Extreme Killington 5/18/2019

by CatMan
Sep 16th - 134 views

Monday 5/13/2019
Orthopedic Surgeon: How old are you again?
Me: 46
Orthopedic Surgeon: Well, you didn't hyperextend your knee, but you did strain it at Jay Peak. You should take it easy for the next 3-4 weeks and if it’s still bothering you, I can give you a cortisone shot.
Me: No problem Dr. Geary, ski season is about over now.
Also Me, five days later at Killington...

tom and harry in australia

by HackerDuties
Sep 14th - 281 views

Two Brits meet at uni and become best friends through free-skiing. One goes to Australia and the other follows. Together, through their bickering, they share their first season together in Perisher/Thredbo.

You know how it goes guys... no one wants to be the camera man while everyone else is having a sick time lapping, so every shot is from one of our iPhones and yes, some of the angles are questionable...


by woodsy
Sep 13th - 210 views

Have you ever wondered how it would actually be as a video game character? Well Woodsy and the crew got about as close as one could possible get last week at X Games Oslo...

Picture yourself at stratospheric heights stood atop a skyscraper of a drop-in ramp about to descend at an almost vertical angle through a tiny hole in the roof of Oslo’s Telenor Area into a world class jump and fly, no rather: soar, above the heads of thousands of gawping fans and with not only survival as your primary objective, but the taste of X Games glory daring you into throwing the biggest and best tricks the world has ever seen and tempting you ever further into doing it again.

We can all get the taste in video games however the true grit and determination, consequence and pain, misery and elation of shredding at this stage cannot be artificially reconstructed. This is the premise behind this series, strap in and go truly behind the scenes and see what it is and what it takes to live your dreams.

Welcome to Woodsy'sWorld, season 2... A bi-weekly video blog, behind the scenes in professional freeskier James Woodsy's world. Enjoy!

Proofed Perfect: Eric Pollard's New Design Process

by Line_Skis
Sep 12th - 413 views

Learn more about our new 3D Convex here: featured on the re-designed Sir Francis Bacon & all-new Outline

“I’ve spent years chasing a sensation, a certain feeling. One that I’ve never been able to feel before – one that fundamentally changes how a ski will plane. And with the 3D Convex Tech, we’re finally there.” –Eric Pollard


Sep 9th - 548 views

watch Giray Dadali and Ian Hamilton on this fun filled ride at our local hill Brighton, Utah. This place has been the center of snowboard films for decades with legendary sidecountry access and jump spots. Accessing these zones with Daymakers Alpine Adapters, these boys set out to charge hard and make a short of their own after a decade of riding these part of the wasatch

Guest skiers: Ahmet Dadali, Alex Mager, Alec Finke

Filmed By:
Alex Mager @alx_mgr_video
Owen Dahlberg @osapferg
Mitchel Brower (Drone) @mitchellBrower

Still Photography
John Howland @johnhowlandphoto

Edited by
Giray Dadali @ahmetsbrother

Music by
Night Beats - Hex
Pan Ron - Rom Jongvak Twist

Shot on location at

Redrum in Hood

by seebass
Sep 8th - 1K views

Redrum in Hood is about the BC Park & Pipe Team, an aspiring group of skiers who accepts a position as off-season athletes of the isolated historic Timberline Lodge and Ski Area located at Oregon's famous Mt. Hood. The team possesses "the corking", psychic abilities that enable them to do stunts on the various terrain park features.

Corkers: Mitch Steven, Ben Lynch, Alex Thucydides, Andre Dreyer, Steven Kahnert, Leif Wilson, Alec Henderson, Lochlan Wilson, Cole Isfan

Filmed & Edited by Sebastien Berthiaume

BEHIND THE SCENES AT XGAMES - En Route to OSLO | Woodsy'sWorld S2 #3

by woodsy
Sep 6th - 203 views

The typical migration between mountains takes an odd turn as the crew arrives in the city of Oslo, Norway! There’s a warm welcome and a quality evening all round as everyone catches up after a long summer, before moods are tempered the next day. The very first look at a new set up always induces different feelings from different folks however there are always golden moments which is EXACTLY why Brody has the camera rolling...

Buckle up, tune in and enjoy the ride as the X Games Oslo shredders gear up and get their first eyes on the brand new, first of it’s kind city big air jump that penetrates the outer stratosphere as well as the roof of the Telenor Arena!

Welcome to Woodsy'sWorld, season 2... A bi-weekly video blog, behind the scenes in professional freeskier James Woodsy's world. Enjoy!

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Created by Brody Jones

ALL EYES ON XGAMES OSLO | Woodsy'sWorld S2 #2

by woodsy
Sep 6th - 118 views

Everyone is now in Saas- Fee with the goal of brushing off the cob webs from summertime and getting ready for Oslo X Games. It’s obvious from the get go that cob webs don’t exist, whether it’s peer pressure or pure talent these guys are all firing the biggest tricks in the world and some that have never been done before on their first few days back!! Perfect weather conditions, park and a group of the best in the business is the recipe for a successful pre X Games session!

Jamie is late, Woodsy gets his tricks back plus works on fresh grabbery and Max Moffat proves he well and truly has a future in front of the camera!

Welcome to Woodsy'sWorld, season 2... A bi-weekly video blog, behind the scenes in professional freeskier James Woodsy's world. Enjoy!

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Created by Brody Jones


by woodsy
Sep 6th - 94 views

Welcome to Woodsy'sWorld, season 2... A bi-weekly video blog, behind the scenes in professional freeskier James Woodsy's world. Enjoy!

Due to an incredibly successful launch last year, Woodsy’s World is back for it’s second season!! After a hugely successful 2018/19 winter season, bagging X Games medals and the World Champion title, and a well deserved summer break, Woodsy and the crew are now back in the mountains! The first stop for the boys’ year long, madness of a World tour starts at 14,000ft on the world renowned glacial training grounds of Saas- Fee, Switzerland.

A final tip of the hat respect to Danny Warley for getting this train rolling in exceptional fashion last year, however now it’s time for the new man behind the lense Brody Jones to step up and take over! As you will see here in episode 1, stepping up to plate is certainly how Brody rolls - Enjoy the cinematic, awe striking visuals that surely only this exceptionally talented, B.C. (Canada) based, first time in the European Alps, young fizzer of a videographer can produce... in other words episode 1 will blow your miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!

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Created by Brody Jones

The Hood Chronicles

by claytong16
Sep 5th - 164 views

This summer on Mt Hood was a blast and definitely one i will never forget, working up at Timberline as a lift operator i ran the Pro Pipe tow then Palmer for the remainder of that summer. Didn’t have a lot of time to ride with the boys but whenever i did it was a blast! This is the first episode for the series im creating called The Hood Chronicles. Enjoy!
Riders (in order of apperance) :

Naish Invie

Reese Rule

Ethan Swadburg

Jon Marks

Levi Ascher

Bryce Hayes

Tristan Fountain

Zach Baldwin

Severin Corallo

TORN ACL Henri Swischuk

Michel Justen // 2018-19

by JichelMusten
Sep 3rd - 4.1K views

Shoutout all the homies. Shoutout all the filmers. Shoutout Trollhaugen. Shoutout Tyrol Basin. Shoutout skiing.

Filmers: Nick Schoess, Alex Havey, Kian B, Sam L, Ethan C, Lenni J, Tyler B, Jack W, Ben L


Sep 1st - 1.3K views

High school senior Jon McMurry built his own winch and made this street video during the 18/19 season. He recently moved to Utah and we can't wait to see what he gets up to!

Walk Mode - Johnny Egan 2019

Aug 30th - 205 views

After an incredible season with plenty of time up in Canada, fun times around Big Sky, breaking a few pairs of boots, and hitting almost all of my lines in Walk Mode, here is what you've been waiting for. Thank you to all of my friends, family, and sponsors for making it all happen and always being incredibly supportive, I hope you enjoy.

Song: Johnny, I hardly knew ya, Dropkick Murphys