Los Amigos 2019 Intersection Winning Video - "The One Where They Get Sendy"

by Los_Amigos
Apr 18th - 6.2K views

Here's what happens when you take a group of kids and give them a week off school to film, edit and produce a 7 minute ski movie. We're over the moon to walk away with People's Choice and Best in Show at this year's Intersection with this video. We had a couple close calls and unfortunately one bad injury, but somehow managed pulled it through. A huge thanks to everyone that put it all on the line, we couldn't have done it without you! @losamigosski Athletes : Dylan Runner, Axel Runner, Cobo Alvarez de Toledo, Jacob Boyd, Carlene Loughlin, Dylan Hardenberg,Ty Urlich, Kai Smart, Austin de St. Croix, Morgan tien, Jeremy Acland, Lauren Taffe, Sam Degroot, Connor Macdonald and Henry Eckert

How To Safety Slide On Skis with Magnus Granér

by SkiAddiction
Apr 1st - 89 views Adding in grabs to your jibbing is an amazing way to open up your skiing and creativity. This variation is called the Safety Slide however, you'd be forgiven for believing it's anything but safe. FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram:

Act II: A Peak Apart

by Budh.ies
Mar 26th - 58 views

On the eve of a monster storm Ian was forced to depart Whistler to get his knee examined, fearing a blown ligament. The rest of the boys plundered the abundant snow that fell in the next weeks, jumping off everything they could find and even getting some park laps in between pow days. In this Act Dean Shows why he makes his home in Whistler, it's truly an amazing mountain that offers all the skiing you could wish for. For a well rounded skier it's an unbeatable paradise.

Sending Cliffs & Dodging Texans

by castleskier
Mar 18th - 146 views

SpRaNg BrEaK in TELLURIDE! Skiing some of the hike-to's off of lift 12 and higher terrain on a sunny spring day (3-10).This March has been one for the books, thankfully the texans have started to retreat.

skeeter day

by methscratchface
Mar 19th - 80 views

2 laps deep in the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area on old Mosquito Peak. The 2nd chute was a new one for me and the choke point did not fill in that great this year obv. Always sketch guinea pigging a line that no one has skied all year. Big line season is upon us. Jazzed for more marathon days in ze mountains.

How To Lazyboy 360 On Skis

by SkiAddiction
Mar 18th - 1.3K views The Lazyboy 360 is an awesome variation of the cork 3, which lives by the mantra of looking stylish with ease! This trick is separated from other forms of 360's as it is achieved through sitting on your tails while dragging your hands on the take off of the jump. FILMED AT: Whistler Blackcomb: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram: ENJOY THE VIDEO? Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE below!

860media: Nashoba

by 860media*
Mar 16th - 1.1K views

The crew decided to check out Nob's midweek stomping ground Nashoba Valley. They have night skiing & light up rails, what else can ya ask for. Shoutout to Nashoba for the rad time! Created by: Chris DeJohn Additional: Connor Lowe

Grime Season da movie

by adamholl
Mar 13th - 84 views

"Grime Season da movie" presented by Adam Hollobon and Callum Johnston. This film is a short documentation of our 2018 Ski season in the Otago region of…

5 Questions with Dean Bercovitch

by eheath
Mar 12th - 4.4K views

We caught up with Dean at Momentum Camps and answered your questions, enjoy! Filmed by Carlo Mion Edited by Evan Heath Sign up for the best summer of your life at

Winter breaks & blue tree$

by Blade_Squad69
Mar 11th - 127 views

My friend Luke is a rapper. He is white. He lives in salt lake. His music fucking bangs and this skiing is cool too. Skeet blade squad STILL WAITING FOR A VISHNU SPONSERSHIP I JUST NEED NEW SKIS AND SOME OPPROTUNITY

How To Handplant On Skis With Magnus Granér

by SkiAddiction
Mar 1st - 231 views Have you been looking to add a different flavour of style to your skiing lately. Well look no further, SkiManGuy (Magnus Graner) is back at it to take you through the Forward Handplant! Handplants may seem difficult and unnatural at first, but rest assured these are a relatively easy trick that can be thrown all over the mountain. Before chucking away on snow, grab your Tramp Skis and practice this technique with our Trampoline Tutorial. FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram:

MAS 2018

by OnSlaught
Feb 24th - 448 views

Figured I should drop last years cut before we get any further Into this year... Huge thanks to everyone involved! Couldn't be done alone. Stoked for the next one, cheers to all, hope you enjoy!

Job Lessed

by methscratchface
Feb 21st - 177 views

Backcountry has been fyre for us. Jah blessed with stable pow on all aspects. A couple more weeks of play before I gotta go back to worky. Keep the cold storms comin!

Edouard Therriault Ski Addiction Testimonial

by SkiAddiction
Feb 18th - 146 views Pushing your skiing to the limit is what we're all here for. Whether you've just hit a bigger jump, landed a new trick or linked up a whole run for the first time, you'll experience that awesome feeling; Progression. Up and coming 15 year old shredder, Edouard Therriault constantly pushes his training to the next level with help from Ski Addiction's training products. Check out what he has to say about our Tramp Skis and Jib Bar! FILMED AT: Airhouse: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here:

Day Off - Momentum

by NoahM
Feb 4th - 189 views

Had the end of the day off coaching and the sunset at night to ski for myself so we took advantage of it ! Film and Edit ----> Brody Jones (@brodyjonescinema)

How To Wallie With Magnus Granér (@SkiManGuy)

by SkiAddiction
Feb 1st - 1.2K views How's your new wave skiing shaping up? Avoid your ski progression from 'hitting the wall' by aiming your skis directly at it! In this tutorial, Magnus is taking you through the Wallie to give you some extra spice to your jib game. FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram: