The Hood Chronicles

by claytong16
Sep 5th - 164 views

This summer on Mt Hood was a blast and definitely one i will never forget, working up at Timberline as a lift operator i ran the Pro Pipe tow then Palmer for the remainder of that summer. Didn’t have a lot of time to ride with the boys but whenever i did it was a blast! This is the first episode for the series im creating called The Hood Chronicles. Enjoy!
Riders (in order of apperance) :

Naish Invie

Reese Rule

Ethan Swadburg

Jon Marks

Levi Ascher

Bryce Hayes

Tristan Fountain

Zach Baldwin

Severin Corallo

TORN ACL Henri Swischuk

Walk Mode - Johnny Egan 2019

Aug 30th - 205 views

After an incredible season with plenty of time up in Canada, fun times around Big Sky, breaking a few pairs of boots, and hitting almost all of my lines in Walk Mode, here is what you've been waiting for. Thank you to all of my friends, family, and sponsors for making it all happen and always being incredibly supportive, I hope you enjoy.

Song: Johnny, I hardly knew ya, Dropkick Murphys

Fragmented Experiences

by williamshit
Aug 27th - 172 views

My way of telling a story from the past winter consisting of many adventures, cool people and skiing, hope you enjoy. All the skiing filmed in Riksgränsen, Sweden.

The Microphones - I want wind to blow
Sigur Rós - Kafari
Death Grips - BB Poison
Tame Impala - Be above it
The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
Dan Deacon - When I was done dying
The Microphones - I want wind to blow (again)
Dungen - En gång i tiden
Grateful Dead - Ripple

more of my stuff

After Hours at Palmer

by patagucciplug
Aug 18th - 518 views

The current Palmer chairlift was completed in 1996, and is built to withstand wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) and 200 inches (510 cm) of snow. Its construction time was less than six months due to a limited building season imposed by the local weather conditions.[4]

Paul Conroy
Andrew Branch
Joey Van derMeer
Zach Pfeiffer


by sadboyskier
Jul 18th - 357 views

Rendition of the szn.
filmers: Parker Stoltz and the some homies with the iphone and dad cam shots.
thanks for a sick szn

It's the Joint

by 860media*
Jul 11th - 3.3K views

With the little to no gnats, and the snow melting fast the crew was fired up. We knew it would be our last time touching snow for a few months so we took advantage of it. Shoutout to Carinthia Parks and the crew for making the best parks in the East.

Created by:
Chris DeJohn
Bryan Jones

Garret Colby
Eliot Deleo
Mike DeJohn
Jack Heath
Jake Duncan
Rob Newton
Ian Ackerman
Chris DeJohn

It's The Joint - Funky 4+1

Bridger Bowl 2019 // Ryan Cigler & Friends

by Gnar_Shralp406
Jun 26th - 406 views

Another killer season at Bridger Bowl and another sloppily compiled jumble of clips from cell phones and helmet mounted action camcorders. Thanks to the homies for doing all the sick shit so I can take it easy and still make a video.

+ everyone else


by h.robarge
Jun 24th - 2.9K views

Henry - Hern - Scern

My 2018-2019 season compiled into one piece, from many places. Made possible by all the family and friends.

Huge thank you to everyone who pointed a camera my way this winter, you know who you are.

P³ the gang.

Leland Broadhurst Season Edit 18/19

by lelandbroadhurst
Jun 23rd - 683 views

Coming back from a huge ankle injury was really difficult, I struggled with it throughout this year but i'm super stoked on making it through the winter alive! Thanks to my friends, family,and filmers over the year who helped me through this season. Also thanks to my sponsors Liberty Skis and Ski Fanatics. my gram: @lelandbroadhurst1 peep for more content if ya feel.


by SkiAddiction
Jun 15th - 303 views

This winter we ran our first ever Crash Contest and our fans delivered some quality carnage! With such an amazing response we decided to launch a Crash Contest 2019: Summer Slam! Whether you were pushing your limits in the spring conditions, catching a gnarly bounce during summer training or feel like diving into your winter footage to see what tomahawks you captured, we want to see it all!

Send us your biggest and best (or worst) bails for a chance to win yourself a pair of Tramp Skis, Bindings and a Jib Bar, the same gear that has the pro's throwing down!

Sounds pretty good right...

How To Enter
1. Start digging through that old footage and find your most cringe worthy bail(s). We don't want to watch too much carnage though, so keep it under 30 seconds.

2. Send your footage to Clips under 25mb can be sent directly to our email. Anything over 25MB will need to be sent via WeTransfer (follow the steps below)

Drag and drop your file.
Chose send as link
Hit transfer and copy the link into your email to us.
Sit back and wait to see if you're the king or queen of crashing.
Find out if you've won!

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Rules & Regulations:
Footage must be owned by the individual submitting it.
In submitting footage, contestants are agreeing to said footage being used/edited for promotional purposes by Ski Addiction, during and after the contest. *if you'd like to be tagged let us know your social media handle.
Submissions should be of a single bail.
To be entered, footage must be submitted by midnight of 5th of July.
We will choose our favourite based on either which one made us laugh the hardest or cringe the most. If you don't win, you'll still have a chance to make it onto our crash reel of honourable mentions.
Need some inspiration? Check out our top ten bails from our first Crash Contest or see what you could win!

Ski Addiction Team
Helping You Ski Better

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Act IV: The Highest Peak

by Budh.ies
Jun 6th - 287 views

From an epic backcountry trip at Jewel Basin Yurt to sharing their first podium, Dean and Ian were on the highest peak of their lives. What goes up, however, must come down. On one unfortunate night everything changed and the future of the Budhies was uncertain...

Flashback to: Bachelor Parks 2012- 2013 Short No.1 See descripton!

by DominatorJacques
Jun 6th - 137 views

Then: I need your help here people! Please go to Find this video there, then hit the VOTE button!
Later: I won the contest! $5000.00, four season passes, 4 sets of Outdoor Research ski wear, Air fare for four round trip and one week for four in Sunriver. Gave that to family to visit lovely & I. Plus some other stuff. It was a good season!

Seven Springs SNOW Cup Tournament Championship Game 7 - (Pat Tolan vs Dave Taylor)

Jun 2nd - 241 views

It's a wrap! The winter long tournament has come down to this final match for all the marbles, between young gun Pat Tolan, and 7S OG Dave Taylor. The winner took home a hot $250 cash purse, and of course 2019 season bragging rights.

Had a great time putting on our first competition this year, and hope to take it to a whole other level next year. Big thanks to all the riders, refs, additional filmer, and Seven Springs Terrain Parks for helping with the tournament.

Be sure to check out more of our projects on

Riders: Pat Tolan, Dave Taylor
Ref: Hammy Coffman
Filming: Zach VanHorn
Editing: Zach VanHorn

5 months of skiing

by HMW
May 30th - 413 views

Here we go again. The summarize of my season. Had a good time and want to thank everybody involved. Also want to give a huge thanks to Faction skis and Bluebird Optics for the support.
And a special thanks to Victor Esteby and Casper Arvefors for keeping me supplied with some crazy good filming.

Konnor Ralph | 18/19

by konnor.ralph
May 28th - 2.3K views

Just wanna say thank you to all my friends, family, Coaches, and Staff at Wy'East Academy for the greatest year ever, you mean a lot! Also a huge shoutout to...

Rail Pile

by 860media*
May 21st - 2.3K views

Carinthia left the rails in a pretty strategic way so people wouldn’t hit them....challenge accepted. With shovels and some questionable rail wedging we made it happen. Check it out and hope to see ya all this weekend at Peace Pipe!

Created By:
Chris DeJohn

Garret Colby
Chris DeJohn
Rob Newton
Mike DeJohn
Ian Ackerman