by Johngreenacre
Jan 17th - 1.4K views

First day on big jumps this season, learned sw dub at the end of last season and wanted to work on them, here are the 4 I did. What is wrong with them? they don't feel like they come around the way other peoples do. I put some quick descriptions of what was going on in each attempt, just pause the video to read them cause it goes fast. Any help is appreciated. If you are going to say this is a claim then fuck right off, and get off a site made for discussing skiing.

Mt. ICE : Better Luck Next Time

by TwoBiFour
Jan 16th - 170 views

Rain + freezing temps = suicide mission. The crew over at Carithia has given the place a straight up Nip Tuck facelift. Arguably the sickest park on the East Coast. Can't wait to go back and get redemption. Until then here's our attempt to stay relevant while we stack for the season ending banger edit. ✌❌👊 @2bi4_ever @strong.mark @theRADfisherman @carithinaparks #carinthiaturns10

Don't Suck At Skiing This Season - Contest Time

by SkiAddiction
Jan 9th - 164 views If you're throwing down and constantly pushing yourself to be a better skier, it's likely that on occasion, you're crashing. Lucky for you, this doesn't have to go in vain or without fame any longer. We want to see your biggest and best (or worst) bails! Send in your footage and earn the chance to win yourself Tramp Skis, Bindings and a Jib Bar, the same gear that have the pro's throwing down! Sounds pretty good right... See the full contest details here: FILMED AT: Whistler Blackcomb: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram:

Burrrlapz | Nowhereville

by Burrrlapz
Jan 7th - 790 views

WE BACK YO! After the kind people of Vimeo decided to delete not only every video we've ever made but also living the legends Nimbus', the homies at LINE skis let us borrow their youtube to share dis next one with you all. The sled head homies let us follow them as far as we could make it and a little farther to find the ultimate middle of nowhere, where the snow is over your head every day so you just let er chuck and see what comes out the other side. Hope you like dis one NS world WE DID IT 4 U


by RobinRomera
Jan 6th - 207 views

Dirty South Media present: The Park Tape 2018 Film/edit: Robin Romera. Featuring: Sacha Moretti, Seb Konijnenberg, Kimani Metsch, Quentin Ladame, Gaetan Carl...


by garrett.
Jan 5th - 305 views

Last years season edit, thanks to everyone that was a part of it! @Gtbalen @Momentskis @roxa_itlian_skiboots @kirkwoodmtn

How To Slash On Skis

by SkiAddiction
Dec 31st - 159 views Who doesn't like a face-shot? Being able to add in effortless looking style, flow and control through slashing is a sure-fire way to show off your skiing ability. Discover how to get pitted today! FILMED AT: Whistler Blackcomb: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram:

Mediocre Ski Club Vol. 2 'The Dregs'

by DaneKirk
Dec 30th - 146 views

The Mediocre Ski Club find themselves in a sticky situation in this episode, stranded in Mammoth in May during the infamous foetus dub 10 training camp. With Main Park in near ruin and its 2 park attendants in complete disarray the boys are left to their own devices. This is THE DREGS! Editing - Alexander Glavatsky-Yeadon


by Audreyfriess
Dec 29th - 498 views

forgot to post this, but here ya go enjoy snow was possible thanks to snow trails footy brought to u by sarah


by rocco.caruso
Dec 28th - 149 views

This is our first movie "AFTERFALL" A special thanks goes out to everyone apart of this project; it wouldn't have been possible without you! Riding by Jack Baumann, Rocco Caruso, Laurens Perseus, Oliver Perseus, Luca Bodenwinkler, Menno Bleeker, Sebi Kuhn, Laurin Grether, Jasper Bleeker & Nico Bossi Produced by Oliver Perseus Directed and Edited by Jasper Bleeker & Rocco Caruso Shot on location in Davos, Switzerland


by Spitfyre94
Dec 26th - 142 views

Don't get caught with your head down out there kids! The boys and I will make sure you go home missing a few chiclets! LETS GO OILERS!!!!!!!!

Lake Time

by cwise
Dec 22nd - 65 views

Pre-season ski jump training at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY. Big thanks to the coaches for helping me this weekend and Chris Simon for coming along! Location: Lake Placid, NY Skier & Editor: Chris Wise Filmer: Chris Simon Music: "Rita Mae Young" by The Record Company

Mitchel Guindon - Toni Sailor

by MitchelGuindon
Dec 18th - 292 views

After another short, fun filled season on the ice coast I jumped on a plane and flew to Whistler for another amazing spring. Thanks to all the homies that made it possible and made it so good. Filming: Alec Craig, Emma Doucette Song: Tragically Hip - Courage

TRANSMISSION - Full Movie by Jeremy Pancras

by panpan
Dec 17th - 273 views

À 45 ans, Seb Michaud a marqué une génération entière de skieurs français. Il faut dire que « Mishtrouf », communément appelé « Mister Backflip », a dompté Verbier plusieurs fois et a une étoile de champion du monde sur sa veste de ski et un titre de vice-champion du monde dans la poche. Aujourd’hui, le local de La Clusaz transmet son savoir et sa passion aux jeunes : « Je partage mon expérience pour les aider à faire les bons choix. » Dans l’espace joueur de sa station, ils sont une quinzaine à suivre ses traces et ses conseils. Dans ce documentaire, vivez deux mois au sein de ce groupe. Riders Jean Tonnelier Lalo Rambaud Tanguy Dechamboux Jules Michaud Edgar Cheylus Astrid Cheylus Justin Blanchet-Nicoud Téo Deloche Hugo Mulatier Simon Ythier Louis Pouvel Alexine Cuoq Joseph Maucout Jack Clarke Noah Mignee Bastien Bernard Maxime Perkins Manon Loschi Caroline Dreier Tom Buschiazo Philémon Lieutaghi Jules Zanardi Marius Lafarge Florian Fresnaud Max Vanhelmon