🚨 Can you top this? Indoor Skiing Video Challenge 🚨thread

by Twig
Apr 7th 2020 - Ski Gabber

You've probably all seen this video already, but it's a pretty impressive piece of work. It popped up on my feed for the umpteenth time today and made me think: Many of you are at home and bored. All of you undoubtedly own a GoPro/iPhone/Polaroid camera (delete as appropriate). I want to see your best efforts at…

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Alta Season Recap 2020

by Altapowder
Apr 6th - 231 views

This year at Alta was another stellar one, with snow starting in October and then really picking up late November and never stopping. Lots of deep days for U...

Mista Don't Pay

by TBS
Apr 6th - 122 views

Some night clips with Bryan, Nelson, and Eli at rabbit hill and snow valley. Song: JoHn Muir Artist: ScHoolboy Q

Learning dub 10thread

by extrasunny
Apr 7th 2020 - Ski Gabber

Got double backies down this season so I’m thinking of moving onto my dream trick. so far I can cork 3 and 7 but not super flippy and only consistently with safety grab. Is it realistic to stomp a dub 10 next season and what’s the best approach to practicing?

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