Markus Eder BONUS SEGMENT - Days of My Youth

by Matchstick
Aug 2022 - 684 views

This fall marks the 30th year of MSP ski films. To celebrate, we're taking a look back through the years with "Full Segment Saturday's". Each week we will be posting full segments and never before seen bonus edits from our archives.

Kicking things off, we've got an exclusive Markus Eder bonus edit from 2014's "Days of My Youth".

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by butterybawls
Aug 2016 - 1.4K views

On May 28, 2016, at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, a 17-year-old Western lowland gorilla was shot and killed by a zoo worker.

Powder days at Treble Cone NZ

by jacland1
Sep 2016 - 1.1K views

Nothing special but a little bit of GoPro from the other side of the World. Four days of skiing at Treble Cone (one clip actually from Craigieburn the week after). The snow just kept coming and ended with probably the best four NZ had to offer this season.


by MaticGobec
Sep 2016 - 1.8K views

From the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, sand dunes of Oregon, high altitudes of Bernina Alps in Switzerland to my motherland Slovenia... #gooutandski

None of this would have been possible without the support from: Völkl, Marker Bindings, Dalbello Boots, Westcomb, Different Eyewear, Actionmama Outdoor Shop, Emelii, PowUnity, Beni Plugs

Skier: Matic Gobec
Edit: Matic Gobec
Camera: Matic Gobec, Conor Coen, Sebastian Freihofner, Jaka Miklavčič, Uroš Verbič

Track: Sympathy for the Devil
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album: GRRR! (2012)

Summer Slush RUINED my Macintosh

by +choppachase+
Sep 2016 - 170 views

The summer slush wave can only beSummer 2k16 iz rly over, im v sad all tha time nowa dayz. All I do iz is spend my time on yotube watchin macintosh vids and thinkin about the new harddrive im savin up 4. these emotional times bringforth new begginings, let us not forget the unforgetable summer of 2016. Join me in thez reminiscent macintosh dreamz. This iz a simulation of wut i see during the nightz in my dreamz. The MAN cant take my dreamz bc I hav them in my sleep. tha summer slush wave is slowly melting away like a glacier

Skiing in the Trees with Aspen

by MikeWeinerONE
Sep 2016 - 2K views

What do you do when the wind is blowing, its freezing cold, and dumping snow? You go outside to have fun and head for the trees instead of sitting inside playing Xbox. It was super fun chasing him around the mountain after years of him chasing me.


by Dissidents
Sep 2016 - 799 views

Spent 90% of my season on a tube, whoops.


Thanks to all the PHAAAT homies for helping me have the most fun season of my life.

Big shoutout to @Eazymacofficial for being a local rapper that is about to blow up.

1: Music for the visually impaired - Eazy Mac
2: Gold House - Reese

Mark Dalgliesh // 15-16 Season

by funkmaster
Sep 2016 - 172 views

Bit of a short season this year... Got some early season pow and dummied myself in early jan. Made it back out in time for some spring park shred at whis. Anyways, great year in the books and threw together this quick vid!!

Bustin' Out The Burrow

by NHall
Sep 2016 - 823 views

The rest of my shots from the season livin in the SLC Burrow. Most are new, some are re-used, Such a fun year zootin around with the homies!

The Chain

by BrownBomber
Sep 2016 - 2.9K views

Was sitting on some shots from the past couple of seasons. Enjoy. Thanks to everyone who filmed and was with me for these good times.


by E__
Sep 2016 - 7.7K views

Couldn't find housing in Whistler so I bought a trailer and Zac and I lived out of it for 6 months. We filmed some of the fun. Dedicated to Pili for always being there.

Big Tee2016

by hoodcrew
Sep 2016 - 9.9K views

Best of times with the squad skiing and touring around the Wasatch. Thanks to all the homies who made last season another one for the books! Big shout out to KFskis and Planks Clothing for keeping it real! - Tanner Boudreau