Conditions were shit…thread

by partyandBS
Oct 26th 2021 - Ski Gabber

Only a run from the top to mid load. Had to take the gondi down. Not a single feature set up. On ice hard side booter to hit. Borderline hailing that hurt to ski through. today was my first day skiing this season and fuck i loved every shitty second of it!! Lets fuckin GO!!!

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Burrrlapz | Touch The Snow | A Video About Carving

by Burrrlapz
Oct 26th - 622 views

The newest offering from the Burrrlapz, 'Touch The Snow' pairs old-school turning with a new-school fashion. From skiing a T-Bar to lapping top to bottom laps at Fernie Alpine Resort, the Burrrlapz reminds us that with the right crew and the right gear it doesn't matter what or where you're skiing. As long as you're skiing, the good times are going to roll. So tune in to this new offering as the Burrrlapz carves up interior BC with a style that will have you craving more.

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Why ON3P isn't corethread

by compcamille
Oct 27th 2021 - Ski Gabber

Since ON3Ps creation, they have been widely known as a very shit brand. Their skis are known to be weak and you could find stronger skis at Goodwill. I also don't understand why people go out in oversized track suits, just another stupid trend that roots from the creation of ON3P. Nobody wants to see butters, the only …

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Barrier To Entry IIthread

by Jon_McMurry
Oct 27th 2021 - Ski Gabber

This Saturday Oct. 30th bonezone @brighton will be hosting the second event of barrier to entry. To ride Saturday it will cost $5. All proceeds will be donated to the Dylan Ojo Foundation. ** Oct. 29th bonezone will be closed for preparations. Please do not go to bonezone Friday with anything other than a shovel. Thank…

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Biggest poser everthread

by ButteryStix69
Oct 27th 2021 - Ski Gabber

this dude's whole channel is him buying more and more gear for no reason, then flexing it. He has like 4 different pairs of full tilts for like every type of skiing possible but bro can barely slide a rail. You guys should watch a few videos on his channel and you'll know what I mean. I try my best not to hate on peopl…

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Wyatt Smith 2020/21 Season Edit

by watsmuth
Oct 27th - 180 views

"Ski angry," Seth Morrison
Here's my 20/21 season edit, had a stupid amount of fun last year. Between filming with the Bandits, competing, and trying to scare myself at Bridger, I feel lucky to have gotten through largely unscathed. Cheers to another year doing the same thing, hope you enjoy.