by Dissidents
Sep 2016 - 799 views

Spent 90% of my season on a tube, whoops.


Thanks to all the PHAAAT homies for helping me have the most fun season of my life.

Big shoutout to @Eazymacofficial for being a local rapper that is about to blow up.

1: Music for the visually impaired - Eazy Mac
2: Gold House - Reese

A Young Lad Outa Ohio

by G=unnar
Sep 2016 - 2K views

Super great season and even got to do some urban! Huge lack of snow though but we made it work :)! Enjoy and shout out to the Big Face Boys!
skiing: Gunnar Gronowski

Zest life #2 (Summer 16)

by andrew.gierys
Sep 2016 - 2.6K views

My friend and I have been hacking around in the park for a year or two now. This summer we decided that it would be a good idea to take our scholarship money and use it to buy plane tickets. We also took a shitty old camera from my dad. This atrocity was the result.

Subtropic Trailer // Ankilla Productions

by Ankilla
Sep 2016 - 2.5K views

This is the trailer for Ankilla Productions' new ski movie Subtropic premiering this fall. Tickets will be sold pre order and at the door.

Premiere: Will be held at Springdale Cinemas on October 27th at 7:30pm. Before the event will be the Vertical Drop Rail Jam. There will be give aways at the premier from Perfect North Slopes, Vertical Drop, Midwest Shades, and Wake Nation Cincinnati.

Featuring: Kamran Kopp, Freddy Mazza, Chris Neltner, Jason Loxterkamp, Andy Hall, Guenther Oka, Brandon Storey, Aaron Tufts, Logan Whitehead, Kyle Taylor, Jake Smith, Johnnie Paul, Elliot Reinshagen, Kyle Sharpshair, David Whelen, Adam Bandenburg, Spencer Gordon, Nick Vogt
Song: Violent Shiver- Benjamin Booker


by E__
Sep 2016 - 7.7K views

Couldn't find housing in Whistler so I bought a trailer and Zac and I lived out of it for 6 months. We filmed some of the fun. Dedicated to Pili for always being there.

Jack-John 2016 Re-Edit

by JackJohnSki
Oct 2016 - 2.5K views

Huge thanks to everyone that helped film; Ryan Ruffing, Jon Fox, Scott Moline, Seth Leinbach. Also thanks to my sponsors; Drink Doc, Aura Optics, and Wigwam.



by Miclovin
Oct 2016 - 3.4K views

A bunch of old footage mixed with even older footage. We can call it a mix. Check it
Boston Sawyer
Tyler Curle
Colton Shaff
Frank Ferguson
Miles Ronkos
Austin Wood

UNP - SHREDALERT! "The Brighton Episode"

by DanErik
Oct 2016 - 1.4K views

Jonas Tollgren & Erik Andersson went to this legendary golden spot in Utah. Brighton lived up to its reputation and delivered a week of heavy shredd! Enjoy this edit, and wait for the 15/16 full length movie !
Filmed by: Erik Andersson, Jonas Tollgren
Edited by: Erik Andersson
Graphic design: Karin Backstrom / [KRIG]

Summer Rail Edit

by Sage_F
Oct 2016 - 3.5K views

A short edit that I made for the Kevin Salonius Summer Rail Challenge. Filming this was extremely fun yet challenging because of several setbacks including breaking the tail of one of my skis at the beginning of the summer! Enjoy......

Saga Outerwear: Fall/Winter 15/16 Product Release

by Saga.
Jul 2015 - 5.4K views

Saga Outerwear is proud to announce the launch of our 15 / 16 Winter Collection. The line focuses on technical innovation, improved fits and construction. The introduction of the Monarch 3 Layer Bib pant, Insulted Mutiny Jacket and the Scout Softshell Jacket are a few new additions to the line. See the entire collection at

Riders In Order Of Apparence:
- Nicky Keefer
- Tim McChesney
- Dylan Manley
- John Kutcher
- Jake Doan
- Steve Stepp
- Mitchell brower

Video Footage Courtesy of:
Good Company
Level 1 Productions
The Coterie
4bi9 Media
Hennie VJ

4bi9 Media

Silent Strike - "Carousel"

Every Wipeout Ever

by challett24
Nov 2016 - 1.5K views

A compilation of every crash I have ever filmed, including GoPro and other shots. Crashes include everything from, skiing, biking and sailing. Compiled from all…

Liberty Skis // Max Moffatt "Roots"

by libertyskis
Nov 2016 - 21.2K views

We visit Liberty Skis athlete Max Moffatt in his hometown of Caledon, Ontario, to see what it is like to grow up skiing in Eastern Canada. The project reveals a behind the scenes look into where everything started for the 18 year-old Canadian National Slopestyle Team athlete.

The journey begins in Max's back yard at Caledon Ski Resort. The resort is home to a tight-knit group of of die-hard skiers, including the Moffatt family. Moffatt spent his early days learning to ski at the hill, and then later joined the Caledon race team. The resort plays a huge part in the love and passion that Max has today for skiing.

After a few days at home, Max headed to Mount St. Louis Moonstone. What the resort lacks in vertical feet it makes up for with the world-class terrain park; it is home to some of the best skiers in the world.
Max ended his trip by stopping at Blue Mountain Resort for a day of spring skiing. Follow along with us as Max shows us everything that Ontario has to offer.

Vail has vailed us once again

by garret.hunting
Nov 2016 - 216 views

Here at Park city Mountain resort we are still scheduled to open on Friday, November 18, today is Monday November 14. Yet Tourist from all over the country and all over the world are starting to come out to Park city thinking that there may be snow here. Well I'm sorry poor little tourist, Think again. Vail has vailed you once again! All of these poor tourist coming out here thinking that they will be shredding the gnar on Friday are going to be in for a rude awakening. I have to mention that I called park city mountain resort (acting like I had already booked a condo, ski school, ski tickets, and ski rentals) and I asked them if it was possible if they were going to open on Friday. The lady proceeded to tell me that there had not been any plans for change yet. And people who have booked ski rentals, ski school, and lift tickets would have to pay a $75 cancellation fee Per person if the resort opening day was postponed. Sorry about the rant guys, I just think A company that makes such a big impact in the ski industry would be willing to do a little bit more for the ski industry something as simple as letting the people know that they won't be able to ski would be amazing:)

Rough Start to the Season

by Skitrippin
Nov 2016 - 68 views

Tanner Bartos was having a rough time on the MSnow. Trust me, he's a lot better on real snow.
Song: Mind Playing Tricks on Me - Geto Boys
I do not own any rights to the music

Paul Marik - TORN

by Unaffiliated
Nov 2016 - 5.6K views

Didn't hit urban last season... Oops! These are some of my favorite shots to make up for it.

Filming by Ryan Ruffing, Zach Lastrilla, Seth Leinbach, Alex Havey, and Carter Allen.

Thanks to Full Tilt Boots, Les Moise, Doc, Treefort Lifestyles, Royal Outerwear, Unaffiliated Productions, NorthPull Winches, and Line

Unaffiliated Productions:

Progression 2 | Sunset Parks / AZ Snowbowl

by boofz
Nov 2016 - 7.8K views

The boofz are back with their second season edit ever. Shot at Sunset Parks @ AZ Snowbowl 15/16. Enjoy!

00:00 - Introduction
00:24 - Punks
01:34 - Boofz shred gnar
02:50 - Lockjaw Music Video *Parody*

Filmed/edited: Hunter Linford @TheFilmHunter
Riders: Grant Smith (board) Zach Tornga (skis)
Appearances: Ben Steen & Harrison Downing
Additional Filming: Grant Smith