Markus Eder BONUS SEGMENT - Days of My Youth

by Matchstick
Aug 2022 - 836 views

This fall marks the 30th year of MSP ski films. To celebrate, we're taking a look back through the years with "Full Segment Saturday's". Each week we will be posting full segments and never before seen bonus edits from our archives.

Kicking things off, we've got an exclusive Markus Eder bonus edit from 2014's "Days of My Youth".

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Full Whistler Park Segment - Ruin and Rose (2016)

by Matchstick
Dec 2022 - 497 views

This weeks Segment Saturday features and all-time crew teeing off on an all-time build. We know all your thoughts on "Ruin and Rose", but between the sand, there are a few iconic segments to be found. We've seen a few legendary Whistler park builds over the years, and this one is definitely up there!! Featuring legends Russ Henshaw, Sean Jordan, Markus Eder, Ole Pavel, Evan McEachran, and Noah Wallace.

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Afterbang the Movie - BLUE

Sep 2016 - 5.1K views

A movie with the goal to show young skiers that making a movie does not require professional riders, a red camera or a large budget at all.
This movie is shot 100% on GoPros. For us skimovies is about the same as when the first ski movies arrived, it is the result of doing something together with your group of friends during the season, and document it .

Right Left Down | Monty Wright

by tom.skier
Sep 2016 - 6.2K views

Monty Wright season edit 2015/16
Armada Skis, Real Life Drama Records, Full Tilt, Marker and Von Zipper

Shot at Snowpark Laax, Switzerland and Stubai, Austria
Additional filming: Legs Of Steel
Music: Illinformed at Real.Life.Drama Records

A winter in Mammoth-Cole Lyon

by trout.squad
Sep 2016 - 1.9K views

Had an opportunity of a life time last season as I moved down to mammoth and had one of the longest seasons of my life. Had a great year filled with great people, great snow, and an abundance of crashes. Thanks to all my coaches, friends, fam, and sponsors who supported me. TROUT SQUAD

Tignes Bound - Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Sep 2016 - 9.4K views

Took a day trip to shoot in Tignes for the High Five Festival and their collab with Dakine. Luckily I could spend an hour filming for myself and came back home with those POV shots. I hope you will like putting yourself in my boots and enjoy a couple runs in the park.

Thanks to these guys for making this possible : Volkl, Dakine, Oakley, GoPro and FeiyuTech.

Cut fully shot on GoPro black.


by Dissidents
Sep 2016 - 810 views

Spent 90% of my season on a tube, whoops.


Thanks to all the PHAAAT homies for helping me have the most fun season of my life.

Big shoutout to @Eazymacofficial for being a local rapper that is about to blow up.

1: Music for the visually impaired - Eazy Mac
2: Gold House - Reese


by John_Brown
Sep 2016 - 1.5K views

here is a re-edit from 2014/2015 that was never released. with John Brown (@jbfreeski) Tim Ryan (@artsytim) and Tyler Mega (@tyler_mega)

summer 16 - Tim van Dyck summer season edit

by Whiteout_
Sep 2016 - 2.3K views

"Definetly had my best summer so far this season. Got down many more double switchups, a super illusive and some more stuff I'm stoked about.

Got about 30 ski days after May and had tons of fun shredding the Superpark Dachstein and Snowdome Bispingen. Huge thanks to everyone borrowing me skis over the summer months, everyone filming and FASC Clothing for the great support"
Contact Tim van Dyck :

One more thing: No your PC is not broken, it should be like that.


by jbmyo
Sep 2016 - 3.9K views

A day @zermattsnowpark in september
film @gangstalice
ski & edit @jbmyo
music: how does it feel - kamaiyah

A Young Lad Outa Ohio

by G=unnar
Sep 2016 - 2K views

Super great season and even got to do some urban! Huge lack of snow though but we made it work :)! Enjoy and shout out to the Big Face Boys!
skiing: Gunnar Gronowski


by Kenyon
Sep 2016 - 6.1K views

Getting hyped to shred so I threw this together from last winter. Shouts out to anyone I ever skied with. @blackstrap_inc

Mark Dalgliesh // 15-16 Season

by funkmaster
Sep 2016 - 176 views

Bit of a short season this year... Got some early season pow and dummied myself in early jan. Made it back out in time for some spring park shred at whis. Anyways, great year in the books and threw together this quick vid!!

Spring Lap At Treble Cone

by louis.charnaud
Sep 2016 - 1.6K views

A short Iphone edit of Sam Allen messing about on easy rider going top to bottom... The snow is heaps slushy now and landings are sketchy. so we stayed close to the ground and kept it mellow