A Walk in the Park - Joona Kangas

by Jiberish
May 12th - 7K views

Long-time Jiberish fam Joona Kangas has always had a creative eye, not just in the way he skis, but in the way he sees the entire mountain. After years of shredding all over the globe, skiing in the Olympics, and releasing a handful of standout video segments as part of the Keesh Life crew, we were finally able to link with Joona for A Walk in the Park. Shot on location at his home mountain Levi, in Lappi Finland, Joona did exactly what we expected and put together a mind-bending edit featuring a handful of tricks that we’ve never seen, or even imagined.

Filmed and edited by Zenja Potapov in Levi, Lappi, Finland


Return of the Grievous Angel

by cheener12
May 13th - 115 views

took a winter off school and snarf'd mt. baker. felt good!

missed the last two months of the season with a head/neck injury but still grateful to have gotten my fill.

couple clips from silverton area as well.

thanks to

chair 9
anyone who gave me a ride/pointed a camera at me

NS Behind the Scenes Pt. 2: Twig - Editor and Content Director (TPP Ep. 13)

by TwoPlankerPod
May 12th 2021 - 1 comments

In this episode, we dissect newschool ski culture, what "core" means, the importance of crews, why judging is so difficult, and more. We wrap everything up with viewer questions at the end which can be submitted on our Instagram @TwoPlankerPod.

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Popular Opinion: Joona Kangasthread

by skierman
May 12th 2021 - Ski Gabber

Joona Kangas is what The Bunchie boys wish they could be if only they had talent and style. This is a lesson to all the kids out there. This is what you can achieve if you don't fall into bullshit trends and pretend your shitty, sloppy skiing is really just you being "progressive".

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by xanderfire
May 12th - 177 views

No sponsors, just love.

4 years after Shinbangers 2 the crew somehow found their way back to Sugar Bowl and Donner Summit. Grateful to say the least.

Special thanks to Sugar Bowl Freeride Team, Sean Carey, Kris Thomas, Jessie Bohn, Ethan Hockridge and The Louney Toons.

Produced by Cooper Davis, Lizzie Howard, Louis Norris and Xander Guldman.

STYLE: Best Line Formatthread

May 12th 2021 - Ski Gabber

Okay, you know the point in skiing when you transition from looking for Tricks, to Lookin for Lines, (And then Lookin for Flows.) Like Bruh. that's a perspective. Like think about Flows being made of Lines, and those Lines are made of Tricks. It's as if they're notes in measures of music. All the OGs fuckin have f…

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Share your liftie pick up linesthread

by Skiblade420
May 11th 2021 - Ski Gabber

So around Valentine’s Day this year I was at snow summit in big bear and there was this dark haired goddess of a woman with eyes brighter than my entire future. You might say I was just fooled by her face mask and slut strands, that I was being tricked by some reptilian crooked smiled yellow teeth shit bunny, but…

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Feelin like shitthread

by daffyboi31
May 12th 2021 - Ski Gabber

every year this happens. whenever a season ends, i feel so awful. skiing gives me something to look forward to while im sitting in school or at work. because the season is so short here in ohio, i get incredibly jealous when people are still putting out sick vids of them skiing in may. I need something to turn to after…

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