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It’s chris

by C_Bechtold
Jan 5th - 4.2K views

Cut up some clips from last season. Shoutout vishnu tall t anytides and tall t dan for supporting me do what i love. It’s chris


Jan 10th - 3.9K views

We filmed this from December 26th-31st (our resort passes were blacked out for the holidays) in a shady canyon close to the city. A canyon where, for five dollars, you can MILL around, gaze upon a CREEK, and ski on picnic tables many different ways as long as you are respectful and clean up after yourself.

featuring Dylan Manley, Kysen Hall, Emmett Davis, Luke Roberts, Dickie Styza, and Jake Mageau

WTRP: Hyland & Trollhaugen

by -Dan
Jan 12th - 2.6K views

Anywhere with the right people.

Mike McGuire, Zach Shuster, Sean Patton, Jack Thyne, Connor Johnson, Tony Acevedo, David Giorgi, Sam Malecha, Forest Turtle, Jasper Blanchett, Owen Ready

child Labor 4 arsenic

by -Dan
Jan 7th - 2.8K views

Skiing at Brighton and Park City, featuring Blake Rolfing, Dakota Connole, Garrett Whaley, Andrew Egan, Joe Fusare, Ryan Funke, Thomas Stone, Zach Sturtevant, AJ Lefebvre.
filmed by all
edit by Garrett Whaley
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by whitehouseprod
Jan 4th - 19.8K views

#WINTERGATE is a 13 minute short film, shot in Wanaka, New Zealand during the 2020 winter season.

Jackson Wells
Beau-James Wells
Jossi Wells
Finn Bilous
Dane Kirk
Tom Fisher
Miguel Porteous
Nico Porteous

And many more.

Ahmet's Brother 19/20 Season

by Ahmets_Brother
Jan 11th - 4K views

Highlight edit of my 2019 / 2020 season making stunts

Filming By
Ross Downard | Alex Mager | Cam Jepperson | Will Wesson | Hennie VJ | Ahmet Dadali | Ian Hamilton

Music By
Gorillaz ft Moonchild Sanelly / With Love to an Ex

Laps With Dad S3E1 // Early Season

by MikeUrich
Jan 1st - 4.8K views

It is ski season once again in PA! We received our first snow on December 12th and made the most of it. My daughter Rilynn experiences her first runs and Witten sleds in the back yard. Then Dad makes it up to the Ski Roundtop to hike some rails due to long lift lines. Welcome to season 3 of Laps With Dad!!

Klint Skis
Knee Bindings

Northont The Movie

by sharpski
Jan 3rd - 5.6K views

WATCH WITH HEADPHONES! Northont. A short film featuring skiers and snowboarders from Northern Ontario, Canada. Shot in and around Timmins, Ont. As well as Thunder Bay Ontario and Hokkaido Japan. Produced by Carson Sharp

Beauty & Power

by TwoBiFour
Jan 16th - 1.8K views

When you're passionate about something it's difficult not to have expectations. I tried my best to allow this edit to make itself. I had the opportunity to ski with some really great guys. Everyone skied better than I could have imagined. Thanks SAMSUNG for making a telephone with 128G of storage and a 4k video camera lol.

🎵 Minnie Ripperton - Les Fleurs


Day 1 | Trevor Kennison

by Level1
Jan 1st - 749 views

January 4th, 2020 was the first day that Trevor Kennison ventured into the backcountry as an adaptive athlete. A snowboarding accident at Vail Pass, CO just over five years prior had taken away the use of his legs, leaving him with an entirely new set of challenges and a newfound perspective on life.

Filmmaker Josh Berman had connected with Trevor months before, and the two were beginning production for a documentary film that would tell Trevor’s story. January 4th was also the first day that Josh and Trevor shot together for their project. “For me, the goal of that first day was to answer some logistical questions,” Josh explains. “How exactly would we move Trevor and his gear around, how comfortable would Trevor be in the backcountry, and most importantly, what extra safety protocols would we need to put in place. I brought a camera and started capturing everything, but there were zero expectations that much would come from it.”

“I’ve since learned that every time you shoot something with Trevor some sort of magic is bound to happen, and by the end of that day I knew we had something special.” The resulting short, aptly titled “Day 1” has since screened at dozens of prestigious film festivals around the globe and taken home a few awards in the process.

Trevor and Josh’s feature documentary film “Full Circle” is slated for release Fall of 2022, telling Trevor’s story and much, much more.

A Film by Josh Berman

Special thanks to:
Birk Irving
Jaxin Hoerter
Ross Soriano
Samantha Soriano
Jamie Edmondson
Devin Kearns
Forrest Berman

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Bush Bandits | Episode 19 - Rhinestone Cowboys

by aaronKalat
Jan 7th - 383 views

The Bush Bandits are back, and they've been making the most of our ever-evolving setup. Finally having returned to the Valley, Filmer Aaron Kalat linked up with the young gun Gramer Brothers. Morgan Frank and Sayler Ruggles ride into their Sophomore year with the Bandits with a bang. The old guard, Chase Mohrman, Jackson Doremus, and Matt Stackhouse bring it home to cement that this year will be all time.

Wear your mask, be kind to each other, and welcome back to Bush Parks.

Color Pallet

by St.Keena
Jan 9th - 136 views

Animation I created on procreate using an iPad.
Song: Run The Jewels Ohh LaLa

In order of appearance











Thanks for watching!
If you are interested in getting animated, please DM me on Instagram- @st.keena

December_The Warm Up

by GilsonSkis
Jan 12th - 528 views

It's been a slow start to the season for some of our team on the East Coast, but here is what our riders have been up to across the US.
This year's gonna pop off!

Riders in order of appearance:
Chuck Babcock
Gunnar Gronowski
Justin Ott
Sebastian Bowler

Chopper Gunnar Inbound

by GilsonSkis
Jan 11th - 329 views

Some friendly fire to soothe the soul. Team rider Gunnar, AKA @ chopper_gunnar, finally gathered his clips from last season and released some gas. Not getting to ski as much as he would have hoped due to a hurt back didn't seem to stop anything!
Skier: Gunnar Gronowski
Filmer: A whole lotta homies