"Pre Season"

by flip_phone_
Nov 14th - 30 views

It’s just a leg warm up. A film by Jacob Erickson Filmed on location at the Whitewater Ski Resort pre season set-up Run time 5:43

This is Armada: Henrik Harlaut

Nov 14th - 284 views

Henrik Harlaut, aka Dollo, is the don of style, and exactly what skiing needs. In the 7+ years, we have been working with Dollo, his skiing has propagated some of the most progressive equipment we have ever made. Take a look into Henrik's mind and time with Armada in the second installment of our new video series #ThisIsArmada Edited by Brady Perron

Crossing Paths - Minnesota

by Goodcompanyski
Nov 14th - 480 views

During the winter of 2018 Lupe Hagearty, Forster Meeks, and Dale Talkington linked up in the street skiing mecca of Minnesota to explore the cities and capture some urban skiing. This is a piece that not only showcases what they were able to do during this trip but also gives a bit of a retrospective towards what makes the area so iconic for street skiing and snowboarding. Enjoy!


by PRing
Nov 12th - 1.6K views

@child.labor_ @secretagentbussdown @skatecamerasales first edit back from ACL surgery. Thank you @vishnufreeski. Its colorado dude.

EGO-TRIP by Remco Kayser

by Remco
Nov 12th - 12.3K views

After surprisingly being invited for Superunknown XV in Winter Park Colorado, I didn't want to fly to the USA for just a week, so I talked with fellow finalists Simon Bartik and Jessy Desjardins and we organised what became the best road-trip of my life. I joined Simon, Jessy, Carlo Mion, Philippe Clairoux, Philippe Gaucher and Kevin Desjardins in Portland where we later drove to California and Colorado trough some epic scenery. Hope you will enjoy, ONE LOVE ! What to expect: - Illegal stuff such as 3 different angles for a cork 9 - Beautiful landscapes from our road trip - Nice still pictures - Quality shots from Mammoth filmed by the man Carlo Mion - Unseen shots from Winter Park during Superunknown. - Pretty bad crashes - Good music - A selfie in front of the Tesla Gigafactory in Reno - A broken down Tesla in the middle of some Oregon forest and in the middle of the night - A rail run from Carlo who’s a good filmer AND and great skier Huge thanks to Wells Lamont, my parents, my friends, uni, Geneva and everyone out there !!!!


by Merecski
Nov 10th - 424 views

December 29th, word broke out of a winter storm nuking the east coast. In the hunt for powder, all responsibilities were ignored and an expedition for Jay Peak was made. This should be played at high volume. Preferably in a residential neighborhood. I've neglected to upload this for 2 years Shoutout to Grampa Grunts RIP

Summit-Danya Manyak

by D.Manyak
Nov 10th - 183 views

Danya Manyak hiking some early season rails at A-basin and Keystone. Big thanks to Akrynm Clothing, Zeal Optics, and Apex Boots for the support!


by trifonitchev
Nov 9th - 140 views

it's been already published on newschoolers in the summer by an other account , i just wanted it to be uploaded on my personal for the record. thanks for the people making it possible so apologies for the repost @thomastrifonitchev ig

That's Life | Dylan Siggers 2018

by dylansiggers
Nov 9th - 3K views

"You're riding high in April Shot down in May But I know I'm gonna change that tune When I'm back on top, back on top in June" Music Frank Sinatra “Thats Life” Primary Filming The Burrrlapz Brody Mcskimming Anatole Tuzlak Josh Mcskimming Additional Filming Essex Prescott Nic Genovese Kevin Frank LSM/Anttu Oikkonen Edit Dylan Siggers A very sincere thank you to my sponsors over the years. LINE SKIS FERNIE ALPINE RESORT SMITH OPTICS NORTHWEST TECH COMMIT SNOW AND SKATE STRAIGHT LINE BICYCLE AND SKI MARKER DALBELLO

Box Set | Movie Trailer

by Unaffiliated
Nov 8th - 445 views

Filmed over the past few years. Box Set features the riding of Sam Anderson, Paul Marik, Sam Klein, Seth Leinbach, and many many more.. The full movie will be released on November 6th. This project is for Unaffiliated Productions, directed and edited by Alex Havey. Background art courtesy of Jon Fox The song used in this trailer is "600 miles" by The Road Miles

Season ender 17/18

by kalle.
Nov 8th - 240 views

I've started my transformation from a park skier to an all-mountain dude fully last season, so naturally I try to bring that to my skiing when I'm in the park. So I decided to drop this edit I made for the gram on NS too, hopefully you'll like it. This is from the last day of 17/18 season. Filmed by Sami Lindsberg @skeggesami

“En Particulier” a film from Phil Casabon & Brady Perron

Nov 8th - 4.1K views

Catch Phil Casabon’s iconic mystique unveiled by filmer and friend Brady Perron during their time spent shooting Phil's X Games Real Ski 2018 winning video. "En Particulier" takes the viewer through Casabon’s passionate process, raw thrill and Quebec roots. His playfulness, determination and coordination play out for 23 minutes of intimacy, struggle and heavy tricks, letting the audience get a closer look into Casabon's mind and chemistry surrounding his beloved craft. Directed, Shot and Edited by Brady Perron @b_person Skiing and Music Supervision by Phil Casabon @casablunt Music by Cloud Collision Special thanks Emile Bergeron and Alexandre Casabon Presented by Armada, Blue Tomato and Full Tilt

Pfeiff n Frens // Chill @ Mt. Hood

Nov 7th - 750 views

Ok so its no question that a ton of edits came from hood over the summer, and they'll keep flowin like water. But we wanted to drop just a few more before the season starts heating up from mountain to mountain. Patagucciplug n his crew slid through and cooked up another hit edit from the summer, these guys never run outta clips. Keep 'em comin! Zach Pfeiffer aka @Patagucciplug Skye Brennen aka @Skyecassidy.b Nick Westland aka @Nictoriousss Song Artist: @_Keeskees_

LINE Traveling Circus 11.2 - The Trans-Vanada Highway

by Line_Skis
Nov 6th - 2.5K views

Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to watch every episode: The crew gets in the van and heads across the Trans-Canadian Highway in search of deep fresh pow...err rails, jibs and jumps. Getting an early start on Olympic Training pon de Calgary Olympic Park, boot packing upstairs at Revy and finally landed at Grouse for some dino jibbing and the like. Featuring WIll Wesson, Andy Parry, Rob Heule, Kevin Salonius, LJ Strenio and friends!

This Is Armada : Phil Casabon

Nov 6th - 1.6K views

Welcome to the first installment of THIS IS ARMADA, an inside look into the people who make Armada what it is. It’s been 12 plus years now that Phil Casabon, aka Bdog, has been pushing the limits of skiing as part of #ARfamily. From first getting picked up by JP to winning X-Games Real Street last season, Phil has never given any sign of slowing down. Sit back and hear all about Phil’s journey with Armada and what the future will bring. Cut by : Brady Perron

01 Nov 03

by toast
Nov 6th - 1.2K views

11/03/18 A very snowy early season Saturday at Loveland Ski Area with Pete Koukov, Levi Ascher, and me. Music adapted from Some People by The Avalanches toast