Finn Bilous - Growing Pains

by finnbilous
Jul 8th - 465 views

2020 has been a crazy year thus far. Covid-19 put an abrupt halt on the past Northern Hemisphere season and had an ongoing effect on essentially everybody’s life in one way or another. For me, having come home to New Zealand a few months earlier than expected, I found myself with more spare time than I’d usually have during this time of year. Therefore, during our nationwide lockdown, I spent many hours compiling old footage that I’d sporadically managed to acquire over the past few seasons, and this 8-minute self-cut is the result of that.

With so many wild stories and images in the media at the moment, I hope this clip breaks up your feed, puts a smile on your face and gets you frothy for the upcoming winter ahead! A huge thanks to all the people that filmed this edit, my friends for all the sick times over the past few years, my family for the constant love and support, my sponsors and team for making this lifestyle possible and of course skiing, for the fun, so many life lessons and the countries, cultures, and people that you’ve introduced me to.

Supported by: Quiksilver, Oakley, Völkl, Marker, Dalbello, Torpedo7, Icebreaker, Cardrona Alpine Resort & Snow Sports NZ.


Mark Ortiz Season Edit 19-20

by SegoSkiCo
Jul 7th - 185 views

From Mark:

"Here's the season edit! Things worked out on my end this year--no major injuries. So despite all the shit-show shenanigans of 2020, we did some cool stuff and even got some of it on camera. I've been wanting to use this song for years now (ever since Emil introduced me to BTMI back in the Mount Hood days) and finally felt justified in doing so.

Thanks to Emil, Jedd, Scott, Jeremy and Collin for the footy, to Joel and Doyle for chasing missions with me, and to all the other 40 or 50 people I got to ski with this year. It's an amazing community we share. Perpetual thanks to Sego Ski Co. And thanks to you, dear viewer, for watching! You'll never get these four minutes of your life back.

Song: First Time I Met Sanawon by Bomb the Music Industry!"


by joy_en
Jul 8th 2020 - Gear Talk

yooo guys what about your ski outfit? especially for spring/summer session idk what to wear ;( and which the best brands? (For style and quality) tnks

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What skis aree for me?thread

by adammeansy
Jul 8th 2020 - Gear Talk

Im on the hunt for a nice flexible pair of skis that I can still rip up the Mtn with while being able to dance across some rails. Im 6'1 and on the skinny side at 150 just looking for something ill have loads of fun on. PS: last year I was on some 186's that felt way to big and too heavy

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ON3P did you die?thread

by ConesForBreakfast
Jul 7th 2020 - Ski Gabber

Been waiting on the new touring skis to drop and the website says July 6th (yesterday) with nothing updated. Nothing new on the gram either. What gives? Edit: Didn't see Scott's cat died. RIP. This wasn't supposed to be a serious thread get off my back **This thread was edited on Jul 7th 2020 at 4:42:48pm

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by Legit_Sam
Jul 9th 2020 - Gear Talk

Hey, I'm gonna need some skiis. Last season was my first time skiing but by lunch time I was already hitting black diamond trails and even learning jumps in the park. So I'm looking for some really good skiis for about 60% all mountain and 40% park my budget is about $500 total. I'm also 5'9 Thanks

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