A winter in Mammoth-Cole Lyon

by trout.squad
Sep 2016 - 1.9K views

Had an opportunity of a life time last season as I moved down to mammoth and had one of the longest seasons of my life. Had a great year filled with great people, great snow, and an abundance of crashes. Thanks to all my coaches, friends, fam, and sponsors who supported me. TROUT SQUAD


by MaticGobec
Sep 2016 - 1.3K views

From the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, sand dunes of Oregon, high altitudes of Bernina Alps in Switzerland to my motherland Slovenia... #gooutandski

None of this would have been possible without the support from: Völkl, Marker Bindings, Dalbello Boots, Westcomb, Different Eyewear, Actionmama Outdoor Shop, Emelii, PowUnity, Beni Plugs

Skier: Matic Gobec
Edit: Matic Gobec
Camera: Matic Gobec, Conor Coen, Sebastian Freihofner, Jaka Miklavčič, Uroš Verbič

Track: Sympathy for the Devil
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album: GRRR! (2012)


by Dissidents
Sep 2016 - 688 views

Spent 90% of my season on a tube, whoops.


Thanks to all the PHAAAT homies for helping me have the most fun season of my life.

Big shoutout to @Eazymacofficial for being a local rapper that is about to blow up.

1: Music for the visually impaired - Eazy Mac
2: Gold House - Reese


by John_Brown
Sep 2016 - 1.5K views

here is a re-edit from 2014/2015 that was never released. with John Brown (@jbfreeski) Tim Ryan (@artsytim) and Tyler Mega (@tyler_mega)

For What it's Worth

by 802masif
Sep 2016 - 2K views

The first two weekends back in burlington. Two days of filming and trying to spend as much time in the water before the cold sets in and the snow starts to fly.

Philippe Boily-Doucet 2016

by RedskyFilms
Sep 2016 - 14.7K views

Phil worked very hard along the year, trying to master his skiing. It's the second year that he teams up with me to create his season edit. I enjoy pushing him on some new tricks that I think he's able to do. The kid has plenty of potential and talent.

He Went Down AKA You Good Charlie

by DominatorJacques
Sep 2016 - 139 views

That moment when you know you're screwed. Charlie goes down sailing too deep. 1 minute of your life you will never get back right here! Because he high sided he slammed his head and did suffer a concussion. Hard to see that in the dust, yet you can see if you look closely.

Zest life #2 (Summer 16)

by andrew.gierys
Sep 2016 - 2.1K views

My friend and I have been hacking around in the park for a year or two now. This summer we decided that it would be a good idea to take our scholarship money and use it to buy plane tickets. We also took a shitty old camera from my dad. This atrocity was the result.

Subtropic Trailer // Ankilla Productions

by Ankilla
Sep 2016 - 2.1K views

This is the trailer for Ankilla Productions' new ski movie Subtropic premiering this fall. Tickets will be sold pre order and at the door.

Premiere: Will be held at Springdale Cinemas on October 27th at 7:30pm. Before the event will be the Vertical Drop Rail Jam. There will be give aways at the premier from Perfect North Slopes, Vertical Drop, Midwest Shades, and Wake Nation Cincinnati.

Featuring: Kamran Kopp, Freddy Mazza, Chris Neltner, Jason Loxterkamp, Andy Hall, Guenther Oka, Brandon Storey, Aaron Tufts, Logan Whitehead, Kyle Taylor, Jake Smith, Johnnie Paul, Elliot Reinshagen, Kyle Sharpshair, David Whelen, Adam Bandenburg, Spencer Gordon, Nick Vogt
Song: Violent Shiver- Benjamin Booker