by chef_boyardee
Nov 27th - 122 views

A few resort days at Baker and Blackcomb, enjoy

Leif Wilson
Kai Martin
Stephen Lindsay-Ross
Alec Henderson
Conner Broderick
Je Paq
Marcus Goguen
Anders Ujejski
Chase Ujejski

Leif Wilson
Kai Martin
Stephen Lindsay-Ross
Alec Henderson

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Stephen Lindsay-Ross

Can I replace rossignol fks 180 afd to make them gripwalk compatible?thread

by LeosEvan
Nov 27th 2023 - Gear Talk

I recently got a pair of rossignol fks 180s for cheap and I have heard they are basically just a clone of the pivot 18s. I have also heard that you can simply replace the afd in old pivot 18s to make them gripwalk compatible. Would this still work with the 180s even though they aren’t pivots? I really want to…

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Banana bladesthread

by steezytangerine
Nov 27th 2023 - Ski Gabber

I wanna get them but theyre crazy expensive for a couple yellow knickknacks. they would be fun on slush days though

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East coastersthread

by animator
Nov 26th 2023 - Ski Gabber

Anyone gonna be at sugarloaf tomorrow? Gonna send it up for FDOH and wanna link with some homies if possible

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Stoked as fuckthread

by Rock_Inhabitant
Nov 25th 2023 - Ski Gabber

I already hit 4 days this season and going on Saturdays and sundays for the whole season. And for added stoke I just pulled up to the resort and we have fresh snowww! This season is going to be gas

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FORGET KINCOS! Let's get Kinky ;)thread

by duckets
Nov 28th 2023 - Gear Talk

Premium ski & snowboard mitts designed with the bare necessities in mind. When it comes to benefits; incredible warmth, comfort, and durability are just the tip. Kinky Mitts feature snug-fitting 5-finger thermal insulated liners, high quality pigskin leather, oversized palm patches, stretch-fit knitted cuffs, premi…

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East portal, Moffat tunnelthread

by Rock_Inhabitant
Nov 25th 2023 - Ski Gabber

I was blabbing with some ski coach I met on the lift about how you could possibly tour from Eldora to Winter park. He told me about this train tunnel (Moffat tunnel) that went under the continental divide, and that apparently only the ski train goes through it on scheduled intervals. Apparently (emphasis on apparently)…

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