RWD hoewagon for the Cottonwoodsthread

by StoinkyDoinky
Jul 18th 2024 - Ski Gabber

title pretty self-explanitory unless you're dyslexic or sum anyways i own a ford exploder (explorer) that i love to death. seats fold down so i can get cry myself to sleep in comfort. anyways its a damn rwd. and i live in utah. no im not selling it. no im not buying a winter beater. (in my defense i paid $4k for a $7…

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Dry Slopes in New England?thread

by exit32
Jul 18th 2024 - Ski Gabber

I'm wondering are there any dry slopes/airbags in New England, it's about a 5 hour drive to Big Snow, and it's not always enjoyable to do. I know Ski Ward used to have one, but I can't find anything on their website (same with powder ridge Connecticut). Does anyone know if there are any up and running this season?

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by sorta
Jul 15th - 1.3K views

new drop next wknd to support

filmed mostly by caleb, herny, and ben haley

edited by caleb and very proud of it

thank you michigan and skiing for giving me an outlet. hope you enjoyed our video, I couldn't do it without my talented friends.

featuring - Quinn Noyes, Sam Spence, Nicolas Guzzardo, Phoenix Heiny, Caleb Godwin, Bryce Suman, Skylar Suman, Emre Hinkle, Jack Herzog, Henry Herzog, Hudson Volmer, Jake Snyder, Faelan Coldwater, Dylan Paddy, Jack Kaiser, Sam Lobinsky, Carter Dobbins, Sketti, Will Mastin, Josiah Krommendyk, Ben Haley, Drew Johnny, Nico, Chuck M, Charlie Baker, Paul Flott, Dusty Miller, Colin Pitts, John Robinson, Jack Anderton

ESPN's Top 100 Athletes of the 21st Centurythread

by kshaughn
Jul 16th 2024 - Ski Gabber

So ESPN is counting down their ranking of the top 100 athletes since 2000 and Shaun White came in ranked 72. I imagine the only skiers with a chance to be on the list (they haven't announced the top 50 yet) would be Mikaela Shiffrin and maybe Lindsay Vonn. Who do you think would have been the closest skier to make i…

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David Lesh has the last laughthread

by blazeonyia
Jul 17th 2024 - Ski Gabber

His case was overturned on appeal:

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Moment Frankenski?thread

by joog
Jul 16th 2024 - Gear Talk

Might be lucking myself into a pair of frankenskis for pretty cheap, but may have some concerns. I dont really actually ski park and would be using these as just a weird fun jib ski for when it hasn't snowed in a while (still an aspirational park skier dw) - I skied 110 days at Alta last winter for reference. Are they …

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Last Season

by Young_patty
Jul 14th - 1.6K views

Collage of clips and photos of last season.
The first new edit I’ve made since tearing my ACL, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

shot at:
Hyland Hills,
Bridger Bowl Pop Up Jam,
Arsenic’s Bring Your Own Beanie,
Zero Zone,
Map Brewing,
Level 1 Sawdust Festival

thank you everyone that made this such a great season!