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LINE Traveling Circus 7.2 Mayisode

by TravelingCircus
Oct 2014 - 116.2K views

May, a time when flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the aroma of smelly socks wafts through the meadows and forests of Mount Hood, Oregon. Wait, what?! That's right, the Traveling Circus returns to the springtime ski destination of Timberline, dirty laundry and all, in "Mayisode," the 2nd episode of the 7th season. The TC crew meets up at Andy's cat-filled apartment in Government Camp for a week of shoveling, snacking and volcano skiing. "I literally hadn't worn deodorant, like I maybe, like a handful of times a year, now my armpits itch. Thanks deodorant!" - Andy Parry

We Are The Faction Collective #S01E01 : Colorado

by Faction
Jan 2014 - 35.1K views

We Are The Faction Collective #S01E01 follows the kick off to winter in Colorado. Filmed and edited by Etienne Merel in Colorado at Breckenridge, Copper and Keystone. Featuring Faction athletes (in order of appearance): Candide Thovex, Tim McChesney, César Fabre, Etienne Merel, Duncan Adams, Simon D'artois, Mark Nowakiwsky, Cody Cirillo and Adam Delorme. Additional cinematography: Pierre-Louis Bonnet and Lucas Hogland.

Tabarnak Pack "The Finale"

by Tabarnak Pack
Apr 2014 - 63.8K views

For the final episode of the season, we spent the last month travelling around Quebec hitting as much urban as possible. After spending a week in Sherbrooke Marc flew back from Whistler and we heading up to Saguenay!

TGP Vol 5

by AndreasHatveit
Oct 2014 - 50.3K views

TGP Vol 5, This is my last ever edit and wanted it to be a banger, but we only got to film half of the features before i broke my arm. So its only half an edit but better then nothing.

Max Morello park 2013 - 2014

by M_Morello
Jul 2014 - 31.3K views

Park season edit from this past season. Thanks to all my friends and family for supporting me on my best/funnest year yet. Shot by Jasper Newton, Zac Moxley, Carlo Mion, Evan Heath, Geoff Hewat

The Bunch - Finess trailer

by TheBunch
Sep 2014 - 15.3K views

You want to see helishots with slow motion almost more crisp than real life? You want to see park jumps with edges so straight you can't tell if their even built by snow? You want to see lifestyle shots from expensive hotel rooms and places you really can't relate to? Then you've found the wroong Newschoolers channel We are proud to present our first ever trailer for our second ever full length movie, Finess always trying to keep it real, with HD on a level you can relate to, cuz we know.. Real recognize real! Movie premiering around the world on film festivals we probably wont win because of a lack of HD and steadycams but the skiing.. Realer than ever! Online release of the full movie will happen. When? Follow us on our social media channels to find out! @thebunchstagrams RIDERS: jens nilsson maximilliam smith lsm linus tornberg magnus granér erik pousette sakarias majander douglas källsbo leo björklund nils gunnarsson pär hägglund kieran mcveigh tobias sedlacek

Project Flex // 2.0

by T-Sin
Aug 2014 - 17.3K views

The second installment of Project Flex features the summer skiing of Kellan Baker (@kellanbaker) Jon Steltzer (@jsteltzer) Dane Grashuis (@dgrashuis) Kirk Skully (@kirk_skully) Filmed at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre in Lynchburg VA .. Filmed by Tanner Sinclair (@tansinclair) and Thomas miller (@t_millz_5) and edited by Tanner Sinclair

'Road To Zion' teaser

by InspiredMedia
Aug 2014 - 82.8K views

Suffering a tragic and unexpected loss when skiing's unabashed maverick and Harlaut's friend Tom Warnick passed away early season, Harlaut started his wildest contest season yet: defending X-games gold, throwing Wu-tang signs in Russia during the premiere of slopestyle at the Olympics, and organizing his first ever invitational event with his brother, Phil Casabon. "Looking back at this year is so crazy for me," Harlaut says. "But I had the most fun and it'll all be exposed in 'The Road to Zion."After the craziness of the Olympics filming finally started Finland, Austria, Italy and back to Colorado, jet-setting back Europe for the premiere B&E inventational event and finishing it all off up in northern Sweden.

We Are The Faction Collective. #S01E03.

by Faction
Apr 2014 - 49.3K views

After a busy winter season, the team met in La Clusaz, France to enjoy the spring weather and explore the endless possibilities of the Balme area. We would like to thank : Damien Duport & La Clusaz ski resort, Anna Smoothy, Sport Boutique, François Pollet-Thioller. Find more about us on // // //


by Tanner-D
Mar 2014 - 17.4K views

The chance to film with the baddest crew of snowbladers around. Chris Whatford dropping hammers in his megafinalist entry.

J.P Auclair - Propaganda (2001)

by Tremblantskier
Sep 2014 - 33.8K views

It was hard not to shed a tear watching this after the events of today. J.P simply showed how well rounded of a skier he was in this part. From flairs in the halfpipe, from some of the earliest urban rails, and of course back country lines and booters, J.P was the boss as proved completing the loop. My thoughts and condolences to his friends and family. Here is a small piece of his legacy.

The Faction Collective - Crash Edit

by Faction
Nov 2014 - 26.1K views

Blood and bruises make banger shots. Here's a look at what went into the making of We Are The Faction Collective web series. Good thing everyone is healed, ready to film Season 2. Find more about us on // // //

Robin Romera 2013

by RobinRomera
Jan 2014 - 12.9K views

After loose my job and my girlfiend, I finally decided to spend the rest of the winter riding and filming with PVScompany,GPSYfeelin and les Crapules. I traveled in Bosnia and Slovenia for it. So I'm happy to present you my first real part.


by Westward
Apr 2014 - 6.8K views

Jordan came home for a short while this spring, so we met up with him and some friends for three days of shooting at Mount St Louis. One day in the Junkyard while the Outback was prepped for the Sandy Boville Invitational, one day at SBI, and one day to wrap up the Ontario season with a private park shoot in the Outback. Skiers: Jordan Innes, Geoff Lovelace, Jack Irvine, Ross Fedyna, Rob Crenson. Music: Get Off Of My Cloud - The Rolling Stones, From Nowhere - Dan Croll

We Are The Faction Collective : #S01E02

by Faction
Mar 2014 - 19.5K views

From Jackson Hole via Chamonix and La Clusaz to the streets of Poland, follow The Faction Collective?s adventures in the second episode of our web series. Featuring (in order of appearance) : Arnaud Rougier, Sam Cohen, Tim McChesney, Pablo Schweizer, Tom Granier, Candide Thovex, Etienne Mérel & Dan Hanka.

Meanwhile in Canada

by ghetto_blaster
Mar 2014 - 38.7K views

Presented by The North Face & Eira. Join skiers Rob Heule, Mack Jones and Jay Heule as they set out on a 40 day cross-Canada RV trip with one goal: to explore their home country while hitting as many street spots as possible along the way. As the eyes of the skiing world were on the Winter Olympics, the boys were out adventuring with the aim of showing that with a little creativity, fun can be had on skis just about anywhere. With an all-Canadian soundtrack, crew, and itinerary, watch as they venture from the shores of Pacific Ocean all the way to the Atlantic.