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penken state of mond

by gravel
Jun 27th - 2.9K views

joona kangas, ryan stevenson, simo peltola, julius forer, tenra katsuno, benji richards, simon bartik, felix klein, dani bacher, voita bresky, manu barnard, david wolf, ferdinand roald dahl, noah schallert, timmy ryan, nico corazza

can u forgive me by why mel
prison oval rock by barrington levy

First NS post!

by Tcon_
Jun 23rd - 828 views

Been on here a long time just never bothered to make an account, finally decided it’s time. Thought this flat 3 was a nice one to kick it off

Snapchat Bangers 6th edition

by JamesPouch
Jun 9th - 1.8K views

It's back after two years. I've been fortunate enough to continue traveling the world doing what I love, so here's the best of it from me and my friends. It wouldn't be fun to watch if we were getting hurt, so as usual, there are no injuries in any of these clips:)


Surface in KlΓ€ppen

Jun 16th - 2.1K views

Got the euro gang together for a team week @ Kläppen.

Skiing by Mainio Ormio, Harald Hellström, Jacques Summermatter, Ruben Källnar Boman, Felix Höglund, Jonas Bergström, & Martin Axelson

Filmed & edited by Arttu Heikkinen

Thanks to Kläppen

Kimbo Sessions 2022 - Rider of the Week - DANI BACHER

by Newschoolers
Jun 16th - 1.9K views

We present to you, this years winner of the participant-voted 'Rider of the Week'-award- Dani Bacher.

Produced by Kim Boberg

Principal Filming & Editing by Andreas Olofsson

Additional Filming by Freedle Coty, Magnus Nørsteng

Buy and support the music from Don't Sleep Records over at:

Presented by:

Monster Energy
Oakley Skiing
Tyrolia Bindings
Kläppen Ski Resort
Winn marketing
Arsenic Anywhere

Arigato :)

by Jordvn_Holonko
Jun 9th - 1.6K views

Grouse parks
Featured : Nick Hamilton, Jordan Holonko, Nick Thucydides, Alex Thucydides, Ryan Braun
Cut: Ryan Braun
"This is a house of learning doctors"
@nickhmltn @youllbehearingfrommylawyer @jordanholonko @batteryacidbongwater @nick.thucydides @chef_boyardee

Session 1 2022, Momentum Camps

by Momentum
Jun 22nd - 2K views

After a two-year hiatus, Momentum Camps is back for another best summer ever! Session 1 (adult week) was one for the books!

Filming: Borja Azurmendi, Joey Kraft and Sean Pinder

Grete Eliassen
James Woods
Max Moffatt
Danny Davis
Craig McMorris
Daniel Tanner
Elliot Vaillancourt
Ben Cavet
P.A. Rousseau
Maia Schwinghammer
Brenden Kelly
Ferdinand Dahl
Chase & Anders Ujejski
Etienne Geoffroy
Alex Bealieu-Marchand
Simon d'Artois


by DanielBacher
Jun 9th - 1.9K views

some videos we've filmed all over the season at kofl.
big up Jannis Hoffmann for making the park:))

Simo Peltola
Daniel Bacher

2022 Instagram Recap

by Lukeobrien
Jun 11th - 341 views

Little recap of my instagram posts from this past season. Thank you to all the homies for pointing the camera at me and big shoutout to J skis, wearleathers, and syndicate for supporting me!

Fridge Diaries Episode 1

by rojo.grande
Jul 2nd - 1.7K views

Welcome to the fridge, where the temp is cold n the clips are too damn hot!

This is roughly going to be a bi weekly series for the summer capturing some of the antics in the meadowlands. I’m on a bit of a setback right now getting covid and having some random kid in NYC break my camera, but that’s life, and it’s all good. We should be back up and running this coming week. In the mean time, enjoy episode 1!

Dan Tyson
Mike Robins
Ryan Schumann
Addi Hamer
Vic Neis
James Capasello
Declan Coyle
Harry Latshaw
Ryan “33” Stevenson

Dan “slim lim” Loomis


by FreeskiSwe
Jun 13th - 316 views

Hugo Burvall got mic'ed up on the last olympic qualifier this past season. We never dropped this video, don't know why.. But hey its here now!

Also Sweden will host its first World Cup in Big Air later this year! Its gonna be epic!!!