"Wouldn't That Be Better" - Self Edit

by cholo
Feb 20th - 189 views

A short yet emotional edit from Steamboat dedicated to the melancholy of second semester senior year. Skiing - Barrett Lopez (@barrettlopez) Filming - Blake Larson (@blakelar) Song - "Young Coconut" by Makeout Videotape

One Run Wonder

by Ralkuh
Feb 19th - 145 views

so its been two seasons ive been out of now with my broken ankle. Surgery was October 21st 2016, which resulted in a failed surgery and i have zero feeling in my right foot, have a paddle foot and all broken/bent toes. Its an adjustment to relearn how to ski with this injury, but ive accepted that it will be this way forever and i might as well get used to it

Wojtek Rajzer 2016/17

by Enthalpy
Feb 19th - 290 views

Way too late, but after the injury Wojtek had some time to make his edit! Check this out! Majesty Skis/ Roxa Italian Ski Boots/ Hivermag/ Czarny Gron

Johnny Skipped School

by Karkoskier
Feb 18th - 202 views

Stoked that Johnny's mom let him skip school so that he could come have the best day ever at Sugarbush with me. Lapped from first chair to last chair on the new Sunny D Quad through the warm temps, clouds, sun, and rain. Stoked we both learned some new tricks and tracked some clips in the process. ENJOY!

Johnny Skipped School

by Karkoskier
Feb 18th - 76 views

Stoked that Johnny's mom let him skip school so he could come have the best day ever at Sugarbush Parks this past Thursday. We lapped from first chair to last chair on the new Sunny D Quad and ended learning some new tricks while stacking clips. Enjoy!


by garrett.
Feb 18th - 1.6K views

Its been a fun last couple weeks out on fawn ridge at Kirkwood. Huge shoutout to Dougy Fresh for coming out and helping shovel, Mike for some additional camera work and everyone who came out and shredded! @gtbalen @whatfordchris Moment skis Roxa Boots

Trollhaugen : Human Being : Coordinated - Ep 4, Vol 2 - 2017/18

by Trollhaugen
Feb 16th - 2.4K views

There's something about February. The rhythm of the season is in full swing. Everyone's comfortable on the snow. The park sets start to get weird, as the amount of available snow and creative juice levels rise daily. These are Trollhaugen human beings in their natural habitat, and they brought some friends along to coordinate. And they are coordinated. Agility. Harmony. Friendship. Trickery. Filming. Whichever definition you choose means little to your eyeballs. Coordinate your vision with the screen. Coordinate your tips with the volume dial. Coordinate your high-fives with filmer/editor Nick Schoess. Enjoy Trollhaugen Human Being: Coordinated. Film:Nick Schoess Edit: Nick Schoess Additional Filming: Drew Ahlstrom Cover Photo: Sam Lobinsky (Skis) Mitch Johnson (Photog) Music: Traffic- Many A Mile to Freedom Titles/Text: David Duea Skiing (In order of appearance): Zach Shuster, Drew Ahlstrom, Ken-Dozer, J-LO, Nick Schoess, Ben Zins, Jack Fritz, LJ Strenio, Paul Bystrican, Tateum Cava, Sam Lobinsky, Kian Barrett, Richard Thomas, Michael Hibbs, Matt Khron, Josh Guslander, Henry Jackson Notes From Nick - Thanks: Dave Sutton, Trollhaugen, Trollhaugen Park Crew, Val, David Duea, Mike Kennedy, Mom & Dad, Mary & Mark, Pinewskis, Aaron Hunter, Cory Pinewski, Dan Pinewski, Trevor Slattery, The Train Park, Karl Bekkala, Derek Lee, Kael, The Stuga, Kian Barrett, The Canadians, Ken-Dozer, Sam Lobinsky, Matt Khron, Shane Nelson, ON3P skis, Craig Weiler, Newschoolers, Soda


by DeadLine
Feb 16th - 564 views

Featured by Anton Golubev, Aleksi Patja, Oleg Guch, Gregory Fuzeev Filmed by Mikhail Shishebarov Place: Ruka ski resort, Finland

Ramen Warriors

by JANKYfilms
Feb 14th - 388 views

Long-time JANKY snowboarder John Sheffler dragged Hazen Woolson all around Hokkaido to see how much ramen a gaijin can physically eat - and the answer is a lot. Throughout their battles with noodle bowls the pair explore the volcanic peaks, powder-filled ski areas and hidden roadside features of Japan's snowy north island in "Bean," their trusty Nissan Dayz. -Music- -Guitar - Ayako -Darius & FKJ - O