SmOkemo part uno

by Yungcodine
Nov 15th - 357 views

November 15, 2017 messing around at okemo for the day Instagram : yungcodine : giantloadofcrap Snapchat :lineskikid71 :grahamisawsome

Alta 2016/17 Season

by AlexJahn
Nov 14th - 283 views

Didn't get to film very much due to the huge amounts of infinite stoke but here are just a few shots. Thanks to Alpine Hut, and everyone that held a camera. Skiers: Alex Jahn Wyatt Connor

Home. Micah Evangelista 16/17 Season Edit

by Evangelista
Nov 13th - 1.3K views

A glimpse into the 2016/2017 season at Mt. Baker, WA. Big thanks to my friends and family for the support, and for fueling the many unforgettable days that last winter held. Thanks to K2 Skis Dakine Rime Elements evo Mt. Baker Ski Area Filming by: Mattias Evangelista, Dylan Hallett, Kyle Petershagen, John Douglas, Will Hutchinson. Editing by: Micah Evangelista Music: Home by LCD Soundsystem


by Steeze-On-Toast
Oct 20th - 158 views

(Hit the cog and watch it in HD so it doesn't look like I film using a potato) So I finally decided to go for a ski. Been a long time out but with being back...

Get Hyped For First Snow

by KingKohler
Oct 15th - 156 views

Pretty chillin day, got out there to the hill with some homies, pretty much built these jumps with our bare hands, then pretty much took turns skiing fast and eating ass, got pretty retarded, went back to my house home put this litass edit together, pretty gud day, sun was shining kids were smiling.