Burrrlapz | CHECKER HEAD

by Line_Skis
Jan 19th - 278 views

The Burrrlapz are back in action with their first episode of 2021. Follow along as Dylan Siggers and friends float through pow, send it on backcountry booters, and rip up the finest zones around Fernie, British Columbia.

Kevin Frank
Dave Keenan
Josh Lloyd
Dylan Siggers

Sophie Perrault
Kevin Frank
Josh Lloyd
Dylan Siggers

“Thank you thank you thank you to Blair. and The Smilies for making the great music for our episode. And thank you to everyone who watches and supports our videos!”

Bode Miller rides Full Tiltthread

by JLev
Jan 18th 2021 - Ski Gabber

I spent years while at Full Tilt attempting to convince boot fitters and shops across the country that the 3-piece boot design was as good for people that rip groomers all day, as it is for skiers that ride park. Bill Johnson was the only American to ever win an Olympic gold medal in Downhill and he did it on the same …

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by Pdogonthacut
Jan 19th - 55 views

yayaya so this is a little trv vid I made from footage @ mount snow. Only had a one day of film before I got quarantined but I thought the footage slapped and would not let it waste away. Im gonna get to the PC TRV edit eventually but gotta let the creative juices flow so that the vid is my best work. happy to be back skiing soon soon soon. Shoutout Arsenic Anywhere, and Husak. I stole the trv idea from him.... HOPE U NJOY!!

Riders are - JTP, YoungSnow, Bode, Downey, Kaito, Char Berg, Jai, Keith, Lardezy, DJ, moneymattmadden, and Kaylen Flips!

quality is od bad compared to what it looks like in my premier so if anyone knows how to make it better hit me up lol

X Games knuckle huck invitesthread

by CatdickBojangles
Jan 19th 2021 - Ski Gabber

Thoughts? Seemed like last year they were inviting some lesser known pros and this year it’s basically just the slope style line up. TLDR: No swerve skiers **This thread was edited on Jan 19th 2021 at 6:33:14pm

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Jokes for the liftthread

by Clark91
Jan 19th 2021 - Ski Gabber

The snow sucks this year so far for most of us so let's at least have a good time. Share your best jokes/ice breakers and pick up lines for the lift line, riding the lift, getting a laugh out of the lifty. What do you get when you cross a bull dog and a rhino? . . . A really scared mailman! That's a fuckin knee s…

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