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The B&E Show 'Headz up' | S04 EP1

by InspiredMedia
Jan 2014 - 50.4K views

Peace, this B&E showcases early season skiing in Mammoth with a unique an revolutionary crew. This is also part of the partition to Keynote Skier, a movie by Phil Casabon and also check out Road to Zion by Henrik Harlaut. B&E will tour these projects in fall 2014. Inspired.

Rage Day

by NPF
Apr 2014 - 10.3K views

One day Back in January with Brenden Reid in the Black Park on Whistler Blackcomb.

Neli Pictures - Stray PART TWO

by NeliPictures
Sep 2014 - 6.1K views

There's a reason why the project is called "Stray". With nobody really knowing what we're going to do we couldn't really ask for any sponsors nor resorts to help us, so part two shows us straying around Northern Finland trying to find something enterntaining and creative to film. A lot of fun was had, hopefully you feel the vibes and get hyped for the upcoming season. Featuring Antti Ollila, Lauri Kivari, Anttu Oikkonen, Aleksi Patja, Miika "#crazyboy97" Virkki, Joni Särmö, Joona Kangas and Valentin Hänninen

'Keynote Skier' Teazer

by InspiredMedia
Aug 2014 - 47.6K views

Keynote Skier is a 6 month project showcasing the skills of Phil ?B-Dog? Casabon and friends in a blend of various aspects within skiing. Inspired by music, the hip hop genre in this case, this movie creates a union between visual and auditive senses in order to give each image identity and value. This particular soundtrack is the piece of work from member of the Wu-Tang Clan, U-God. Turn up the volume and enjoy-

ALL IN: Ian Compton

by joey.
Oct 2014 - 9.5K views

Check out the second episode of the Hemetic video series ALL IN to find out what Ian Compton has been up to in the middle of nowhere!

Sunny Bird

by sander_h
May 2014 - 7K views

This month, my world was turned upside down. My best friend, my hero, my father, Kirk Hadley passed away. Skiing and family (not limited to blood) have been my rocks during this wild month, my deepest meditative forms. Although I didn't get to ski as much as I have in past months, the times I did get to this month were very special. My good friend, Ryan Mooney, shot me, Bo Ferro and Chance Larkin enjoying a couple of those special days at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. The family that I have accumulated through the ski community makes each day on the hill a joy. Thank you. Also, big thanks to my sponsors for making me a part of their families.

Tony Seibert Tribute

by ScooterLapooter
Jan 2014 - 42.9K views

Tony Seibert was an amazing person. Unfortunately today (January 7, 2014) an avalanche in the East Vail Chutes took his life and hurt three others. I loved every moment I spent around Tony and so did his friends and family. He was always so uplifting and caring for others. You will be greatly missed Tony and my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. May you Rest in Peace

The Bunch - Mahdini

by TheBunch
Feb 2014 - 8.8K views

So we took a trip to the best park in Sweden, Kläppen Snowpark, to get some time of the streets getting inspired. Taking nice long breaks among the snowy trees, drinking wine at night to the sweet sounds of LeeB's Ukulele with Idea on the TV. Big up's to Noppa and Kläppen snowpark for making it possible for us to go ski without worries. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vi tog en trip till den bästa parken i Sverige, Kläppen Snowpark, för att få lite tid av gatorna och bli inspirerade. Med fina stunder bland snöiga träd, vinkvällar till ljudet av LeeB's Ukulele & Idea på TV'n. Stort tack till Noppa och Kläppen snowpark som gjorde det möjligt för oss att åka skidor utan bekymmer.


by hyllengren
Mar 2014 - 6.2K views

We did a road trip around the west coast and made this. Thanks to Josh Madsen at Brian Head and Tess Hobbs at Boreal for the help. Skiing by: Anton Jansson, Jakob Lundberg, Jacob Hyllengren, Alexander Eriksson and Linus Schedvin. Supported by Dragon and CLWR

Quinn Wolferman Hood | Part 2

by quinnw
Aug 2014 - 13.3K views

Had the best summer of my life, here are the clips i got from the second half of the summer. Thanks to all my friends, family and supporters who made it an awesome one!

Cam Boll 2013

by cboll
Feb 2014 - 5.1K views

My season was cut short from injuries last year so this is a quick edit of what I was able to film, enjoy!

Harlaut's Olympic Run at Sochi 2014

by Gypsy_Skier
Feb 2014 - 139.1K views

This guy definitely deserved to be on the podium! Sick run put down by THE man, Henrik Harlaut. Only ended up getting like an 85 and 5th place but i was so stoked to see him in the finals. And that nose butter triple! taking in to the GUCCI PLATEAU

Musty Season

by rorywalsh
Oct 2014 - 5.8K views

Got to ski alot this season> Shoutsout to Cam, Eli, & Liam for filming/sending me the footage. Thanks to everyone who made this past winter that much betta!