Ski Gear 2022

Welcome to the home of 2021 - 2022 skis and gear on Newschoolers. We're gathering what we think is the most comprehensive guide to skis for jib skiers you can find anywhere. We already have in-depth Roofbox Reviews of some the best skis out there, and there are lots more short-form reviews in this guide. Our reviews are completely independent of our advertisers and contain the honest opinions of our team and our members. If you guys want to add your own comments on the products featured, please comment your own reviews on the ski and product pages in here and if they're good, we'll add your words to the review pages. Oh, and if you show promise as a reviewer, you could even find yourself on our review team for the coming season.

1000 Skis

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for 1000 Skis.

1000 skis | Sweden 1000 is Swedish craftsmanship, reinventing the reason people buy skis. The core values of sustainability, quality and community, are considered in every decision we make. 1000 skis are made with the highest quality materials and all of our skis are manufactured using 100% renewable energy. W…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for 4FRNT Skis.


The 2021-2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for 686 Technical Apparel

Since 686 founder, Michael Akira West, first stepped on a skateboard as a youth in the early eighties, he immediately had a new addiction and inspiration. The freedom that skateboarding provided birthed a lifelong quest for freedom of expression through all forms of mediums. Throughout the following years, Mike transit…

AfterJam Collective

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for AfterJam Collective

AfterJam Collective (AJ) is rooted in the snowsports freestyle scene. Striving to create premium products whilst organising high calibre and grass roots competitive events; all in support of their mission to support the scene. AJ is one of the top UK brands out there, creating OG style drip alongside an awesome new out…


WaveCel® Unlike traditional foam helmets, which are designed to primarily protect against direct impacts, WaveCel was developed to account for how most accidents actually happen: ungracefully, with twists, turns, and angled impacts. WaveCel is a collapsible cellular material that behaves like a network of hu…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Armada Skis.

Armada was born from the inspiration of athletes who redefined what skiing would become. The driving principle behind our first skis has never faded and continues to drive the innovation and development of our skis today. Skiers keep pushing the envelope of performance, so we’ll keep building the skis that let th…

Armada Outerwear

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Armada Outerwear

Armada has rethought its outerwear collection and returned for 21/22 with a new mission. They'll be bringing the experimental, think-outside-the-box ethos that drove the Zero Collection to produce high-quality technical outerwear. The Furtherance jacket headlines this new outerwear direction with features and styling p…


ARTILECT’s first line of products - Nuyarn Baselayers and Nextlayers, will be available this Fall online and in retail.

Equal parts art and intelligence, ARTILECT is an apparel studio shaped by a deep respect for the past with a laser-focus on the future. They are a team of innovators and rule breakers driven by a relentless pursuit of progress, utilizing innovative technologies in materials, construction, and fit. They exist to empower…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Atomic Skis.

Since 1955, Atomic skis has sought to connect people with the sport they love through exceptionnal product experiences. 2021 has been a year of exceptionnal change but the mountains endure, and skiing is already adapt to reflect an altered landscape. Atomic exists to create products that open up experiences in the moun…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and reviews for Augment skis.

Austrian quality skis.

Black Crows

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Black Crows.

Black Crows is an independent French Freeski brand from Chamonix. Founded in 2006 by pro freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, black crows was born out of a desire to collide beauty and efficiency into skis. We create obsessively design driven objects that are uncompromising in performance and identity for…


BN3TH has been a trusted brand for many outdoor enthusiasts since its inception. With roots in Vancouver BC they quickly took over the scene for making some of the best underwear both in terms of comfort and technology. With rapid success they migrated into making a full range of apparel and base-layer systems that car…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Bollé.

Bollé was born in France in 1888 and is the market-leading solution for on-snow sunglasses, goggles, and helmets. Halfpipe legend David Wise trusts Bollé as does young gun Jaxin Hoerter, also part of the Team USA halfpipe squad. Bollé crosses industry boundaries and this season there have been s…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Buff®

As their 30th Anniversary approaches, BUFF® is proud of reaching such a milestone. Yet they remain hungry to continue innovating and most importantly, committed to supporting the skiers who rely on their gear the most. Noah Albaladejo has been one of those riders for years. All-terrain monster Laurent DeMartin is o…


Check out some Reviews!

Dakine has been a leader is so many product categories it's hard to say what they do best. They have always listened to their athletes and helped them produce products that make sense for skiers. Check out 3 skier pro model gloves we reviewed this year. - TEAM PHOENIX GORE TEX GLOVE Aka Sammy Carlson Signature Mi…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Dalbello Boots.

Dalbello is an Italian ski boot specialist founded in 1974 by Alessandro Dal Bello, a true shoemaker. Being located next to the mountains in a place called Asolo, we are the only manufacturer that still produces every single boot in its own factory here in Italy. Behind the victories is a hugh team of outstanding at…

Dissent Labs

"We couldn't buy the gear we needed, so we made it ourselves."

Ski socks are an often overlooked part of your ski kit. For years we just bought whatever was on sale when my old ones wore out. Socks aren’t the most exciting piece of gear you can buy, but a bad fitting sock or one with seams in the wrong spot can ruin a ski day pretty fast.That all changed when we tried on our…

Dragon Goggles

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Dragon Goggles

Dragon has been producing some of the most unique goggles in the game for years now. They have an awesome and inspiring team of riders; Chris Benchetler, Jossi Wells, Tatum Monod, Laurent De Martin, and Jonah Williams to name a few heavy hitters. And be it Chris' signature artwork on the straps, or Jossi's murdered-out…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Dynastar skis.

When the desire for freedom hiding deep within each of us resurfaces, it drives us instinctively to explore the mountains. It’s almost animalistic and there’s nothing we can do to resist. Naturally passionate, profoundly imprinted with creativity and commitment, everyone is looking for their own line. The p…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Facet skis.

An awesome ski company dedicated to making great skis and life altering adventures.

Faction Skis

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Faction Skis.

The gear we make is dedicated to The Faction Collective. To the ever-growing number of fans, supporters and ambassadors who escape the everyday, push boundaries, blaze trails. Who create, collaborate and innovate. Our collective spirit is our fuel and this collection is our vision. Welcome to Faction skis 21|22. At …


Since 1978 Fieldsheer® has redefined what clothing can do; offering next-generation heated clothing for everyday use in the most challenging conditions. Community Review The Fieldsheer heating system is a taste of the future. Every garment in this system can be charged on the go with the help of the portabl…


FUBUKI is a new boot manufacturer that is taking the ski industry by storm. I am sure you've seen a couple Pros rocking these after skiing or sledding. Find out more here! Community Review Winter boot designs have been fairly muted over the past few years and with probable reason. Swedish brand FUBUKI whi…

Full Tilt Boots

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Full Tilt Boots.

Comfort is performance. That’s the motto we live by when it comes to Full Tilt Boots. If you’re comfortable in your ski boots, then you’re going to have a good time on the mountain, and nobody makes comfier ski boots than us. From Moms and Dads to kids and teens, to full-on professional skiers like Sa…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Gilson skis.

We Design and Build Snowboards & Skis That Enhance Your Experience on the Mountain. We believe in the value of American artisan manufacturing. Our wood-cores are shaped from locally-grown and sustainably-harvested Pennsylvania Poplar trees. From start-to-finish, our boards and skis are crafted under one roof at …


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Head Skis.

Meet the new Oblivion series. Shred wherever you want. In the park, in the pipe, all over the mountain. In order to really experience unlimited freestyle, you need durable skis. This season, HEAD announces it's Oblivion series, based on the legendary Caddy line. The Oblivion series was developed with the successful …


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Icelantic skis.

Whether it’s skiing through a silent, snow-filled forest, or a couple of deep belly breaths before a big event;Returning to Nature means returning to self–to the place of truth, peace, and awe that resides in all of us. For Icelantic, like many of you, is one of our favorite ways to Return to Nature. It&rsq…


Insta 360 is the future of self capturing all in one 3D video cameras. Check out the Review!

The Insta 360 Go 2 Community Review The insta360 GO 2 is the newest addition to the insta360 family and does not disappoint in the slightest. It’s the smallest compact action camera with arguably the most tech on the market. It comes with a very slick looking charging case similar to apple AirPods that als…


The 2021-2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Intuition Liners

Intuition offers the best premium boot liners in the world, launching new innovations in moldable liner technology and setting unparalleled industry standards. The 2022 lineup continues to innovate and perform at the highest levels. Whatever your needs, there is an Intuition liner that can enhance your boot's comfor…

J Skis

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for J Skis.

Turn the mountain into a playground with the new 2022 J Skis collection. #itsjustskiing

K2 Skis

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for K2 Skis.

The K2s 2022 family of skis is a formidable one. The key elements remain largely the same as previous years, although the Reckoner series has had one hell of a visual makeover, with the 102s really standing out. The old-school, loud graphics really pop, and the series as a whole harkens back to the days of the Hellbent…

Lead Fabrics

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Lead Fabrics.

If you follow some of the biggest names in European skiing, you may have noticed a handful of skiers mentioning a clothing brand by the name of Lead Fabrics over the past year. For some time there were only hints at what this company may be, and what products they were producing. Lead Fabrics lines of clothing are o…

Lib Tech

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Lib Tech skis.

THERE’S A DREAM BUILT INTO EVERY BOARD WE MAKE Founded by skiers Mike Olson and Pete Saari Lib Tech is a collective of shred dreamers who built up a hands on, high tech, zero hazardous waste, board building facility and creative free thinking center from nothing. Blessed with the facility, tools and materials …


The 2020 - 2021 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Liberty skis.

At Liberty, our location in the heart of the Colorado Rockies informs everything we do. Our commitment to crafting great skis and doing business the right way means we sweat the little stuff. We test and refine our skis right in our backyard, dial in the construction, wrap them in beautiful graphics, and make sure they…

Line Skis

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Line Skis.

Pushing for change, innovating, and striving to be different are just a few of the principles we live by here at LINE Skis. Our concepts and ambitions on how to have more fun sliding down a mountain materialize as gear that allows us to push creative skiing boundaries. Since ‘95 we’ve been here, doing just …


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Look bindings.

Power. Protection. Performance. The industry's strongest coupling strength and longest elastic travel deliver skiing's most trustworthy alpine performance, allowing athletes like: Harlaut, Valentin, Permin, Favret, Barkered, Logan, White, Monod, Riley, and more to push the limits of the sport. The Look bindings continu…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Marker bindings.

Rule the mountain with Marker bindings. The Royal Family bindings that define the standard of modern freeskiing. You’re looking for power transfer, reliability and the coolest looks, you got it. The touring binding range for all challenges. Whether it’s a Pin or a frame binding, whether it’s mea…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Moment skis.

We love a good challenge. This past season did not disappoint. It was definitely a year of learning to drink from the firehose in the midst of adapting our operation to the ‘new normal’ of a global pandemic. Despite it all, we managed to do more R&D than ever before. More prototypes, more weird idea…

Mont Gele Gear®

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Mont Gele Gear®.

Mont Gele Gear®, out of Verbier Switzerland, was founded on two core principles; producing premium ski gear from the highest quality materials currently available, without cutting any corners. They pride themselves on doing so with full transparency and a long-term commitment to 100% sustainability. Each product…

Mountain Hardwear

Performance means products purposefully designed, form following function, using the highest quality materials and technologies. Performance means providing users with better physical and emotional experiences through fit, weather protection, temperature regulation and moisture management.

Mystery Ranch

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Mystery Ranch.

Since 2000, Mystery Ranch has been manufacturing packs and load carriage systems for the military, hunting, and mountaineering customers. This winter they've got a full line of backcountry packs for whatever style of adventure awaits you. Mystery Ranch has built its legacy on function, comfort, quality and durability; …

Nocs Provisions

Nocs Provisions is brand who specializes in high end optics for monoculars and binoculars. - Nocs Provisions Zoom Tube Review - If you’re like us and you like to scope out your lines before sending them this device is for you! We got our hands on the new Zoom Tube 32mm and instantly surprised b…

Ombraz Sunglasses

The 2021-2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Ombraz Sunglasses

Ombraz Sunglasses handmade frames attach directly to a built-in cord that keeps 'em securely & comfortably in place. No arms, no problems.


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for ON3P skis.

ON3P skis was born, in part at least, right here on Newschoolers. Handbuilding skis out of their factory in Portland, Oregon, ON3P are a true, core freeskiing brand. Bossman Scott Andrus is a longtime Newschoolers member and a regular contributor to the forums. Discover the full 2022 ON3P skis collection, including rev…

Out of Optics

Some of the most advances ski goggles on the market

ISPO Award winning technology - Gold Winner Community Review - The Out of Oprics - The Electra Goggle Ski goggles have changed a lot over the past few years more so in lens clarity enhancing and lens swapping mechanisms.This innovation is driven primarily to solve the age old problem of having the wrong lens' in …


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for OutdoorMaster

OutdoorMaster is an emerging outdoor brand pushing the snow optics industry forward with a mission to make pro-level outdoor gear accessible and affordable. They recently became the official supplier of goggles and helmets to the U.S. Ski Team and they are also supporting freeskiers Lucas Müllaer, Paul Vieuxtemps,…


Founded in 1933, Pomoca is one of, if not the the oldest manufacturer of touring ski skins in the world - Made in Switzerland with nothing but the best quality materials and decades of experience. Climb Pro S-Glide Review A good pair of skins can mean the difference between a great season and one full of extra wo…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Quiksilver outerwear.

No brand is more ahead of the latests snowboard and skiing trends than Quiksiver. We have a long history of designing top quality snowboard and skiing products and that history starts with deep roots in mountain sports. Our passion for the sport is what allows us to consistently deliver above average skiing and lifesty…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for RMU skis.

Often, this seems to be the natural progression for a lot of skiers as they begin to become more interested in the products themselves, how they are put together, and the technology behind them. At RMU, our goal from the start was not to start an international company; little did we know the extent of the lessons that …


The 2021-2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Roxy

Roxy presents its signature On The Mountain series for the 21/22 Season.Designed for deep lines, bluebird days, and everything in between, the On The Mountain collection brings a feeling of endless possibility to the slopes.Once you’ve exhausted yourself on-hill, the collection is just as at-home in front of the …


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Salomon.

Salomon have two new skis that might pique the interest of Newschoolers audience, the QST 98 and QST 112 Blank. Both feature less directional shapes than recent Salomon offerings and might have those pining for the deceased Rocker2 series salivating.

Scott Sports

Scott does it all from goggles, to skis, to avalanche bags and helmets.

Season Eqpt

The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Season Eqpt.

Founded by pro skier Eric Pollard and pro snowboarder Austin Smith, Season Eqpt was born from the idea that buying and owning hardgoods should be easy. It’s a brand where snowboarding and skiing are equals, the equipment never expires, and service is included to extend the life of a snowboard or pair of skis. …


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and reviews for Sego skis.

The official Sego skis 2022 brand page. Discover the full 2022 Sego skis collection, including reviews, specs and pictures.


Spyder has been making high end ski outerwear for decades now. Check out the new goods from their Freeski line. The Sanction Jacket review: The Sanction Jacket It’s hard to find a gore-tex jacket these days that isn’t paper thin. When Spyder dropped The Sanction Jacket I thought this one might be…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for SunGod Eyewear

We exist to make life look better Since day one we've taken a pioneering approach to making better and more sustainable eyewear products, challenging and revolutionizing an industry and having plenty of fun along the way. NEW* SunGod Snipers Enhanced Vision, Effortless Performance SunGod SnipersTM take …


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Surface Skis.

The official Surface skis 2022 brand page. Discover the full 2022 Surface skis collection, including specs and pictures.

Sweet Protection

Founded in Trysil, Norway, Sweet Protection works in collaboration with world-class athletes to provide superior products to the industry. Sweet Protection blends industry-leading innovation with the finest craftsmanship available to create the safest and most advanced helmets, eyewear, protective gear, and apparel. …


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide for Tyrolia bindings.

A genuine obsession lies at the core of TYROLIA’s mission, inspiring relentless innovation. It's a passion that they share with the athletes on team TYROLIA, their employees, and all lifelong skiers. They see the binding as more than a connector between a ski and a ski boot. They see it as an essential link betwe…


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Vishnu skis.

Discover the full 2022 Vishnu skis collection, including reviews, specs and pictures.


The 2021 - 2022 Newschoolers Gear Guide and Reviews for Volkl Skis.

Passion is the key essence to success. We at Völkl are shaped by our passion for the sport and the technology behind it. It is the formula for our never ending story of innovation and inspiration in the world of skiing until today. For 2022, they're back with the same solid freestyle lineup. Volkl retain an unc…