Vishnu Wet vs wet widethread

by Evancantspin
Apr 17th 2024 - Ski Gabber

Hello mis amigos thinking of becoming a douche bag that looks down on everyone but also looks really cool and I wish I am them. Idk if I want wet or the wide. I would love a really buttery ski so I guess I’m asking is there a difference in flex between the wet and wide? Also does the wide do better for like ca…

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by bentchettlers
Apr 18th 2024 - Ski Gabber

So theres ton of good ski games for xbox pc and phone but no browser games. Until I found this one. Shred Sauce for computer. Its not a virus i promise

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What is the deal with powder clips on yt?thread

by Dobbyda
Apr 18th 2024 - Ski Gabber

I've been looking for big mountain powder clips and just general freestyle clips, but for some reason all that pops up is some 9 year old going off a 2ft cliff in the powder with the audio "cold sunday" and If I dislike them I get less skiing stuff in my feed.smh **This thread was edited on Apr 18th 2024 at 9:50:38am

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Are Back Scratchers still cool?thread

by oldmanski
Apr 17th 2024 - Ski Gabber

Growing up this was a popular trick to do next to the Daffy and you could gain some chairlift props if you pulled one off under the lift. Nowadays tricks have evolved into the impressive spins, flips and off axis grabs they are now and I can’t keep up with the names of them all. Does this trick even still exi…

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Kai jones hate threadthread

by Rock_Inhabitant
Apr 17th 2024 - Ski Gabber

Let me get this straight: Kai is a ripper and an objectively good skier. But his dad literally is TGR, he’s got basically an endless wallet full of daddy’s money, and was born in Jackson with “project mbappe” ahh parents . His career was literally planned out before he was born, he got entire vi…

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