Footy of Finalists in Superunknown?thread

by gvski13
Apr 21st 2024 - Ski Gabber

Maybe I live under a rock but I swear 99% of the coverage Level 1 is posting on their Insta is all of the pro invites and not the finalists. So please tell me Im wrong because I wanna see the unknown not the people already on my feed. *side note cant wait for the slvsh cup from it

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Bern ski helmetsthread

by JFU
Apr 21st 2024 - Gear Talk

I'm looking for a new ski helmet and I've come across the Bern Watts helmet. Does anyone have this helmet, and if so would you recommend it? It seems like it's priced pretty reasonably.

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Women In Freestyle Skiingthread

by ColinGoTDawg
Apr 20th 2024 - Ski Gabber

Alright, so I’m not sexist or anything, but women park skiers are like really really bad. It seems they have no style what do ever. I think the reason for this is the lack of creativity open to women in the ski industry. I can’t remember that last time I saw a street edit made by a chick. After watching the…

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Protect dudesthread

by qrabs
Apr 21st 2024 - Gear Talk

Need help sizing a protect classic certified helmet. my noggin is a 59, large would be good but does medium fit if I remove the padding ?

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Shall Jacket/Pantsthread

by SkierPT
Apr 19th 2024 - Ski Gabber

Going to show me age here. I see a lot of kids wearing baggier shell pants and almost windbreaker type zip up jackets. They look very comfortable. Help me out with good brands/ sites for these ?

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