Marc Dandurand 10 Years of Urban Skiing

published Mar 2019 - 11,226 views

Watching this video brought back fond memories of when the most important thing in our lives
was capturing that next 10 second video shot. When it came to an urban mission, no one was as
dedicated as Marc. It takes a certain type person to seek out impossibly long kinked rails and
spend the freezing early morning hours trying to slide along them on a pair of skis. Hours spent
digging, setting up ramps, hauling generators, running extension cords and positioning lights all
in the anticipation of filming something new.
For over a decade this was our life, the constant pursuit of that next shot which ultimately was
just for the love of pushing urban skiing. Of all the skiers and snowboards I had the pleasure of
filming Marc is one of the riders who exemplified that. The countless hours of urban footage
Marc amassed is a testament to the dedication he put into his skiing and the love he has for the
sport. While he may have retired from combing the streets in search of that next 10 kink rail it is
very clear that he left his own mark on the sport.
Words By: Matt McEnery

Credit: Matt McEnrty Mike Dandurand Xavier Mayrand Kaleb W

Skier: Marc Dandurand

Location: Montreal Qc, Ottawa On, Newfoundland, Alma Qc, Mont Tremblant Qc,

Playtime: 00:05:13

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