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Imagination: Tom Wallisch

by Kretzschmar
Oct 2017 - 76.9K views

We’ve all been that kid sitting in the back seat of our family car, wishing we were somewhere else. Through the boredom, the driveway snow piles, sidewalk handrails and stair sets start to tease our inner skier. Watch day dreams come to life as Tom Wallisch shreds the snowy streets of Nelson, British Columbia.

HG Skis Presents: Eat The Guts - FULL FILM

by HG_Skis
Dec 2017 - 25.4K views

A 2 year project by HG Skis Featuring: Alex Hackel, Connor Gaeta, Keegan Kilbride, Jamie Amodeo, Cole Gibson, Christian Franchino, Jeremie Veilleux, Hunter Tyrrell

Produced By:
Liam McKinley, John Hayes, Charles Stemen & The Riders

Big thank you to everyone involved throughout the project. Enjoy :)

The Big Picture | Lite Years

by Newschoolers
Oct 2017 - 16.6K views

Hello, thanks for tuning in.
The show's about to begin.

What you are about to see,
is The Big Picture's first ever movie.

After three years and sixteen web edits down,
we thought it was time to change things around.

We called up the dudes, and told them the news.
They put down their brews, and loaded the doos.

With two-stroke and pillows, big air and big crashes.
Literal close friends, two dudes on one mattress.

Join the Logans, Rainville, King, Adams and White,
on a powder filled party, assured to leave you in delight.

So turn up the volume, lets all have a cheer.
We are The Big Picture and this is Lite Years.

- Rossignol presents The Big Picture | Lite Years -

Featuring: Chris Logan, Parker White, Duncan Adams, Mike King & Tanner Rainville

Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric, Airhole, Tall T Productions, 686, Cheetah Factory Racing & Forecast Ski Magazine.

A Walk in the Park: Bounce Back - Sam Zahner, Mike Cappola, and Calvin Barrett

by Jiberish
May 2017 - 25.4K views

After showcasing athletes in the PNW and Utah, we wanted to bring things back to our Colorado roots. Summit County has always been one of the hotspots for park skiing, and that has yet to change. A Walk in the Park: Bounce Back - Sam Zahner, Mike Cappola, and Calvin Barrett was filmed over a week in late April, highlighting some of the best young up-and-comers in Summit.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Mildenberger at Arapahoe Basin and Keystone.


LINE Traveling Circus 10.1: Arizona Ice TC

by Line_Skis
Oct 2017 - 9.3K views

The Boys are back for their 50th episode! In the season premiere of the tenth season of the LINE Traveling Circus, Andy Parry, Jarrad McCarl, and Will Wesson head to the desert of Arizona and do their best to fit in with the locals. Oh, and drink a lot of Iced Tea. Like a LOT. Oh yeah, and they went skiing. Check it out!

3rd Cut

by gravel
Mar 2017 - 23.7K views

Le 3rd video of the saison from this weekend with Scott n Dane.

Music is The Way I Feel by Jonathan Wilson

Video by Gavin Rudy



by OHoblitzelle
Nov 2017 - 36.5K views

This project is our very first full length movie. In this piece we want to portray a raw and genuine look into our 2016/17 ski season; from completely failed trips half way across the country to finally having a healthy squad and an all time trip to Oregon and California in the spring. This is a line up of good brotha's from all around the country that were lucky enough to find a common home where a lot of the movie was filmed, Utah. Thanks to everyone for the support along the way, especially Tall T Productions. We are proud to present "ROASTED"

Skiing: Jay Wilder, Colby Stevenson, Andy Partridge, Jake Mageau, Rory Walsh, Quinn Wolferman, and Dylan Sondrup. With cameos from Jonah Elston, Peter Christensen, Mike Brewer, Dale Talkington, Alex Hackel, Jeremie Veilleux, Magnus Graner, Cole Gibson, Foster Meeks, Tec Calcagni, Carson Kerr and Keegan Kilbride.

Video by Oliver Hoblitzelle


by Keeshlife
Apr 2017 - 25.5K views

Magical early season months up in the keeshy atmosphere of Ruka ski resort. Skiing by Antti Ollila, Elias Syrjä, Miika Virkki and Pontus Penttilä


by Keeshlife
Sep 2017 - 15.5K views

The boys far from home in the land of Gollum

Joona Kangas, Antti Ollila, Miika Virkki, Daniel Antell & Elias Syrjä ft. Hackel


by Jiberish
Nov 2017 - 24.6K views

70/30, a short urban film featuring Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, Mike Cappola and Seamus Flanagan. Filmed, edited and produced by the riders, 70/30 features skiing in Colorado, Utah, Minnesota and New York City.


by freange
Jun 2017 - 32.3K views

Part 2 of the greatest week in kläppen!
Film // Edit: Fredrik Angelsen

Keep shelly in athens - Flyway
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - 2
Sahbabii - Pull up with a stick
Dean Blunt - 50 cent


by PepeGay
May 2017 - 3.7K views

A Noah Albaladejo's skiing revision in more than 900 drawings for an art on art result.
Special thanks: Stept Productions, Level 1 Productions, Inspired Media.
Reference footage: Borja Azurmendi, Brady Perron, Pepe Gay, Cam Riley, Nick Martini.

5 Questions With Henrik Harlaut

by eheath
Feb 2017 - 35.2K views

Presented by Mammoth Mountain.
Cruised around Forest Trail during the Grand Prix.

Due to weather, injury and the event, Henrik and I only got one day of shooting so we did the best with what we got, enjoy!


by hoodcrew
Nov 2017 - 16.2K views

Huge thanks to everyone who made last season so insane, major shoutouts to sanch, gustav, oliver, jay volak, scott andrus, erik olson, jared winkler, jack borland, cmack, keeshcrew, magnus graner and my parents


by freange
Jul 2017 - 24.6K views

Third part from Kimbosessions @ Kläppen ski resort
Saint Pepsi - Private caller
Young thug - Relationship feat. Future
Brothertiger - Up from below
Film/edit: Fredrik Angelsen
Thanks to Kim Boberg for this sick event! Hope to get back next year!

See Happy: SPY Squad Skis Mt Bachelor

by SPY
Oct 2017 - 7.2K views

See Happy with: Ahmet Dadali, Magnus Graner, Khai Krepela, Pat Goodnough, Will Berman and Mike King

Nothing beats sunny park laps with your boys. Come rip a lap with SPY's skiers as they tear up the pristine parks of Mt. Bachelor, Oregon under a bluebird sky, but with the added bonus of SPY’s color and contrast boosting Happy Lens™ snow goggles. No jump, jib, or jam stands a chance when they roll through.

SPY's 17/18 snow goggles are available here:

Colby - KimboSessions 2017

by C_Stevenson
Jul 2017 - 20.3K views

Best week of park skiing ever! Thanks to Kim Boberg and everyone involved.

Thanks to my sponsors: K2, Oakley, Monster Energy, Davanza's Pizza, Tyrolia, Full Tilt

Music: Out of the Box, DL Incognito Shoutout Sammy Carlson for making this song famous in skiing: Ski Porn (2006)

Home Wordd II

by troupe
May 2017 - 25.6K views

This film is a self reflection on the feeling one gets from skiing. An attempt to capture the mindset for why we subject our physical and metaphysical selves to the elements and the unknown. A study of expression and passion. It is a response to life changing experiences shared with loved ones, all while rooted in the outdoors.

"Home Wordd II" is particularly special to me considering I shot it prior to sustaining a traumatic brain injury, and completed the project concurrently with my healing process. The release of this piece is truly representative of not just returning to where I was before the injury, but celebrating the growth which has occurred from it.

This film is as much a part of myself as it is a piece of the people I am surrounded by, nothing but endless love for everyone in this video and for those who made it possible. Although I lost months and memories, I was able to regain each day I had in the mountains with my friends because of these clips. I cannot describe with words how meaningful this was for me, but maybe I was able to convey it through the medium of film.

-Aiden Ulrich

Samuel Winship
Henry Hawks
Aiden Ulrich
Blaine Gallivan
Stosh Czarniak
James Ablondi
Taylor Bond
Daniel Tisi

Film and Edit:
Aiden Ulrich

Samuel Winship

Additional Filming:
Jackson Tisi
Andrew Mildenberger
Henry Hawks
Charlie Hawks
Samuel Winship

Samuel Winship
Jackson TIsi
Charlie Hawks
Aiden Ulrich


Spectral 16 - Whiteface Super Session

by SkiTheEast...
Feb 2017 - 20.9K views

The Spectral season finale... Whiteface gathered together all the terrain park snow for a super session throw-down last spring. The Ski The East team and other special forces shredded the features for 3 straight sunny days in April.

Spectral: The 13th production from Ski The East and Meathead Films is a web series featuring everything from earn-your-turns backcountry to make-your-own urban. This is the full spectrum of skiing in the Northeast.

Subaru of New England presents: Spectral
A Meathead Films Web Series

Sam Gnoza | Justin D.L. | Martin Boulais | Vincent Prevost | Sam Beauchesne | Justin Perry | Dillon Calderone | K.C. Brousseau | Sawyer Sellingham | Casey Arnold | Zach Masi | Bobby Sullivan | J-P Brochu | Brian Gardiner | Phil Langevin | Fred Lavoie

Cam Willis

Aaron Kellet
Josh Wagner
Colin Grady
Dillon Calderone
Ben Karkoski
Christian Mattila
Aaron Cook
Eric Rascoe
Mike Phelabaum
Dylan Coyne
John Haynes
Dave Mays
Tommy Montanaro
Kayla Kemf
Justin Perry
Keith Shipman
Ty Willis

Whiteface, NY

Zack Walbridge | Jack Whitney | Marc Bryce | Cam Willis

Earthtone media - Joel Wolter | David Schmidt

Cam Willis

Jake Sporn

Sparks - "The Do"
Tapes 'N Tapes - "Le Ruse"