Home Court

by CharPoles
Feb 19th - 246 views

We got the crew together this season to shred some PC park laps. We put the our park pole, the Trajectory Carbon and Trajectory Aluminum, to the test and had a blast doing it. We filmed this 100% using the Gopro7 mounted on Char Pole and were blown away by how easy it was to get incredible shots and angles. We're stoked on the convenience of having a camera in your pocket and a mount on your pole so you're always ready to get great shots without carrying any extra gear. Along with the our patented "Grab Strap" the camera mount makes the Char Pole the perfect park skiing pole. We want to see some epic spring park shots from the NS community using our poles so we're giving you 30% off using code: NS Cheers from us at Char, don't hesitate to DM with any questions about the poles and have an awesome rest of the season.


by P.Cubed
Feb 13th - 1.5K views

Zane, AK, and Hern PC grindin. You know what it is. Song: Sittin' Sidewayz--Paul Wall (feat. Big Pokey)

Barclay Weyhrauch - Highlight Reel 14/18

by BarclayW
Feb 12th - 339 views

Recycled Clips - Collection of my favorite shots & moments put together over the past four years living, attending WCU, traveling/competing and everything in between. Enjoy :) Thanks to everyone who helped along the years! Yes, I used this song because WHYWOULDNTAGUY?

JDL_Stoneham 2018

by panini09
Feb 2nd - 872 views

Couple laps at Stoneham innaDecemba ENJOY filmed by @omainguy aka Oli Mainguy THANKS TO @sagaouterwear @surfaceskis @dakine @joystick @dstructureproshop

They See Me Trollin': Heart of Skiing - Ep 5

by J_skis
Jan 31st - 5K views

After narrowly avoiding being cut by the network, the Heart of Skiing film crew is back to tape another season. Zane makes his return from an unsuccessful run at Superunknown and his pursuits to join the Bunch seem to not be paying off. Controversy runs high as Zane starts rocking a yellow vest the same day Magnus loses his. Created, Directed & Produced by: Steve Stepp (@stevestepp) Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Lead Cinematography: Paul Braunstein Zane Kushman played by: Steve Stepp Shop skis: Follow on Instagram: @j_skis

Shark City

by OnSlaught
Dec 26th - 921 views

Day and a half filming at PC. Skiers: Juice Kennedy, Mason Kennedy, Tyler Mullin, Bayerd Baker, Ian Punnet, and Trevor Hattabaugh

-T3- // Park City & Brighton Resort

by theportal
Dec 24th - 575 views

Footage captured throughout last season, hope you enjoy. Riders: Tucker Addison, Taylor Bond, and Tucker Fitzsimons Music: ATLAS - Fast Love Filmed by Cal Aamodt - @cal.skate Follow us on instagram @entertheportal

Planet Earth: The Park Skier

by LarsPell
Dec 12th - 1.3K views

Planet Earth II is a 2016 multinational nature documentary series produced by the BBC as a sequel to Planet Earth, which was broadcast in 2006. The series is presented and narrated by Sir David Attenborough with the main theme music composed by Hans Zimmer. In this episode, we follow the life of the park skier and its magical journey to the top. This was the final project for my film studies project haha so its top notch skiing.