Tom Wallisch - Full Season Part by Good Company

by TWallisch
Aug 4th - 1.4K views

Shots from Good Company's Cruise Control, Level 1's Romance and more.

Produced By
Tom Yaps
Tom Wallisch

Filmed and Edited
AJ Dakoulas

Additional Cinematography
Kyle Decker
Spencer Milbocker

Additional Photography
Josh Bishop

Many Thanks To
Steph Wallisch
Tim McChesney
LJ Strenio
Cody Perin
Mike Hornbeck
Phil Casabon
Mike Briggs
Erik Seo
Jonah Williams
Brandon Husak
Ben Moxham
Josh Berman
Aaron Blatt


by Newschoolers
Aug 3rd - 907 views

Packed up the car and spent the last couple weeks of July skiing Mount Hood under the Oregon sun. Seemed like everyone was long overdue for a good session back on snow. Thanks to everyone that appeared in this video, hell of a trip!




Susie Q - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Vittu Paskaa ⚰ | Ruka/Ski or Die 2017

by Kretzschmar
Aug 3rd - 177 views

2 separate edits smashed together that I made from Ski or Die 2017 phone clips. Unfortunately the quality is a bit shit 🤷‍♂️

Featuring the talents of:

Jake Carney
Charlie Lasser
Tuomas Kivari
Elias Syrja
Harald Hellstrom
& other Ruka homies


Pt 1 - Some Travis Scott beat from Days Before Birds mixtape
Pt 2 - Beneath - Night Lovell

Daniel Hanka | Zermatt Offering

by DanielHanka
Aug 2nd - 947 views

Ig: @danihellhanka

After the Covid had cut the ski season short. Europe lockdown finally eased up and I went for a short summer ski trip to Snowpark Zermatt, for a little shredd.. Park was awesome and I felt pretty good. So I decided to film a little and made this edit... Enjoy!!

Thanks to:
Simon Bartik & Linda Novak for filming and for being keewl.
Anna Puotka for hooking us up with tickets.
And Snowpark Zermatt for being a great place to spend your summer at.

Line warranty fail/nightmarethread

by spirngskier
Aug 2nd 2020 - Ski Gabber

Short version: Bought 2020 Line Bacons, they failed on the second day skiing them, no warranty response for months. Long version: Dec 3 ’19 – Book my flight to Russia and order skis from Dec 9 ’19 – Skis arrive. Feb 1 ’20 – Arrive in Russia. Feb 2 …

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How To Get Into Freeskiing For Cheap

by Lonely
Jul 31st 2020 - 27 comments

Let's be honest. Skiing isn't the cheapest sport out there...but it can still be done on a budget. This list will give current skiers and newbies alike an idea of how to cut the costs of becoming a free-skier

Switch tails, frontswap. Or is it?thread

by DeadB
Aug 3rd 2020 - Ski Gabber

I was walking and thinking about skiing, and I was thinking about a Switch tails, frontswap pretz 2. when you switch tails frontswap you go on opening the front foot so much that it's practically a switch tails 270 on. My thought is how long do you have to ride the rail for it to be considered a frontswap rather th…

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Skier's doppelgangersthread

by fredyferl
Aug 3rd 2020 - Ski Gabber

I'll start off with Khai Krepela and Cory Kennedy, a pro skater If you put it at :17 his voice and his face looks exactly like Khai's. What do you guys think? Which skier reminds you of another person?

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New to Portland. What mountain is the best?thread

by Yung_Gnarley
Aug 4th 2020 - Ski Gabber

Hey yall My gf and I just moved to Portland from Bozeman and I am looking to get a season pass next year (fingers crossed for normalness). I have skied T-Line in the summer and the park is obviously good, but I haven't been to Ski Bowl or Meadows. Looks like I have to choose between the T-Line/Ski Bowl combo pass or…

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K2 marksman mount pointthread

by skrrtskrrt
Aug 3rd 2020 - Gear Talk

i’ve got a fresh pair of K2 Marksmans that are 163 cm and I just bought some marker griffons to go with it but I’m not sure where I should mount them can anyone give ideas? I am light weight and only 5’4

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