Through the Park Kimbosessions 2018 TEASER

by SamuelAlander
May 18th - 206 views

This is a teaser for the 17 new episodes of the Kläppen Snowpark webseries Through the Park. Two episodes will be out every week from now on! All the old 120 episodes is avalible to watch at, & Including episodes from Kimbosessions 2017. Stay tuned! #Kimbosessions!

From The Depths

by Killamuffin_
May 9th - 780 views

Good to have Struan back in for a wee sesh on the Swamptube. Thanks to Scott Stevenston for filming and Tall T Productions for the Sweg BeTheGun/Barebase Killing a beat by Reklews on Cult Of The Damned - Part Deux Brick Pelican Posse Crew Gang Syndicate

Pure California Corn - Mt. Shasta

by B.Gillis
May 8th - 398 views

I took a trip up to the Shasta Area on May 3rd and 4th. I started hiking around 3am and made my way to the summit 10 hours later. A 7,000 vertical foot descent was my prize. The snow was sublime and the skiing was pristine the entire way back to the Bunny Flat trail head. A worthwhile first experience at Shasta.


by ottoriekkinen
May 7th - 763 views

skiing, having fun and sending sum new doubles w/ boys in ruka. /skiers/ otto riekkinen, sampo yliheikkilä, kristian gröhn, teemu lauronen and juho saastamoinen

May Day Big Boulder 2018

by jagorman48
May 5th - 235 views

Great way to end the season. Dope little event. Also I know Im not good I am new to the park and I’m still processing so bring that hating shit somewhere else :)

REBOUND // Charlie Beatty

by JSpeers
Apr 27th - 705 views

After tearing his ACL in 2016, 10 year old Charlie Beatty is back and feeling better than ever. Thanks to Muskoka Woods, RipCurl Canada, Line Skis, Full Tilt, Spy Optics and Horseshoe Valley Resort for supporting Charlie. Produced by Joey Speers

2018 Momentum Coaching Lineup

by Momentum
Apr 24th - 204 views

Summer camp is right around the corner and this year Blackcomb glacier will be going off. With 40+ ft of snow stacked over the winter and a Momentum's 2018 coaching lineup staked even deeper.

1976 Sendin'

by charlesacton
Apr 4th - 221 views

My boy sendin' it back into 1976. 1976 is a wicked event on a spring day in Mont Tremblant, Québec where everybody gets back to 1976 on their skis.

Ian Hamilton - A Natural Progression

by Budh.ies
Mar 23rd - 1.7K views

After years of the Slopestyle circuit grind Ian had a gnarly crash at the World Tour Finals in Whistler that altered his perspective on skiing. He decided to take a different path and ski the way he wanted to ski instead of the way the judges expected him to. As the ski industry changes, becoming increasingly commercialized, digitized and popularized we can all benefit from reflecting on why we started skiing: To Have Fun. We hope this inspires you to get out and have a great time on your skis. Cheers.