Most ignant landingsthread

by firecrotch
Apr 3rd 2020 - Ski Gabber

I was watching old real ski videos and was blown away by some of those landings, I was thinking that this could be a thread for the biggest stomped drops to flat that people can find. Here are a few to start it off, but I know theres some bigger drops to flatter landings out there

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Liberty Skis Sponsor Me Contestthread

by libertyskis
Apr 3rd 2020 - Ski Gabber

We are looking to grow our team of athletes for the 2020-21 season. Liberty Skis is committed to progressing the sport of skiing and in an effort to help out the next generation of up and comers we’re hosting this contest! We want to support and help you achieve your goals as a skier. There are no age re…

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Girls got sty, aight?thread

by weastcoast
Apr 4th 2020 - Ski Gabber

I know their tricks obviously aren’t as crazy or gnarly as guys’ tricks, but there’s a lot of chicks out there that got some style. Don’t know why, but I think the fact that women are more nimble/agile with their bodies is a big reason. They are just super fluid and clean with simple tricks and …

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