Strictly Tubular

published May 2020 - 50 views

“Strictly Tubular” A Video by Davis Bragdon

00:00-3:18 = Totally Tubular Dude

3:18-4:27 = Sendy Sends with Friends

4:27-5:00 = Groovy Raw Footy

5:00-6:07 = Roll the Credits

00:00-6:07 = Strictly Tubular

This video is a combination of clips i’ve got over the past 2 years skiing with the homies. Each clip tells a story for me and i wanted to put something together to remind me of all the amazing times and irreplaceable moments, looking forward to making many more in the future. Hope you enjoy watching this as much as i did making it. Thanks, Peace.

IG: @justayoungskibum

Playtime: 00:06:06

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