The Skatepark Gap - "Act Natural" Excerpt

published Nov 2012 - 12,609 views

The stars aligned for this shoot in March of 2012. After suffering through a remarkably dry winter, a storm rolled through southwest Montana, blanketing our hometown of Bozeman, Montana in over a foot of new snow. We have been looking at this gap for years, but the skatepark is usually frozen solid when there's enough snow to set it up. We had to act fast, because we knew the snow wouldn't last long. Dash and Noah hopped on a semi-truck from Spokane while Shay and the rest of the crew worked tirelessly to remove snow from the bowl and set up the gap, which measured 50 feet from the lip of the jump to the top of the landing. Dash and Noah arrived at a truck stop west of town and were geared up and ready to go less than an hour later. The session went off without a hitch. Our high-powered winch was able to pull the athletes across the bowl at more than 50 miles an hour. The next day, the snow was mostly melted and all that remained was a behemoth mound that served as the take off the previous night. Check out all the action in this excerpt from "Act Natural," available now on DVD and iTunes.

Credit: Toy Soldier Productions

Skier: Noah Wallace, Shay Lee, Dash Kamp

Location: Bozeman, MT

Playtime: 00:03:21



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