Closing Day?

by sdrvper
Apr 19th - 610 views

Without knowing it was closing day (The "?") the @guohski boys filmed an edit on a slushy afternoon in the Junkyard. Over the next couple days, all ski hills in Ontario would be forced to close as we entered another stay at home lockdown due to covid. Last edit of the year for us, see you next year.


by gmantrooper
Apr 19th - 189 views

This season I started, and I couldn’t even k-fed, I also couldn’t cork. After this season, I have become so much better and I am very proud of it. Thank you to the people who helped me and hyped me up to learn so much. Thank you.

What does the podcast look like?thread

by Mayrandpodcast
Apr 19th 2021 - Ski Gabber

Yo! Couple months ago i made a thread to tell you guys, i thought you'd really appreciate the podcast. Mainly because i would talk about ''core'' stuff in it and not do the boomer talk. No, i don't talk about Siver's future sponsor or Vishnu's but i still believe NSers would enjoy it, so i figured i'd share some bi…

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Colorado Avalanche Conditions and Safety

by MaxWilson
Apr 19th 2021 - 0 comments

Avalanche Safety is no joke. Colorado has a very interesting year with the snowfall and weather patterns. Make sure that you and everyone around you is being as safe as they can before hitting the backcountry. If you live in Colorado and want a website that can give you all your desired info about conditions, gear, weather reports, and where to find AIRE classes, and anything else you want to know about avalanche safety/prevention, visit this link now: