Old Schoolers,thread

by RKF
Nov 25th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Old and new members, I have hardly been present in this community for a number of years but I did realize recently that I have been a member for slightly more than 20 years. yeah. that sucks when you realize that! (comes with free glasses and hip surgery), not to mention the baldness! I was however going to do some w…

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SOULSTAR - Full movie

by MAGMA.film
Nov 24th - 7.4K views

SOULSTAR is a Hunter Hess portrait. This two-year solo video project features halfpipe, urban, & backcountry (kinda haha). This video was made truly for the love of skiing. For Hunter & Owen to push themselves and to fulfill some lifelong dreams. Now please sit back, relax and enjoy SOULSTAR!

Filmed in Utah, Oregon, California, and Nevada.

Video by Owen Dahlburg.

Follow us on IG!
Hunter's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hunterhess10/?hl=en
Owen's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/osapberg/?hl=en
MAGMA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magma.film/?hl=en

I got called ”snowbozo” todaythread

by bsurf
Nov 26th 2022 - Ski Gabber

so for context some guy got mad at me over instagram and english isn’t my first language so i thought that was kinda funny way to insult someone who likes to ski. are there any other words that would compare to this beautiful word?

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PSA for Personal Ski Salesthread

by Turd__Authority
Nov 26th 2022 - Ski Gabber

If you use the payment function on Venmo or PayPal or anything but Zelle (doesn't report any transactions to IRS lol), the tax rules have changed. Sellers: see pics below. Annual total sales $600 or more trigger a 1099-K which you gotta report on your return. Buyers: Using the friends and family option with som…

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Official 2022 NS Secret Santathread

by safarisam
Nov 25th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Hi Guys! If you'd like to join the NS SS 2022 please post here! There was enough interest that @animator and I will try and get this going. Please post by December 7th, and I'll start sending out DMs with more info. In this thread plz give a brief description of what you like, the things you do, 2/3 brands you like…

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Soul starthread

by Farmville420
Nov 25th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Rewatched like 5 times. This might be my fav solo edit ever. Trying to think of anything that competes but I can’t at this moment. He is so well rounded, there is no facet of skiing that hunter is not elite at, brings style to everything, and goes absurdly big. Creativity isn’t lost in this edit either, the…

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1000skis quick park reviewthread

by Frenchmayo1287
Nov 26th 2022 - Gear Talk

I just skied my first day on the red twigs and a lot of people have been wondering how this new company is holding up, well here’s a quick opinion on them. They are super energetic and they can really carve well and do turns that other stiffer park skis wouldn’t be able to do. They are soft enough to easily…

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by JahCork
Nov 25th - 116 views

My street project that I worked on in Utah and Michigan this past season. First Time in the streets and it was amazing. Massive thanks to Noah Rodarte for pushin me and Luke O’Brien and OSCREW for makin fairmont possible.

ETHER by Victor Gill

by victhundergilla
Nov 26th - 37 views

For the tenth year of an impactful ski film named Education of style, here is a tribute to the iconic intro of Phil Casabon, actually featuring this shamanic transformation…