Sep 28th - 1.2K views

Skiing by: Jack Finn, Graham Gray, & Cooper Davidson
Filmed by Ian Avery Leaf, Cal Aamodt, Mason Kennedy, Zach Pfifer, & Loui Perlaky
Edit by Ian Avery Leaf

LINE Traveling Circus 14.2 - Smells and Swells

by Line_Skis
Sep 28th - 390 views

Look at this episode. Every time you do, it'll make you laugh. How did TC's gear get so smelly? And what the heck is on Andy's Head?

Confused? Yeah, we are too, but it'll make more sense when you watch the newest LINE Traveling Circus Episode. From LJ surfing the swells of Lake Michigan amongst 10-degree temperatures to Ross backflipping onto everything, the second episode of season 14 might be one of the best yet.

Matej Svancerthread

by CharlzHub
Sep 28th 2021 - Ski Gabber

I’m just gonna say it. Low key, this kid might just be the best jump skier in the entire world. Every clip he puts on the gram is absolutely fucked, and he seems to be so in control in the air all the time. Sw triple front flip shouldn’t be a steezy trick but this shit made me wet: https://www.instagr…

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Best Binding for park usethread

by instisigram
Sep 28th 2021 - Gear Talk

Would you rather use a new pivot 18, or a used Jester 16 on an Armada Edollo 2022 ? (park use only) The other ski I have is a Lib Tech UFO 105 2022. (All mountain / Freestyle use only) Which binding should I mount on which ski? And yes, Pivot 18 seems very high, I know.

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by tristan.steen
Sep 28th - 60 views

The title was meant to be "Have a Safe Trip" filmed by Tyndall Wells and Tristan Steammulti-kink mike, oski, and tyndall went on a rare street trip to portl...

Snowplowing Controversythread

by deathvalley69
Sep 27th 2021 - Ski Gabber

What do you guys think about this? I already know everybody on NS is gonna be on Mike Hornbeck’s side but its worth discussing anyway I guess If he was gatekeeping kids learning to hit rails that’s shitty but it seems like he was talking to more advanced park skiers. Snowplowing is definitely the fastes…

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