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Pekka Hyysalo - Fight Back - Episode 1

by peketi
Nov 2012 - 16.3K views

I'm Pekka. A 21 years old guy. Injured pretty damn seriously on 28.4.2010. That is a date I remember well, even though I can't remember anything that happened that day. I have heard some stories from my friends about how it happened: I had yelled from the lift "I'll go one more time, this is the last one", and the last one it was. I did it because the switch double cork 10's I had done were a bit unstable. Switch doubles were an easy trick for me, but that day was windy and a really strong blast of wind grasped me and I landed way too far, over-rotating my trick. In the crash, I broke my helmet (the Sweetest black thing, that saved my life), I gained a serious / extremely serious brain injury and sank into a coma for 17 days. Next thing I know, was laying in the hospital, next summer. The rehabilitating process has been a rough one to me, but I have still been able to rehabilitate myself amazingly fast! The biggest weaknesses the injury brought along are my memory problems, which have fallen away majorly, and balance problems, which have also fallen away pretty much too. The predictions I got from doctors were pretty dark: Will be able to walk in 2 years, might not be able to ski ever again and I don't know the whole list. But what I do know: walked after about 6 MONTHS after the crash and skied for the first time after 11 months. So that's the thing in a nutshell, follow my rehabilitation in the blog!

Jiberish Welcomes Sean Jordan and Clayton Vila

by seanyJ
May 2012 - 21.2K views

We are happy to finally and officially welcome Clayton Vila and Sean Jordan to the Jiberish snow Fam. In addition to their smooth and effortless style, Sean and Clayton have both been friends as well as long time Jiberish supporters. All of this makes both of them perfect additions to the crew. Stept Productions once again came to bat bringing perfection behind the lens. Clayton took the footage and chopped it up for your enjoyment.

Kieran Nikula 2012

by Nikula
Oct 2012 - 17.2K views

Kieran Nikula SelfEdit from 2011/2012 winter season. Thank You to- SALOMON EDOGGO PIMPHANDS Filmed By: Kaleb Weston Andrew Paul & Corey Baker Liam Hall Nuulife Cinemas rate and comment

The Skatepark Gap - "Act Natural" Excerpt

by ToySoldier
Nov 2012 - 12.7K views

The stars aligned for this shoot in March of 2012. After suffering through a remarkably dry winter, a storm rolled through southwest Montana, blanketing our hometown of Bozeman, Montana in over a foot of new snow. We have been looking at this gap for years, but the skatepark is usually frozen solid when there's enough snow to set it up. We had to act fast, because we knew the snow wouldn't last long. Dash and Noah hopped on a semi-truck from Spokane while Shay and the rest of the crew worked tirelessly to remove snow from the bowl and set up the gap, which measured 50 feet from the lip of the jump to the top of the landing. Dash and Noah arrived at a truck stop west of town and were geared up and ready to go less than an hour later. The session went off without a hitch. Our high-powered winch was able to pull the athletes across the bowl at more than 50 miles an hour. The next day, the snow was mostly melted and all that remained was a behemoth mound that served as the take off the previous night. Check out all the action in this excerpt from "Act Natural," available now on DVD and iTunes.

Guacamole Sundayze Episode 6

by 4bi9
Mar 2012 - 82.4K views

Welcome to our first trick tip video of the season, Guacamole Sundayze 6. In this episode, watch professional skier Tom Wallisch teach us the easy three-step-process on how to do the most important trick in skiing, the future spin. Watch and learn.

Dale Talkington//TRINITY

by McLeod
Oct 2012 - 17.8K views

Dale Talkington at The West Coast Session. Mt. Hood, Oregon. Thanks to Brandon Pastuka and Ethan Stoke at The West Coast Session. Dale joins the team at Nordica USA for the 2012/13 season.

Jeff Curry Spring / Summer 2012

by Line_Skis
Sep 2012 - 9.7K views

Line MC Jeff Curry has been riding with us for almost a decade and has been consistently slaying with his smooth, solid style from LINE Traveling Circus Episode, Meathead Films segments and Windell's Camp edits. His day job now is Head Coach at Windells Academy but still finds time to get out and get in front of the camera. Enjoy! Team Page: Edited by Jeff Kohnstamm Filmed by Ian Compton, Shane McFalls, Alex Erickson, Tyler Malay, Will Start, Jake Strassman, and Jeff Kohnstamm Song: The Man in Me - Bob Dylan

Candide Thovex Is An Anomaly - Blast From The Past Episode 18

by TetonGravity
Sep 2012 - 7.8K views

In this episode of Teton Gravity Research's web series Blast From The Past, we take a look back at Candide Thovex's ground-breaking segment from TGR's 2006 feature film, Anomaly. From his hometown of La Clusaz, France, to Aspen, Colorado, to Seward, Alaska, Candide Thovex absolutely crushes everything in his path from park jumps, to the X Games, to the big mountains. Shortly after this, Candide hurt his back and was out of the ski game until about 2010. Now in 2012, Candide is back with his own movie titled Few Words. TGR's Blast From The Past web series will take you back in time to revisit some of our favorite film segments from 15 years of action sports filmmaking. From shredding Alaska spines set to Metallica to surfing El Salvador's endless beaches, Blast From The Past is your one stop for TGR's greatest film segments. Click Here To Get Old School And Rip In Blast From The Past: Click Here To Buy Anomaly:

Kill Your Boredom Action Teaser

Aug 2012 - 15.8K views

After decades of hatred, animosity, and fear, two strong forces clash in a battle for honour and freedom. One path must be taken, one side must prevail. Voleurz' eighth feature-length film showcases the antics and exploits of the Voleurz family, and features snowboarders and skiers forced against each other in an all out bloodbath. Who will take the throne? Kill Your Boredom highlights include riding from newly appointed Voleurz snowboarder Geoff Brown jumping unique road gaps and adding a double cork in the backcountry to his already heavy bag of tricks; skier Rob Heule shows us what it takes to be skiing's up-and-coming urban slayer, proving that the infamous 5-kink elbow rail in Calgary is actually possible; and of course, the hilarious and not-to-be-missed Winter Volympics will once again leave your mom asking, "who are these morons?" Featuring Geoff Brown, Rob Heule, KC Deane, Braden Dean, Simon d'Artois, Jesmond Dubeau, Joe Schuster, Mack Jones, Justin VDP, Shayne Zwickel, Jesse Millen, Warren Williams, Andrew Jackson, Josh Daiek, Cody Shepherd, Barry Hartman, Elyse Saugstad, Jake Black & more. Produced & Directed by Darren Rayner & The Voleurz Family. Principal Cinematography by Darren Rayner, Mason Mashon, Pat King. RED Cinematography by Jan Schuster & Mile End Media. RC Heli by Justin Hannewyk & Heli Video Pros. In association with: Moment Skis, Whistler Blackcomb, Faction Skis and Kombi.