Sending Cliffs & Dodging Texans

by castleskier
Mar 18th - 107 views

SpRaNg BrEaK in TELLURIDE! Skiing some of the hike-to's off of lift 12 and higher terrain on a sunny spring day (3-10).This March has been one for the books, thankfully the texans have started to retreat.

Spring Break at MRG

by Jah_Eel
Mar 19th - 118 views

It rained during spring break this year so here are some shots from spring break 2018. Skiing by Carson Barbour, Sam McClellan and myself

Aged & Seasoned Edit

by Cody.Buchalter
Mar 19th - 139 views

Recap of the last couple seasons up until 2018. Grabbin grabs and carvin carves. Featuring Cody Buchalter, Kyle Morose, Kyle Quinn, Wyatt Buchalter, Brandon Slutsky, Harrison Johnson, Matt Iovanni.

C-Sessions 9.3

by CarinthiaParks
Mar 19th - 3.6K views

2019 is off to a 🔥🔥🔥 start at Carinthia Parks, with Inferno Jumps seeing dubs on dubs on dubs, an unreal Prospector buildout thanks to the Carinthia Diggers and Snowboy Productions, and a Nitro build like we've never seen before. Top that all off with fresh spring rebuilds of all the parks and the stage is set for greatness. With all this going on, the boys – local and visitor alike – have been absolutely throwing down in the past month. With way too much for one edit, head over to for more clips off the cutting room floor. We'll be running deep into April. See you out there. Skiers: - Liam Downey - Mac Forehand - Sam Marino - Rob Newton - Mike DeJohn - Garrett Colby - Calvin Lyons - & some dude named Keegan Kilbride who swung through. Film+Cut: Chris DeJohn @carinthiaparks Ski for free all spring for just $99 down at

skeeter day

by methscratchface
Mar 19th - 54 views

2 laps deep in the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area on old Mosquito Peak. The 2nd chute was a new one for me and the choke point did not fill in that great this year obv. Always sketch guinea pigging a line that no one has skied all year. Big line season is upon us. Jazzed for more marathon days in ze mountains.

860media: Nashoba

by 860media*
Mar 16th - 1K views

The crew decided to check out Nob's midweek stomping ground Nashoba Valley. They have night skiing & light up rails, what else can ya ask for. Shoutout to Nashoba for the rad time! Created by: Chris DeJohn Additional: Connor Lowe

Marc Dandurand 10 Years of Urban Skiing

by Mike.Dandurand
Mar 12th - 9.8K views

Watching this video brought back fond memories of when the most important thing in our lives was capturing that next 10 second video shot. When it came to an urban mission, no one was as dedicated as Marc. It takes a certain type person to seek out impossibly long kinked rails and spend the freezing early morning hours trying to slide along them on a pair of skis. Hours spent digging, setting up ramps, hauling generators, running extension cords and positioning lights all in the anticipation of filming something new. For over a decade this was our life, the constant pursuit of that next shot which ultimately was just for the love of pushing urban skiing. Of all the skiers and snowboards I had the pleasure of filming Marc is one of the riders who exemplified that. The countless hours of urban footage Marc amassed is a testament to the dedication he put into his skiing and the love he has for the sport. While he may have retired from combing the streets in search of that next 10 kink rail it is very clear that he left his own mark on the sport. Words By: Matt McEnery

The Weatherman

by TheLoners
Mar 11th - 214 views

Meet Nick & Jules, two hermits hiding in a shack somewhere in the Laurentian Mountains. Living a simple outsider's life to the rhythm of the weather reports. This is our entry to the Summit Challenge video contest. Featuring Nick Gosselin & Jules-G. Germain

Winter breaks & blue tree$

by Blade_Squad69
Mar 11th - 115 views

My friend Luke is a rapper. He is white. He lives in salt lake. His music fucking bangs and this skiing is cool too. Skeet blade squad STILL WAITING FOR A VISHNU SPONSERSHIP I JUST NEED NEW SKIS AND SOME OPPROTUNITY

George Madison - First Half

by GeorgeMadison
Mar 1st - 222 views

My 2019 Midseason Edit Filmed by: Meg Madison, Dan Madison, Maureen Finnigan, Colby Applegate, Joey Normandeau, Charlie Agricola, and Will Eliot Huge thanks to everyone who filmed and shout out to Sugarbush parks for always having a dope setup. Also thanks to my sponsors: K2 skis and Alpine Options Ski Shop. Hoping for an even better second half. Follow the gram @georgemadison_