2018 Year In Review (Action Figure Edition)

by Roy
Dec 12th - 33 views

Here’s what my 2018 looked like! It was a super fun year. I was able to charge on the skis again (dealing with an injury most of ‘17), started speed flying, got back to jumping out of planes to finally finish my solo, and feeling confident I could take the hard bails, I jumped back on the downhill bike. I also got to spend some time in sick locations in Alberta, BC, California, Washington and Chile. Thanks to all the buds who helped make it an awesome year and to @rossignol for the support (which I’ve been getting in one form or another for 15 years 🤘). Insta: royski_29

UVMFST Fall 2018 Recap

Dec 8th - 1.4K views

Starting off the 2018-19 school year right University of Vermont Freeskiing Team Film by: Ben Collins Song: Space Cadet - The Murlocs

STP 1.1

by north_coast
Dec 7th - 839 views

Sugarloaf Parks (and Binder) are firing right now. Come up and get some laps! New Dropline park opening in the coming weeks @sugarloafparks Skiers/Riders -Sydney Smith -Rowan Stamp -Jack Alosa -Quinn Fogarty -Tommy Cogswell -Taylor Davis

Go Pro Garbage de 2018

by prophet
Dec 6th - 225 views

It's a GoPro Season edit! I'm over the hill and no body listens to techno so let's go.... watch me ski in POV to surf rock! I'm Josh, and I love FlyLow Gear, ON3P Skis and Smith Optics. Cheers.

Trollhaugen : Human Being : REJUVE - Ep 1, Vol 3 - 2018/19 | Film/Edit: Nick Schoess

by Trollhaugen
Dec 6th - 2K views

Trollhaugen Human Being Ep 1, Vol 3 - REJUVE - Fully featured. I saw a fire. Frantic flames flickered fiercely, fanning forward - frosted fields of flaked fractals fearing a forecasted fiery finish. Was it the finale, or the fearsome foray of a fantastic few fellow funhouse fanatics? Human... Beings.... The season is back. Nick Schoess (nosebutter.exe) continues to kill it. S/O to Insta handles @on3pskico @colabbrand @pinewskis for supporting Schoess. Skol @mattkrohn for the sick pic!


by OnSlaught
Dec 4th - 1K views


How To Nose Press With Magnus Granér

by SkiAddiction
Nov 30th - 412 views We're bringing you even more from the 'Swerve King', Magnus Granér. In this Tutorial, Magnus is going to walk you through how to press out your noses and land this advanced jib trick with effortless style. FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here:

Tom Sawyer \\ Chris Johnson Season Edit 2018

by wisconsinjohnson
Nov 30th - 460 views

From the Midwest to Hood, here's my season edit. Yahoo Big Big thanks to Alex Havey, Jack Feick, Jacob Dube, Jake Tiernan, Pops, Zach Lastrilla, Seth Leinbach, Jay Eberhardt, Paul Marik, Sierra Epp, Ben Albert, Sam Johnson, and everyone else along the way who made my year fantastic. Ya'll are the best!

Tweak w. the VolcanoCrew // Windells Session 2

Nov 28th - 172 views

Most of our best winter mountains have opened for the season and the summer nonsense has translated over. Check out the #volcanoboys & #volcanobabez that rolled around with Tweak for Session 2 at Windells Camp. Kevin Merchant aka @Tweakski Christian Raguse aka @Goofyguuse Kat Alexander aka @Katarina_winemixer Brian McCarthy aka @Thebreezelm Christopher Newett aka @Tophaloaf Caroline Claire aka @Car0line_claire Jack Finn aka @Shaq_finn Jacky Alexander aka @Crust_station Ethan Swadburg aka @Swadburglar Lang aka @Thewolfjesus

Banged Up

by Jiberish
Nov 28th - 33K views

“Banged Up” is the much anticipated follow-up to Sam Zahner and Calvin Barrett’s debut film “70/30”. Winding their way through the streets of Colorado, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, Sam and Calvin were joined by Mike Cappola, Seamus Flanagan, Scrappy Joe, and Pete Koukov. After countless cold days and painful nights, last minute cross-country drives chasing storms that didn’t happen, endless shoveling and a surplus of slams, the title could not be a more accurate depiction of Winter 17/18 through the eyes of the crew.


by twintipnationTTN
Nov 27th - 63 views

ALWAYS - a park edit shot 100% at Powder Ridge in Kimball, Minnesota. Thank you to everyone who supports TTN and their ventures. We love you. Powder Ridge is our home. Much thanks to Sam Fasching for doing a lot of the filming and for getting all of the clips over to Sage for the editing. Sage put a lot of time into this edit while still doing college in Portland, Oregon; so please take 10 minutes out of your day to enjoy friends skiing. We will ALWAYS be brothers. Vaping isn't cool. Do as we say not as we do.

BEST OF: Jesper Tjäder (Compilation)

by Mikah.neufeld
Nov 24th - 208 views

I made this edit I dont know kinda dig it... Let me know what yall think! Or comment what skier you would like me to make an edit from. I DO NOT OWN THESE CLIPS! I DO NAWT MAKE ANY MONEY OFF OF THIS! ALL RIGHTS GO TO FILMERS AND SKIER!

When I'm Not Filming // Nick Schoess // Pinewskis // Colab Brand // Trollhaugen

by nosebutter.exe
Nov 21st - 410 views

2 years of trying to live up to the amazing people I have the privilege of skiing and being friends with. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that have been presented to me through the Human Being series, Pinewskis, Colab Brand, etc. Skiing is my passion and for the last 19 years it has consumed my life. I look forward to another 19 seasons sliding ice and rails here in the midwest. Music: The Roots Edit: Nick Schoess Film: Drew Ahlstrom, Ben Morine, Kian Barrett, Sam Lobinsky and friends Special Thanks: DAVE SUTTON, Valerie Weekes, Drew Ahlstrom, Cory and Trevor Pinewski, Dan Pinewski, Shane Nelson, David Duea, Aaron Hunter, Mike Kennedy, Bjorn Melin, Matt Wunderlich, Matt Krohn, Hannah Peterson, Kian Barrett,Sam Lobinsky, Adam Mauler, Justin Lillo, Mom and Dad, MCTC, Sean Donahue, ON3P Skis for making the best heccing skis ever, Steve Janisch, Matt Koskinen, Karl Bekkala, Kael Luberts, Everyone at Troll, everyone at Pinewskis, Everyone at Colab, my Grandma Merle, God, Food and my dog Abby.

How To Backslide with Magnus Granér

by SkiAddiction
Nov 21st - 246 views

We caught up with our favourite Swede and X-Games Gold medalist, Magnus Granér to bring you more of the goods! In this tutorial, Magnus is going to boost your rail game and help you to stomp the Backslide / "Back foot Slide".

This Is Armada: Mike Hornbeck

Nov 21st - 1.4K views

One of the best things we have ever done is hook up Mike Hornbeck with our videographer Corey Staton. For 8 years they have been bringing you some of the most unique and stylish edits you have ever seen. Sit back and hear straight from Wrecka about the past 8 years with us and what's coming up next! “I’m grateful armada gives me the opportunity to make videos and do my own thing. I’ve also been working on the wreckanize project dropping this December!" Mike Hornbeck

860media Presents: Ardent (full film)

by 860media*
Nov 20th - 3.6K views

The boys pushed through just about every injury last year. Dislocated shoulder, lacerated spleen, blown out knees, a dislocated hip, and broken hands. But, despite all that we made the best out of it and got down to business. Get with it or get rolled over. Created By: Chris DeJohn Bryan Jones Featuring: Mike DeJohn Alex Keimel Chris DeJohn Ian Ackerman Griffin Dahl Rob Newton Bennie Osnow Jared Degumbia Calvin Lyons & Friends Additional: Owen Dahlberg Mark Hendry The Crew Supported By: The Studio Clothing Toby Kieff // Carinthia Parks // Line Skis // Full Tilt Boots // Northpull Winch Co. // Daymaker Touring // 860studio //