Let’s make NS popular againthread

by mistaNasty
Jan 26th 2021 - Ski Gabber

How can we get this site to have more active users and more frequent posts? I miss the days where there were several hundred people online at once and I know you all do too. Throw some suggestions around to make the site more popular again but without making it so popular we get overloaded with kooks. I know the app co…

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Finally figured out what I’m doing wrong for 360sthread

by whatsamonad
Jan 25th 2021 - Ski Gabber

I know this probably sounds pretty dumb because most of you can cork, but I’m not nearly as good at park as I wish I was. Just started watching YT vids and actually trying to figure your proper form instead of trying to feel it out as I go. I suck at 3s because I always land them off balance on one foot. Be…

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Simon Bartik - Slav and Friends Trailer

by SimonBartik
Jan 27th - 60 views

After Slav in America and Slav 2 let me present you another Slavic piece. Dedicated to my friend Richie Jurecka.

Riders: Simon Bartik, Daniel Hanka, Voita Bresky, Tomas Kroczek, Stepan Speedy Hudecek, Alex Hall, Elias Syrja, Tereza Korabova

Supported by: Bigshock!, Out Of Optics, Snowpanic, Armada, Insta360, Saga Outerwear, people of HitHit

Thanks to everyone involved! Full flick dropping fall 2021

Tech mounting bindingsthread

by EPfanboy
Jan 26th 2021 - Ski Gabber

Just mounted my first two pairs of skis and they turned out perfect no backwards mount , no +13 from rec (rip that dudes black crows) and no butchered drilling. Almost finished my ski tech training as well and i can now full tune a ski, repair and mount skis. **This thread was edited on Jan 26th 2021 at 5:12:25am

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by gGrove
Jan 26th - 188 views

took some park laps at Butternut, the hometown mtn in Great Barrington, Ma

big thanks to the park crew over there for keepings things fun n different

Trollhaugen // Human Being // DIGITIZED Ep.2 Vol.5 // 2020/21

by Trollhaugen
Jan 25th - 4.1K views

Is this a game to you!? Is it!? No seriously...is this a game? Are we living in a simulation? It's hard to find the reality in a digitized existence. Plugged in, every day. Connected, constantly. Charging, perpetually. Watching the human beings of #HumanBeing would lead one to believe that we are living in an alternate virtual reality, and that they have found the cheat codes one would need to conquer Valhalla. Level up humans. It's time to play the game through their eyes.

Film: Nick Schoess

Edit: Nick Schoess

Sound Design: Nick Schoess

Thumbnail: Grant Sadusky @612fly

Music: Waterfall - John Gimel // Their Voices Heard - John Gimel

Titles/Text: David Duea

Skiers (In order of appearance): David Duea, Drew Ahlstrom, Adam Peterson

Thanks: Marsha Hovey, Adam Mahler, Valerie Schoess, Trollhaugen, Troll Park Crew, ON3P, Pinewskis, Colab Brand, Arsenic Anywhere, Tall-T Dan, Scott @ ON3P, Aaron Hunter, Dan Pinewski, Trevor Pinewski, Cory Pinewski, Karl Bekkala, Kael Luberts, David Duea, Sam Lobinsky, J-LO, Mom/Dad, Drew Ahlstrom, Grant Sadusky, Dave Sutton, Adam Peterson, David Giorgi

Sam Kuch?thread

by centervillecycle
Jan 26th 2021 - Ski Gabber

I had never heard of this guy until I saw this edit. He shreds!! The future is bright with this one....

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