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Light The Wick Crash Reel Part 1

by TetonGravity
Oct 2010 - 9.1K views

From deep powders days in Jackson to weeklong weather delays in Alaska, every season comes its highs and lows. In anticipation of the coming season, we've compiled a reel of Light The Wick's most gruesome crashes. Sit back, relax and watch as the mountains get the best of Daron Rahlves, Seth Morrison, Dylan Hood, Sage Cattbriga-Alosa and Dana Flahr. As Sage notes, "Well in AK you don't stop. If you crash you tomahawk to the bottom."

Jiberish Winter 2010 - Do Werk

by skodeo7
Feb 2010 - 45.2K views

Jiberish Winter 2010 - Do Werk [HD]
Matt Walker, Andrew Hathaway, Jon Brogan, Tom Wallisch, Corey Vanular and Joe Mango
If you are on a slower computer/internet connection and are experiencing problems viewing the video there is a lower resolution version here: ---
Type in the password (when prompted): lowres

Sam Hurst - The Mediocre Edit

by GetPitted
Apr 2010 - 10.6K views

Mediocre skiing. Mediocre filming. Mediocre Editing. No dubs. No hot chicks. Not even an original song. This edit was bound to be a crap shoot from the beginning. I give you, "The Mediocre Edit."

"Come Find Us" Pre-Season Trailer

by ToySoldier
Jan 2010 - 17.5K views

A brief view of the pre-season footage for "Come Find Us". All action was shot from 10/1/09 to 12/5/09. "Come Find Us" is devoted to revealing the vast variety of freestyle terrain as well as hidden talent that Montana has to offer. The film seeks to unify freestyle riders in Montana and create a ski and snowboard film displaying our unique lifestyle. We are setting out to break down the walls of the secluded rider community. No one is off limits. The goal of this film is to put Montana on the map of the freestyle world and we would like as many riders as possible to be involved, so if you feel up to the challenge, Come Find Us. RIDERS: Collin Collins, Kyle Miller, Luke Tanaka, Todd Kirby, Shay Lee, A.J. Meldahl, Cody Perin, Brock Paddock, Dan Darling, Adrian Pougiales, Eric Gronneberg, Zach Steele, Kevin Fisher, and Cody Earnest. - EDITED BY: Justin Brodin and Andy Hahn. - SHOT BY: Justin Brodin, Andy Hahn, and Shane Dowaliby. - Additional Shots by: Logan Triplett and Chad Dawson. - MUSIC: "Lullaby" by: We Palnts Are Happy Plants

B&E Show Episode.4 Muddy Winter

Oct 2010 - 36.8K views

B&E show along side friends introduces you to a new entity in skiing. In this edit the sport is being pushed and progressed in a whole new direction. This crew is incorporating the styles and appreciation of snowboarding and skateboarding. They are using the whole board trying to press and spin, grimy yet fluently! INSPIRED by their favorite artists Redman, Method Man and Cali P to form a unique style of skiing. In this episode you will witness skiing in world famous places like Les Deux Alpes (FRA), Mt.Hood (USA) and Snowpark (NZ).
This edit was mostly filmed by the riders, but also features shots from Brandon Husak, Troels Iversen, Justin Wiegand, Josh Finbow and Antwuan Mayet. Please support the B&E show so our official filmer Joakim Åslund can join us around the world in order to produce more episodes and our feature film “Blackout”. BIG THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE SHOW!! ENJOY.

Kieran Nikula 0910

by Nikula
May 2010 - 6.8K views

Fun times, just skiing.Huge thanks to Salomon
LSL prod.
comment and rate if you are feelin it
sorry ns, tried real hard not to embed

PBP had a Superpark

by pikupfulofsnow
Nov 2010 - 50.3K views

So instead of a normal Superpark. I thought to change it up and jib the mountain facilities, build pow jumps, and still have all the "regular" Superpark features (jumps, rails, wall rides, etc.) Enjoy.

ATA::Mud edit.

by LjayCinema
Oct 2010 - 6.4K views

10/30. Drove up snowmass to go hit some boxz after some snow.

In order of appearance:: Aidan sheahan, Nate Berkel, Charlie Lasser