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ski lines

by toast
Mar 2019 - 5.5K views

A handful of paper and digital rotoscoped animations of my friends' skiing - sourced from video clips by myself and by Alex Havey. Thanks to Max Moffatt and Pepe Gay for inspiration.

Skiers, in order
Scott Nelson
Colby Stevenson (2)
Knut Fineid & Levi Ascher
Jonah Elston, Knut Fineid, & Jonah Williams
Alex Hall
Hunter Hess
Blunts: Oystein Braten, Cody Ray, Dane Kirk, Colby Stevenson
Ethan Swadburg

Animation by Gavin Rudy


The Wozard of Iz by The Avalanches

ON3P 4

by ON3P
Apr 2019 - 4.3K views

We set the boys loose on the streets of Minnesota and documented the mayhem. We proudly present our fourth in-house movie: ON3P 4

Featuring the talents of Forster Meeks, Alex Hackel, Siver Voll, Eirik Moberg, and Pete Christensen

Film/edit: Oliver Hoblitzelle

Girlpool - Ideal World
The Frights - Crust Bucket
The Miracles - I've Been Good To You

Special thanks to: Scott Andrus, Sean Donahue, Magnus Graner, Paddy Flanagan, Matt Kaye, Andy Partridge, Pinewskis, Victor Smith, Jon McMurry, and Dan Asam

The Faction Collective Presents: Ruka | 4K

by Faction
Jan 2019 - 5.6K views

As winter lightens into summer, the springtime days at Ruka just get longer and longer.

Away from the end-of-season crowds at other parks around the world, Antti Ollila welcomes Alex Hall and Markus Fohr to his stomping ground and together, the crew see the season out in style, keeping the session alive and the bangers rolling well into the final rays of Finland’s long spring days.

Starring: Alex Hall, Antti Ollila, Markus Fohr

Direction & Cinematography: Etienne Mérel

Edited by: Etienne Mérel

Filmed on location: Ruka, Finland

Special Thanks: Ruka Ski Resort


Soundtrack: "Topdown" performed by Channel Tres

Copyright (c) The Faction Collective SA

Please only use and share this embed code of the official video. Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.

The Bunch - color

by TheBunch
Mar 2019 - 22.3K views


a film by The Bunch to celebrate the true love to skiing, the familiarity and deeply rooted connections that is The Bunch

Pär "Peyben" Hägglund
Alex Hackel
Kim Boberg
Oliver Karlberg
Magnus Granér
Lucas Stål Madison
Forster Meeks
Lauri Kivari
Hugo Burvall

Music in order of appearance:

Leo Björklund - Chaga
Kjell Höglund - Genesarets sjö
Franky Feelgood - Bodymangy
Boys - Hemtjänsten
Panda Da Panda - Lyfta maj på månen

Filmed in countries:

Produced by: Pär Hägglund & Alex Hackel
Main filming: Pär Hägglund
Additional filming: Alex Hackel
Editing: Pär Hägglund

Aapo Myllärinen x Backyard Park

by T_DOG
Feb 2019 - 15.7K views

Aapo is the most new crew member of Backyard Park team. Well... He sends it pretty hard that's enough said. Check it out !

"Spent many days in january skiing & shoveling at backyard park. Video is filmed with whatever camera ever was available. Want to thank all of my friends for filming and big ups to Tommi and Juuso for keeping up the good work with the park." -Aapo


They See Me Trollin': Heart of Skiing - Ep 5

by J_skis
Jan 2019 - 5.8K views

After narrowly avoiding being cut by the network, the Heart of Skiing film crew is back to tape another season. Zane makes his return from an unsuccessful run at Superunknown and his pursuits to join the Bunch seem to not be paying off. Controversy runs high as Zane starts rocking a yellow vest the same day Magnus loses his.

Created, Directed & Produced by: Steve Stepp (@stevestepp)

Lead Cinematography: Paul Braunstein
Zane Kushman played by: Steve Stepp

Shop skis:
Follow on Instagram: @j_skis

Marc Dandurand 10 Years of Urban Skiing

by Mike.Dandurand
Mar 2019 - 10.2K views

Watching this video brought back fond memories of when the most important thing in our lives
was capturing that next 10 second video shot. When it came to an urban mission, no one was as
dedicated as Marc. It takes a certain type person to seek out impossibly long kinked rails and
spend the freezing early morning hours trying to slide along them on a pair of skis. Hours spent
digging, setting up ramps, hauling generators, running extension cords and positioning lights all
in the anticipation of filming something new.
For over a decade this was our life, the constant pursuit of that next shot which ultimately was
just for the love of pushing urban skiing. Of all the skiers and snowboards I had the pleasure of
filming Marc is one of the riders who exemplified that. The countless hours of urban footage
Marc amassed is a testament to the dedication he put into his skiing and the love he has for the
sport. While he may have retired from combing the streets in search of that next 10 kink rail it is
very clear that he left his own mark on the sport.
Words By: Matt McEnery

snapchat bangers THE MOVIE

by JamesPouch
Apr 2019 - 12.8K views

another year fortunate enough to travel the world and bring you the best of it

there were very few serious injuries during the filming of snapchat bangers the movie, so enjoy without worrying

Romance - Official Trailer

by Level1
Aug 5th - 6.7K views

In 1999 the old sport of skiing had just been given new life, and Level 1 was conceived to document its progress into the future. With twenty years in the rearview mirror it still stands true- new things never get old. Romance, the final chapter of annual films by Level 1, captures a modern-day Golden Age in skiing. Featuring a generation of talent that came of age in the best time to ever do it. Tweaking the formula, tweaking the grab, and in it for nothing but the love.

Featured Athletes:
Lucas Stål Madison, Laurent De Martin, Sämi Ortlieb, Chris Logan, Parker White, Keegan Kilbride, KC Deane, Wiley Miller, Will Wesson, Noah Albaladejo, Tanner Rainville, Khai Krepela, Will Berman, Lucas Wachs, Duncan Adams, McRae Williams, Emile Bergeron, Phil Casabon, Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, Thayne Rich, Remco Kayser, Ahmet Dadali, Ben Smith, Ethan Swadburg, LJ Strenio, Colby Stevenson, Krypto Skier aka Eirik Moberg, and Friends.

Shot on Location in:
Sierra at Tahoe, CA. Denver, CO. Montana. Idaho. Riksgransen, Sweden.Minneapolis, MN. Finland. Hokkaido. Sarajevo. Switzerland.Bend, OR. Mt Baker, WA. British Columbia. Quebec. Utah.

Tickets for the world premier in Denver:


by owendahlberg
Mar 2019 - 3.9K views

A couple days at Brighton
Chase Mohrmam
Cal Carson
Jake Mageau
Jordon Romero
Patrick Ring
Andy Hoblitzelle
Sam Gnoza
Cooper Hargrave

Jake Mageau: Real Ski 2019 | World of X Games

by Newschoolers
Feb 2019 - 6.2K views

Watch Jake Mageau and filmer/editor Oliver Hoblitzelle's entry into Real Ski 2019, the all-urban, all-video freeski contest brought to you by ESPN's World of X Games and Nexcare. Vote for your favorite video at, then tune in to ABC on March 2 to find out who won X Games gold.

The Dick Mix

by Dicky_Thomas
Mar 2019 - 4K views

Haven't been able to shred at all this year cause I broke my dam pelvis, but the homie Parker Milbrath whipped up a bunch of old shots for an Audi Nine Nights submission. Hope you bros Frick wit it.

Spring Safari

by owendahlberg
Apr 2019 - 3K views

Hunter Hess
Dakota Connole
Cal Carson
Lennon Vaughan
Paul Marik
Topher Newett
Chris Bechtold
Bayard Baker
Siver Voll
Andy Hoblitzelle
Trevor Hattabaugh
Andrew Egan

Jiberish - Over Easy

by Jiberish
May 2019 - 4.7K views

Over the last year plus, Pete has become a great friend and an inspiring skier. His unique and out-of-the-box skiing caught our eye a ways back and he’s settled nicely into his spot on the squad. He has the ability to hit features in seemingly infinite ways and we could not be happier to have him and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Pete teamed up with the amazingly talented filmmaker, Andrew Mildenberger, to take a stroll through Keystone's A-51.

MLK Powder Panic

by IanAvery-Leaf
Feb 2019 - 9.3K views

as the Cottonwood Canyons quickly reached overflow capacity with crazed powseekers over a fruitful MLK weekend, we fearlessly joined the crowds to score our own slices of in-bounds and side country bliss. Featuring Tucker Addison, Jack Finn, Quinn Kennedy, Davis Lentz, Jordan Romero, John Michael Fabrizi, Paul Parys, Lorin Daughton

filmed by Owen Dahlberg & Ian Avery-Leaf, edit by Ian Avery-Leaf

Hood Summer '19 | Quinn & Ferdi

by bueno
Aug 22nd - 2.2K views

"This is what happens when you let Quinn, Ferdi, and Oliver Hoblitzelle run wild on the glaciers of Hood. Filmed by Oliver Hoblitzelle"

Spyder outerwear video with Quinn and Ferdi goes hard


by Newschoolers
Jan 2019 - 2.5K views

This is probably the most complicated project I’ve ever worked on
Night skiing with a twist, I hope you enjoy it. :)
A making of, showing you how I did it will be coming soon.

A big Thank you to the friends that helped me pull it off

Edited by
Nicolas Vuignier &
Jules Guarneri

Shot by
Jules Guarneri

Jeremie Heitz
Nicolas Vuignier
Samuel Anthamatten
Laurent DeMartin
Florian Bruchez
Mathieu Schaer

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by CalCarson
Jul 14th - 3.8K views

Some videos from people who pointed cameras at my broken hands. Big thanks to Magnus and Momentum for helping me go skiing during the summer. Filmed by Colby EuBanks, Simon D'artois, and Jake Mageau Song by Bones & Eddy Baker - C4

BEEF Winter 19

by C_Jack
Jun 13th - 7.3K views

Best Winter so far. :)

Huge shoutout to Grand Targhee Resort, Faction Skis, Shred Optics, Shred Protection, Leki USA, Sports Den SLC, Healing Waters, TeaTonic Kombucha, Teton Thai Driggs, Avalon 7, Haskill, and Dalbello.

Thank you to everybody that pointed a camera at me:
Andrew Napier, Austin Lobner, Evan Heath, Dorian Densmore, Billy Whitfield, Tucker Mead, Kelly Mackenzie, Quinn Wolferman, Taylor Riviello, Sam Sisk, Kevin Bane, Joe Fusare, Kevin Merchant, Francesca Weikert, Antti Olilla, Blaine Gallivan, Donny Searle, Ben LaPrade, and Andrew Egan.

Solstice Streets: Quebec

by SurfaceSkis
Jan 2019 - 8.2K views

Jack Finn chased the early city snowpack way north to Quebec, with special appearances of Burlington VT & Plymouth NH

film/cut: Ian Avery-Leaf
additional filming: Colton Wright & Garrett Finn

thank you to everyone who helped house us/run winch/shovel etc, really appreciate it! Special shoutout to the Deschênes-Lemiux family :)

Jack rides on the Odyssey and the Outsider, on sale now @

Forre in Ruka II

by tuukkapori
Apr 2019 - 3.4K views

Big thanks to Ruka Ski Resort for hosting us again!

Elias Syrjä
Harald Hellström
Tuukka Pöri
Antti Leikas

Video by Tuukka Pöri


a little something

Mar 2019 - 2K views

A little something from Brighton featuring Kysen Hall, Dylan Manley, Coop Hargrave and Andrew Egan.

songs: We Almost Lost Detroit by Gil Scott Heron and That Guy by DKE Author.

more stuff on the way!

Hot Riders

by owendahlberg
Jan 2019 - 2.6K views

Couple days at PC
Sam Gnoza
Charlie Scott
AK Koford
Quin Wolferman
Jonah Williams
Cory Yoob
Paul Marik
Joe Fusare
Christian Shakelford

Down Time

Mar 2019 - 1.4K views

I’ve had a lot of down time after surgery so I made this animation.
200+ photos and some editing
Skiing done by me
Song Wutd genesis owusu

Sugar Coated

by ScooterLapooter
May 22nd - 2.5K views

I haven't met many people as obsessed with candy as Derek Simpson. Whenever we're out there he's either scarfing down one of his favorite types of candy or raving about a new candy he found. In the end, we decided to make a 2018/2019 ski edit with a theme around sugar, so here is Sugar Coated.

welcome - Official Trailer

by strictly
Aug 28th - 4.1K views

A warm and friendly, yet cold and harsh offer.

World Premiere Saturday, October 5 at the Boulder Theater
Tickets available:

Ben Smith, Pete Koukov, Ethan Swadburg, Carson Kerr, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barrett, Sam Zahner

with appearances by
Jonah Williams, Dylan Siggers, Chance Conaty, Nick Hall, Levi Ascher, Taylor Lundquist, Zhach Pham

British Columbia

Andrew Mildenberger
Gavin Rudy
Alex Havey
Owen Dahlberg

Diana Ross - Love Hangover