by Colby_eubanks
Jan 12th - 275 views

The 1st month of the 2018 season at Perfect North and a little taste of what the rest will be like. Filmed/Edited by Colby Eubanks (@colby_eubanks, @eubanksmedia)


by PaniertnCircus
Jan 11th - 933 views

WAKING HOUR - FULL MOVIE Our third full-lenght ski movie is NOT ONLY about skiing. With a healthful dosage of self-criticism it tells the story of an almost-grown-up, living on his own, trying to answer the everyday question: "What is it worth to spend time on?". A film by Christoph & Philipp Kaar, featuring the skiing of | Simon Loitzl | | Alex Hasslwandter | | Patrick Concha | | Lukas Cairns | | Marlon Zuelch | | Torge Nagel | | Tobias Bretzke | | Philipp Loitzl | | Philipp Kaar | | Luis Blechner | | Christoph Kaar | This movie is an non-profit indie film from Innsbruck, Tyrol (Austria). It's a two-years project which has no commercial purposes/backgrounds. We do not sell anything and do not receive money from sponsors or third-persons. We do not own any of the rights to the music in this video. This video is only intended to promote the recreational activity called skiing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracklist (in order of appearence): 1. Car Seat Headrest - "Reuse the cells" - 2. Atlas - "Defeated" - 3. M83 - "Do it, try it" (Blaze Remix) - 4. All them witches - "3-5-7" - 6. Car Seat Headrest - "Maud Gone" 5. Sro - "Lost Jack" - 7. Chanca Via Circuito - "Sueno en Paraguay" - 8. Yellow Days - "Gap in the clouds" - 9. Dru Down - "Can you feel me" 10. Future Island - "Long Flight" - 11. Car Seat Headrest - "Destroyed by Hippie Powers" - 12. Gateway Drug ft. Fuck You - "Summertime" - Support the artists, buy their music! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A "Paniertn Circus" Film (ig: @paniertn_circus, fb: Paniertn Circus) Produced by "a Twin Thing Film Production" (ig: @a_twinthingfilm, fb: Concept and Story: Christoph Kaar, Philipp Kaar Acting: Philipp Kaar Art Direction (Visual effects, animations): Philipp Kaar Voiceover: Christoph Kaar Editing: Christoph Kaar, Philipp Kaar Filming: Christoph Kaar, Philipp Kaar Additional filming: Lukas Cairns, Patrick Concha, Simon Loitzl, Torge Nagel, Alex Hasslwandter Mainly shot in Tyrol, in the regions around the capital Innsbruck. Summer footage shot in Portugal, Algarve. Thanks to Lib-Tech Ski ( and Blue-Tomato ( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Let's celebrate for the good times we had, and those that will follow!" - With much love from the whole crew, we do this for everyone who is involved in this great community. May this movie gets you hyped, happy, sad, thought-provoking. We are sure that everybody will find his own answer to the question: "What is it worth to spend time on?" with love - The PC Crew

Pow Daddy

by L.Watts
Jan 11th - 62 views

Song: J Hus-Bouff Daddy. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. Just a day mobbing around Meribel with some mates.

Pow Daddy

by L.Watts
Jan 10th - 1.4K views

An amazing day mobbing around Meribel with a wee appearance from Robbie. Music: J Hus- Bouff Daddy. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE SONG.


by ShireRat
Dec 25th - 409 views

The crew hits up the home turf of Taos New Mexico for some small rails and sunshine carves. Featuring Sean Carpentier, Robbie Forbes, and Joshua Rane. Edit by Joshua…

Last Call - Not so Local and La Gamique

by NotSoLocal
Dec 20th - 6.9K views

With the idea of leaving the french Canadian ski film industry with a relevant legacy, Not so Local And La Gamique, two of the most prominent local ski film productions, team up to bring "Last Call" to life. Featuring a stacked line up of riders, "Last Call" proves that it is still possible to make a full length ski film interesting for the masses. Raw urban skiing and Rock & Roll, for your viewing pleasure; the last ski film produced by the crews, "Last Call" LAST CALL a film by LC PILON LAURENT BILODEAU principal cinematography LC PILON LAURENT BILODEAU ALEX MIGLI Additionnel cinematography VINCENT PRÉVOST MAXIME TRUDEL CHRIS POWERS JULIEN EUSTACHE MARC ANDRÉ SÉGUIN ALEXANDRE DESJARDINS PAUL DUSSAULT PANPAN MELISSA COURSOL NOÉ PROVOST LES SKURFS special thanks to ALEXIS CAYER AKA COACH CAYSTER MARC-ANDRÉ SÉGUIN MELANIE PETTIGREW PHIL ÉMOND ENJOY

860media Presents: Balance (full film)

by 860media*
Dec 19th - 16.3K views

With more snowfall in December then all of last year, the boys knew it was time to get down to business. Check out this years short film & get with it or get rolled over. Featuring: Mike DeJohn, Chris DeJohn, Calvin Lyons, Sam Marino, Lupe Hagearty, Jared DeGumbia, Ryan Funke & Friends Created By: Chris DeJohn Produced By: Jared Degumbia Additional: Bryan Jones Ethan Timmons Devin Bernard & Crew Supported by: The Studio Clothing Northpull Winch Co. Carinthia Parks


by OnSlaught
Dec 17th - 725 views

2017 With the OS Crew Thanks to everyone who was a part of this! Stoked for what 2018 has in store! Riders: Justin Juice Kennedy Mason Kennedy Grahham Gray Naathan Goddard Jake Stafford Reese Spalding Josh Karcher DK Jake Barret Dakota Atkissoo Kenison Olsen Jake Little Logan Moyer Andrew Tassel Sam Klein Taylor Rose Supported by: Spy Optic Faction Skis Armada Skis Eco Lounge Hillcrest Idaho Water Sports

Maine Hype Season

by north_coast
Nov 22nd - 2.1K views

little bit of early season action from the most hype time of year. first week at the river and the loaf skiers in order of appearance: -Ben Amburgey -Rowan Stamp -David Baird -Sam Scheff -Isaac Wright -Kyle Joseph (boardsliding clout god supreme)

2017 Rab

by Spitfyre94
Nov 20th - 327 views

Preseason is here. The boys and I are STOKED!!! Throughin down at Rabbit Hill but most importantly crushing beers. And holy fuck do we love KFED'S!! Drinkers: @bryaansmith244, @smithy_j, @jhoo58, @corbinblack

Justin JUICE Kennedy 2017

by OnSlaught
Nov 19th - 1.8K views

Another best year ever, got to ride everything from the streets, to the park, and the backcountry! Big thanks to everyone who filmed, built, or was a part of this in any way! Here's to another great year!

SmOkemo part uno

by Yungcodine
Nov 15th - 527 views

November 15, 2017 messing around at okemo for the day Instagram : yungcodine : giantloadofcrap Snapchat :lineskikid71 :grahamisawsome