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MTL2 - Teaser

by Mayrandpodcast
Sep 20th - 475 views

Full movie dropping this fall!

Another street skiing exploration of Montréal!

Directed by Xavier Mayrand
Starring Mat Dufresne, Phil Boily-Doucet & Paul Vieuxtemps
Supported by Newschoolers, J skis, LINE skis, Axis boardshop

Free, in your body. | Teaser

by dylansiggers
Sep 20th - 108 views

Last winter I decided to spend my time between projects enjoying the season and let myself experience it as it came. With the help of a bunch of my friends I worked on a short analog film along the way. I tried to give myself no rules or expectations other than to point the camera at what we were doing and capture what felt, to me, as special moments in time. Whether that was skiing, snow skating, pow surfing, playing with our puppy or just hanging out with friends it was truly special taking time to just do something and get out of it, and feel Free, in your body.

Made possible by Stellar Equipment and Commit Snow and Skate

Filming Jason Mannings, Alex Vos, Sophie Perrault, Peter Wojnar, Olivia Johnson, Nick Nault, Steve Reed, Taylor Lundquist, Jake Strassman, Franz Perini, Layne Leskosek, Jarrad Mccarl and Rob Huele.

Full video October 21st