Been over 10 years, any actual OG's on here?thread

by WashedUpDad
Jan 16th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Sup bitches, I haven't been on this website in over 8 years, not even sure if this place is even used anymore.....Long story short, I had several knee surgeries in 2012-2014 that completely ended my skiing days, all this gear went into storage in my closet and hasn't been worn or touched in years..... Is it worth an…

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One of those daysthread

by johnoble
Jan 16th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Over this past year, I've had 4 concussions. The most recent was from skiing street early season, when I felt like I absolutely had to be out, stacking clips, doing something new. Today I got back on snow for the first time in a month, skiing with a friend of mine from school who I'd never actually been out with. Going…

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Fav Aspect Of Skiingthread

by BLandz
Jan 15th 2022 - Ski Gabber

My new favourite thing to do when skiing is go up the lift with strangers and say “Hey Siri, play Thrift Shopping by Macklemore.” They never say anything, just awkward silence but I can feel their vibes. In their head they’re thinking “is this dude fr rn??” No, im not, im actually liste…

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by richahahahaha
Jan 15th 2022 - Ski Gabber

@Malcolm ’s Shredsauce just got ranked in the App Store top 100 of Sport Games. Download and try Shredsauce! Link to the game: **This thread was edited on Jan 15th 2022 at 3:02:33pm

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by ski_salmon69
Jan 14th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Let’s face it, a good 69% don’t have a chance to win shit in Kings and Queens of Killington or the Newschoolers Open, so here’s a contest for the rest of us. The fourth edition of Foreverunknown returns in 2022! What is it? Straight airs and 50/50s only. Whats allowed? Grabs ok Shiftys…

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I wasn't able to send tricks todaythread

by WilliTheLuck
Jan 16th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Today I went skiing and when I was in the snowpark I started feeling a bit weird. I didnt know why. I tried to so some rails but I was falling every time. I was scared to do tricks I usually do. I am not happy because I feel like i did nothing today.

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Shoe 1

by switchlip2
Jan 16th - 49 views

Ben Dunz
Julian Orlando
Iam Johnston
Josiah Irvin
Aiden Lutz
Jared Clemons
( in order of appearance )

Filmed by Lilly Chinn and Julian Orlando

Spider Sponsoring Saga Athletes?thread

by christianwearsch
Jan 16th 2022 - Ski Gabber

If I recall correctly, it was the parent company of Saga and Spyder that pretty much dissolved Saga. It looks like a few Saga sponsored athletes are moving to Spyder, such as Ben Smith, Pete Koukov, Tim Durtschi, and Birk Irving. As unfortunate as the Saga situation was, it would be good to hear that the company paying…

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