Ian Hamilton - A Natural Progression

by Budh.ies
Mar 23rd - 324 views

After years of the Slopestyle circuit grind Ian had a gnarly crash at the World Tour Finals in Whistler that altered his perspective on skiing. He decided to take a different path and ski the way he wanted to ski instead of the way the judges expected him to. As the ski industry changes, becoming increasingly commercialized, digitized and popularized we can all benefit from reflecting on why we started skiing: To Have Fun. We hope this inspires you to get out and have a great time on your skis. Cheers.


by 808branden
Feb 26th - 182 views

Is it socially acceptable for a 20 year old to still try to be good at skiing? Let me know in the comments. Regardless i'm still drippin. Highly recommend watching until the end to see a dumb snowboarder eat some ice.

Where is the best place to buy soup?.mov

by chef_boyardee
Feb 22nd - 1.9K views

BC Family Day – February 12th, 2018 On the second Monday of February, British Columbians celebrate Family Day, taking extra time to enjoy activities with their loved ones. In 2018, Family Day falls on Monday, February 12. Minister Lisa Beare Happy BC Family Day! On behalf of Premier John Horgan and the Government of British Columbia, I wish you an enjoyable Family Day weekend with loved ones. BC Family Day is a celebration of family life, and a reminder of the importance of spending time with family. I’m very pleased that my Ministry has funded family-friendly events and activities throughout the province, which you and your loved ones can enjoy for free. I hope you will take this opportunity to discover areas of British Columbia that are new to you, or to rediscover familiar places. The B.C. Government is proud to support these special community celebrations. We want to ensure Family Day events are accessible to everyone. I’d like to thank the organizations for their dedication and hard work in planning free community events. I wish you all a safe, enjoyable BC Family Day. Lisa Beare Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture


by DeadLine
Feb 16th - 597 views

Featured by Anton Golubev, Aleksi Patja, Oleg Guch, Gregory Fuzeev Filmed by Mikhail Shishebarov Place: Ruka ski resort, Finland

"Year of the Hooch"-Smeegs 2017 Season Edit

by smeegs6
Feb 12th - 396 views

Was planning on cutting together a season edit but ended up being too lazy so my segment from the @drinkbutter movie is doubling as my season edit. Hope y'all enjoy it and shout out to everyone who followed me around with a camera and all the boys for keeping the stoke at an all time high. Also special thanks to the liquor and the lesbian population of Boise, Idaho for bolstering my morale. Film: @drinkbutter @adam_scheer @brianallen19 @alex_mgr plus many others.

Hood Life

by bandringa
Feb 10th - 54 views

2017 Memorial Day Weekend at Timberline, Mt. Hood Oregon. Snowboarders: Eliah Drake, Matt Gubbe, Mike Gute, Ryan Pozzuto, Adele Clouse, Bre Carey & Emy Lyle.

John Richter 16-17

by JAHn
Feb 8th - 354 views

Last year was one of the best seasons I've ever had. Started off with deep snow at Skibowl, making lines possible that aren't skiable most years. Midway through, we got an unusually big storm in Portland. Finished off with some classic spring sidecountry jumping at T-line. Thanks to everyone that skied, filmed, and made last year awesome. Every season is great, but I'll remember this one for a long time.

Joey Ciprari || New England Pride

by IllusiveJoejoe
Feb 1st - 1.9K views

Joey Ciprari presents New England Pride! This movie opened up at If3 in Montreal and also premiered Christmas Eve on As a gift for everyone to view! Now because the, "New England Patriot's" are going to the Super Bowl again, I want to share this with the younger ski community! This film is a culmination of my struggles on the urban playing field and the Patriot's through their controversial 2016-2017 season! Go to for the full interview!