason Arens, Markus Eder, Sami Ortlieb, Will Wesson, Michal & Tomas Pec, Denis Forbrich, Michal Krsmaru, Davide De Siati, Jakub Janousek, Martin Cermak, Petr Faltysek, Jeremiah Paquette, Roman Dalecky, Michal Pec, Pepe Kalensky, Tomas Kroczek, Linda Novakova, Daniel Hanka, Voita Bresky, Marek Skala, Denisa Kalinova, TeamSESH, Bones & Elliot O'Connor, I Love You Honey Bunny, Augustyn

Juho Kilkki - My ACL Story

by Juho@Kilkki
Nov 18th - 231 views

A paid collab with Valio Akatemia.

Juho has been battling with knee issues for years. And he's not the only one. ACL injuries are far too common in skiing. Sometimes making a successful recovery might be taken for granted. And other times you don't even realize who didn't make it back. But what really goes on through the journey?

This video is an in-depth look into Juho's battles. A lot of things are still uncertain but one thing is for sure: Juho is not giving up easily - the story ain't over yet!

I command you Full Tiltthread

by SnovoidMagazine
Nov 18th 2019 - Ski Gabber

This is a direct demand to Full Tilt- I demand that you start re implementing laced cable covers to ALL boots IMMEDIATELY. To ensure that lace up cable covers are returned to the full lineup, I suggest that we, the purist skier generation, BOYCOTT Full Tilt until this change is made. I insist that NO SKIERS buy…

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Jed Kravitz 18/19 Season

by JKravitz
Nov 18th - 196 views

This past winter Tahoe witnessed a huge tragedy when we lost one of the best to ever do it: And "i" Mcdowell. Andy was an unreal skier and an even better person, a true legend. Tahoe got absolutely hammered with snow after he passed but it was hard to get motivated to want to get after it with such a heavy loss. Most of this edit was filmed from an all-time trip up to BC my buddy Shugz and I had before his passing, and the rest was filmed down on a trip to the sierras towards the end of March. I dedicate this edit to Andy because I know he would have wanted nothing more than for us to keep sending and living life to the fullest just as he always did. So make the most of your life and live the best you can because tomorrow is promised to no one. #LiveLikeAndy


by OnSlaught
Nov 17th - 1.4K views

We are stoked to present PURSUIT to the people this Year as the 4th installment to the OS Movie Collection. This short film follows the OS crew as they pursue their dreams, in hopes it inspires others to join the movement and do chase their own pursuits in life.

Major shouts to everybody that was a part of this, couldn't be done without so many passionate individuals.
We put a ton of work into this and we'er really hyped to share it with everyone.

Thanks for watching and sharing!


by manu_barnard
Nov 18th - 94 views

Rhythm; Beat; Flow. The rate or speed of motion or activity. Filmed throughout the 2019 NZ season, "TEMPO" features 18-year-old Manu Barnard from Wanaka, New Zealand. Filmed and edited by Hunter Paull, this short film is the result of a season of hard work and a lot of hiking.

Help Me Build A Good Park Jumpthread

by BLandz
Nov 18th 2019 - Ski Gabber

I ski at a small hill and the old park crew quit so me and the boys got the job and need to build a couple nice sized jumps. Weve build backcountry jumps before but never anything with the help from a groomer. Obvs me and my friends are too retarded to use the groomer ourselves im just wondering if theres any tips on h…

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