by methscratchface
Feb 23rd - 117 views

Cold temps have kept the snow pristine up at the old snowbowl if you know where to look. Too much fun ripping around with the crew.

Where is the best place to buy soup?.mov

by chef_boyardee
Feb 22nd - 1.2K views

BC Family Day – February 12th, 2018 On the second Monday of February, British Columbians celebrate Family Day, taking extra time to enjoy activities with their loved ones. In 2018, Family Day falls on Monday, February 12. Minister Lisa Beare Happy BC Family Day! On behalf of Premier John Horgan and the Government of British Columbia, I wish you an enjoyable Family Day weekend with loved ones. BC Family Day is a celebration of family life, and a reminder of the importance of spending time with family. I’m very pleased that my Ministry has funded family-friendly events and activities throughout the province, which you and your loved ones can enjoy for free. I hope you will take this opportunity to discover areas of British Columbia that are new to you, or to rediscover familiar places. The B.C. Government is proud to support these special community celebrations. We want to ensure Family Day events are accessible to everyone. I’d like to thank the organizations for their dedication and hard work in planning free community events. I wish you all a safe, enjoyable BC Family Day. Lisa Beare Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture


by garrett.
Feb 18th - 1.7K views

Its been a fun last couple weeks out on fawn ridge at Kirkwood. Huge shoutout to Dougy Fresh for coming out and helping shovel, Mike for some additional camera work and everyone who came out and shredded! @gtbalen @whatfordchris Moment skis Roxa Boots

3-2-1 Droping

by Roy
Feb 16th - 145 views

I was able to bag this line last weekend after me and the crew worked are way up testing smaller lines and doing our own avy control by dropping some cornices. Insta: royski_29

Japan 2018 Video

by Ckirchner45
Feb 13th - 144 views

My friend Jacob and I decided to make a trip out to Japow after graduating college for a couple of weeks. This trip was absolutely unbelievable, the people, the culture, the food, and the skiing was life-changing. I was also able to have my family join us for the second part which was crazy. This trip was absolutely mind blowing and I couldn't have asked for anything more... Song: bounce back - vowl. Locations: Niseko, Rusutsu, Kiroro, House of Powder Cat Skiing Skiers: Canon Kirchner, Jacob Foley, Kirchner family

"Year of the Hooch"-Smeegs 2017 Season Edit

by smeegs6
Feb 12th - 375 views

Was planning on cutting together a season edit but ended up being too lazy so my segment from the @drinkbutter movie is doubling as my season edit. Hope y'all enjoy it and shout out to everyone who followed me around with a camera and all the boys for keeping the stoke at an all time high. Also special thanks to the liquor and the lesbian population of Boise, Idaho for bolstering my morale. Film: @drinkbutter @adam_scheer @brianallen19 @alex_mgr plus many others.

Bad HABIT - A Guide to Crashing

by Level1
Feb 12th - 3.6K views

Level 1's 18th annual feature film HABIT is available now in your favorite digital or hard copy format: It’s never quite as easy as it looks in the movies. Even the best professional skiers regularly put their bodies through trials and tribulations in search of that elusive moment when it all comes together- the perfect light with the perfect snow, fingers finding the grab, edges locking onto a rail or ledge, speed perfectly dialed, and balanced feet finding their way to the ground as they prepare for landing. For every magical shot in your favorite film, edit, or photo, dozens or more hit the cutting room floor. In reality its a waiting game of hours, days, or weeks for light. The snow is harder than it looks. Grabs are often missed. Edges fail. Speed is off- too fast, too slow. That perfect balance point eludes even the most talented as they plummet to the ground below. Didn’t get the shot? No matter- pick up your gear and hike back up for another try. Or a few more. As many as it takes to get the shot or until you can break the habit.

John Richter 16-17

by JAHn
Feb 8th - 311 views

Last year was one of the best seasons I've ever had. Started off with deep snow at Skibowl, making lines possible that aren't skiable most years. Midway through, we got an unusually big storm in Portland. Finished off with some classic spring sidecountry jumping at T-line. Thanks to everyone that skied, filmed, and made last year awesome. Every season is great, but I'll remember this one for a long time.

The Burrrlapz | Road Trip and Stuff, A Telenovela

by Burrrlapz
Feb 8th - 3.1K views

Drive far, break ur car. Turns out old Megs only had a few hundred K left on er, but you know what they say, "sometimes your truck explodes and you leave it in Golden". Other than seizing engines we also drove sleds, drank beers, fell off cliffs and didn't make any avalanches. So we're stoked. Music Fly at Night- Chilliwack Filming Essex Prescott Dylan Siggers Anatole Tuzlack Brody Mcskimming Skiers Dylan Siggers Brody Mcskimming Essex Prescott Garret Capel JDSC LINE SKIS FERNIE ALPINE RESORT COMMIT SNOW AND SKATE

Kings and Queens of Corbet's Top 3 Men

by sander_h
Feb 7th - 3.7K views

Crazy times in Jackson Hole for the first Kings and Queens of Corbet's! Big thanks to Red Bull, Smartwool, Freeskier Mag & Jackson Hole Mtn Resort for an awesome event! Everyone threw down! Big ups to King Crazy Karl for taking the top spot!

Meadow Lodge - Part 2: Thayne Rich

by 4FRNT
Feb 7th - 938 views

The only worthy roof for the talents of Eric Hjorleifson and Thayne Rich is in a backcountry touring hut, where life remains primitive and the skiing, well, radical. This is a complete 4FRNT adventure with great disparity between top talents, each driven to create content from alternating perspectives. What happens when you put the GAH poster boy (Hoji) in a hut with a rookie like Thayne? Does the puppy breathe life into the old dog? Does he fall in line, one kick turn at a time? The 2-part Meadow Lodge documents a 3-day adventure with Eric and Thayne in The Esplanades, an eastern sub range of The Columbia’s where the terrain flows east to the Columbia Rivers’ Kinbasket Lake. Enjoy the crafts of these two backcountry skiers as they literally ski from the door of Meadow Lodge down fluted spines, endless pillows and perfectly gladed tree runs. Check out our skis at Directed by Matt Sterbenz Edited by Jake Strassman Principle Cinematography by Austin Ramaley Photography by Sam Watson Additional Cinematography by: Matt Sterbenz Eric Hjorleifson Thayne Rich Skiing by: Eric Hjorleifson Thayne Rich Thank you to: GAH's John Bell and Seb Trudeau 4FRNT Guide's Harrison Brickman and Shane Treat

Wasatch High Tide

by EricBalken
Feb 7th - 4K views

Last season in the Wasatch was one of the best we've had in a long time. Check out this little edit I put together called "Wasatch High Tide", highlighting a few of the finer moments. Filmed at Brighton Resort, Alta Ski Area, and the Wasatch Backcountry. Big thanks to Willy Nevins for supplying the artwork and animations, thanks to the filmers Hennie Van Jaarsveld, Adam Clark, and Eliel Hindert, and HUGE thanks to all the sponsors that make it possible: MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS Julbo Eyewear Moment Skis Patagonia Cast Bindings

Deep In BC

by Roy
Feb 6th - 47 views

I was getting jealous of all the Japow shots in social media, so I thought I would return the favour after it snow all last week in BC! Insta: royski_29