by Pattolan
Jun 1st - 158 views

Filmed entirely on iPod Nano 5th gen. Hood trip May 2023. Julian Orlando, Ryan Miller, Matt Luketich, Nate Seymour, Ryan Voyten, Ryan Ritossa, Garrett Marcinak, Griffin Gasior, George Brown, Rylie Warnick, Tyler Stevenson, Frazer

Baggy snowpantsthread

by -Dan
May 31st 2023 - Gear Talk

I’m in round 2 of sampling for some Arsenic snowpants with a very baggy fit. (Way different than the answer pants). They are gonna be called the Arsenic Strides. I love making names for stuff. anyway, the reason for the thread- what are your must have features for snowpants? What do you love about the …

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by hi_vis360
May 30th - 2.3K views

Filmed this by myself without any driving. Every spot I walked, biked, or toured to in my neighborhood in Augusta, Maine.

Indoor Wax?thread

by KilaTsunami
Jun 1st 2023 - Ski Gabber

Anyone got any recs for a wax that works well indoors? Been spending a lot of time at the Fridge down in NJ. The snow is cold, but the humidity is high... which doesn't happen in nature, so were kinda stumped on what wax will solve our "sticky skis" issue.

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2023 Arsenic Shredasauce Summer Comp (on Insta)

by quintcork
Jun 1st - 59 views

🚨New shredsauce comp alert 🚨
Submissions must be in by June 15th using #arseniccomp2023 AND posted on Instagram
(post from Insta:][/url])
Sponsored by @arsenicanywhere -anywhere with the right people

1st-arsenic hoodie and hammock (via arsenic) and Shredsauce stickers (via quintcork )
2nd-arsenic hat and hammock(via arsenic) and Shredsauce stickers
3rd- 33$ gift card to arsenic anywhere webstore (via imakegear) and Shredsauce stickers

Must follow @imakegear_sauce and @arsenicanywhere on insta to enter (brownie points if you follow @quint__cork and @pulusauce )
Use the map: “summertime sauce” by: moonsaucer
Make a 30 second or less edit under #arseniccomp2023 tag judges to make sure you get seen
1 post per player-give your best shot
No reusing old clips.

Judging: trick creativity, difficulty, style and editing.
Judges: @imakegear_sauce @quint__cork and @pulusauce

Good luck and have fun!