RMR Parks // POV

by MikeUrich
Mar 13th - 32 views

I tried my hand in a POV park edit cruising around RMR parks the other day. I hope you enjoy! Klint Skis Kneebindings Roundtop Mountain Resort RMR Parks


by twoowtskis
Mar 13th - 61 views

TWOOWT FAM AT TRIP PARK Memories from the trip to Dubna, where a couple weeks ago our friends from RofD crew organized jib contest. Summary of a trip: soulful meeting, cool atmosphere and, of course, 2 and 3 places for TWOOWT Fam members Dima Makrushin and Vadim Rudakov respectively. We hope this visual makes your eyes feel cool, while the music from Russian Famous Nobody adds even more good vibes! Directed by TWOOWT Fam Skiing by Dmitriy Makrushin, Vadim Rudakov, Alexander Penderev, Danny Agntsev, Timur Kamalov, Oleg Slope, Olly Pinguin and Nikita Gvozdyan Camera and editing by Boris Gaisner Music by Russian Famous Nobody #twoowtskis #twoowtfam #twoowtMAKRO GET SOCIAL!


by twoowtskis
Mar 13th - 154 views

ONE DAY AT LSM PARK TWOOWT Fam members Al Penderev and Dima Makrushin killing it in Medvedkovo at Dima's hood spot aka "LSM Park" Directed by TWOOWT Fam Skiing by Dima Makrushin and Alexander Penderev Camera and editing by Boris Gaisner #twoowtskis #twoowtfam #twoowtMAKRO #newschoolers GET SOCIAL!

the incomplete edit...

by Colby_eubanks
Mar 10th - 262 views

Well when the 17/18 season was cut shorter than expected, I had only half of the filming done for the next edit. So I took what I had, and made this... Enjoy... Filmed/Edited By Colby Eubanks (@EubanksMedia, @Colby_Eubanks)

Trollhaugen : Human Being : Rowdy - Ep 5, Vol 2 - 2017/18

by Trollhaugen
Mar 9th - 4.3K views

From start to finish, this one's got it all. Rails. Jumps. Tranny. Gold..... Gold! Skol Nick Schoess! Dropping what could be an NBD with a sweet Summit Project drop-in x marriage proposal ender. How do you top that? You document Drew Ahlstrom's mad crowning as one of the best rail skiers in the world - culminating with his heavy win at local shop Pinewskis 'Master Shredder' freestyle ski jam at Troll. The humans tear down Valhalla. They tear up Summit. They get engaged. There's even some greco-roman wrestling..... humans... getting.... ROWDY! Film/Edit:Nick Schoess @nosebutter.exe Additional Filming: Drew Ahlstrom, Noah Odegard Music: Light My Way - Audioslave Titles/Text: David Duea Skiing (In order of appearance): Nick Schoess, Matt Krohn, Bjorn Melin, Jimmy McGlynn, Matt Wunderlich, Zach Shuster, Zack Mertz, Collin Kid, Drew Ahlstrom Notes from Nick - Thanks: Dave Sutton, Trollhaugen, Trollhaugen Park Crew, Val, David Duea, Steve Janisch, Mom & Dad, Mary & Mark, Pinewskis, Aaron Hunter, Cory Pinewski, Dan Pinewski, Trevor Slattery, The Train Park, Karl Bekkala, Derek Lee, Kael, The Stuga, Kian Barrett, The Canadians, Ken-Dozer, Sam Lobinsky, Matt Khron, Shane Nelson, ON3P skis, Craig Weiler, Newschoolers, Soda

Red Weather Warning.

by Killamuffin_
Mar 9th - 1.7K views

Glasgow 2018. We never get snow but when we do, the city shuts down and I get out of the swamp........... Thanks to everyone who got involved, could not have done it without you and i'm eternally gratefull. Filmed pretty much entirely on iphones by absolute champions. #BeastFromTheEast #TallTFam #TallTScottishFam


by atleyV2
Mar 8th - 308 views

thought of a funny name so naturally lets make a series of edits filming: atley will curt jacob editing: atley skiing: same as filming song: off white - glob...