Trip to Sugarloaf/East Coast for Arsenic Jamthread

by ScootSkiLyfe
Feb 29th 2024 - Ski Gabber

Yo what up Newschoolers fam, I am thinking of doing a long-weekend trip to the east coast to get to the downrails and double kinks railjam at Sugarbush. I live up in Duluth, MN, I would take an exam at 10am, drive down to the cities at 11am, get on my plane that leaves at 3:15 to Boston, rent a car, and then drive t…

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What age are most of you and why do we all love skiing so much?thread

by U174
Feb 28th 2024 - Ski Gabber

I’m 29 now and used to ski a lot before I turned 20 and then I stopped for almost 7 years. In the last years after I started again I realized that I feel so damn free on skis that it’s like the ultimate confidence and dopamine boost. I go skiing alone now as well when my girl or friends can’t and …

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The 1/2 rulethread

by Log15
Feb 28th 2024 - Ski Gabber

As a lifty and someone who has spent most of their life on the ski hill, I've spent my fair share of time around skiers who overestimate everything. It might just be because im working at a resort and constantly have to listen to their exaggerated stories of "30 foot cliffs" and "20 feet of air," but recently it seems …

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Heated sock discount code?thread

by drifts
Feb 29th 2024 - Ski Gabber

gf got frostbite and was just diagnosed with Reynaud's. I wanna buy her some heated socks from like lenz or thermic, just wondering if anyone had a discount code before I pay full price

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Vishnu nightmarethread

by beepski
Feb 27th 2024 - Ski Gabber

Last night I dead ass had a dream where my wife’s started turning into noodles. At first it was kinda sick but then they started becoming unride able. Shit literally woke me up I was so devastated, I was like damn I bough them last month and now there noodles. Thankfully just a dream.

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