by miki.magister
Dec 6th - 393 views

Suported by Armada Skis Spain. Video recap of some one foots filmed in Madrid Snow Zone. Cameras: Viti Varela, Rubén Perez, Pablo Pou. Edited by me.

Ontario Opener | Spring Vibez

by sdrvper
Dec 3rd - 1.8K views

Headphones Recommended, Watch in HD Thanks MSLM for an awesome opening week setup! - Feat. Nick Vangelder, Stephen Draper, Carson Sharp & Kurtis McFadden - Follow us @guohski Song: People Say - Wu Tang Clan


by Killamuffin_
Nov 27th - 193 views

Cut together some of my CSS shots from this summer for the #PLANKSGRASSROOTS competition. Managed to win the Best UK Edit and Best GoPro Edit with this one. Cheers to Nathan Carr, Struan Leonard, Scott Stevenston, Rio Peterson and James Bowman for Filming. Filmed on my GoPro Hero4 at Snowfactor, Braehead in Scotland. Skiing and Edit By Mark Donnelly Music By Bisk X Goosewater Peace.

BEEF 16-17

by C_Jack
Nov 26th - 2.8K views

I decided to switch it up from my classic Season recap style. This time, instead of using as many shots as possible, I added the tricks that meant the most to me and the ones that were the most fun. I know most of you have already seen these clips, but i felt that if I didn't make this edit then all of these shots would be lost on Instagram for the rest of eternity [laughs]. Filmers: Aiden Ulrich, Charlie Scott, Mitch Zyzelewski, Dave Euler, Ryan McElmon, Gavin Rudy, Alex Havey, Reed Lewis, Bubba Newby, Lennon Vaughan, Cal Carson, Nick Belleville, Sam Gaskin Songs: Looking Glass- Brandy 21 Savage- Rap Saved Me Handsome Furs- All We Want, Baby, Is Everything Locations: Park City, Mammoth, Jackson, New Zealand, Mt. Hood, Colorado Thank you for watching :)


by reynolbeads
Nov 23rd - 624 views

annual preseason edit w/ @reynolbeads @mitchsteven @spencer_klassen Shot & Cut: Ryan Dorssers, Jonah Marvin

Flat Light Flipping

by louis.charnaud
Nov 23rd - 170 views

Regardless of how rubbish the visibility is you can still have fun and go ski (its just really hard) . Enjoy! Location - TrebleCone (Chutes) Skiers - Karl Fostvedt / Manu Barnard / Seb Varlet / Carl Renvall / Konsti Ottner / Fraser Mcdougall / Sam Allen

sko buffs

by nolaan
Nov 22nd - 1.6K views

Alex Nolan's 2016-2017 season edit. It turned out to be one of the best winters yet due to all the opportunities presented and the friends I linked up with. Huge thanks to CU Freeskiing for providing and all the boys and girls on the team. Also big ups to those that filmed: Tim Nolan, Stewart Wells, Jason Castle, Jack Benziger. Thanks to the sponsors as well: Christy Sports Atomic Skis Giro Snow The Karma Tree Movement

Mute Grab Compilation

by theslvsh
Nov 21st - 545 views

Who's got the dopest mute? Featuring Slapp users: 0:00 Vilmer Ivarsson 0:03 Siver Voll 0:06 Alex Bellemare 0:11 Joss Christensen 0:16 Matt Walker 0:19 Jonas Aas 0:22 Mark Hendrickson 0:26 Cody Wilder Ray 0:30 Quinn Wolferman 0:36 Mark Nowakiwsky 0:42 Emil Granbom 0:47 Dean Bercovitch 0:51 Henning Hansen Pytte

2017 Rab

by Spitfyre94
Nov 20th - 301 views

Preseason is here. The boys and I are STOKED!!! Throughin down at Rabbit Hill but most importantly crushing beers. And holy fuck do we love KFED'S!! Drinkers: @bryaansmith244, @smithy_j, @jhoo58, @corbinblack

Seasonal Stoke

by P3dd3r
Nov 17th - 274 views

With winter upon us once again I was reminiscing on some good times with great friends last winter/spring/summer. Stoke is high. Enjoy!


Nov 9th - 128 views

This is the first episode of "Pryomania", a skiing series by Fuego Skis, as the company approaches the initial public release of their first model, the "Genesis". It's called "Pryomania" simply because that seemed like the most fitting name for a series by "Fuego" Skis. This footage was from 2 evenings this past week, as I tried to remember what skiing is like after taking the summer off. Hope you catch the vibe..

Windells Academy: Summer 2017

by Windells
Nov 6th - 1.9K views

Featuring the skiing of Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Jed Waters, Luca Schmalschlager, Kokone Kondo, Tyler Sosnowski, Kiernan Fagan, Deven Fagan, & Reece Rule Film: Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey Edit: Alex Havey Song: "Gone" by Froth


by goofyguuse
Nov 1st - 1.6K views

Filmed throughout my first summer spent on Hood. For more information, please visit: Special thanks: Jason Arens Gavin Rudy Aiden Ulrich Alex Havey Joey Favara

Room For Improvement // Argentina

by JANKYfilms
Oct 30th - 600 views

After the closing of most North American ski resorts, Argentina's winter began in earnest in August. For the fourth installment in the trilogy(??), Hazen Woolson heads south of the equator with the SASS Global Travel crew chasing big lines and another big winter. Featuring Piers Solomon, Jon Conway, Pete Connolly, Mauri Cambilla and Hazen. Like/Follow: