One Trick Pony: Tyler Mega v Quinn Wolferman

by eheath
Sep 2016 - 16.5K views

One Trick Pony is a new series where two skiers play rock, paper, scissors, one skier sets a trick and the second must match. The skier that fails to land the trick gets sprayed, while the winner runs off with the cash.

This first episode features Mega and Quinn at Windells Camp, Enjoy!

Markus Eder BONUS SEGMENT - Days of My Youth

by Matchstick
Aug 2022 - 899 views

This fall marks the 30th year of MSP ski films. To celebrate, we're taking a look back through the years with "Full Segment Saturday's". Each week we will be posting full segments and never before seen bonus edits from our archives.

Kicking things off, we've got an exclusive Markus Eder bonus edit from 2014's "Days of My Youth".

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Full Whistler Park Segment - Ruin and Rose (2016)

by Matchstick
Dec 2022 - 556 views

This weeks Segment Saturday features and all-time crew teeing off on an all-time build. We know all your thoughts on "Ruin and Rose", but between the sand, there are a few iconic segments to be found. We've seen a few legendary Whistler park builds over the years, and this one is definitely up there!! Featuring legends Russ Henshaw, Sean Jordan, Markus Eder, Ole Pavel, Evan McEachran, and Noah Wallace.

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