Ranch Revolution

by chef_boyardee
Nov 30th - 1.2K views

Boyardee Boys skiing in the month of November

Credit: The Chef

Skiers: Ben Lynch, Steven Kahnert, Cole Isfan, Mitch Steven, Leif Wilson, Kai Martin, Kai Smart, Alex Thucydides, Will Penrose, Joel Macnair

Location: Grouse Mountain, Sunshine

Dylan Siggers 2020 | Cronenberg Morty

by dylansiggers
Nov 30th - 335 views

2020 was going really well until we went and Cronenberg’d ourselves. Editing this season's full part was as motivating as it was depressing. But going into our first full winter during a global pandemic, I’m excited to release this short and hopefully give myself and everyone else a reminder of how much joy and happiness skiing can bring. Hope everyone enjoys my latest season cut, “Cronenberg Morty.”

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Josh Gold leaves Moment for Black Crowsthread

by DesertStix
Nov 30th 2020 - Ski Gabber

I dunno about you but after seeing this dude destroy high dive at revy towards the beginning of the year, I became an instant fan. Then he threw arguably the biggest backy of 2020 at J Hole and I was like okay this dude is a next level psycho. I love Moment but how do you let him go?!

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4BI9 HOUSE EPI 3!!!! thread

by Digboggs
Nov 30th 2020 - Ski Gabber

Guys, it's my tradition to watch episode 3 of 4bi9 house before i ski my first day and I cannot find it anywhere. Anyone have a lead on where I can watch it!

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