Nov 30th - 2.9K views

After 3 long years, please enjoy MAGMA 3! We love you all. Thank you for supporting us. This would not have been possible without any of you.

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Featuring Alex Hall and Hunter Hess
Produced and edited by Owen Dahlberg

This video was made for the love of skiing.

Supported by Volkl Skis, Monster Energy, Marker Bindings, Spyder Freeski, and Dalbello Boots.


by BLandz
Dec 1st 2023 - Ski Gabber

EVERYBODY GO STICK UP FOR THE FUCKING MAN @ on IG this shit is fucked up. Go follow my boy and shit on some pussy ass losers in his comment section. Shoot him a follow as well

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Boycott Dopesnow/Montecthread

by CowboySkibop
Nov 30th 2023 - Ski Gabber

Brothers, sisters, siblings of any walks of life. I think its time we do something to combat shitty drop shipped gear that makes you look smooth brained MONTEC/DOPESNOW is gaining a little to much credibility lately and they do not deserve that. Shit quality, shit ingredients, and a clone look that is NOT GOOD. …

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by Newschoolers
Dec 1st - 1.2K views

See Sammy Carlson adventure to the high mountain peaks of Alaska, British Columbia and Alaska to push the boundaries of what is possible deep into the mountains. This back country terrain proved to be the perfect canvas for Sammy to push the limits of skiing. Joined by his friends Vinzenz Keller, Todd Ligare, Yu Sasaki, Yoshiya “Bull” Urata the crew spent the winter of 2022/23 in some of the world's most remote locations.

Girlfriend asked for a Mac Forehand hall pass, should I kill myself?thread

by iskeaah
Nov 30th 2023 - Ski Gabber

I said some shit like Madelyn Cline mean and her response was Mac. Out of everyone in the universe? Mac really? That's like 1 DM away? I think I would be okay if it was Metej, I mean he's the next coming of Jesus Christ on skis. If she wants the redbull roster A-hall is a way better choice. What are my options guys? I…

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At what point should i wear knee padsthread

by BokChoyTele420
Dec 1st 2023 - Ski Gabber

third day tele skiing. smoked alot of spliffs feelin real blessed for tomorrows knee drops. Wondering, i think i am rad enough to start wearing knee pads now. Do i wear them outside of pants so people know i drop knee hard (pants are baggy because im core).

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23/24 Quiver Picsthread

by hamsauce
Dec 1st 2023 - Gear Talk

Havent seen one of these threads yet this year. With no snow on the ground, I need something to hype me up for the season, and nothing hypes me up more than seeing what other people's setups are going to be this year. Garages, dorm rooms, one ski quivers. I want to see it all. Heres mine: Left to right: Moment…

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by Opalasnurfclub
Dec 1st - 85 views

We are stoked to present our second team video! Snurf 2 is another ode to hiking around the woods and mountains with bindingless boards and homies, filmed in Utah , Oregon and Southern California.

In order of appearance - Sean Panella, Alex Stewart , Hartman Austin, Thomas Graham, Cory Haberstock, Nika Perfilyeva , Ken Coffey

It's spreading.thread

by Jacobthesadskier
Nov 30th 2023 - Ski Gabber Fuck.

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