Laps With Dad Ep 2 // Snow Day

by MikeUrich
Jan 19th - 1.1K views

Here is the second episode of Laps With Dad! I did not anticipate already having the second one done yet but here it is. From cup cakes for breakfast to back yard "pow' skiing to Dad hiking rails, this episode has you covered. I hope you enjoy! KLINT Skis Knee Bindings RMR Parks Roundtop Mountain Resort

Space Jam

by chunkybacon
Jan 18th - 261 views

Couple quick runs through Killington Parks Sking : Chris Starr @azapchris Filming: Henry Garaffa @falconlordhank Thanks to Facet Skis for their support! @facetskis

Warm Up

by 80HD
Jan 18th - 136 views

With the new season starting up we had to warm up a little bit. Nothing big in this, just some silky smooth bluebird shots.


by Johngreenacre
Jan 17th - 1.4K views

First day on big jumps this season, learned sw dub at the end of last season and wanted to work on them, here are the 4 I did. What is wrong with them? they don't feel like they come around the way other peoples do. I put some quick descriptions of what was going on in each attempt, just pause the video to read them cause it goes fast. Any help is appreciated. If you are going to say this is a claim then fuck right off, and get off a site made for discussing skiing.

Mt. ICE : Better Luck Next Time

by TwoBiFour
Jan 16th - 169 views

Rain + freezing temps = suicide mission. The crew over at Carithia has given the place a straight up Nip Tuck facelift. Arguably the sickest park on the East Coast. Can't wait to go back and get redemption. Until then here's our attempt to stay relevant while we stack for the season ending banger edit. ✌❌👊 @2bi4_ever @strong.mark @theRADfisherman @carithinaparks #carinthiaturns10


by IsaacShepard
Jan 11th - 1.6K views

As always, waited until my last 2 days in CO to film. Partially dislocated my shoulder (it popped back in!) after my only jump shot so I didn't film any more jumps haha.