by Dissidents
Sep 2016 - 814 views

Spent 90% of my season on a tube, whoops.


Thanks to all the PHAAAT homies for helping me have the most fun season of my life.

Big shoutout to @Eazymacofficial for being a local rapper that is about to blow up.

1: Music for the visually impaired - Eazy Mac
2: Gold House - Reese


by John_Brown
Sep 2016 - 1.5K views

here is a re-edit from 2014/2015 that was never released. with John Brown (@jbfreeski) Tim Ryan (@artsytim) and Tyler Mega (@tyler_mega)

Bustin' Out The Burrow

by NHall
Sep 2016 - 823 views

The rest of my shots from the season livin in the SLC Burrow. Most are new, some are re-used, Such a fun year zootin around with the homies!


by E__
Sep 2016 - 8.5K views

Couldn't find housing in Whistler so I bought a trailer and Zac and I lived out of it for 6 months. We filmed some of the fun. Dedicated to Pili for always being there.

TittyBoi's Unsolved Truth's

by hoodcrew
Oct 2016 - 3K views

Evan Gurek's Season Edit// Filming by: Jake Nolan Addition Film by: Matt Rosenberg & Max Greeley // Editing By: Jake Nolan

First year skiing at Piff City was awesome! I was hyped to meet a bunch of people, see my friend Matt Goodson, and ski this perfect park everyday. I was able to take my skiing to a higher level here and enjoy west coast powder for the first time:) I hope you guys enjoy, I haven't put out a season edit in two years.

Alex Hall // 2015-2016

by AlexHall
Oct 2016 - 26.2K views

Another best season ever. I hope you guys like this edit. Special thanks to Faction Skis, Shred Optics, Slytech Protection, Monster Army, Panda Poles for making this season possible. Thanks to the filmers for making this edit possible and thanks to everyone else who made this season as fun as it was.

JUICE 2K15-16

by OS_Crew
Oct 2016 - 5.7K views

Justin Juice Kennedy killed it all year from the streets to the backcrountry, shredded Park City and Brighton as well as got mahalo on the volcano. Big Thanks to…

Cal Carson is HERE and NOW

by 4FRNT
Nov 2016 - 640 views

Ask Cal Carson and he'll say its don't stop won't stop park all day. Rising to Cal's 3 feet high and rising needs is our Switchblade, a competition grade slopestyle ski, built rugged enough for day in day out hammers, yet poppy and cut enough to grip and rip the fall line on the daily. Need something in between, we got you, but first check out this bonus piece of Cal from the 15/16 season featured in HERE and NOW!

Cal Carson // 2016

by CalCarson
Nov 2016 - 6.9K views

Had a blast shredding this year with all the homies out in Utah! Thanks to everyone who helped film and big thanks Lennon Vaughan and Austin Ramaley for editing this!

Saga Outerwear 2016 Look Book

by Saga.
Jun 2016 - 4.1K views

After more than a decade developing and creating the best outerwear, apparel and accessories for an on and off snow lifestyle we are proud to showcase our 2016 look book video. This video features products from our 2016 Spring/Summer line as well as 2016 Fall/Winter (available for pre-order now
Video: 4bi9 Media (
Music: "Feels Like The End", "Hip Hop #195 Street 90s Boom Bap", "Hip Hop #196 Old French La La La", "Hip Hop Triste Eat Yourself", "Hip Hop #125 Smooth Boom Bap"

The Hungry Crew: Nice Try Steve

by Saga.
Mar 2016 - 4.9K views

Steve Stepp attempts to host the next episode of 'The Hungry Crew,' but fails, proving once again that he's an incompetent amateur. Lucky everyone else's skiing makes up for it.
Featuring: Steve Stepp, John Kutcher, Mitchell Brower, Jake Doan, Nicky Keefer, Andy partridge and Dylan Sondrup.

Film & Edit: 4bi9 Media (
Music: Elbe Kim and Justo - ?Saboteur?// ?The Fire? (

Rice Triangle: Mitchell Brower 2015

by Saga.
Feb 2016 - 7.3K views

Rice triangle - Mitchell Brower 2015

If you've ever been to Asia and eaten a rice triangle, you know that it is a delight. 2015 was a rice triangle year for me: I got married, graduated from college, filmed for level 1's movie for the first time, and traveled to Japan, Korea, Sweden, and Canada. I'm very thankful for the great experiences I had and the people that made it all possible. This edit is a combination of my footage from 3 projects:

Small World - Level 1

We Trust Your Judgement - The Coterie

Secret Storm - The Brothers Brower


J skis: The Whipit

by J_skis
Nov 2016 - 3.2K views

See the whipit >>
The Whipit ski will literally read your mind taking your skiing further faster, with less effort than ever before. You'll be laying down effortless carves forwards or backwards with ease, feeling like there's nothing on your feet. Yup! this is the funnest, lightest, quickest, easiest, butteryest, most durable all-terrain freestyle of all time! #JWhipitSki