David Wise, Todd Heath & Freedle Coty on this Week's Show.

by OutofBoundsPod
Jan 20th 2022 - 0 comments

David Wise & I talk the upcoming Olympic Games, what qualifying this time around means to him, and why it's the hardest games he's ever competed in. We also touch on his love for hunting, his mental coaching, and he even gives us a few tips.

Todd Heath talks about the return of Bomb Snow Magazine, which is in my opinion, one of the pound for pound best. I talk about my own mental health struggles a bit here, and Todd discusses being positive through everything, even through a personal trauma unlike any other. I love this dude.

Lastly, one of the funniest people I've chatted with, Freedle Coty, joins the pod. We talk through old ski movies, some of his favorite Level 1 bits, why Pow Surfing is getting so much play right now, and obviously the Nothing Franchise.

Enjoy, this is one of the best 3fers we've ever put out.

Tatum Monod Talks Details her 2 Year Project, PASSAGE

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Jan 17th 2022 - 0 comments

Tatum is here to talk about her award winning film, "Passage" , which tells the story of her family's skiing roots in the Rockies. She tells us about coping with a severe concussion received while filming and the alternative medicine techniques that lead her recovery. Outside of skiing, one of Tatum's passions is fishing. She regales us with a couple fish stories from a trip to Mexico, casting for Marlin in deep water and her dream come true, reeling in a Rooster Fish at the edge of the water.

Rian Zetzer is the New Backcountry Backflip Queen

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Jan 2nd 2022 - 0 comments

Rian Zetzer is making a name for herself one huge backflip at a time. We talk about her history in moguls, having a horse falling on her, her biggest influences and her new life becoming a full-time pro skier and her plans for a skijoring video because she still loves those horses.

Wiley Miller's Film A Connection To Gravity

by LowPressureSki
Nov 29th 2021 - 3 comments

Wiley Miller returns to the LPP to talk about his new documentary film, A Connection to Gravity. It's a behind the scenes story of Wiley's life and career highlighting the impact his mom has had on him and her current battle with ALS. We also talk about his home of Montana, getting his commercial pilot's licence, designing skis for RMU and much more.

Sam Kuch, IF3 Standout Skier of the Year Learns to Glide - LPP #191

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Nov 10th 2021 - 0 comments

Sam Kuch returns to the LPP freshly minted as the IF3 Male Standout Skier of the Year. He stopped by the Low Pressure Podcast Studios to talk about what’s changed in his life in the 3 years since he was last on the show including winning awards, firefighting, learning to paraglide and touring the country with the MSP Stomping Grounds premiere tour.

Get to Know Cole Richardson. IF3 Breakout Skier of the Year - LPP #190

by LowPressureSki
Nov 7th 2021 - 4 comments

Cole Richardson has just started his ski career but you'll learn here that the 20 year old, freshly minted IF3 Breakout Skier of the Year, knows what it takes to be successful in the long term. Cole is a goal setter who is a sponge for knowledge. He seeks out mentors, practices gratitude and already has a vision for himself beyond skiing. He's an impressive young man who is destined to inspire and do great things. Get to know Skier Cole.

Tom Wallisch Thinks Target Should Sell Skis & He's Got a Damn Good Point

by OutofBoundsPod
Oct 22nd 2021 - 5 comments

Okay, so obviously Target skis are not all Tom and I talked about here, but I thought it was an interesting take from one of the best to do it.

We also spent some time on Fast Tracks, but you'll have to listen in on the interview to hear his take on that, Mega Passes, Seven Springs, and so much more.

Thanks to Tom for spending some time chatting with me.

Podcast drops this Tuesday, but the Youtube is available now.

Photo by AJ Dakoulas