Backyard setup

Sending Cliffs & Dodging Texans

by castleskier
Mar 18th - 107 views

SpRaNg BrEaK in TELLURIDE! Skiing some of the hike-to's off of lift 12 and higher terrain on a sunny spring day (3-10).This March has been one for the books, thankfully the texans have started to retreat.

skeeter day

by methscratchface
Mar 19th - 54 views

2 laps deep in the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area on old Mosquito Peak. The 2nd chute was a new one for me and the choke point did not fill in that great this year obv. Always sketch guinea pigging a line that no one has skied all year. Big line season is upon us. Jazzed for more marathon days in ze mountains.

860media: Nashoba

by 860media*
Mar 16th - 1K views

The crew decided to check out Nob's midweek stomping ground Nashoba Valley. They have night skiing & light up rails, what else can ya ask for. Shoutout to Nashoba for the rad time! Created by: Chris DeJohn Additional: Connor Lowe

Winter breaks & blue tree$

by Blade_Squad69
Mar 11th - 115 views

My friend Luke is a rapper. He is white. He lives in salt lake. His music fucking bangs and this skiing is cool too. Skeet blade squad STILL WAITING FOR A VISHNU SPONSERSHIP I JUST NEED NEW SKIS AND SOME OPPROTUNITY

George Madison - First Half

by GeorgeMadison
Mar 1st - 222 views

My 2019 Midseason Edit Filmed by: Meg Madison, Dan Madison, Maureen Finnigan, Colby Applegate, Joey Normandeau, Charlie Agricola, and Will Eliot Huge thanks to everyone who filmed and shout out to Sugarbush parks for always having a dope setup. Also thanks to my sponsors: K2 skis and Alpine Options Ski Shop. Hoping for an even better second half. Follow the gram @georgemadison_

Job Lessed

by methscratchface
Feb 21st - 148 views

Backcountry has been fyre for us. Jah blessed with stable pow on all aspects. A couple more weeks of play before I gotta go back to worky. Keep the cold storms comin!

Backyard setup without much snow

by pmb
Feb 13th - 54 views

Anyone have any suggestions for raising my 4” PVC off the ground. I can do a front 270 out (not on this setup) but want to learn a backside 270 out. My problem is there isn’t enough time once I get off the PVC’s to learn spins off. Any suggestions on raising it?

LINE Traveling Circus 11.4 - Pain In The Butt

by Line_Skis
Feb 12th - 2K views

Get the full story and see the gear the crew is riding here: Pig Races, DIY Rails, and an unfortunate angle of impact. The crew takes a summer road trip around the Rocky Mountains in search of snow and rails. Along the way, Petey "Two-Holes" Koukov ends up in the Emergency Room... Lucky for Pete, teammate and proctology-hobbyist Erik Olson was able to lend a hand with his helpful assistants, Sämi Ortlieb, and Taylor Lundquist. The "Spelunk-King" returns with a world-record-setting feature, and the gang joins the sock-less dark lord at Woodward Copper for a week of summer camp and boot liking. Pete is expected to make a full recovery.

Aapo Myllärinen x Backyard Park

by T_DOG
Feb 5th - 15.4K views

Aapo is the most new crew member of Backyard Park team. Well... He sends it pretty hard that's enough said. Check it out ! "Spent many days in january skiing & shoveling at backyard park. Video is filmed with whatever camera ever was available. Want to thank all of my friends for filming and big ups to Tommi and Juuso for keeping up the good work with the park." -Aapo @aapomyllarinen