What happened with skiing and Covid?thread

by -eREKTion-
May 24th 2020 - Ski Gabber

I missed Covid... legit, I joined the Marines and went to boot camp on 3/1. I’m vaguely aware of what went down with Covid from letters I got from family but nobody had any ski news so fill me in. Are brands/athletes doing good or did this hurt everyone? Does Henrik still have a project dropping this year?…

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Dougie T's ReBorN (HIT IT UP)

by DjDougieT
May 24th - 281 views

I put this "edit" together after being in a treatment center for 12+ months getting myself together. It took some real struggle to feel accepted by myself and at times by others. I would dig some feedback from all of you homies. Just trynna see what I got in this world. Sponsors or Partnerships ahhaha lol??

Instagram: @dougie.tulman

Song: Trust Nobody - Hippie Sabotage

Worst summer setup injuriesthread

by sqeellicbic
May 25th 2020 - Ski Gabber

Took my first hard slam on my summer setup recently and it got me thinking. What's the worst that's happened to you guys on a summer rail? Has anyone gotten seriously injured on one?

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๐Ÿšจ Alex Hall - Ask Me Anything ๐Ÿšจthread

by Newschoolers
May 25th 2020 - Ski Gabber

What up Newschoolers. We got another instalment of Ask Me Anything with one of Skiing's most talented athletes - Alex Hall. This man accomplishes more in one year than most pros do over a couple seasons. You can tell he's got a passion for this sport and if ever you got the chance to meet him you'd know he is one …

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Joona Kauppinen 19/20

by J-jay
May 24th - 187 views

This season was pretty strange in many ways… Still good times on skis as always!
Thanks everyone, especially Patrik Joutsen, Mustavaara & NCSC!

Finally got access to a trampolinethread

by FruitBootPro
May 25th 2020 - Ski Gabber

Started working on frontflips, bios, and corks. Didn't really land anything but I got consistently close to bio 5 (might have been misty not sure). Cork feels like it wanted to go to 7 but idk how to make myself get upright again when I land. Any general tips for progressing on a trampoline?

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