Mixed Bag // NS Originals // Schoess

published Feb 2022 - 9,822 views

From the frozen tundra of the Midwest, through the snow-covered trees of Utah; this one certainly has it all. All homies, big vibes and a variety of tunes. Enjoy.

Music: Stop! - J Dilla // Funkadelic - Can You Get To That // Nas - Mastermind

Editing: Nick Schoess

Filming: Nick Schoess, Jon Mcmurry

Graphic Design/Titles: Sam Lobinsky

Skiing in order of appearance: Alex Young, Jon Mcmurry, Mike Kennedy, David Duea, Jack Kaiser, Adam Peterson, Matt Wunderlich, Sam Lobinsky, Reece Rule, Kian Barrett, Michel Justen

Special Thanks: Newschoolers, Twig, Scott and Sean @ ON3P, Tall T Daniel, All of the Utah Homies, Marsha Hovey @ Trollhaugen, Everyone at Trollhaugen, Valerie Schoess, Sam Lobinsky, Mike Kennedy, Jack Fritz, Jon Mcmurry

Playtime: 00:06:13

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