Would You - Official Trailer

by panpan
Sep 23rd - 1.1K views

After breaking my back in competition, I decided to put a project together that allowed us to show the world our way of seeing life through our passions. Après m’être cassé le dos en compétition j’ai décidé de créer un projet qui nous permettrait de montrer au monde notre façon de voir la vie à travers nos passions. Small talks and fast skiing, I had the chance to create a movie with a cast of athletes from all horizons that have always inspired me, find them on Instagram : Petites discussions et ski rapide, j’ai eu la chance de réaliser ce film avec la participation d’un casting d’athlètes de tous horizons qui m’ont toujours inspiré, retrouvez les sur Instagram : Alex Ferreira @alexferreiraski Broby Leeds @brobyleeds Colby Stevenson @colby_stevenson Dylan Sondrup @dylan_sondrup Hugo Laugier @hugolaugier Jake Carney @jc_peggy Jake Mageau @m1sta_mango Noah Bowman @noahbowmanski Sam Ferguson @sameeeferg Tanner Hall @tannerhall420 Taylor Seaton @taylorseaton Torin Yater-Wallace @torinyw Thanks to our sponsors for giving me the opportunity to produce my first movie, none of this would have been possible without them : VÖLKL, Marker Products, Dalbello Ski Boots, DAKINE, La Clusaz, BAM Freesports, Oakley and GoPro. Merci à nos sponsors de me donner l’opportunité de réaliser mon premier film, rien de tout ça ne serait possible sans eux : Volkl, Marker, Dalbello, Dakine, La Clusaz, Bam Freesports, Oakley et GoPro. Thanks to the filmers for their precious help : Alex Beaudoing, Drew Lederer, Florian Terry, Hugo Laugier, Kyler Sciarrone and Richard Mangum. Merci aux cadreurs pour leur aide précieuse : Alex Beaudoing, Drew Lederer, Florian Terry, Hugo Laugier, Kyler Sciarrone et Richard Mangum. Song by Awon & Dephlow - Lights off produced by Don't Sleep Records. Musique par Awon & Dephlow - Lights off produit par Don’t Sleep Records. Get updated on the movie and else on Instagram and Facebook @jeremypancras Restez connectés sur le film et autres sur Instagram et Facebook @jeremypancras

4West.2.The.World~MOVIE TEASER~

by 4west
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Summer Mixtape 2018

by S.A.G.E.
Sep 23rd - 139 views

This was the last summer on my setup. My last time filming on the setup was fun and I am grateful I was able to have one for several summers.

Post a recent edit you'd want to show an NSer 10 years agothread

by brotherdad
Sep 23rd 2018 - Ski Gabber

Let's say you have a time machine and instead of stopping 9/11 or the holocaust, you decide to use it to blow an NSer's mind from 2008. What edit would you show them? I immediately think of the 2017 and 2018 Kimbo recaps I'd probably throw in BE Inspired and Candide's One Of Those Days series as well. …

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10 years of the Atomic Bent Chetler

by Atomic
Sep 21st - 1.8K views

In the last 10 years Chris has redefined what’s possible in the backcountry with the help of his pro model. And he not only contributes by giving his skis his own graphics and style but also came up with the idea of HRZN Tech and this ultimate powder design. Year by year he comes back to the Atomic R&D team and together they further develop and fine-tune every little detail to make the best powder ski even better. It's time to celebrate and how does a legend live on? One way: offspring. That’s why the Bent Chetler family is getting bigger. With two new shapes, skiers can ride Bent Chetler from grom to grown-up. Meet the son – the Mini. The perfect size and shape ski for young rippers with a taste for the fluffy stuff. A ski that makes the mountain feel like a big, incredible playground. The 100 – a do-anything, go-anywhere, one-ski-quiver, totally prepped for taking it wherever you want to go. The everyday ski that brings the whole mountain to life. You know dad – the 120. The visionary ski that sparked it all. It flies, it butters, it slashes and it carves new lines where none were before. With the wisdom of a mountain veteran and the speed and power of a well-oiled machine, the 120 brings float and fun on the deepest days. This is the family, and they call the mountains home. The 120: https://shop.atomic.com/en/products/b... The 100: https://shop.atomic.com/de-at/product... The Mini: https://shop.atomic.com/de-at/kids/al... Subscribe: https://goo.gl/EF18mS Facebook: https://goo.gl/Vzag1z Instagram: http://instagram.com/atomicski Twitter: https://twitter.com/atomic Atomic: www.atomic.com ATOMIC WAS BORN IN THE AUSTRIAN ALPS. MORE THAN 60 YEARS ON WE’RE STILL HERE. Since 1955, the equipment we’ve made in Altenmarkt has taken skiers to the top of every ski podium, further in the backcountry, smoother down the piste, higher in the half pipe and longer on the cross-country track. The secret to our success? The know-how and passion of our employees and athletes. Skiing’s in our blood. It doesn’t just shape how we design and deliver our products. It inspires and defines us. It always has and always will. #weareskiing

My Binding Choice, was I wrong?thread

by KettyShreda
Sep 24th 2018 - Gear Talk

Hi NewSchoolers, I am looking for some assurance with my choice of setup, I want to know if if the additional weight is hindering my ability to do tricks etc. My set up is - CT Faction 2.0s 2017 + Marker Baron 13 EPF 110mm Large 2017 / 2018 Ski Bindings - All mountain mount. I had planned eventually to do som…

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