A Star-Studded Athlete Roster and Space-Age Features at The Audi Nines 2019, presented by Falken

by AudiNines
Mar 26th 2019 - 0 comments

A stellar cast of world-class athletes have confirmed their attendance at The Audi Nines, returning to Tyrol, Austria on 22-27th April 2019. Brand-new this year, men’s and women’s venues will run concurrently in Sölden and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, with even more of the futuristic setups that make this event unique in the snowsports world.

Audrey Friess SuperUnknown XVI entry

by Audreyfriess
Mar 25th - 321 views

(Turn your brightness all the way up ha) Super stoked on what this season has brought me so far! Congrats to Giorgia Bertoncini on getting that finals spot for SUXVI. Well deserved And also thanks to level 1 for opening up this opportunity for women, can’t wait to see how the finalists do. Finally big thanks to Nikita Clothing (:

Vail wont give me my pass backthread

by uturn
Mar 25th 2019 - Ski Gabber

I was skiing at sunapee 3 weeks back when I was ambushed getting off the lift by 8 fucking ski patrollers. They made a circle around me and demanded my pass. When I asked what it was all about the guy in charge declined to tell me until showed him my pass immediately getting pissed and raising his voice. I took it out …

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The Henrik Harlaut Interview

by MattMasson
Mar 26th 2019 - 0 comments

From Nose Butter Triples to the Wu Tang Clan, everyone knows about Henrik Harlaut! Or do they? You can probably guess some of his ambitions, but I bet you'll be surprised by at least one!

Is my brother to blame?thread

by LukeTheWaffle
Mar 25th 2019 - Ski Gabber

So we're in the park at a medium sized jump where you can't see the run out, some kid hots the jump and crashes, just slides out of a 3. The kids dad puts up and X with his POLES standing 2 meters beside the jump. Some guy at the top tells my brother to go, and my my brother being Dyslexic and needing glasses doesn't s…

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