Rubber bandsthread

by Lippamani
Aug 8th 2022 - Ski Gabber

My rubber bands finally came today so excited, love this company they even sent me a pair of skis as a bonus. Feel free to post any rubber bands that you have received in the mail

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Anywhere From Here - Official Trailer

by Matchstick
Aug 8th - 388 views

Making our return to the site with the official trailer for our 30th annual ski film! ANYWHERE FROM HERE!

The sport of skiing is unquestionably one of the most diversified recreational pursuits imaginable.
By the time a lifelong skier reaches middle age, he or she has likely dabbled in or fully dedicated
him or herself to a myriad of facets within the sport. Each facet provides an entirely new set of
experiences, thrills, challenges and rewards.
Matchstick Productions 2022 ski film explores this world of opportunities through the eyes of a
12 year-old freestyle phenomenon. Through his voice, the audience hears the skiing aspirations
of such a 12 year-old, a kid who just wants to play and doesn’t have to ponder “real life” quite

The core of this film is packed with a star studded cast of skiers shredding across the globe.

Featuring: Sam Kuch, Tonje Kvivik, Eric Hjorleifson, Markus Eder, Emily Childs, Logan Pehota,
Caite Zeliff, Lucas Wachs, Mathea Olin, Cole Richardson, Craig Murray, Lucy Sackbauer, Mark
Abma, Sam Cohen, Dennis Ranalter, Hunter Hess, Birk Irving and introducing Walker Woodring.

Shot On Location Third Edge Heli-Skiing, AK | Nootka Lodge, BC | Absolut Park, Austria | Golden Alpine Holidays,
BC | Pemberton, BC | Copper Mountain, CO | Stellar Heli-Skiing, BC | Mt Hood, OR

Stay tuned to MSP on Newschoolers for exclusive releases, edits, news, and more

Good snow conditions in chile rn?thread

by havanna
Aug 8th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Hey NS, first post here so be kind. Just checking in to get some of your wisdom on where the ski conditions in chile are good atm? Around valle nevado it seems to have been a slow start to the season so might head down further south. But where? All input appreciated

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1 am blueberry thoughtthread

by keagan.karstens
Aug 7th 2022 - Ski Gabber

Just got home and plopped down at the counter to eat some blueberries and had some thoughts I’ve been meaning to put out there. Why do rails have paint like on the sides of them. Clearly they were painted at one point but the whole top area of every rail is missing the paint where skis make contact with it. Li…

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Mogul storage/manufacturing videothread

by ajbski
Aug 8th 2022 - Ski Gabber

I remember watching a parody/funny video about moguls being stored somewhere in the summer. I can’t remember what it was called, or really what it was about. Just remember it being funny. anyone know what I’m talking about?

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