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"Resurrection" w/ Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch

by TWallisch
Mar 2020 - 53.2K views

After a 5 year hiatus from the sport of skiing Simon Dumont has returned.
Simon and Tom are back together for a park edit determined to bring back the style of 2009. Old wave tricks, afterbang, and ignancy...
Film/Edit by Drew Lederer


by strictly
Nov 2020 - 129.3K views

a movie by Andrew Mildenberger & Gavin Rudy

skiing by Benny Smith, Pete Koukov, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barrett, Taylor Lundquist, Ethan Swadburg, Carson Kerr, McRae Williams, Sam Zahner, & Levi Ascher

additional filming by Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, Ethan Swadburg, Jack Pepper, & McRae Williams, Mo Shane

mixing by Avery Shyra
poster design by Jonah Gorder & Sam Winship

supported by Fat Tire, Icelantic, Line, Full Tilt, RMU, Jiberish, JSkis, Flylow, Obermeyer, & Phunkshun Wear

Read more about this project in our Q&A with Newschoolers:


by tuukkapori
Dec 2020 - 29.5K views

Street skiing video brought to you by Forre.

Harald Hellström
Tuukka Pöri
Matias Suomi
Elias Syrjä
Joona Sipola
Teemu Tirkkonen

BDP - The Bridge Is Over
Om - Bhima's Theme

Photography by Arttu Heikkinen.

Filming by riders and friends.

A video by antti.

Please Forrgive us for only making a 4 min video.

Forre 4 Arsenic

by tuukkapori
Mar 2020 - 5.5K views

Forre & Arsenic Anywhere

Video by Arttu Heikkinen

Tuukka Pöri
Harald Hellström
Joona Sipola
Mainio Ormio
Matias Suomi

Adam 888 - Ocho
Lil Uzi Vert - That Way


TheBunch - Elnour

by TheBunch
Mar 2020 - 26.6K views

Spontaneous creation with out need for justification.

Alex Hackel
Magnus Granér
Kim Boberg
Lucas Stål Madison
Jens Nilsson
Pär Hägglund
Abner Wyman
Douglas Källsbo
Sakarias Majander
Leo Björklund
Oliver Karlberg
Benjamin Carlund
Antti Ollila
Joona Kangas

Shitkid - Favourite Thing
Jelly Crystal - Beverly Hills
Kinky Essence - Kinky
Off The Meds - Veronica

SAAS FEE | The Faction Collective | 4K

by Faction
Oct 2020 - 5.5K views

Present meets future as masters Alex Hall, Antti Ollila, Daniel Hanka and Ben Buratti meet up with prodigies Matej Svancer, Tim Sivignon and Alexis Ghisleni for a session to remember in Saas Fee.


directed by Etienne Mérel
cinematography by Etienne Mérel & Julien Eustache
aerial cinematography by Sampo Vallotton
edited by Etienne Mérel
produced by Tim Harty
title graphics by Stacey Pallister
special thanks to Saastal Tourism Office, Yolanda Bond & Samanta Christen

"Fashion Model Art" by Haiku Hands feat. Sofi Tukker
"U Aint bout da sh!t" by DJ Yung Vamp

©The Faction Collective 2020

Please only use and share this embed code of the official video.
Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.


by Quiksilver
Nov 2020 - 13.7K views

Most of us spend our lives riding mountains and waves for one primary reason — because it makes us feel more alive. However, there are a lot of good side effects of our pursuits.

Among them: Thriving communities, a healthier lifestyle, respect for nature and so on. The more you get into something like surfing or skiing, the more it will teach you about life. And the things you learn out there can be applied everywhere else.

One example? It teaches you resilience. You fall. You get back up. To the uninitiated, this can sound terribly cliche. However, skiing will engrain it in you. You get to know it intuitively. And that's when it becomes a superpower.

Sammy Carlson has seen it all throughout his career. Injuries. Skunkings. Sketchy times in the backcountry. He’s as resilient as they come.

Want to see how that pays off? Hit play.

Featuring footage captured on GoPro, drones and a daring camera crew, Sammy was pushed to his limits demonstrating his freeriding skills and monumental drops. In the film, Sammy wears the new Highline Pro 3L GoreTex Jacket and the Forever 2L GoreTex Shell Snow Jacket in Military Olive.


by Level1
Oct 2020 - 5.5K views

Level 1 presents NOTHING, a snow riding experience.

Featuring Parker White, Duncan Adams, Forest Bailey, Lucas Stål Madison, Matt Wainhouse, Patrick McCarthy.

Directed by Freedle Coty.

Skiing. Snowboarding. Powder Surfing.
Filmed on location in Hokkaido & Mt Baker, WA.

In Partnership with Rossignol, 686, and Airhole.

More Videos and Merchandise on

HALCYON DAYS - Full Movie - LORE Films

by =nick=
Oct 2020 - 51.5K views

I'm excited to present my first film under the LORE moniker—HALCYON DAYS. Couldn't have done it without some of the best skiers in the game. Huge thanks to everyone involved! -Nick

Halcyon Days (noun) a calm and peaceful period of time in the past.

Featuring Joona Kangas, Kai Mahler, Eirik Moberg, Jacob Hyllengren Larsson, Anttu Oikkonen, Lukas Schlickenrieder, Lucas Mangold, Torge Nagel, Daniel Hanka, Tobias Huber, Miika Virkki, Aleksi Laitinen, and more.

With support from K2 & Jiberish.

1- "Untitled" by Nymano
2- "Rashida" by Vanilla
4- "Saviers Road" by anderson .paak
5- "Voices" by Kamandi
7- "Never Going Home" by Hazel English
8- "Vision Field" by Klimeks
9- "Best Life" by Danny Brown
10- "Rain" by Jonti
11- "Ninjarous (feat. MF Doom)" by Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse

Phil Casabon's "Ensemble"

Nov 2020 - 6.9K views

Phil Casabon and Brady Perron are proud to present an all new short form visual. Their athletic-visual chemistry continues in 2020 with a poetic approach. While embracing Phil’s mysterious side, Ensemble nods to his intrigue for martial arts, love for his home city and connection to music.

“Working ensemble with trustworthy friendz is an essential piece, for a good turnout, in the hostile environment that street skiing may be.” -Phil Casabon

Starring/Produced/Directed by Phil Casabon
Shot/Edit/Directed by Brady Perron
Animations by Matthew Milewski and Corey Ryan
Title Art by Joseph Toney
Music by Ben Van, Jessee Pépin and Anika

Summer of the Cap

by ON3P
Nov 2020 - 7K views

Thanks to all the homies who made this summer so amazing, and everyone who filmed shots, shoveled, and went skiing. :)
- Meeks

THE COLLECTIVE: Alex Hall Athlete Edit (4K)

by Faction
Feb 2020 - 7.9K views

Newschoolers ‘Skier Of The Year’, Alex Hall, brought his relentless energy and mind-bending skills to 4 out of 7 segments in THE COLLECTIVE, producing stand-out performances in every location - from the streets of Helsinki, to the pow and pillows of BC, the big park Norway booter and the freestyle playground of La Clusaz. This Athlete Edit is a selection of his juiciest shots from the film, along with some killer unseen footage that leaves little doubt that Alex is a man of the hour in freestyle skiing.

Shot on location: Folgefonna, Norway; Helsinki, Finland; British Columbia, Canada; La Clusaz, France.

Filmed by: Etienne Mérel, Julien Eustache, Bluemax Media, Martin Bernard, Ivresse Films

Edited by: Etienne Mérel

© 2019 The Faction Collective SA & Red Bull Media House
Please only use and share this embed code of the official video.
Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.

LINE Traveling Circus 13.1 - Cabin Fever

by Line_Skis
Sep 2020 - 3.3K views

The world’s longest freestyle skiing web series returns for its thirteenth season!

In episode 13.1 the crew combats their Cabin Fever by escaping to, well, a Cabin, to build some features and do what they do best. PVC pipe sliding, log jibbing, tube swapping, and a trip to Urgent Care, the season 13 premiere features all of the classic Traveling Circus action that you know and love.

Thanks for watching the Traveling Circus.

Child Labor's "DON'T FRET"

by ChildLabor
Nov 2020 - 5.8K views

Child Labor presents, Don't Fret. This is our second street video. We hope you like it. Skiers: Andrew Egan, Garrett Whaley, Bennie Osnow, Thomas Stone,
Blake Rolfing, Dakota Connole, Zach Sturtevant, Cal Carson and friends.

Filmed by Garrett Whaley and Zach Sturtevant on HVX200a
Edited by Garrett Whaley

Gore-Flex || Full Movie

by buldozgang
Dec 2020 - 43.5K views

The buldoz boys doing mostly BC stuff. Since the equipment we used is not really Gore-Tex approved, we figured we could flex in the BC and thus decided to call our movie Gore-Flex.

Featuring skiing by :
- Yohan Lovey
- Gilles Tinguely
- Sampo Vallotton
- Benjamin Copt
- Remco Kayser
- J-B Michel
- Isaac Simhon
and friends !

Sam Lobinsky // Home

by LamSobinsky
Apr 2020 - 4.5K views

Short, sweet, and to the point. Thank you ON3P, Pinewski's, and Colab for the support. Thank you to all the homies who filmed and supplied the good vibes.

Please enjoy with headphones.

Thank you!



by Keeshlife
Nov 2020 - 5.1K views

KEESHFILE 20 - Season 19/20 in the Alps and Finnish Lapland with Keesh.

Two months in Austria living in a cozy old cabin in the mountains. Not the snowiest year of all time in the Alps but we made the most of it.

When the virus took over and borders around Europe started closing up, we decided to go home and drove all the way back to the North. After 36 hours we arrived to Pyhä and spent two weeks hiking around and filming in the Finnish backcountry.

Throughout the winter Joona spent months at home filming for his first street part, while the other boys occasionally hit up what was left in the park of their old home resort in Rovaniemi.

All put together to a classic Keesh style film - rugged & raw without too much planning. Enjoy!

Antti Ollila
Joona Kangas
Anttu Oikkonen
Pontus Penttilä
Aleksi Patja
Daniel Hanka
Alex Hackel

Juho Kilkki - Social Distancing

by Juho@Kilkki
Apr 2020 - 4.9K views

A paid collab with Valio.

Among many other things coronavirus is changing the way we exercise. The situation calls for a new perspective and creative ideas. We want to encourage everyone to find their own way of exercising safely in these times. How do you stay active this spring?

Lawsons Super Sessions

by OHoblitzelle
Apr 2020 - 3.4K views

Week long park shoot at Sugarbush featuring Andy Hoblitzelle , Mike Carmazzi , Jamie Amodeo , Bobby Sullivan , JM Fabrizi , Jordan Romero , Chris Bectold , Rory Walsh, Scott Nelson, Sam Putnam , Jacob Belanger , Jackson Doremus, Cole Gibson , Emile Bergeron , Zach Masi, and Chase Mohrman.

Shot by Oliver Hoblitzelle and Aaron Kalat

Supported by Lawsons Finest Liquids and Sugarbush Parks

Bronco Bullet

by IanAvery-Leaf
Apr 2020 - 7.7K views

a handful of days in the streets in and around Denver, CO

ft. Jack Finn
film by Ian Avery-Leaf
thank you to Quinn Kennedy, Dan Hauser, Micah Little, Kirk Scully, Surface for winch/shoveling/2nd angles/support
super 8mm processed by Metro Post NYC

Dylan Siggers | INTENT

by Line_Skis
Oct 2020 - 3.4K views

Every run visualized, every movement crafted.
The tracks in the snow are unconventional but distinct — they were made with intent.

The vision quest continues in Fernie, British Columbia on the all-new LINE Vision 118.

Special Thanks —
Fernie Wilderness Adventures
Jake Strassman
Josh McSkimming
Mikey Witlox
Adam Laurin
Dave Keenan
Zak Mousseau
Derek Vondracek
Fernie Wilderness Catskiing
Sophie Perrault
Powder Skiing

Taylor Lundquist | HUM

by Line_Skis
Nov 2020 - 5.4K views

Enter to WIN the LINE Honey Bee:

Enjoy this glimpse and feel-good slice out of Taylor Lundquist's lifestyle and ease of athleticism. "Hum" acts as a flashback to a '19-'20 season cut short, with dashes of skateboarding, events, stormy streets, and spring sunshine.

Flat 3 back 2

by RobW
Mar 2020 - 8.5K views

Some tricks you get first t, others not so much...

Couple hours hiking over two days back in February before I slipped a disc.

Big ups q-parks/penken shapers for putting in some dope features and pushing two real nice jumps!

Bermuda Trailer

by strictly
Sep 2020 - 5.2K views

The second full-length ski film from Strictly, Bermuda. Dropping for free - 24-hours only, 1pm October 27-28 - presented by Newschoolers.

Supported by
Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Fat Tire, and Icelantic Skis
Newschoolers, Phunkshun, Jiberish, RMU Skis, J Skis, Obermeyer, and Flylow

Benny Smith, Sam Zahner, Pete Koukov, Parker Norvell, Ethan Swadburg, Calvin Barrett, Taylor Brooke Lundquist, Carson Kerr, McRae Williams, and Levi Ascher

Corporeal by Broadcast

Jonnie Merrill '19 & '20

by Jonnie_Merrill
Oct 2020 - 9.8K views

I chopped together some of my favorite clips from '19 & '20


Music: Robbed A Bank - Hippie Sabotage

Locations: UT, BC, WY

Supported by: ON3P, POC, Baist, Big Sky Mtn Products


by chef_boyardee
May 2020 - 16.8K views

Filmed at Grouse Mountain terrain parks and Mt. Seymour backcountry during the Spring

Big thanks to Grouse Mountain Park Crew and Granite apparel


El Camino Negro - Tommy Guerrero

Squad I Trust - Chief Keef

Settle Down - Lunchtime Band

Sunday Morning - Amanaz


by Cole_
May 2020 - 9.8K views

9INETEEN: A video put together from all my favorite moments over the past 2 seasons. Hope you enjoy!

Video put together by: Aidan Brown, Reid Ferguson, Cole Richardson
Filmed by: Cam Keith, Jon Ray, Ryan Kenny, Jeff Thomas, Blair Richmond, Reid Ferguson
Title Design: Andrew Hugill
Skiing: Cole Richardson

From Switzerland With Love by RĂ©gion Dents du Midi

by LaurentDeMartin
Dec 2020 - 62.6K views

After being invited to film ski parts around the world over the last decade, the time has come for Laurent De Martin to switch from guest to host.

LDM is born and raised in front of the Dents du Midi. This winter with his local friends, he invites skiers from different countries to spend good times & to enjoy the amazing possibilities of street & backcountry skiing the Région Dents du midi offers.

Directed by Titouan Bessire
Produced By Laurent De Martin

Featuring the riding of :
Laurent De Martin, Lucas Wachs, Will Berman, Remco Kayser, Thibault Magnin, Sampo Vallotton & Valentin Morel. Snowboarders : Mathieu Schaer & Fred Couderc.

Supported by Région Dents du Midi, 686, 7Peaks Brasserie, Saveurs Dents du Midi, Movement skis, Dragon, Buff, BCA & Chez Joe.

Enjoy :)