17|18 Ski Glasgow

by snazzyBizzle
May 15th - 243 views

Well, it finally happened... Glasgow city in Scotland finally received a dump of snow big enough to hit all the features I've been dreaming about! Here's the footage :) Music: Bounce It (feat. Trey Songz & Wale) - Juicy J Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem) - Jay Z

wind dem windows

by spin+grin
May 15th - 147 views

this was my season ender this year, worst crash ive ever had. Somehow just managed to get my speed completely wrong on my first straight air of the XL line that day. Kicker to knuckle was about 50ft an i flew about 30ft past the knuckle almost to flat IG @joeldavies135

JARET CROSS - SEASON [2017/2018]

by crisscross
May 12th - 505 views

By far one of the best ski seasons of my life. Even though the snow was nothing compared to last year, I progressed more than I imagined I could. I want to thank everyone who helped film, especially my friends from my local mountain.

I Can Not // Mikey Parent 2018

by mikeyparent
May 11th - 353 views

Some of my better tricks that I managed to get on film. Cut the season a little short due to an ACL injury but very satisfied with how my season turned out. Shoutout to the squad for making it a sick time every time we got out on the snow.. #vtmoles

May Day Big Boulder 2018

by jagorman48
May 5th - 235 views

Great way to end the season. Dope little event. Also I know Im not good I am new to the park and I’m still processing so bring that hating shit somewhere else :)

I still get a trophy, right?

by twoshanes
May 2nd - 341 views

I didn't go as big as last year, and I still can't pop, but damn, this season was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone that motivated me to recklessly huck my meat. Only bails until about 1:30, enjoy.

The Carinthia Goodbye

by 860media*
May 1st - 6.1K views

Closing weekend at Carinthia was nothing short of the best. The sun was shinning, the beer was flowing, and the boiz managed to put down some tricks to close out the season here at Carinthia parks.......Catch ya May 26th for Peace Pipe!! Created By: Chris DeJohn, Bryan Jones // 860media Skiing: Mike DeJohn Calvin Lyons Condor O'brien Larz Lund Rob Newton Garret Colby Charles Crall Jake Duncan Keith Shipman Bennie Osnow

Shuffles and Send: Sam Mitchell 2017-2018

by s.j.mitchell
Apr 30th - 174 views

Killer season out here on the east coast. My first season really getting into park and trying shit so the tricks arent the cleanest or the most difficult. Still had so much fun this year and cant wait to slide metal and get in the air again!


by J-jay
Apr 28th - 1.3K views

My first ever backflip attempt ended up being pretty epic :D Luckily I tried it again after that and learned how to do it! :)

Mostly Cliffs...

by chubby3
Apr 27th - 4.6K views

Put together a few clips from this season. Barely skied any park but managed to get some banger powder days in Utah, even with the low season.

REBOUND // Charlie Beatty

by JSpeers
Apr 27th - 703 views

After tearing his ACL in 2016, 10 year old Charlie Beatty is back and feeling better than ever. Thanks to Muskoka Woods, RipCurl Canada, Line Skis, Full Tilt, Spy Optics and Horseshoe Valley Resort for supporting Charlie. Produced by Joey Speers

Til' Infinity - Nick Bedi

by bedin
Apr 25th - 1.4K views

Filming: Henry Garaffa @falconlordhank Matt Shield @mshield99 Ben Upton @benupton11 Supported by: Facet Skis @facetskis Stumble Clothing @stumbleclothing

2015-2018 seasons JD

by Freeskier_boi
Apr 20th - 406 views

A broken tailbone, a broken wrist and a concussion weren't enough to stop me from skiing. Only good memories. Thanks you skiing, and all the people who helped to film.