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My Year at Key

by k-cal
Oct 11th - 87 views

Tore my knee late season so i had time to edit this up- first year living in Summit. Music: Fakear, Polo&Pan, Anderson Paak, BigL, Arcade Fire, Kasso, Mac, Dope Lemon

Tristan M.P. 17/18

by Tristan.MP
Oct 9th - 132 views

17/18 was another good season for the Kootenays! I spent most of my winter around Nelson BC but I made it to Red Mountain near Rossland BC a couple times to ski park, it was dialled and sooo much fun! I also took a trip to Sunshine Village in the spring, they're open till May 21st and have a great park and even better people!! Special thanks to: Faction, The Sacred Ride, Ripping Giraffe Boardshop, Strafe Outerwear, Giro, Dalbello Ski Boots, Outdoor Tech, Panda Poles, FeiyuTech, Red Mountain and Sunshine Village. And the filmers: Villy Bouchard Jay Britton Jeffrey Hurteau Jonathan Parr Remi Rousset Steve Robert Will Purves Beau Matt Wilkie Jordana Holloway Max Bonazzo Kerr MQen Oscar Seagram Jesse Cornu Trace Cooke Sam Kuch

860media Presents: Ardent (Trailer)

by 860media*
Oct 3rd - 2.4K views

The boys pushed through just about every injury last year. Dislocated shoulder, lacerated spleen, blown out knees, a dislocated hip, and broken hands. But, business is business…Get with it or get rolled over. Created By: Chris DeJohn Bryan Jones Featuring: Mike DeJohn Alex Keimel Chris DeJohn Ian Ackerman Griffin Dahl Rob Newton Bennie Osnow Jared Degumbia Calvin Lyons & Friends Additional: Owen Dahlberg Mark Hendry The Crew Supported By: Carinthia Parks // Line Skis // Full Tilt Boots // Northpull Winch Co. // Daymaker Touring // 860studio //

How To Tamedog

by SkiAddiction
Sep 1st - 1K views While the name Tamedog comes from a snowboarders front flip, as skiers we have taken it and transformed it into it's own beast! Don't get confused, this is not the same as a Frontflip so read on, learn about the Tamedog and get it under control today so you can stomp it tomorrow. FILMED AT: Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy: Whistler Blackcomb: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself! FOLLOW US: Facebook: Instagram:

How To Lipslide

by SkiAddiction
Aug 25th - 430 views In this tutorial, we are teaching you how to Lipslide those rails. While this is considered a fairly basic jib trick on skis, because your tails have to go over the feature the Lipslide can be a difficult trick to learn. Use the tips in this tutorial to learn the Lipslide, so you're stomping them next time you're in the park. FILMED AT: Whistler Blackcomb: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: LIKE OUR GEAR? Go to to get it for yourself!

A Day in Next Level Camps at Liberty Snowflex

by Jay.Gusmano
Aug 10th - 435 views

I made this video to show somewhat what it's like to be in Next Level Summer Camps. I tried to record most of what we did in one day and incorporate it all into an edit. This definitely didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it too, being that theres a lot of fast forwarded clips and it gets boring, but theres a couple smaller parts in the edit that I think are enjoyable. I have the fast forwarded clips in this video to show how and where everyone travels at the camp, you do take a bus to and from the bus stop to the mountain, but you walk or skate everywhere else. I'll start with the cons, I think its pretty dope having a camp that lets you skate around a university (loaded with spots,) to get everywhere, but when your going to someplace like lets say the skatepark, you pretty much always have to skate all the way there which can get tiring asf, especially if you're someone who doesn't want to go but your whole group does. However, you and your group can opt not to go anywhere on free time, and just sleep or chill around the dorms, but you will always have to skate or walk to and from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another bad thing is the main lift broke down 2 years ago, midweek during the second session of camp, I came back this year, a year later and the lift is at least running, however it can only hold 3-4 people at once. So, before you complain that I'm complaining, lemme go to the pros. Im not gonna say everything good about the camp because that could go on for a while so lemme just fast forward this too and go over my favorite parts. To start, you still have a lot of freedoms in this camp, and theres pretty much always something to do to have fun. In specific, you are able to ski during the summer without having to travel across the country, you have the option to go to the skatepark, workout in a huge gym, play basketball, soccer, dodgeball, and you can swim, or you can just chill and catch up on sleep. Not to mention how you always have the option to ski at least twice a day, being the morning instruction and then the night sessions and even the time in between if you really want. Overall, this camp is tight asf and I would recommend it, its a perfect place for any east coast shredder that wants to keep the shred alive in the summer. Comment and let me know what you think of the edit, something I could do better or something you wanna see a video of.

Hitting Your First Box

by SkiAddiction
Aug 1st - 257 views Sliding rails is a massive part of freestyle skiing! However, before learning to slide rails make sure you're able to confidently hit small jumps, do Shifties and spin small 180s. Once you've got those skills dialled, it's time to hit your first box! Use the tips in this tutorial and start sliding those boxes like a champ! FILMED AT: Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy: Whistler Blackcomb: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here:

How To Switch Cork 540

by SkiAddiction
Jul 28th - 620 views Switch Cork 540s are a fun way to get truly corked for the first time! Instead of being on a flippy Switch Rodeo axis or being perfectly upright with a Switch 540, the Switch Cork 5 allows you to get slightly inverted to maximize style. Learn it now with Dean's 5 step formula! FILMED AT: Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy: Whistler Blackcomb: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here:

Should have known Better

by skiP.E.I.
Jul 15th - 272 views

Aging park rat/ski bum tries to hang on to tricks at tiny home hill. Thanks to the homies for filming. Music from 'Laundromat Boogie'-Buck 65 Watch to the end for fire clip.

How To Switch Rodeo 900

by SkiAddiction
Jul 1st - 589 views When it comes to Switch tricks, there are many opinions thrown around and inconsistencies with naming. The comparison has been made between Misty and Switch Rodeo and although they have similarities, a Switch Rodeo 9 is a smidge on the flippier side. In this tutorial, we are de-bunking the Switch Rodeo 900 and showing you how you can learn it on the tramp so you can confidently take it to the snow. FILMED AT: Airhouse: FULL BLOG: Read the full blog here: