What is Going on with 4FRNT?

by Sklar
Dec 13th 2017 - 20 comments

Less than six month after Jason Levinthal bought 4FRNT, a shakeup in long-standing team skiers has surfaced many questions about his intended direction for the legacy indy ski brand. So, rather than speculate, we gave Levinthal a call to ask him, whatís going on with 4FRNT?

2017 Dew Tour Slopestyle Practice

by eheath
Dec 12th - 2.2K views

The 2017 Dew Tour Slopestyle is here, qualifiers on Thursday, December 14th and finals on Saturday day, December 16th. Finals will be streaming live on Newschoolers.com and on the Newschoolers App

Is Ethan Swadburg a kids meal version of Keegan kilbride?thread

Dec 13th 2017 - Ski Gabber

Sup guys, smoked my first marijuana today and I was thinking how the swadburglar is just a smaller version of keegan kilbride. why? 1. they look the same (facially) 2. they have the same ski style 3. use the same genre of music in edits (which is probbly the highest iq song choices poss…

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by Billz
Dec 12th - 1.1K views

During the 2016-17 holidays in the whistler park (mostly). Just hotttt lappinnnn

STE-TV: Rails 2 Riches 2017

by SkiTheEast...
Dec 11th - 3.2K views

Rails to Riches 2017 was not one to knock. The Ski The East Team, The finest east coast riders, and some folks from the west all put on a great show. Huge thanks to Killington and Mike Garceau for a killer weekend once again. Mens Podium: 1st - Sandy Boville 2nd - Emile Bergeron 3rd - Brian Gardiner Women's Podium: 1st - Marian Balsimo 2nd - Brooke Potter 3rd - Shondra Charbonneau Best Trick Mens: Dale Talkington Best Trick Womens: Brooke Potter Filmed By: Zach Walbridge Marc Bryce Cam Willis Drone Shots: Corey Potter Edited: Cam Willis Photography : Ben Johnson Music: Crusty Cuts

Mid To West

by PeteMahn
Dec 13th - 319 views

The homie Cayden Snyder flew out from Michigan to enjoy some early pre season setups. Shot/Cut: Peter Saviano