Carinthia gets Boulder!

by CarinthiaParks
Mar 20th - 84 views

Calvin Lyons, Mike DeJohn, Bennie Osnow and Bobby Sullivan decided to hit the road and take advantage of their Peak Passes working down at Big Boulder for a few night moves. Captured by the lens of Chris DeJohn

tJC - Good Weather Blues

by Clifhuckstables
Mar 19th - 95 views

As promised, ep.2 comes to you with a smooth bluesy touch from the silken vocals of Bobby 'Blue' Bland. - - This video has some clips from: - the park on a sunny spring like Monday or Tuesday with no lift lines and fresh groomer all day! - The sun high, and spirits just as. - I've been taking it easy on the twin tips because my bindings have been somewhat falling apart. (Hopes to soon replace them.) - - the woods as the powder began to pile over the last month, from late February into March. - - I have started a GoFundMe campaign to help try to fund things like Ski tickets/Gas money to other mountains, Extra Video Storage (Hard drives), Fixing my car which is falling apart, and helping me stay sustainable as a Happy Ski bum. Feel free to also read about my life story there, as I found it most appropriate to give a background story. - - Song used: Stormy Monday (blues) - Bobby 'Blue' Bland _ GoFundMe: - IG: @clifhucks_andtables

tJC - Hidden Gems

by Clifhuckstables
Mar 17th - 159 views

This video comes to you after several life changing events that have happened in the last months. 1) I quit my job because I was far too content being broke. 2) New England has been slammed relentlessly with FEET of powder unlike any Winter prior. 3) Skiing has been amazing and has not stopped being amazing since late February. 4) I crashed my car on the way home from work one night in a fit of rage and could have easily gotten hurt but didn't. 5) Lost my second job on Christmas for driving up an exit ramp because there was a car across the entrance ramp during a blizzard... So I've been adjusting to new means to get ski tickets, like relying on my countless friends who have voucher tickets to get a free day on hill. 6) I had yet again another great season coaching skiing for the Highschool I went to and realized how happy I am doing the things I love. 7) A good friend showed me his backyard which has upwards of 100 acres of cleared skiable terrain with clifs and jumps, drops and rollers, which inspired me to make an Instagram page dedicated to my outdoors lifestyle. Which includes: skiing, white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, camping, hiking and more! Follow my Instagram page to keep up with more recent/smaller projects, and even possible pop-up events such as rail jams or ride-alongs. I'm always looking for people to join my adventures. - @Clifhucks_andtables If you care to Donate or help me on my pursuit of happiness, please do check out my GoFundMe page. You don't have to donate, it can also provide context to my life, and you may even find it worthwhile to share my videos with friends or family. Music : Bob Marley - Sun is Shining (Yes King remix)

All 16//Cam Stathos

by *St4th0s*
Mar 16th - 1.1K views

After being in my head for years, i finally went for all 16 double switchup 2's out, all in one day. definitely a grind, but well worth it. Shoutout to Issac Wright for inspiring this crazy amount of swaps. Oh also almost forgot i pinky promise this isn't fabricated.

RMR Parks // POV

by MikeUrich
Mar 13th - 32 views

I tried my hand in a POV park edit cruising around RMR parks the other day. I hope you enjoy! Klint Skis Kneebindings Roundtop Mountain Resort RMR Parks

Bringing back the dub 10

Mar 13th - 620 views

Decided this weekend to bring back the dub cork 10 to my bag of trick, it has been a while since i had done one ! Not stylish at all I know and i usually have poles but I just wanted to huck my meat hahaha !

the incomplete edit...

by Colby_eubanks
Mar 10th - 265 views

Well when the 17/18 season was cut shorter than expected, I had only half of the filming done for the next edit. So I took what I had, and made this... Enjoy... Filmed/Edited By Colby Eubanks (@EubanksMedia, @Colby_Eubanks)

STE-TV - Lappin' : Nashoba Valley

by SkiTheEast...
Mar 7th - 832 views

With spring vibes in March, and limited snow left in Massachusetts the boys headed south to score the goods before it was gone. Riders: Bobby Sullivan Alex Keimel Casey Arnold Filmed By: Cam Willis Edit By: Cam Willis

Ryan Smith - 2018 Season Edit

by rsmith.14
Mar 5th - 160 views

Skiing at Okemo Mountain, Big Boulder Mountain, and Gore Mountain. Sorry it was filmed on a GoPro, we were balling on a budget this year. The song is a throwback to around 2010 when this type of music was used all the time. Glory days.


by raw_dawgg
Mar 5th - 795 views

Lonesome Pine's finest rippin around back in January.... Skiers (in order of appearance): -@theslushslingingslasher -Travis Boyington -Trevor Carter -Rowan Stamp -Pat-Rick Daigle

The Nor’easter Front Yard Sesh

by jagorman48
Mar 2nd - 26 views

This is my first time skiing at my house ever. Never had a good set up. Got surprised by the snow and took advantage of it. Just set up a 2x4 over a box in front of a short metal bench. Had a ton of fun with this even tho its such a suspect set up lol. Low and behold my very mediocre skills.