1st gen K2 Fugitives for salethread

by InspiredMedia
Mar 22nd 2023 - Ski Gabber

https://www.ebay.com/itm/295580058524 hello ns, cleaning out the garage and found some 2005 K2 Fugitives that were autographed by Pep Fujas. This is Pep's first ever pro model ski. Pep gave the skis to me and signed them in 2007 while we were filming IDEA. I figured there is probably a better home for these …

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Tuning Ski For Rails | Boxes | Tubes | Tune Not Detune

by DominatorJacques
Mar 22nd - 323 views

When it comes to riding the steel on skis, this is what needs to be done before one uses the skis. Do this when they are new before you ever jump on the steel. Your skis will not be grabby, and the edges will last longer.
This is terrain park ski tuning, where you don't take a file and round the edges one bit. It's a bit of work, but once you do it like this, you will never go back to rounding your edges with a file, or whatever.


by FreeskiSwe
Mar 24th - 30 views

Training and qualifications - behind the scene video from the World Cup final here in Silvaplana! The whole pole thing took a big turn, supposedly it might be a Pole rule next year - Thoughts on that?

Anyways, Jesper and Oliwer made finals!

Dennis Ranalter Park Segment: Extended Cut - Anywhere From Here

by Matchstick
Mar 23rd - 110 views

Dennis Ranalter had a year to remember in his debut season filming with Matchstick. This guy really does it all. His style and versatility landed him the title of 2023 "Breakout Skier of the Year" at iF3. Check out this full extended cut from Anywhere From Here and it's easy to see why!

See all of Dennis' action and watch Anywhere From Here today! https://geni.us/AnywhereFromHere

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ChatGPSKI Threadthread

by ajbski
Mar 23rd 2023 - Ski Gabber

Lets see how much "ai" knows about our sport. Please limit posts in this thread to responses generated by ai of w.e kind. heres and ode to skiing: Oh, skiing, skiing, what a thrill! Down the mountain, with such skill. We slide on snow, so pure and white, With goggles on, to shield our sight. Up the lift, …

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