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Pekka Hyysalo - Fight Back - Episode 2

by peketi
Jan 2013 - 15.1K views

I'm Pekka. A 21 years old guy. Injured pretty damn seriously on 28.4.2010. That is a date I remember well, even though I can't remember anything that happened that day. I have heard some stories from my friends about how it happened: I had yelled from the lift "I'll go one more time, this is the last one", and the last one it was. I did it because the switch double cork 10's I had done were a bit unstable. Switch doubles were an easy trick for me, but that day was windy and a really strong blast of wind grasped me and I landed way too far, over-rotating my trick. In the crash, I broke my helmet (the Sweetest black thing, that saved my life), I gained a serious / extremely serious brain injury and sank into a coma for 17 days. Next thing I know, was laying in the hospital, next summer. The rehabilitating process has been a rough one to me, but I have still been able to rehabilitate myself amazingly fast! The biggest weaknesses the injury brought along are my memory problems, which have fallen away majorly, and balance problems, which have also fallen away pretty much too. The predictions I got from doctors were pretty dark: Will be able to walk in 2 years, might not be able to ski ever again and I don't know the whole list. But what I do know: walked after about 6 MONTHS after the crash and skied for the first time after 11 months. So that's the thing in a nutshell, follow my rehabilitation in the blog!

Nick McNutt - POV 12/13

by nickmcnutt
May 2013 - 29.9K views

The things I saw while skiing in the BC backcountry this season. Huge thanks to: Surface Skis, Joystick, Smith Optics, Causwell, MFD, Maylay Techstyles, TMC Freeriderz

The Giray Dadali Story

by HighFives
Nov 2013 - 31.2K views A 22 year old freeskier, Giray was at a competition in March 2013 when he overshot a landing on a jump and broke his sacrum and pelvis. He is now trying to get back to his life as a skier and return to the slopes as soon as physically possible. He looks forward to continuing to pursue his dreams of skiing deep snow and fun terrain park features every day.

The Cody Walker Story

by HighFives
Jul 2013 - 9.2K views The Cody Walker Story highlights the inspirational journey of Winter Empowerment Athlete - Cody Walker and his recovery from life-altering injuries he suffered while snowboarding on March 1, 2013. The High Fives Foundation has provided cody with multiple grants for Physical therapy at the University of Utah - Rehabilitation Center and at Neuroworx. Stay tuned for more updates on Cody and his hard work to return to life with his family! For more information on Cody Walker:

Four Day Season // Eric Pollard

by Nimbus
Oct 2013 - 13.4K views

"Four Day Season" is exactly what the title says; four days of skiing. However, these four days ended up being Eric Pollard's entire season after he broke his leg in Russia. Filmed entirely in Eric's back yard on Mt. Hood.

WRECKALLECTIONS: The Mike Hornbeck Mini Movie

Sep 2013 - 16.9K views

ARMADA presents "WRECKALLECTIONS", the Mike Hornbeck mini movie. Mike Hornbeck spent his entire 2012/13 season filming his own short movie with the intent to release online for free by season's end. Follow him as he travels to British Columbia, Japan, Korea, Sweden, and California. At the end of the season Hornbeck finds himself back in his hometown in Michigan, where he reflectss on all the places he skied and people he met along the way. Created and Edited by: Mike Hornbeck and Corey Stanton Cinematography: Corey Stanton Mitch Cheek Ante Olofsson Tack Narita

Øystein Bråten "ADDICTED"

by OysteinBraten
Jul 2013 - 16.8K views

This winter I was fortunate to go to a lot of big contests as well as I got to film with Field Productions which was a dream come true for me. When I've not been out travelling, I have tried to film as much as I can on my own to make this part. I hope you guys like it!

"Mutiny" - Stept Productions OFFICIAL TRAILER

by SteptProductions
Jul 2013 - 18.8K views

In 2013 Stept Productions embarked on their largest film project to date. After 12 years of producing ski films, Stept is proud to announce their newest feature, "Mutiny". The film documents progressive young skiers as they commence on a mission around the United States. Using the biggest cities in the country as their playground, the Stept crew sacrifices their health as they continue to redefine street skiing. Groundbreaking action, coupled with an award winning film crew brings a dark and mysterious story to light. Mutiny is intended for a mature audience and is dedicated to exposing the viewer to the raw and unfiltered world of the Stept crew. The films release will coincide with the drop of Stept Fall '13 apparel line. To pre-order the film and other merchandise, as well as find out more about Stept, please visit

ARtrip Korea ft. Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Mike Hornbeck, & Torin Yater Wallace

Oct 2013 - 10.8K views

The Armada Team journeyed out to South Korea this past February to see what the skiing culture in and around Seoul was all about. They spent most of their time at High 1 Resort, exploring the mountain and all of the concrete and rock ledges surrounding the hotel area. Skiing by: Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Mike Hornbeck, Torin Yater Wallace Film+Edit: Corey Stanton Music: H3X3N- Space Ace

Huck, tuck & Rolling Stones with Mikkel Jøraandstad

by MikkelJ
Dec 2013 - 13.1K views

I busted my knee skiing in NZ this summer, so I'm out for the season. Herman Fjøss and I put together some shots I had from Vierli ( Norway ), shredding and filming with the RK1 crew and Perisher ( Australia ), skiing with the Norwegian Freeski Team, before I dislocated my knee and tore my ACL and Meniscus. Stoked that I learned some new stuff before it happened and that I got to film a little bit. I'll be back next season! Big thanks to Head Oakley Herd headwear. filmed by: Olav Stubberud Joonas kenttamies Nor Freeskiteam Heming shitkidz Edited by: Herman Fjøss!

Project FleX

by T-Sin
Jul 2013 - 50.9K views

Footage from 2 weeks of summer shredding! This is an edit from Liberty Mountain SnowFlex Centre In Lynchburg VA. Shot with Canon t2i, t3i, 11-16 mm, and glidecam xr-200. Enjoy

MIXTAPE "Summer Life vol 3"

by solhaugen
Sep 2013 - 12.2K views

A Mixtape with forgotten shots and good vibes. This time we went creative with tranny´s and Speed! Riders: - Martin stuve strøm - Martin Solhaugen - Martin Stadheim - Christian Nummedal Turf supplied by: Unisport:

Neli Pictures - Warming up

by NeliPictures
Oct 2013 - 8.7K views

Fun little Autumn jibbing on some snow from an ice rink. Small and simple setup but we tried to get creative on it. Filmed in two hours. Skiers: Anttu Oikkonen, Antti Ollila and Miika Virkki Filming: Joonas Mattila Our movie "Unaffected" is dropping soon, check the trailer here:

Concrete Jungle Official Movie

by WordupProjects
Nov 2013 - 10.8K views

Searching and creating new places to ski. Finding places that's not meant to be skied. In a city, many miles from the nearest ski hill. Fueling up every night so we can survive in the white cold jungle, getting kicked out by cops, security guards or the law in general. Trespassing and vandalism just for the possibility of getting a usable shot. Many hours of work is getting down to just a few seconds of footage. We have been focusing on the skiing in the city, the opportunities you have and the whole lifestyle of being a urban skier all winter.

Slope Style | One

by freeski1620
Feb 2013 - 25.7K views

Slope Style's first edit this season with Will Desena behind the lens and the boys who help make the shop what it is throwing down in Park Lane

The End

by Westward
Jun 2013 - 10.5K views

For the 6th episode and series finale of Westward, the guys kill it in the Black park and get creative with a patrol shed on the last day. Some killer sunny days and a sick park setup made the end of the season the dopest one yet! Thanks to NSTV, Epic Planks, Whistler Blackcomb, and all of our friends and supporters who helped us make Westward a possibility over the last 3 years. Featuring the talents of: Ahren Stein, Jordan Innes, Max Morello, Matt Crawford, Blake Cameron, Paul Passek, Auzzy Hunter, Sean Mcelligott, Mack Jones, Liam Casey, Jarred Martin, Dane Degruyter, Cole Drexler, Dean Wheeler. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for whats to come from the creators of Westward! @Westwardtv