The bunch “raffle”thread

Jul 24th 2021 - Ski Gabber

Did anyone else win something in the bunch’s big giveaway/raffle they had at the start of last season? I won a Alpingaraget ski boot bag and whenever i send them a DM on instagram i get ghosted. Obviously im not super rotted because its only a boot bag or whatever, but like it would still be cool to receive it. E…

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Overcome fear on jumpsthread

by Shittyskier
Jul 24th 2021 - Ski Gabber

How tf do I get over fear? I'm not really scared to try things on rails but when it comes to jumps I'm to scared to try a 3 but I've tried a 4 out of a rail

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Look bindings 21/22 new colorwaysthread

by Johnskisfast
Jul 24th 2021 - Gear Talk

Upcoming for 21/22 season, and I’m sure we’re all stoked to see what new gear is announced in the new few weeks/months. Has anyone heard anything about look bindings new colorways? They announced the henrik (black, white, red), but other than that it looks like we’re stuck with the raw, gold, an…

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686 Pantsthread

by yoit
Jul 24th 2021 - Gear Talk

I’m looking to buy new pants and I saw the 686 3 in 1 pants on sale. If any of you have used them I would appreciate your opinion. Also are they a looser fitting pant? **This thread was edited on Jul 24th 2021 at 10:57:00am

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Ski recommendations post backyard setup controversial argumentthread

by Treegrabber
Jul 22nd 2021 - Ski Gabber

Now that all the mods got turned away from the unsuspecting title let me tell u the real reason u are all gathered here today; my top secret plan. The plan is to raid newschoolers hq and put up a secret climbing wall on July 27. It is priority that no one sees this secret jungle Jim hiding under there very noses. On Ju…

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Help me find some dank pantsthread

by SteezMcGee
Jul 23rd 2021 - Gear Talk

Yp NS! Looking for some snowpants for this season. I like a loose fit and for them to be cut so the knee is just as wide as the upper thigh. I like em baggy but not quite as baggy as the Harlaut pants. I was looking at the Volcom Arthur Longos and the Flylow Snowman pants, but something a little looser fitting than bot…

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On3p summer customs sale ?thread

by izzyhenn
Jul 22nd 2021 - Ski Gabber

A little over a month ago I emailed and they said the sale would start in a week or so. Does anyone have a more recent update on this ? I’m tryna empty my bank account

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